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Wish Upon a Star

Chapter 5

Daniel was frowning over the color photographs he had spread out around him. They were of the wall that told of SG-1, and the list of 'gods' that had been killed by these 'demons'. Ba'al's name was on the list, the paint was a bit brighter than that around it. So whoever this Geb was, he'd been watching what was happening, keeping track of every Goa'uld who fell. The question was…why? Was he hoping to set himself up as the supreme System Lord? Morganna was now the most powerful, that they knew of, anyway. She seemed to be doing her best to avoid the Tau'ri. Yu was so senile now that his First Prime was actually running his 'empire', and doing a fairly good job of it. There was always the chance that the young man would become greedy and kill Yu in order to take control. Camulus had disappeared, there was no proof that Ba'al had killed him. Chances were that he was still out there somewhere. There were at least a dozen others that they knew about, all out there, taking innocent lives. Then there was the new group that they were learning about…Ashnan and Nergal…others with the names of Sumerian gods. He shook his head. It was like trying to bail out a leaky boat with a tablespoon!

A cup of coffee appeared in front of him. He looked up and smiled. "Thanks, babe," he said softly.

"You're welcome." She reached out and caressed his face, running her fingers over his forehead to ease the wrinkles caused by his frown. "It can't be that bad," she said.

"Bad enough. We're demons, did you know that? I guess that's the only way a 'god' can explain the deaths of other 'gods' to the people he or she has enslaved. Only demons would be powerful enough to do that."

Casey was frowning now. "That could make meeting these people more difficult, if they view us as demons."

"Exactly." He took a sip of coffee. "So, what are you and Kelley and Gretchen going to do tonight?"

She continued to sort through the photographs in front of him. "We're meeting Sam and Tessa and Carly at Esteban's. Want to join us?"

He thought about sitting with that group of women. Gretchen referred to him as 'Hunk', and Kelley thought it was funny that Emma Hanks had called him Stud Muffin, so that's how she referred to him. He shook his head. "No thanks. I'll just stay home and take care of the kids."

She smiled. "Mom is taking the kids for the night. Why don't you and Jack and Teal'c and Duncan get together? Have a 'boys night' while we have our 'girls night'."

"Maybe we'll do that." He looked back at the photographs. "There's something else about this that bothers me," he said.

"And that is?"

He pointed to a set of glyphs in on shot. "What does that say?"

Casey picked up the photo and studied it carefully. "Hmm...'When the time has come, the great god Geb then will choose his new form, and go forth and defeat the demons.' He's looking for a new host. And then he's coming after us." She shivered.

He nodded. "It's been awhile since any of the Goa'uld brought the fight to us. Leaves us at a disadvantage."

"I think you'd better tell Duncan and Jack about this. I think our lives are going to get very complicated until we get rid of this ass."

"Any feelings?"

She closed her eyes, reached out, just 'listening'. "He's on the move, looking for the perfect host…he's…" her eyes flew open. "He's looking specifically for you!" She began to shake so hard that coffee sloshed over the edge of her cup and onto her fingers. She never even felt the hot liquid hit her skin. That bastard, that monster, was after her Beloved! He was going to hunt for him! It wasn't clear whether or not Geb knew that Daniel was The Chosen. It was clear that he wanted the SG-1 team member as his new host. He saw it as the perfect way to destroy SG-1.

Daniel pulled the mug from her fingers, dried her hand, watched the burn heal. He looked up at her. "Angel?"

"We can't go near him, Daniel! He wants you, and he won't stop until he gets you! I can't let that happen! I won't let him take you!" she said, panic in her heart, and her voice. She was shaking.

He stood up and wrapped his arms around her. "Shh…Angel it's not going to happen. I won't let it happen, we wont' let it happen."

She locked her arms around his neck, buried her face against his shoulder. "I can't lose you, Daniel! I can't!"

"Babe, take it easy. We know what he's up to. We're already ahead of him. He doesn't know that we know what he has planned, what his…goals…are. We'll get him, Case. Just like we did all of the others," he said softly. He ran his hand up and down her back, reached out with his mind and gently caressed her…calmed her…soothed her fears. He smiled when he felt her reach back to him, caress him. "Let's call the team and Duncan. We need to start making some plans."


A  A  A  A  A  A


The conference room was silent after Daniel explained what he had found on the walls of Geb's palace.

Duncan frowned. "We need to make the first move. Keep him off-balance. Case, you say he's on the move…where? Is he heading to Gamma?"

She closed her eyes and searched. "No, he's…he's going…I can see…numbers…I think they're numbers…" she opened her eyes and shook her head.

"Show me," Daniel said, taking her hand. He wasn't sure, but he thought that the Ancient knowledge that Oma had left in his head would help him with this.

This was different than just letting him 'touch' her mind, feel his 'caress', his emotions and feelings. She opened her mind, let him 'see' what she was 'seeing'. Felt him caress her gently as he pulled away.

"Got it." He recognized the numbers in relation to the Stargate. He drew the 'gate symbols on the paper in front of him. "Now all we do is run this through the computer and find out which planet it is."

Sam nodded, took the paper from him. "Shouldn't take long," she said.

Jack looked around the table. "I think I have an idea. Let me talk to Methos. We'll see if his 'system lord' persona will work again."

Duncan nodded. "That could get you close enough to take Geb out. Good. Call the Old Man right now, and we'll get a mission planned. Daniel, let us know if you find anything else in those photos. Case, you let us know if anything changes…or you feel anything. Sam, I want that planet identified as soon as possible. Teal'c, let the Jaffa know we might be needing their help again."

The each member of the team nodded, and then stood to leave.

"Let's get this asshole, people," Duncan said softly.

"That's the plan," Jack replied.

Casey was walking beside Daniel, heading back to his office to go over the photographs with him again. "Maybe I should cancel tonight. Kells and Gretch would understand."

Daniel draped his arm around her shoulders. "No, babe. You go out and have some fun. You deserve it. We aren't going anywhere for a day or two."

"You're sure?"

He grinned. "Yep. Just be sure that you call when you're ready to come home."

She smiled up at him. "Hope is a small town, we can walk home."

He laughed out loud. "Not if you get as wasted as you did the night you and Sam went to O'Malleys! Babe, you passed out the minute I got you out the door."

"We won't be drinking that much!" she protested, although she was smiling.

"Uh huh. I'll be there at closing time," he promised.


A  A  A  A  A  A


The women found a table near the back, and settled themselves for an evening of fun. Casey was wearing her red skirt and a black silk blouse, the red heels on her feet adding three inches to her height. Daniel had given a wolf whistle when she had come to kiss him goodbye. She giggled at the thought.

"What?" Kelley asked immediately.

Casey blushed and shook her head. "Never mind."

Gretchen looked around. "Not bad, not bad at all. So, do you come here often?"

"No, not really," Casey replied. "We live a fairly quiet, boring life."

Kelley snorted. "Yeah, right. You fight aliens on other planets, but you have a boring life. Puhleeze!"

"I guess that's why when we're home, we want quiet and boring," Casey said softly, her smile taking the edge off of her words.

"I can understand that!" Kelley nodded.

The waiter, a handsome man with long blonde hair, came to take their drink orders. "Good evening ladies, what can I get for you?" He managed to catch Casey's eye, winked at her, to the amusement of her friends.

"How about let's start with a Fuzzy Navel, move on to Sex on the Beach, and then have Screaming Orgasms," Gretchen suggested, her eyes flashing with mirth.

"Oh, that just sounds so wicked," Tessa giggled.

"In that case," Casey said grinning, looking up at the waiter, "Six Fuzzy Navels. Followed by six Sex on the Beach's, then six Screaming Orgasms. A bottle of Miller Genuine Draft in between."

The waiter chuckled. "Coming right up."

Gretchen watched the man walk away. "Not yet, but given enough time I can get it there," she murmured.

The women around her burst into giggles. They watched as a local band set up to play. The group was popular, played a variety of rock music, and played it well. The fact that two of the guitarists were Immortal, and had played back up for the Rolling Stones and The Who had Gretchen and Kelley awed. Every table was taken now, people squeezing around each one, the bar was crowded, and there were even some people standing along the back wall. None of the women noticed when four men slipped inside, looked around, then found a spot nearby to watch from.

The first round of drinks was delivered. "Here's to real heroes," Kelley said, holding her glass up.

"Hear, hear," Gretchen replied. Glasses clinked, and the drinks were downed. "Oh, yeah. Love those fuzzy navels!"

Casey began to giggle. "I prefer what's a little lower, myself!"

"Casey!" Tessa laughed. "You are so wicked."

The young blonde giggled again. "Okay, you tell me that the Highlander's willywacker isn't your favorite part of his anatomy!"

Sam began to laugh. "Willywacker! I absolutely love that term!"

Tessa was still laughing. "Okay, I will admit that that particular…appendage…has its appeal."

"You realize that we've just started drinking, and we're already talking about sex," Casey said, her eyes dancing.

"We'll get this part of the discussion over with so we can move on to the good stuff," Sam said. "Details!"

The women burst into laughter, drawing amused looks from the occupants of several tables around them. As well as amused looks from the four men near the wall. They were downing their second drinks when the band was introduced.

The music had started, but no one had made it to the dance floor as yet. Carly grinned at Casey, held her hand out, and the two women stood up and headed for the hardwood area. They began to dance, carefully choreographed steps that were intricate, and a bit erotic. The room filled with hoots and cheers as the women began to bump their hips against one another, spinning and turning, moving forward and back. Two young men, Marines from the look of them, joined the women, more cheers filled the air. Sam grabbed Tessa's hand, Gretchen grabbed Kelley, and soon the six women and two Marines were dancing across the floor. Several more men joined in, until the dance floor was crowded with gyrating bodies.

The women stayed on the floor for two more songs, but when the music slowed to a romantic ballad, Carly, Casey, Tessa and Sam made their way back to the table.

Several men approached them, at least a dozen asked Casey to dance, but she politely turned them down.

"Your friends are very nice," Tessa said, leaning close so that Casey could hear.

"Thank you. I’m so glad to get to see them! Unless they opt to come back here again, this is probably the last time I will," Casey said, somewhat sadly. Kelley and Gretchen were back at the table, and she lifted her drink, the Screaming Orgasm. "Here's to orgasms. May we have many, many more that make us scream!" She said, grinning broadly.

The women giggled hysterically, again to the amusement of those nearby. Another round of beers was delivered, and then Casey and Gretchen decided to do Tequila shooters. Tessa had never had that particular drink before, so the women with her taught the French woman how to lick the salt from her hand, down the tequila, and suck the lime. The four men watched with amused smiles as the women drank shooters, and more beer.

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