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Whispers in the Dark

Chapter 6

Sam was in the birthing room in the small hospital on the east side of Hope. She smiled when Casey hurried into the room.

"Hey, girlfriend, how’s it going?" Casey asked softly.

"Eight minutes apart," Sam said. She grimaced as a contraction began. 

Jack stood rubbing her belly, watching the time, helping her breathe. "Cleansing breath," he said, when the contraction ended. "Hey, Case."

"Hiya, Jack. So, you ready for all of this?"

"Doesn’t matter if I’m ready or not, does it?" he said gruffly. Then he grinned. "I’m scared shitless, but I think I’ll be okay."

Casey gaped at the man. Never would she have thought that Brigadier General Jonathan ‘Jack’ O’Neill would ever admit to being afraid of anything. She smiled at him. "You’ll do fine, Jack. Are you going to deliver the baby?"

Jack shook his head. "Nope, that’s what the doctor's for."

Sam smiled. "We finally settled on a name," she announced.

"About time!" Casey replied with a grin. The two had been arguing about the name from the day they had discovered that Sam was carrying a girl.

"Evelyn Denise."

"Your mother, right?"

Sam nodded.

"She’d be thrilled, kid," a voice said from the doorway. Jacob Carter entered the room, a wide grin on his face.

As was expected, things moved slowly at first. The four of them had a game of poker going when Tessa and Duncan arrived.

When the time came, Casey helped Jack hold Sam up, just the way that Jack and Tessa had done for her. When Evelyn Denise O’Neill finally arrived, the room filled with laughter. Jack held his tiny daughter, tears streaming down his cheeks. He kissed Sam, whispered his love to her.

Casey held her goddaughter for just a few minutes, then kissed both Sam and Jack, anxious to get back to Daniel. She went home long enough to announce the birth to her parents, snuggle Emily in her arms, put her daughter down for the night, then she was on her way back to the base. She waved at Kyle, the Immortal tech who was in charge of dialing the ‘gate, and walked through.




It was late on the planet, the teams were already asleep. Texas was on watch, and grinned at her as she walked through camp to the tent she shared with Daniel.

With a sigh, she stripped to her panties and tee shirt, then carefully crawled into the sleeping bags behind her husband. She pulled him against her, felt his hand reach back and caress her hip.

"Everything okay?"

"Yep. She’s almost as beautiful as Emmie, Jack cried, and they named her after Sam’s mother."

"Cool. Move over here. I want you next to me," he said softly, rolling to his back.

She snuggled to his side, put her head on his shoulder. "Better?"

"Much. Sleep now, Angel. I know you’re tired."

Without another word she closed her eyes and drifted to sleep. Blessed, peaceful dream filled sleep.


A  A  A  A  A  A


Daniel was working in one of the buildings, slowly uncovering the skeletal remains of one of the town’s inhabitants. The room was missing half of its ceiling, and it was from this opening that Casey stuck her head, hanging upside down to look at him.

"Hey, handsome," she smiled.

He laughed. "Hey gorgeous. What are you doing hanging around here?"

She giggled, then lowered herself into the room. "Such a comedian I’m married to." She watched him for a few minutes, admiring the way his pants tightened around his ass when he was crouched like that. "I think I found a reference to 'The Chosen'."

He looked up at her. "Where?"

He followed her to another part of the ruins. Three tall columns which stood alone were completely covered with runes.

"This one," she said softly. "I only recognized ‘The Chosen’ because I’ve seen you write it down."

He hastily began to read the Ancient text. "It says that there will be one from among those created by the Ancients who will be The Chosen One. I’m assuming that they mean Immortals. I wasn’t exactly created by the Ancients."

"But you are Immortal, " she replied. "What else does it say?"

He shook his head. "Nothing. Just that."

"I’m sorry, Daniel. I thought maybe there would be more." She knew that finding out exactly what it meant to be The Chosen was important to him. "Sweetheart, Lya said you’ll know when the time comes. Maybe this is one of those things that just isn’t meant to be known before hand."

He nodded. "It would still be nice to have some idea of what I’m supposed to be doing."

She put her arms around him. "Follow your heart, Daniel. Your heart is good and kind and full of love, it will never lead you wrong."

"Love you, Angel," he whispered, letting her words comfort him.

"Love you, too, my heart." She wreathed his face with her hands, drew him down and kissed him, sliding her tongue into his mouth, offering her all the comfort she could.

Daniel drank from her sweet mouth, taking what she offered, giving his love in return. He pulled away from her. "Let’s go finish up. We’re almost done here."

She nodded, and took his hand.

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