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Where Love Resides

Chapter 4

She was back in the room in which she had first awakened, and she was blessedly alone. She had endured Framone’s kisses and caresses, forced upon her when he had dragged her from the banquet room onto a balcony to look at the moonlight. When he had slipped his hand inside her dress, his fingers pulling at her nipples, whispering that they would retire to his chambers, she pleaded with him that her time of the month was upon her. It was an outright lie, she had just finished, actually. But he had believed her.

She pulled the crown from her head, the heavy weight of it was giving her a headache. She removed the pins that held her hair up, and shook it out, running her fingers through it. She had already checked the door. It was locked. She looked again at the window. It was closed now as well. She walked over to it, tested it. Locked. She needed a key to open it. She grabbed two of the pins that had held her hair up, and tried to work the lock with them. Why did they always make this look so damned easy in the movies? When one of the pins snapped off, she threw what was left of it, and the other, to the floor in frustration.

She sank onto the bed, which had been remade, her shoulders shaking as she sobbed. How was she to ever get out of this mess? How could she get to Daniel? How would she ever be able to kill Framone when she couldn’t even find a way out of her room?

She heard the door open and close, very softly. Terrified that it was him, she refused to open her eyes, praying that he would think she was asleep.

"Casey Jackson?" It was barely whispered. But it was definitely a Goa’uld voice. A female Goa’uld.

She looked up. The woman was tall, and beautiful. Her eyes were full of sympathy.

"I am Aidia. I am Tok’ra. I am here to help you," the woman said softly.  Her accent was heavy, but her English was clear enough to understand.

Casey was so relieved, so thankful, that she flew from the bed and hugged the surprised woman. "I have never been so glad to see anyone in my life," she whispered. Even a snakehead, her mind added. "How did you manage to wind up here?"

"We understand the threat that Framone is to the Immortals. You are aware of the treaty between the Tok’ra and your people?"

She nodded. Duncan had been damned proud to hammer out a treaty separate from any Earth treaties with the Tok’ra. He had separate treaties with the Asgard and the Nox as well.

"When we learned that he was here, I was sent to infiltrate his ranks, in preparation to help you destroy him. It was relatively easy. He has gone quite mad," Aidia explained.

"Yeah, I kinda noticed that. He wasn’t playing with a full deck the last couple of times I saw him," Casey replied.

Aidia looked at her, not understanding what what the young woman meant, but she didn’t have the time to question. "I was able to slip an antidote into your wine at the feast. It counteracted the drugs that Framone had ordered put into your food. I watched you on the balcony with him. You played your part well." The Tok’ra had been impressed, in fact, for several long minutes she was afraid that the drugs had affected Casey in spite of the antidote. But she saw the shudders, the look of disgust on Casey’s face when Framone embraced her.

Her body shook as she thought about what she had gone through. "Yeah, well, that madman holds the life of my Husband in his hands. I'll do whatever I have to do to keep Daniel alive while I figure out a way to get us out of this," Casey replied..

Aidia smiled. "Come, we haven’t much time." She pulled a sword from beneath her cloak. "I believe this will be useful to you." The Tok’ra had some understanding of the ways of the Immortals.

With a grin, Casey wrapped her fingers around the hilt. "Let’s go," she whispered. She almost giggled out loud to see that Goons One and Two were unconscious on the floor just outside the door. She gave the biggest one a vicious kick in the middle of his back as she walked by. When she saw that Aidia had seen her action, she shrugged. "Payback," she whispered.

The Tok’ra nodded, then motioned for her to follow.

The two women made their way slowly to the dungeon. Aidia held a torch aloft, lighting the way before them. When they reached the dank, dark chamber, the Tok’ra touched off several other torches.

Casey flew to where Daniel was hanging, his arms chained to the wall above his head. She put her hand on his cheek, slid her fingers under his chin and lifted his head. "Daniel? Oh, my love, what have they done to you?" she whispered.

"Casey?" He opened his eyes.

"Yes, love, it’s me." She placed a kiss on his lips, her heart pounding when he responded, his tongue touching her lips, entering her mouth, kindling the fire that was always burning just beneath the surface.

"Casey, you have to get out of here. If he catches you here, he’ll kill you…get to the ‘gate babe, get home," Daniel told her when she finally pulled away.

She shook her head. "I can’t leave you," she replied. "If I leave, he’ll kill you."

The sound of the dungeon door opening above them startled her. She jumped back into the middle of the room.

She looked at Daniel. "I love you. Trust me," her lips mouthed. She smiled when he nodded. She glanced at Duncan, saw him nod as well.

Framone swept down the stairs, his long robe trailing behind him. "What are you doing here?" He demanded. He swayed slightly. He hadn’t been drunk in…centuries. He looked at Casey and smiled. He was drunk with love for his consort, he told himself. He kept his eyes on her as he descended the steps. She was watching him, her green eyes shining. Yes, the drugs had countered the Fire, just as he knew they would. She belonged to him now.

The poison that Aidia had slipped into his wine was making him careless, less alert. He would never have left his chambers without his private guards with him otherwise. The Tok'ra agent stepped forward, bowed deeply. "My Lord Framone, the Queen demanded to see the prisoners."

Casey looked at the woman, wondering for a moment whether or not she had been set up.

"She has told me that she wishes to kill them herself, a sign of her love to you," Aidia continued. She glanced over at the young Immortal, hoping that the young woman would follow along.

Framone turned to Casey and smiled. He crossed the room, put his hand against her cheek. "What an unexpected gift, my love. Nothing would please me more." He looked down at the sword in her hand. "If you kill them now, I will give you half of my kingdom."

Casey let her eyes go wide. She suppressed a shudder of distaste as she pressed her body against his. "Half, my lord? I wish only to please you. Your kingdom means nothing to me."

The smile grew wider. The hand began to caress her face. "You delight me." He turned to look at Daniel. "As you can see, she loves me now. Not even that damned Fire can keep her from my side." He turned back to Casey. "Take their heads. And their Quickenings. When it is over, you will come to my bed."

She hefted the sword. She wanted so badly to strike him down. But she would let Daniel do it. After all, she had promised Framone that Daniel would be the one to bounce his head from his shoulders. And Daniel had promised her that he would kill this bastard. She moved closer to Daniel, winked at him, saw him stand straight. She swung with all her might, the chains falling apart when the steel of the sword struck them. She tossed the blade into his hands, stood back and watched as he lunged forward.

The poison in his system was more than his Quickening could counter. Framone was dying, his body beginning to weaken. His mind was clouded, already twisted from over-use of an ancient sarcophagus, taken from the Goa’uld who had tried to infest him centuries ago. Taken completely off guard, he stood, frozen, as he watched Daniel come towards him.

Daniel thrust the blade into Framone’s belly, watched the Goa’uld fall to his knees. "She loves me, you sorry son of a bitch!" With that, he swung again, and severed the head from the body.

"Daniel, think about your life, our life together, keep saying your name over and over again," Casey cried out. "Push the power down as it enters you. Fight it, my love, fight it with all that you have!"

The blue tendrils of fog began to wind their way around his body. Sparks of lightening danced around his head. He heard her voice, focused his mind on her words. He was Daniel Jackson, husband of Casey Jackson. He was Daniel Jackson, archaeologist. He was Daniel Jackson, linguist. Daniel Jackson, cultural expert, anthropologist. Daniel Jackson, member of SG-1 of the SGC. There was pain, he could feel the electricity around him as it burned his body. He could feel something, someone, trying to force their fingers into his brain. Images, disjointed and blurred, flooded his mind. He fought against the onslaught, pulled up images of his life with Casey, images of her smiling face, her green eyes, always so full of love for him. "I am Daniel Jackson," he screamed, fighting down the power that surged inside him. Suddenly, it was over. He dropped to his knees.

Casey was at his side in an instant. She pulled him into her arms, heedless of the consequences. "Please, be all right! Please, please, please be all right," she whispered.

"It’s okay, Angel. I’m here. I’m okay," he whispered in return. Her touch was burning him. The lust raged within him. The need could not be denied.

"I suggest you get me down so we can leave them for a time," Duncan said to Aidia. The Tok’ra had watched the entire scene with wide-eyed disbelief. "Now would be really good," he added.

With a growl, Daniel reached toward Casey, ripped the bodice of her dress, exposing her breasts to him. He grabbed her, tossed her onto the stone floor, dropped down beside her and began to suckle, his hands and mouth rough, demanding. He was already unbuttoning his pants, shoving them down to his knees.

Aidia grabbed the bloody sword and copied the movement Casey had made when she freed Daniel.

Duncan grabbed the woman by the arm and dragged her up the stairs, trying not to see as Daniel ripped the dress from Casey’s body and thrust into her, tried not to hear the scream that followed.

"He’s hurting her," Aidia said. "I don’t understand!"

"It’s the Quickening. Come on, I’ll explain. They’re going to be awhile." Duncan pushed the woman through the door, closed it quietly behind them. He saw the bodies of the guards on the floor, pushed up against the wall. "Dead?"

Aidia shook her head. "Drugged. It should last for a few hours. The poison I gave Framone affected his mind more than I had dared hope, for him to pass them and not notice."

"Good. We’ll need the time."

"I do not understand! What is wrong with Doctor Jackson? Did Framone take control of his mind?"

Duncan shook his head. "No. It’s like this…" he sat down as he started to explain.




Casey lay on the floor, her breath coming in gasps. She held Daniel tightly against her as he fought to regain control.

"Babe? Are you all right? I didn’t hurt you did I?"

"I’m fine. I needed…" she started to say.

"I know. I couldn’t stop it, babe. I tried, but I couldn’t," he said. He buried his face between her breasts. The angry red marks he had left there were already beginning to fade. He kissed the bruised skin tenderly.

She began to caress his face. "Daniel?"

"Yes, babe?"

She rocked her hips against him. "I don’t think you’re finished yet," she said.

He could hear the smile in her words. He grinned against her skin. "You don’t, huh?" He put his arm under her hips and rolled them over. He began to thrust up into her, slowly, gently.

She flinched slightly.

"Aw, hell, I did hurt you," he whispered. His eyes told her how much that knowledge cost him.

She leaned down and kissed him. "If you can wait a few minutes, I’ll be fine," she whispered. She settled herself on his chest. She sighed when she felt one hand caress the back of her neck, the other move slowly up and down her back.

"Love you, Angel," he whispered. His body was demanding release. He struggled to remain still, waiting for the Quickening to heal the damage his rough treatment had caused her.

"Love you, my heart," she replied. She could feel the hard length of him, feel him throbbing. She knew that he would not be able to wait much longer. She sat up, and began to ride him. There was still pain, but not as much.

His hands were on her breasts. He pulled one of her hands from his shoulder, kissed it, then gently pushed it between them. He put both of his hands on her hips, guiding her, setting the rhythm. "Make it good, babe," he whispered.

She let her head drop forward, her hair hung down, hid their faces from sight. The pain was gone now, in its place was pleasure, pure and sweet and good. "Oh, Daniel," she whispered. "It feels so good."

"I know, babe. You feel incredible," he whispered in return. He could feel her fingers moving, the sensation, and the knowledge of what she was doing, adding to the flames that raged inside him. He could feel her thighs begin to quiver. He waited for the whisper he knew would come, the whisper that always burned into his brain.

"Oh, Daniel, I’m gonna come," Her body was already beginning to tremble.

"Give it to me, babe. Come for me, Case. Do it good," he commanded softly, already beginning to thrust deeper and harder into her, holding her hips tightly against him.

She began to whimper, then cried out as she flew to the heights of ecstasy. She collapsed onto his chest, her hips moving back and forth even as he continued to thrust into her.

"Oh, god, babe, get ready," he whispered hoarsely, feeling his own release coming.

"Love me, Daniel," she whispered. "Fill me with your love."

Flooded with waves of intense sensation, he cried out her name, his body shuddering beneath hers. He emptied himself into her again and again and again.


A  A  A  A  A  A


Casey opened her eyes. Boots. Muddy boots. BDU pants. She looked up. Duncan stood above her, grinning. He had her own BDU in his hands. "Time to get dressed, my queen."

"Bite me. I could order you chained back up to that wall," she said, not moving.

"If we don’t get out of here, that just might happen," Duncan replied. "Aidia is getting our gear. Come on, get up."

With a sigh, Casey sat up. Daniel was just beginning to stir. "The least you could do is turn around," she said.

With another grin, Duncan complied.

She stood up, and began pulling on her clothes. She looked down at the tattered remains of the gown she had worn. She kicked it over towards Framone’s body.

Daniel was on his feet, pulling his pants up and fastening them. He rattled the manacles that still surrounded his wrists. "Anyway to get these off?"

Duncan nodded. He pulled a key that Aidia had given him from his pocket and unlocked the iron cuffs. They fell to the floor with a clang. "We need to move. Right now Framone’s men think he’s in bed with Casey. They won’t dare to check for a little while longer. Aidia thinks that once it’s discovered that Framone is dead, there will be a power struggle."

Casey looked over at the body. "They must be as nutty as he was. I say we take the whole damned lot of them out, right here and now. If Aidia gets our packs for us, we can do it. We have C-4 with us."

"What about the Innocents, Casey?" Duncan asked softly. "This keep is full of villagers taken from nearby. We can’t blow this place with them inside. To move them out would alert the others."

She sighed. "Just once I’d like to fight a bad guy who doesn’t hide behind Innocents!"

"It’ll never happen, babe," Daniel replied. "That’s what makes them so despicable."

Aidia appeared at the top of the stairs. "We must hurry. The guards will regain consciousness soon. I have them tied and gagged, but once they awaken, they will be able to attract attention. When Zinder realizes what has happened, he will be quick to seize control. He’s every bit as mad as Framone."

"Hopefully he’s not fixated on my Wife," Daniel said dryly, putting his pack on, checking that his side arm was loaded. He put the strap of the P90 over his head. "Ready, babe?"

Casey nodded.

The four made their way through the castle, hiding in the shadows, moving slowly toward the opening that would lead them to the outside. The ‘gate wasn’t more than a half a mile away.

Daniel had just dialed for the SGC on Earth...habit, he supposed, when he realized what he'd done. Shouts behind them alerted them to the fact that their escape had been discovered. He ducked behind the DHD, firing into the group of men that raced towards them. He glanced around, saw Casey laying on the ground, firing her own weapon.

The gate opened, and they ran towards the event horizon. Just as Daniel grabbed her hand, he felt her jerk, looked and saw that she had been hit with a staff weapon low on her back, just beneath the pack she carried. He yanked her against him, dove through the gate, rolled down the metal ramp on the other side. She was dead when he pulled her into his arms. He kissed her forehead. "See you in a bit, Angel," he whispered. The medical team arrived within minutes, the corpsmen gently lifting her onto a gurney. Duncan helped him to his feet, and the two men followed her to the infirmary.

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