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When the Darkness Comes


"…Oh, the sun is bright
But too bright to see
When the darkness comes you’ve got to fly into the light
And what will be will be
Oh, the sun is hot
A man is just a man
When the darkness comes you’ve got to do with what you’ve got
I’m doing what I can…"
"Doing What I Can" 
by Lindsey Buckingham


He was in a dimly lit room, strapped to a table. They were doing something to him, putting something in his head, bringing a Goa’uld symbiote from somewhereputting it on him. He caressed it, let it crawl inside him. His eyes glowed as he looked over at her. "I’m where I want to be," his dual voice said, "where I was destined to be."


She was running through the palace. She could hear him behind her, hear the distinct sound of a staff weapon charging up, felt the blast hit her. She looked up, his blue eyes cold and full of hate.

"You shouldn’t have come here. I don’t love you. Now, your death will prove my loyalty to my Queen, to my Beloved, to Neferteri."

Just before her eyes closed in death she saw them together, he was kissing that Goa’uld bitch…the way he had once kissed her. The heartbreak was unbearable


She looked up at him, ready to put her arms around him. They were in the 'gate room. They had brought him home safely. His eyes flashed briefly…had she really seen it? He kissed her, held her close. She looked over at Duncan and Jack, saw their eyes flash just before they grinned up at her

She sat up, her body damp with sweat. She eased away from him, slipped on her robe and went into the living room. She didn’t turn the light on. Something was wrong. Very wrong. He seemed like…himself…and why wouldn’t he? After all, the Goa’uld symbiote was dead. But all of the memories, desires, ambitions of that snake had been transferred to him. He was himself…but a Goa’uld. She shivered. It made perfect sense. Why would he have stood there, his arms around her…kissing her, if he hadn’t been…changed? Tears began to stream down her cheeks. She had been so happy when he had contacted her, told her that he still loved her, had never stopped loving her. But it was a lie. It was all a lie. Now she was living with…sleeping with, a Goa’uld, possibly even a spy.

The small lamp on the sofa table came on behind her. "Babe, what’s wrong?"

She panicked. As long as he wasn’t aware that she knew, she was safe. "Nothing." She tried to hide her tear-stained face.

"Angel, you’re sitting in the dark crying. Tell me, please?"

She looked into those incredible blue eyes, saw the love, the concern…no…no it was a lie, he was only pretending. "I need to be alone. Just go back to bed."

"Please, babe, what’s wrong?" He tried to touch her, put his arms around her. She slid away, managed to get to her feet.

"I don’t want to talk about it. Please, just go back to bed."


"Daniel, go to bed." She was shaking, hoping that he wouldn’t notice, hoping that he couldn’t hear the fear in her voice.

He stood there, looking at her; hurt and worry and love were reflected in his eyes…no…don’t look into those blue eyes…don’t look! …lies, all lies!

She slipped into the hallway, into the guest bedroom and locked the door. She heard him walk up to the door. Had he just put his hand on it? She strained to hear his movements. Eventually she could hear him walking through the kitchen. She slid to the floor, pressed her hand over her mouth, and began to sob.

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