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War of the Gods

Chapter 10

The Council of the Ancients had gathered. Three men and a woman stood before them. "You have been found guilty of High Treason against the Council. Your actions nearly started a war between the Ancients and the others of the Guard. For your crimes, you will be stripped of all powers, and made mortal. You may chose the planet where you will live out the remainder of your days. I estimate each of you to have thirty to forty years," the Chairman intoned.

The four accused exchanged angry glances. Simmons was the one who had assured them that they would be members of the new Council that he had declared he would establish. Now he was dead, at the hand of The Chosen. They had been so certain that the Tau’ri had no control over the power he had been given. All reports they had seen said so! Yet he had defeated Simmons! He and that wife of his!

The Council members looked at each face. "There are ten planets where you may not go. Included in that list are planets known the the Tau'ri as Earth, Terra, Langara, Alpha, Beta, and Gamma. If we discover that you attempt revenge against The Chosen, His Chosen, his children, or even his friends, we will end your lives immediately. Do you understand?"

There were sullen nods. "I suggest you choose a planet as far away from them as you can, just to help control the urge to find them," the Chairman said.

The decisions were made, the woman choosing to spend the rest of her life away from the men who had brought her this death sentence. They were too weak, to undisciplined, to dependant on Simmons to be of any use to her.

In four flashes of light, the prisoners were sent to their new homes, their bodies now mortal. The Chairman sighed. It had been many millennia since there had been punishment meted out to any Ancients. He hoped it was the last time!


"I do not trust her," whispered the Second, referring to the now mortal Ancient.

"Nor do I," replied the First quietly.

"Shall we request that she be observed?" asked the Third.

The First nodded slowly. "Yes. Yes, I think that would be a very good idea. Here is my report, submit it along with the request," she said.

The Third nodded, and disappeared briefly. He was smiling when he returned. "The Committee also monitored the trial. She will be watched carefully."

The First smiled in relief. "Good. We will know when she decides to move against The Chosen."


A  A  A  A  A  A


Duncan smiled at the older couple who sat side-by-side on the sofa. He put Richie into his mother’s arms. "Mother, meet your grandson," he said softly.

Amanda Seeney held the baby closely, her eyes drinking in the beauty of the child. "Oh, he’s beautiful!" she said softly.

Tessa smiled. "We think so, too." She leaned her head against Mac’s shoulder. He was still overwhelmed, but she could see happiness in his eyes.

Liam reached out and touched the baby, his eyes going wide, a smile lighting his face when Richie’s little hand closed around his finger. "He’s quite a boy, quite a boy indeed!"


A  A  A  A  A  A


Casey snuggled back against Daniel’s chest, Nicholas in her arms, Emily sitting with her head on her Mommy’s arm, her legs over her Daddy’s, his hand caressing her little arm.

"Storee, Daddy!" she begged.

Daniel smiled. "Okay, Princess. Once upon a time…"

Emily was asleep before Daniel reached ‘and they all lived happily ever after’. He started to move carefully, Nicholas was asleep in Casey’s arms as well. When he realized that she was asleep also, he pulled her head back against his shoulder. He settled more comfortably against the pillows. He would watch over his family, hold them in his arms while they slept. He could see Nicholas making little sucking motions with his mouth. Emmie sighed and slid down until her head was against Casey’s thigh. His heart was so full of love, so full of happiness that he thought it would explode. Fate had been kind to him. Twice he had nearly destroyed his marriage, twice Casey forgave himtook him back into her arms and loved him. Numerous times he had come close to losing her, but she always managed to find her way back into his arms. Whenever things felt this good, this…right…something always came along to test the strength of their love. But they would survive. Their love would grow ever stronger. He reached out gently to caress her mind. Felt her return the caress sleepily. He was sure that she didn’t even realize she had done so. A beautiful wife who loved him, two beautiful children, a son and a daughter. His family. His family! He leaned his head back, a smile on his face, and closed his eyes.


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