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War of the Gods


"...You got the fire, baby, I got the heat, can you handle it?
I got the time, babe, you got the need, oh surrender it..."
"Love and Affection" 
by Def Leppard

Chapter 1

The crew aboard the Phoenix prepared for battle as the al'kesh drew closer. Casey had the weapons computers on line, and was waiting for Jack’s order to fire. Tension grew heavy in the air as they waited.

"O’Neill, we have come to join you," Teal'c’s voice said, ringing out strongly as he appeared on the communication screen.

"Teal'c! Great to see you!" Jack said, grinning. Everyone in the room visibly relaxed, smiles replaced worried frowns.

"I will join you on the Phoenix, Bra’tac will command the Hak'tyl," the Jaffa said.

"Hak’tyl," Daniel said slowly. "Doesn’t that mean ‘liberation’?"

Teal'c smiled. "Indeed, Daniel Jackson. It is the name that we have given this ship."

"And a fine name it is," Jack said. "Come on over, T."

Five minutes later, when Teal'c walked into the control room, Casey ran across the floor and launched herself into the large man’s arms. He hugged her just as tightly as she hugged him.

"Welcome, home, Teal'c," she said softly. "It’s just not been the same without you. Please tell me that you’re going to be staying."

"I am indeed, Casey Jackson. Duncan MacLeod has informed me of what has transpired during my absence. I feel that it is my duty to rejoin SG-1 now that you are back on the duty roster," Teal'c replied.

"Sure could have used your help a couple of weeks ago," she said. "Those three wouldn’t listen to me."

Teal'c looked at Jack, and then at Daniel. "So I was told. I understand that you were both captured and sold to a pleasure house for women. I suppose there are worse things that could have happened to you. And I believe that it was a just reward for failing to listen to the warnings of Casey Jackson."

Casey and Sam shared a look, then laughed. "That’s telling them, Teal'c," Sam chuckled.

Daniel and Jack gave the Jaffa a pained look. "If you had been with us, buddy, you’d have been sitting in that cell right along with us," Jack insisted.

"I would not," Teal'c insisted. "If Casey Jackson had told me of her fears, I would not have gone. She has not been wrong yet with her ‘feelings’."

"Yeah, well, we won’t be ignoring her warnings again," Daniel mumbled.

Casey was still holding onto the Jaffa’s arm. "You’re really back for good?"

Teal'c smiled. "Yes, Casey, I’m back for good."

Everyone in the room looked at him. Rarely did the Jaffa use the first name alone. To do so indicated great love, or at least deep friendship, for the person to whom he was speaking. No one doubted the strong friendship between the Jaffa and the young blonde Immortal.

"Well, one thing is for sure, two ships are better than one!" Sam declared, setting back down at the communications console. She had also given the large black man a welcoming hug.

Casey returned to the weapons control console, and Teal'c joined Daniel at the helm. Jack looked around. SG-1 was back together, and back to work. It was right. And they had one hell of a battle ahead of them. As long as the magical SG-1 luck held out, everything would be fine. Considering that The Chosen was a member of the team, he thought that their luck had even improved somewhat.


A  A  A  A  A  A


It was another two hours before the first sign of Ba’al’s ship. As soon as the two captured Goa’uld ships approached, his ship began to move away. It became a race - would the Goa’uld manage to slip away from them, or would they catch up to him in time to destroy him?

"Either he knows it’s us, or he’s in big trouble with the rest of the snake-heads," Casey said softly.

"How long have you had the Hockey Till, Teal'c?" Jack asked.

"It was taken three months ago," the Jaffa replied, suppressing a smile at Jack’s deliberate mispronunciation of the name of the ship.

"Plenty of time for him to find out about it," Jack mused. "He was staring at the Phoenix for several hours during…that mission," he said, glancing at Casey and Daniel.

"So let’s assume he knows it’s us," Casey said. She shivered, forced down memories that were better left alone. She felt Daniel’s eyes on her. She looked at him and smiled.

Jack nodded. "Blow his ass out of the sky, Case."

She lifted a plastic cover. Pushed the three toggle switches forward. "Nukes armed and ready," she said softly.

"One at a time," Jack said. "Acquire target lock."

She moved her fingers over the controls. "He’s still too far out of range."

"Catch up to him," Jack said. "Push this thing!"

Daniel and Teal'c complied.

"Target lock acquired," Casey said a few tense moments later.


Her finger pushed the button. She watched her computer screen, waited for the confirmation of a hit. Gasped when the missile simply vanished. "Oh, now that is just not playing fair!" she hissed.

"Fire again, Daughter," Aaron said, his voice cold and firm. He closed his eyes in concentration.

Casey fired the second missile. Again she watched her computer screen. This time she received confirmation of a hit. The ship had impressive shields, which kept it from being totally destroyed. But the damage caused by the naquadah-based warhead was extensive.

They were all surprised when the communications screen came to life. "I would speak to you," Ba’al said. His English was accented, and it surprised all of them. They could see that his ship was burning around him.

"Give me one good reason not to blow your ass to hell," Jack snarled.

"I know which Ancients are involved in the plot to overthrow the Ancient Council of Elders. And the names of those who wish to see The Chosen dead," the Goa’uld said calmly.

Aaron smiled, an action not missed by his daughter.

In a flash of light, Ba’al was standing in the control room with them.

"Wow, Dad, that’s impressive!" Casey grinned.

Aaron’s smile widened. "I didn’t do it." He looked pointedly at Daniel.

Daniel shrugged. "Didn’t want them to get rid of him before we could hear what he had to say."

The rest of the crew and SG-1 stared at the young archaeologist. "Ahem. Seems to me that you’ve been holding out on us, Danny," Jack said.

"Nope. Didn’t know until just now that I could do that," Daniel replied. He had suspected for some time that his…powers…were growing. He also knew that since helping Casey re-start the engines on Thor’s ship, his power seemed…stronger. The Fire was hotter, more intense as it flowed through his veins. He had been just as surprised as the rest of the people in the room, however, when Ba’al appeared. He had been thinking that it was important to get that snake-headed bastard to the Phoenix before the aforementioned Ancients could get to him. He had no idea what he had done, nor how he had done it.

Jack was grinning. "That little trick is definitely going to come in handy."

Daniel grinned, but didn’t reply. It wouldn’t do them a bit of good until he understood what he had done, and could control it.

Casey hadn’t seen Ba’al, in person that was, since the night he had raped her. She stared at him, the feelings of guilt and shame rising up in her heart, flashing through her eyes. Her cheeks paled slightly.

The Goa’uld returned her gaze. She was as beautiful as he remembered. As much as he wanted to hate her, as much as he wanted to crush her for humiliating him - a god; a part of him still loved her. Being at the mercy of these Tau’ri, the part that loved her surfaced. "Hello, my Beloved," he said softly, hoping to win at least her mercy.

Daniel jerked, and turned to look at his Wife. He could see that she was battling her emotions, could see the pain in her eyes. The guilt. He shook his head. Every damned time, he thought, anger rising in his heart. Every time he was certain that they had moved past the hurts that she had suffered, that finally she was healed, her heart whole again, something or someone would come along and rip open the wounds again. He had just wounded her gravely. Again. Now this. She was strong, but how long before she couldn’t take the pain any longer?

"Get him out of here!" Jack hissed.

Teal'c grabbed the Goa’uld, and followed by two armed SF’s, led the man to the prison cell.

She watched as the man was led from the room. Her heart lurched in her chest. Daniel had been wrong. Ba'al really had fallen in love with her. Still loved her. And it was all her fault.

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