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 Treatise and Treaties

Chapter 8

It was a beautiful Friday evening, and SG-1 and the MacLeod's had been playing cards all evening. The men had retired to the deck, after losing four straight hands of Pinochle. Casey, Sam, Tessa, and Carly were sitting around the dining room table drinking wine. Emily and Evelyn were asleep on Emmie's bed, Nicholas was asleep in his crib, and Amber and Richie were both asleep in portable cribs in his room.

Casey poured more wine. "I'm telling you, he was going crazy! He was trying so hard to be all macho about it, and 'I can take it as long as you can, babe'. So I used the feather on him, and every time it touched him, his body was off the bed! It didn't take more than a couple of licks and one good suck and he was blowing! And I didn’t tease him nearly as long as he did me!"

The women around her laughed. "Jack was begging me to either let him come, or kill him," Sam giggled. "You were right, Case, when I did finally let him come, he exploded…again and again and again!"

Tessa was giggling. "I have got to tie Mac down!"




"…tied me down, and was driving me crazy! I swear I'm going to hide that damned feather," Daniel declared. "I'm definitely going to be using it on her! But I'm not taking a chance of ever having her do that to me again!

"I read those pages, damn! That's intense!" Jack said, shaking his head. He took a sip of his beer. "How long did you tease Casey with that feather after you massaged her?"

"Hmm…I know I massaged her for about an hour, I guess it was about forty-five minutes. I…uh…had to…you know…get a little relief…it was making me crazy. Then I started all over again."


"Yeah, she was blindfolded, and she likes to…" Daniel turned red.

"It's okay, Daniel," Duncan said softly. "We're all friends here, and this goes no farther than us. Besides, if we're going to do this to our wives, or significant others," he said, nodding at Teal'c, "We need to know what to expect." The other two men nodded solemnly.

Daniel took a sip of his beer, then nodded. "She uh…likes it when I...uh…titty fuck her. She likes to watch me come," he said, his cheeks burning.

Jack hissed a breath. "She was blindfolded, right?"

Daniel grinned. "Yep. She was already worked up. It made her crazy when I left her blindfolded. But god it helped me! I was so damned hard I was starting to hurt!"




"…just make sure that he's nice and relaxed before you even attempt to tie him down," Casey said. "We took a bath before… play time…began, and we did the oral thing, and then we did it in the tub, so he wasn't so…" she paused, searching for the appropriate descriptive word.

"Horny?" Sam asked her eyes twinkling.

Casey laughed. "Exactly. Plus, if they've come, it's easier to get them to fall asleep. I always massage his arms, gently, when I'm cuffing him."

"When you tied him down, was he awake?" Tessa asked.

"Nope. He was asleep both times, actually snoring the second time. Which was great, because I blindfolded him. It was so funny, he kind of jerked awake, then he tried to move, realized he was tied down, so then he tried to pretend he was still asleep." Her friends laughed with her. "I kept grinning the entire time, it was so damned fun! Not to mention incredibly erotic. I have never seen him get that hard, and I've seen him hard!"

"Could've cut glass, huh?" Sam teased.

Casey dissolved into giggles. "Yep."

"How did you get…relief?" Carly asked.

The young blonde blushed. "Well, he was just tied there, all spread-eagled…I …uh… well…I…"

"It's okay, sweetie, we're all adults here, and we aren't going to let Daniel know you said anything," Sam said gently.

"I…uh…straddled his face," she admitted. "Didn't touch him anywhere but there…and I kept my legs from touching him too, god it was such a freaking turn on!"

"Did you ride him then?" Tessa asked.

"Nope. I teased him a little more…he likes to watch me with Barney…"

The women laughed again. "Find a man who doesn't like that, and I will show you a man who isn't normal," Carly giggled.

"After that, I untied him…and we took a trip Around the World."

Sam was frowning. "Okay, help me out here, Case. You said that before you tied him down, you did the oral thing, and then made love in the bathtub, right?"

Casey nodded, took a sip of wine.

"Okay, you tease him, then go down on him, right?"

Another nod.

"Full ride on each stop?"

"What does that mean?" Tessa asked.

"Did he come on each 'stop' Around the World," Casey replied. "And the answer is yes."

"Geez! That means he came six times!"

"He did it eight times when we went to Alteria," Casey grinned.




"You mean she sat there, and the tape…and she…" Jack shook his head. "I'd have lost my mind!"

Daniel grinned. "I damned near did! She…uh…did something like that when we went to Alteria. She tied my hands behind my back, then took Barney and…well, you know. I swear to god, I thought I was going to go crazy before she turned me loose!"

Duncan was shaking his head. "I just can't imagine her being so…"

"Freaky?" Jack asked with a wide grin.

"I was thinking more along the lines of…inventive," Duncan replied.

Daniel grinned. "She never ceases to surprise me! Just when I think she can't surprise me any more, make me come any harder, she does just that!"

"You say that you did the world trip thing that same night?" Jack asked. He finished off his beer, reached into the ice chest for another. He tossed one to each of the men, handed Teal'c another bottle of iced tea.


"Okay, just how many times did she get you off that night?" Duncan demanded to know.


"Holy Hannah!"

"Look, I know that being Immortal helps with…endurance," Duncan said. "And the Fire does too, but, damn, Daniel!"

Jack studied his young friend. "Before the Fire, and Immortality, how many times did you do it, in a row?"

"The most was three, why?"

Jack and Duncan exchanged a look and a grin. "It's always the quiet, studious types," Duncan chuckled.

Daniel grinned. Felt like bragging just a little bit. "That weekend on Alteria, we did it eight times without more than ten minutes in between."

"Damn, Space Monkey!"

Duncan stared at the young man. "You are just a pain-in-the-ass! You realize that Casey is going to tell Tessa, and Tessa is going to expect…oh, hell she's gonna kill me! I'll die right there in bed!"

"Yeah, but what a way to go!" Daniel grinned.

"True," the Scot chuckled.

"Besides, every time Casey does something like that, I expect to keel over! I figured I would on Alteria, but I didn't," the young scientist admitted.

"Daniel, tell Duncan and Teal'c what happened after you gave Case that massage and then teased her with that feather," Jack said.

He dropped his eyes, picked at the label on the beer bottle. "Well, she had Barney…and that vibrator ring…right…there, you know?"

"Yeah?" Duncan said, leaning toward him.

"Well, I had just slipped into her-"

"Backdoor, right?" Jack asked wanting to make sure he had the full picture.


"Okay, go on."

Daniel glanced at his friends. They were giving him their rapt attention. "Well, she was really aroused, I mean, I'd teased her with that feather, and then…worshipped her…

"Worshipped her?" Duncan raised an eyebrow.

"Oral," Daniel explained.

The men around the table nodded.

"So anyway, I'd had her like, right there, for god, I don't know, maybe thirty minutes…"


"Holy Hannah!"


He grinned. "Well, I had just eased into her, and I reached down and turned the vibrators on, and she had an orgasm, and she let out this scream and nearly bucked me off of the bed!"




"…I screamed, I mean I really screamed. I didn't intend to, but I have never in my life felt anything so intense! I jerked so hard that Daniel said I nearly bucked him off of the bed!"


"Holy Hannah!"

"Oh, my!"

"Yeah. That orgasm hit me so hard! Well, then I needed him to move, I mean, really move, so I was begging him to do me, and he did, and the vibrators were still on, and my god I have never felt anything like that before! Anyway, I…uh…felt him…come, you know, and all of a sudden I literally saw red behind my eyelids, and then I passed out."




"…Then she started begging me to move, and when Casey begs for that, she wants hard and fast. So, I was giving her what she wanted, and god, the vibrator was incredible, and I had an incredible orgasm…but before I could turn them off, she screamed again, shoved her hips back against me, hard, and then she passed out."

"Passed out? As in 'lights out, baby'?" Jack was wide-eyed.

"Yep. She didn't come to until I was getting us settled into the bath water. She was still shaking, and her entire body was hyper-sensitive for awhile."




"It was absolutely incredible, and if I'm lucky, he'll do it again!" Casey giggled.

"I don't think I've ever known anyone who passed out from an orgasm before," Sam said, shaking her head. "I'm not so sure I'd want to try it."

"I was really sensitive to touch for a couple of hours after that. Even the sheets on the bed made me jump and shake for a little while," Casey admitted.

"So that's why you tied him down and returned the favor," Tessa said, her blue eyes twinkling.

She smiled. "Yep. It was so much fun, and I know he enjoyed it, too."




"So that's why she tied me down and used that feather on me."

"So, did it…" Jack cleared his throat. "Was it…"

"Intense. Absolutely incredible," Daniel replied.

"You say that Sam tied you down?" Duncan asked.

Jack grinned. "Yep. Same night Danny here was getting the feather treatment."

"Same thing that Case did to Daniel?"

"Yep. She waited until the hockey game was over, then told me to go take my shower, I'd mowed the lawn after we got home from the Dairy Queen, so I thought that was why she wanted me to shower before I came to bed. I guess I wasn't paying too much attention, I just went and took a shower."

Three heads nodded in agreement.

"So she tells me that she thinks I deserve a massage, because I'd been working hard, so I figured I wasn't going to argue with her."




"He just grinned at me, and said, 'Sweet', and stretched out on the bed." Sam poured more wine in her glass, offered the bottle to the other women. "I took my time, really worked each muscle group, and he was half asleep before I even had him turn over."

"When you massage the front of him, do you…touch him?" Tessa asked.

"I didn't," Sam replied.

"I don't either, although I do run my fingers through his pubic hair…he always gives this little sigh when I do that, and I know it turns him on," Casey said. She turned to Sam, gave a sheepish grin of apology. "Go on."

Sam smiled. "Well, I watched his face, you know how you can tell when they're asleep? I did what Case suggested, the handcuffs were already on the headboard. So, I kept rubbing his arms, and cuffed him, then moved down to his legs, and rubbed his feet more, and then I tied his ankles. When I got up off the bed, he opened his eyes and asked me where I was going, and I said to the kitchen…"

"Whipped cream!" Casey giggled.

"Oh, yeah!" Sam grinned. "He tried to get up, and he looked at me and said, 'Colonel, this is a court martial offense!'" The women laughed. "Well, when I came back in with the can of whipped cream, he looked at it, and at me, and said 'you wouldn't dare!'."

"But you dared!" Tessa said, laughing.

"I dared! I did what Casey said, covered him from his neck to his thighs, and all points in between, and then I licked it off of him. It was such a turn on! He was moaning by the time I was ready to go down on him! So, I got him right to the brink, and backed off. He started ordering me to finish him off! I asked if he meant to let him come, or shoot him. He said he didn't care which, just get the damned job done," Sam laughed.

"Oh, that is too funny!" Casey giggled.

"Then what?" Carly asked.

"Well, I went back down on him, got him to that point again, and then, just like Casey, I got out my toy, and made me ready for him. He was watching me, I swear he was panting! Well, I straddled him, got where I needed to be, teased him for another minute or so, and then I let him have me. He almost came, but I just sat still, didn't move, didn't turn on the vibrator, waited until I thought he could handle it again. Then I started moving, just a little bit, and when I turned on the vibrator, he yelled out. It didn't take but a few strokes and he was coming."

"What about you?" Tessa asked.

"I was coming too," Sam giggled.

"I have absolutely got to tie Mac down!" Tessa declared.

"I wonder how tight one must tie a Jaffa to keep him down?" Carly asked, with a smile on her face. The laughter that erupted around the table had the men looking into the dining room.




"So, I'm all nice and relaxed, and the next thing I know, my hands are cuffed to the headboard, and my feet are tied to the foot board!" Jack said.

"Been there!" Daniel grinned.

"A couple of times, it seems," Duncan teased.

"Do you guys want to hear this or not?"

"We're all ears, Jack," Daniel replied.

"She went and got whipped cream," Jack said. He looked at Daniel. "I swear she must have taken notes when she talked to Casey!"

"Whoa, wait a minute! Whipped cream?" Duncan said.

Jack grinned. "Space Monkey has been 'creamed' twice!"

"Holy shit!" the Highlander exclaimed.

"So anyway, she licks me clean as a whistle, and let me tell you something, if that doesn't have you hard as a rock, nothing will!"

Daniel grinned, his eyes took on a far away look as he remembered a song by that title, and how she looked as she stripped for him, the way her body moved to the beat of the music, driving him totally insane, his need for her…

"Daniel!" Jack was snapping his fingers in front of the archaeologist's face.


"Just where the hell did you go?"


Duncan looked at him. "You were remembering something very pleasant my young friend. What was it?"

He grinned. "Casey stripped to AC/DC. 'Hard as a Rock', and 'Cover Me with Oil'."

Jack, Duncan and Teal'c exchanged glances. They were dying to know about that…still.

"Go on, Jack," Daniel said.

"Well, she licks me clean, and then she…goes down on me. Don't let that colonel front fool you. That woman can give head like nobody's business," Jack declared.

Daniel smiled to himself. He figured that if it came down to a contest, Casey would win, no problem. She had the most talented tongue he'd ever come across. Just thinking about his Angel giving him one of her incredible blowjobs had him getting hard.

"…she backs off, starts kissing my thighs, and my belly, worked her way up to my chest," Jack was saying.

"Damn!" Duncan hissed.

"Yeah. Then she moves back down, and I'm thinking okay, this is it, get ready colonel, 'cause the general is gonna blow. But she backs off again! She gets up, grabs her toy, and then just kneels there beside me, and starts…you know…playing with herself! It was incredible! I was so damned close that just watching her had me ready to blow. Then she puts her toy where she wants it, puts me where she wants me, and just sits there…I know she was giving me a chance to…cool down…like that was going to happen!"

Daniel was nodding. He had been there. He knew exactly what Jack meant.

"She finally starts moving, and then she turns the vibrator on, and that was all she wrote! I was shooting off like fireworks!" He looked at Daniel. "You said you kept coming for awhile?"

The young blonde man nodded. "She turned that vibrator on and I came up off the bed! Then she started riding me, and when I started coming, god I didn't think I was going to stop! She had her orgasm and I was still coming!"

"Damn!" Duncan shook his head. "I'm a dead man," he said softly. "She'll do that to me, and I'm going to keel over!"

"But what a great way to go," Daniel repeated, grinning broadly.

The laughter that erupted from the dining room had them looking in at their wives.




"I just have to know, Carly, is Teal'c…aggressive…in bed?" Sam asked.

Carly smiled. "He is a very tender, gentle, considerate lover."

Casey nodded. "I knew it. He's just a big old Jaffa teddy bear!"

The Spanish woman smiled. "He is very much like that."

"So, will you be tying him down?" the young blonde asked.

"Probably not without discussing it with him first."

Casey frowned. "You know, I never did that, and I probably should have. I just…did it."

"Daniel is not a Jaffa capable of breaking bonds if he so desires."

"Excellent point," the young Immortal giggled.

Tessa sighed. "I am going to tie Mac down. I just have to find out if this is as good as it sounds!"

"It is!" Sam and Casey chorused, then laughed.

"Being tied down is fun, too," Casey admitted.

"Do you realize how…wicked…all of this is?" Tessa asked.

"It might be wicked, but oh lordy is it worth it!" Casey replied. Her friends giggled loudly. She sighed. "Well, shall we see what the guys are talking about?"

The men heard them moving, quickly changed the subject to household repairs. When Casey settled on Daniel's lap, she could feel his arousal. She almost giggled out loud. She had no doubt that the men had been having the same conversation as she and her friends had been having in the dining room. Too funny!




She snuggled up to him, ready to go to sleep.



"Are you really tired?"

"A little bit. Why?"

"Never mind, Angel. Go to sleep."

She smiled into the darkness, let her hand move down to his swollen member. "I think you're a bit uncomfortable."

He grinned. "Just a bit."

"Guess I'd better help you out, or you'll never get any sleep."

"I'd appreciate that."

She giggled, and pulled off her panties and sleepshirt, felt him taking off his boxers. She straddled him, took him into her warm, waiting body.

"Seems I'm not the only one uncomfortable," he teased, feeling himself move with ease in and out of her body, her honey covering him completely.

"Must have been from finding you so hard," she replied, a bit breathlessly as she moved against him.

"Uh huh. What were the four of you talking about?"

She giggled again. "Probably the same thing that had you so hard, sitting there on the deck."

He chuckled. "Could be." He put his arms around her, pulled her down on top of him, then rolled them over. "Love you, Angel," he whispered.

"Love you, Sweetheart."

He began to move; hard, fast, deep, grinding his hips against hers. In no time she was whimpering, then calling out his name. Seconds later, her name was on his lips. He rolled them again, and held her tightly. "You're an amazing woman, Casey."

She smiled against his shoulder. "I was just thinking what a wonderful, sexy man you are."

He didn't reply but his arms told her that what she had said pleased him. "Sleep, Angel."

"Goodnight, Beloved," she whispered.

"Goodnight, my Beloved," he whispered in reply.


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