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Treatise and Treaties

Chapter 4

Casey was looking through the folders that held the information on the three new archaeologists due to arrive on Gamma in the next few days. She walked into the office, stopped cold when she realized that Wade was sitting beside the worktable. It was obvious that the men had been talking. "Oh, god, I'm sorry! I'll just-"

"It's all right, Angel. Wade and I were just-" Daniel looked over at the other man. "We were getting to know one another."

She looked from one face to the other. She lit the room, and dazzled both men, with her smile. "About damned time. You two are both so freaking stubborn!"

"I am not!" Daniel argued.

"I deny that!" Wade declared simultaneously. 

The two men looked at one another, and began grinning. Neither of them were certain what had just happened, but something had broken down the barriers that stood between them. Perhaps it was the confessions that they had made to one another.

Casey rolled her eyes. "Goddess, one of you is bad enough. Two of you will be more than I can deal with!" She looked at Wade. For the first time, there was no pain, no fear. She didn't know why, nor did she question the sudden freedom from the haunting emotions. She was just grateful that those feelings seemed to be gone. "Methos says it's going to be a few days before we hear anything from Ashnan. He's agreed to make sure that we're home for Emily's birthday. Would you like to come to her party?"

Wade looked over at Daniel. The blue eyes so like his own were guarded once again. "I thank you for the invitation, but I do not think I should come."

Daniel looked at the man, and frowned slightly. One of them had to make a first step. They had talked, but there needed to be more. One of them needed to reach out to the other. He was the oldest…"Any particular reason?"

The dark haired man shrugged. "It would be…awkward."

"I'm sorry, Wade, I wasn't thinking," Casey said softly.

So typical of her! To assume that she had done something wrong, Daniel thought. "You have no reason to apologize Angel." He looked at his brother. "You're more than welcome in our home…Wade." It was the first time he had ever used the man's given name.

He jumped slightly. Never before had Daniel even addressed him. "Thank you…Daniel."

Casey smiled. "Then it's settled. You'll be there. You should meet you niece and nephew."

Wade couldn't help but smile. "Thank you. I will be there." He stood to his feet. "I must speak with Methos about this… mission. I have…enjoyed…our talk, Daniel." He started out of the office.

"Wade!" Daniel called.

The dark haired man turned around.

"Me, too."

With a nod, and a small smile, Wade left the room.

Casey watched him leave, then walked over to where Daniel sat. She leaned back against the desk, ran her fingers over his face. "Are you all right?"

He smiled, caught her hand, kissed it. "I'm fine, Angel. I think…I think maybe we just became, well, if not friends, at least not enemies."

"It's a good start, my love," she said softly.

"Yeah, it is." He looked at the folders in her hands. "Okay, what's this?"

"Three new archaeologists. Due here sometime next week." She put them on the desk.

"Good! With you and I being gone so much, we really need the help! Let's just hope they know enough to be help!"


A  A  A  A  A  A


Methos had been contacted by Ashnan. She wanted to meet with him. She had heard 'rumors', and needed to speak with him. Her refusal to discuss the information through normal communication channels had him smiling. She had heard about Lady Xena a.k.a. Hathor. And Ashnan wanted to know just where this 'new' Goa'uld fit in with their plans.

Wade followed Casey to the bridge. He shook his head. Daniel had invited him to lunch the day before. He was certain that the blonde man would warn him away from Casey. Instead, they spent the time discussing their childhoods. He realized that Daniel had told him things that very few people knew. The man was reaching out to him, attempting to build a relationship. Wade was surprised, and to his own amazement, gratified. Just before the three of them had ringed to the Phoenix, Daniel had kissed his wife, hugged her tightly, then offered his hand to his brother...


"Be careful out there," Daniel had said.

"I will," Wade had replied, surprised at the genuine concern in the blue eyes that looked at him.

"Take care of her." It was a softly spoken request.

"I give my word."


He shook his dark head again. He never would have believed that the two of them would ever be able to be civil to one another. Now, well, if they weren't exactly friends, they were certainly moving in that direction.

"Wade?" Casey asked softly.

"I'm sorry, what?"

She smiled. "I asked if you were going to stand there all day, or come onto the bridge." She looked pointedly at him. He had stopped walking just outside of the room.

He grinned. "Guess as lo'taur, I'd better get in there, right?"

She giggled. "Right. Are you okay?"

The concern in her voice touched him. "I'm fine."

"He surprised me, too," she said softly. "I guess he's been thinking about all of this more than I realized. I know that you have a family. But Daniel…he needs you, Wade. Even if he never admits that to himself. You're all he has of them."

Wade nodded. "I understand. He…" he broke off, looked down at the floor. "He is all I have of them. All I will ever know if them is what he can remember, and tell me."

Casey reached out and put her hand on his arm. "Welcome to the family, Wade."

He smiled. "Thank you. Now, you must go to your god. Ashnan will be contacting us soon."

She rolled her eyes. "I so hate that part. God, my ass!"

He couldn't help but chuckle. Methos looked up from where he sat in the captain's chair.

"About time you two showed up." The twinkle in his eyes belied the stern look on his face. Wade took his position behind the Immortal. Casey sat down on the steps at his feet.

"My Lord, Lady Ashnan requests permission to board," the Jaffa at the communications console said.

"We will meet her at the transport rings," Methos replied. He looked at Casey. "You're still fighting me. Just found out that Daniel isn't dead after all," he said.

"That's good news," she said, with a wicked grin. Wade and Methos both chuckled.


A  A  A  A  A  A


Ashnan gave Wade a cursory glance, nothing more than curiosity about the lo'taur of her new ally. She studied Casey carefully. "She is indeed beautiful," she said at last. There was a look in her eyes that made Casey nervous.

Methos smiled, pushed his 'consort's' hair behind her shoulder. Casey, on cue, struggled to move away from his caress. "Yes she is. And as wild as she is beautiful."

The dark headed Goa'uld gave a lilting laugh. "I take it that you are enjoying the task of taming her."

"It is…pleasing. Soon she will live only to serve me, only to please me."

"Never going to happen!" Casey spat. "Daniel is alive, and he won't stop looking for me. When he finds you, he'll kill youslowly!"

Methos grabbed her face with one hand. "Do not anger me, Beloved. I will tell you again, the man you called husband is dead. I killed him."

Casey tried to pull away from his grasp. "I read the report, Methos. He's alive. And he's looking for me!"

Ashnan looked on with amusement. "I suggest you keep your…consort…on a tighter leash, if you do not wish for her to learn all that you do."

The lanky young/old man smiled lazily. "Perhaps you are correct. Now, what is so important that we had to meet here, in secret?"

The beautiful Goa'uld looked at Casey, then at Wade. "I wish to discuss this matter with no chance of it being repeated."

"Wait for me in my chambers, Beloved," he said to Casey. He turned to Wade. "See to it that she doesn't…wander…from the room."

Wade bowed slightly, and took Casey's arm. The four Jaffa who accompanied Ashnan were given the signal to follow. The Jaffa who worked with Methos accompanied them as well. Casey bit back a smile. There would be a bit of recruiting going on among the Jaffa. It would be interesting to see if there were to be any Rebels among Ashnan's 'faithful' warriors.

When she was safe from the prying eyes of Ashnan's Jaffa, Casey contacted Daniel. She told him that until Methos came back, she wouldn't know what was happening. He warned her to be careful, and to let him know as soon as Methos had any information. With exchanged declarations of love, and soft, gentle caresses, she settled down to play a few hands of Texas Hold 'em with Wade...her brother-in-law.


A  A  A  A  A  A


"I have interesting news for you, my friend," Ashnan said. She watched Methos carefully. "It seems that an old…acquaintance…of yours is nearby."

Methos picked up his chalice, took a generous swallow of wine. "And who would this acquaintance be?"


It had been agreed that Sam would impersonate Hathor, and that the 'relationship' between her and Methos would be that of one-time lovers. Methos felt it would keep Ashnan on edge, and trying to placate him, as he suspected that the Sumerian Goa'uld had feelings for him. He halted the cup on its way to his lips. Counted to three, then took another swallow. "She is dead."

Ashnan shook her head, her dark tresses moving freely against her back. "No, Methos. She has been hiding. Pretending to be a slave trader. I have proof that it was she who killed Geb. She didn't move fast enough to take his holdings, Nergal has already done that. Nergal had her in his custody for a very short time, although he didn't know who she was. She has a ship now, and is looking for you. My…informant…also tells me that the Tau'ri are after her as well as you. It seems that she attempted to breach the security of their SGC, and nearly succeeded. You have garnered the wrath of these Tau'ri as well, killing one called Carter, and taking the one you call your consort, as well as this ship."

Methos stared at the floor, willing himself not to smile. He had been prepared to tell Ashnan about 'Hathor', instead his 'ally' had rushed to tell him about her presence. Was there a bit of jealousy in her tone? He looked up at her. "If Hathor is alive, then she will contact me."

She stood, moved to sit closer to him. "Methos, my friend…my love…is she one that you can trust? Or shall we destroy her, together?"

He allowed himself that smile. "Anything other than friendship between Hathor and I ended long ago. However, I trust her. With my life."

Dark eyes studied his. "Very well. Then I shall wait here with you. She will find you soon enough."

Methos shook his head. Casey would never forgive him if he kept them out here over Emily's birthday. "There is…business…I must attend to. If she wishes to find me, she will. In her own time. Now, what about the meeting with the other System Lords? Are they willing to discuss an alliance against Nergal?"

The smile that Ashnan gave him left him almost giddy with relief. "Your words are quite convincing, my love. Penatil and Laurel are most willing. Laurel, like me, has territory that shares borders with that of Nergal's. She has lost several planets to him as well. Penatil simply wants Nergal stopped. They will be able to convince the others to join us."

He smiled. "Good. Let me know when they are ready to meet."

"I will. Now, about this consort of yours…perhaps you would be willing to share? We could find much pleasure…together." Ashnan ran her fingers down his face, the other hand moving down his side.

Methos felt his heart lurch. To refuse would cause Ashnan to question him, and right now he couldn't afford that. He wondered briefly if Casey had any of those Sectonin rings on board. "If that is what you wish, my love."

Her eyes began to shine with lust. "It is. Shall I join you now?"

"No. Casey will not do this willingly. Let me give her something to…calm her, let it take effect. I will send my lo'taur for you when she is…ready."

Ashnan kissed him. "As you wish. I wait anxiously."

Methos hurried to his quarters. "Casey, we have bit of a problem," he said, as soon as he was in the room. "Do you have any of those Sectonin rings here?"

She looked up at him, her green eyes wide. "You have got to be kidding! Her?"

He grinned. "She thinks you're beautiful."

Wade frowned. "I do not understand."

Casey gave a slight shudder. "Ashnan wants Methos to share me with her."

His blue eyes grew wide.

"Wade, in my quarters, in the closet, on the top shelf, is a small wooden box. There are three rings with very large, black stones. Bring that box here, and hurry!" Casey was already pacing, her fingers winding back and forth over one another.

The man nodded and ran from the room.

"You'll have to get close enough to touch her," Methos said softly.

"I know."

"You're an amazing woman, Casey Jackson."

She smiled. "No, Methos, I’m just a woman doing my job."

When Wade returned, Methos sent him for Ashnan.


A  A  A  A  A  A


"I find your lo'taur pleasing as well, he shall join us, my love," Ashnan said, dropping her robe as soon as she was in the room. She was naked, her body shivering with anticipation. She was tall, her curves full but pleasing. Her breasts were large, but firm. Her dark nipples were already hard. She walked to where Casey stood, and with a blade that none of them had seen in her hand, slit the straps of the gown that the young blonde had put on before the Goa'uld's arrival. The soft material fell to a puddle of satin at her feet.

Methos felt his breath catch in his throat. He had seen most of her body in the harem outfit she had worn on one of their missions. But to see her naked breasts, the soft hair at the apex of her thighs, the hint of that sweet flesh…he nearly groaned out loud.

Ashnan reached out, pulled Casey forward for a kiss. Casey maneuvered the ring on her finger, pressed it against the woman's arm. In seconds, the Goa'uld was unconscious on the floor. Casey knelt beside her. "Every fantasy has been fulfilled. You are overcome with pleasure."

The Goa'uld moaned softly. "Yes," she whispered softly, her eyes closed, her lips turning up in a smile.

Casey grabbed at the fallen gown, held it against her body. "I suggest you mess that bed up good, and get her on it."

Wade picked the woman up, Methos pulled and tugged at the coverlet and sheets. The Goa'uld was dumped unceremoniously onto the bed.

She grabbed her clothes and slipped into the bathroom. 'Daniel?'

He could sense her disquiet. 'I'm here, babe. What's wrong?'

'Oh, nothing much. Ashnan wanted a little fun time with Methos, and she wanted me and Wade to play with them.' Even in her thoughts her voice quavered.


'Yeah. She had a knife, just a small one. She managed to cut my gown off, but I had the sectonin ring. She's sleeping now, convinced she got exactly what she wanted.'

Daniel knew that Wepwawet had cut her clothes from her body before he so brutally raped her. 'Casey, are you all right?'

'I think so. I…I really miss you, Daniel. I need you.'

He reached out, soothed her, his caress soft and gentle against her mind. 'I miss you, too, Angel. Tell Methos to use this time to let us know what's going on.'

She smiled at his touch, reached out and caressed him, held to him for just a few seconds. 'I will. Love you.'

'Love you, Casey.'

She pulled on her clothes, opened the door and stepped back into the room. She blushed when the two men turned to look at her.

"Casey, I'm so sorry," Methos said. "I had no idea-"

"It's okay, Methos. Nothing happened. Daniel says to get on the line now while she's out. They want to know what's going on."

The young/old man nodded. "On my way." He hurried from the room.

Casey looked over at the naked, sleeping woman, shivered slightly.

"Are you all right?" Wade asked softly.

She nodded. "I think so. I need to get out of here, though."

"Come, let's go to the cargo bay. We can talk there. You can tell me what gift I should bring for my…niece."

She smiled. "That sounds great. Let's go." She gave a glance over her shoulder at the woman on the bed, then left the room, Wade behind her.

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