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This Thing Called Love

Chapter 5

Sheila arrived at the Center at seven-thirty. Mike was already there, although Terry and Daniel had yet to come in. She made coffee, then proceeded to snoop around the conference room. She had already tried to get into Daniel’s office, but the door was locked.

"Sheila, move that sweet butt of yours over here and help me uncrate this stuff," Mike called. She really wasn’t his type, but he'd been an Ally spy against the Nazis; he figured one NID agent wouldn’t be too hard to cope with.

She smiled. So she did have a conquest after all. He wasn’t Daniel Jackson, but he would do, until that fine specimen of man became…available…which he would as soon as she put her plan into action.

It wasn't quite eight when Daniel walked in, Casey beside him. They said hello, then disappeared into his office. The room had windows, so Sheila could see what was going on. Little wifey was working at the computer, he was at a work table, and from the looks of it, already immersed in whatever it was he was translating. Well, well. The little wife must have thrown a temper tantrum last night after her phone call. How lovely. How absolutely delicious!

Terry stopped in the office before coming into the main gallery. He talked to the Jacksons for several minutes. They all seemed to be good friends, laughing and talking like that. Hmmm …why wasn’t Mike in there? Or wasn’t he a part of the ‘inner circle’? Maybe she should set her sights on Terry. The man was as average as could be, but, maybe he could at least please her in bed.

Terry came out, barely acknowledged her, then started talking softly to Mike. One of the things she had become proficient at was listening. She moved slightly closer.

"Case is going to be working with us for awhile. She told me that she’s here to protect his reputation."

The two men laughed. Sheila Roberts smirked.

"Have to hand it to Daniel. He’s going to make sure that nobody hurts Casey again. A couple of weeks ago he told me he’s come too damned close to losing her too many times to take any risks again. I’m telling you, brother, that man could commit cold blooded murder if he had to, to protect her."

"That’s love, brother," Mike grinned. He knew that Sheila was listening. Terry had given him the old ‘spy’ signal for being watched or listened to.

"I hear that. She’s worth it."

"Yeah, she is. They don’t make ‘em any sweeter than Casey. Don’t make ‘em any prettier either. Won’t break my heart to have her working here. Besides, she keeps him calmed down when he gets all excited about finds."

Sheila frowned. Damn! If little wifey was going to be here all the time, it would certainly make it difficult to convince her that Daniel was straying from their bed. And what was all of this about him protecting her, and capable of murder? She looked over at the office, caught Daniel watching her, and shivered. His look was certainly cold enough. It was time to come up with a new plan for survival on this rock!


A  A  A  A  A  A


"Daniel, look at this would you? It looks to me like it says ‘advanced to the east’, but then down here, it claims that they ‘advanced to the west’. Now if there were a reference point it would help, but so far, we don’t even know where to start from, and I can’t locate the reference point." Casey said.

He smiled. She could get just as caught up in, and just as excited about, translations as he did. He leaned over her shoulder to look at the tablet. "Okay, let’s start at the beginning." Her hair smelled so good. He leaned closer to her, let his face touch that soft silk.

"That’s another problem. I can’t find a logical beginning for this thing." She sat back and sighed. "It’s driving me crazy!"

"Okay, take a deep breath, babe. Every text has a beginning." Two hours later Daniel was chewing on his pencil. "We’re missing something here."

"Yeah, like the Rosetta stone to decipher it," Casey replied.

Daniel smiled. "Look through the list of artifacts that tablet came with. Maybe we missed it."

She nodded.

Sheila stuck her head into the office. "Doctor Jackson, I need help lifting this statue. Could you help me, please?"

"Where’s Mike or Terry?"

"They’re busy at the other end of the building," she said. It wasn’t exactly true. But they were behind enough of the crates that he wouldn’t see them.

He exchanged a look with Casey. She grinned and winked. He couldn’t help but grin back. "Yeah, okay."

While she showed him which statue it was, Sheila tried to position herself so that she would end up falling literally into his arms once the weight was settled on the table.

"Hey, Danny, let me help with that," Mike said. He cast a glance at Sheila. He had to give her credit, she was persistent. He'd tried flirting a bit with her, but she hadn't seemed all that interested. He'd already emailed Daniel with his observations, and the recommendation that she be shipped out immediately.

She tried to smile, but was so angry that it became nothing more than a grimace. She had spent all morning coming up with this little ruse, and now it was ruined!

"Thanks, Mike." The two men lifted the statue to the table, nodded at Sheila and walked away.

"Oh, she does not look happy," Casey murmured when Daniel came back into the office.

"Yeah, like I care if she’s happy or not," he retorted. "C’mere, you," he said, reaching for her.

"Daniel, windows!" she protested.

"Mike and Terry are busy with their backs to us. Besides, all I want is a kiss."

"And you want to make sure she sees it," she finished, smiling at him. "Daniel, I do believe you’re taking your anger at Neferteri out on poor Sheila Roberts."

He snorted. "There isn’t anything ‘poor’ about that woman." He pulled her onto his lap. Made it obvious that he was doing the pursuing. Wrapped his arms around her. "Love you, Angel," he said, nuzzling her chin, her cheek. He pressed kisses against her throat, moved his lips toward her mouth. When he finally kissed her sweet lips she sighed against him.

She was so addicted to his kisses that anytime he was willing to indulge her, she couldn’t say no. She wrapped her arms around his neck, felt his hand, the one farthest from the window, move up her side to her breast. "You’re going to get yourself all worked up," she whispered.

"Too late, babe, I already am," he replied, shifting against her so that she could feel his arousal.

Casey giggled. "We can’t do anything," she said.

"Sure we can. We have the jeep. I know a couple of nice dead end roads. Lunch time is coming up."


"Oral, babe, I promise. Nobody will even know," he said, nuzzling her throat again.

She had never been able to refuse him. Only once had she turned him away, and that had hurt her more than it had him. "You know I can’t say no to you," she whispered.

"Good. I don’t want you to. I want you babe. Need you," he whispered. He picked up the phone on his desk, called down to the gallery floor. "Mike, we’re going to lunch…Yeah, let me know what she does…Okay, thanks."

Sheila watched them walk out together, arm in arm. She wondered just where they were going. She made an excuse to Terry about not having had breakfast, then followed them.

The NID agent learned very quickly that there wasn’t a lot of traffic in Hope, and that it was impossible to follow someone without them knowing about it. She stopped at the Dairy Queen and grabbed something to eat, then headed out of town the way that she had seen their jeep going. She watched the road carefully, was able to see the fresh tracks in the dirt. She hid the little car, borrowed from her landladya Terran who thankfully was too kind to ask obvious questionsbehind some low bushes, and slipped closer to the jeep. There was just enough plant life to give her adequate cover. Not that she’d need it. The couple in the car was too engrossed with each other.

Daniel opened the back of the jeep, took the car seat from its base and sat it in the front,   put the backseats down. He crawled into the back, motioned for Casey to join him. He pulled her into his arms. The need that she created in him was raging out of control. "Need to taste you, babe," he said softly. He began to kiss her, his fingers unfastening her jeans, pulling them off of her long, shapely legs. With a contented sigh he settled himself between her thighs.

Casey gasped when his tongue touched her. It was as if she was a box of tinder, and he was a match; he set fire to her with just one touch. Her hands were in his hair, her hips already moving up to meet his mouth with every stroke of his tongue, every thrust of his fingers. "Let me taste you, my heart," she said.

He took off his pants, then laid down. "Come here, babe," he instructed, helping her to position herself over him. He moaned when she took his aching shaft into her mouth. That talented tongue had him on the edge within minutes. He could feel her thighs begin to quiver. He increased the pace of his fingers, felt her shudder and come. When she positioned herself over him, he knew that sweet release was at hand. His cock went to the back of her throat, she continued to suck him, and he was there, giving her everything he had.

They cleaned up with wet wipes that they kept in the car, then sat just holding each other after they re-dressed. He kissed her temple, whispered his love in her ear.

"Daniel, I am kind of hungry," she said, looking up at him. "And since this is our lunch hour, maybe we could stop and get something to take back to the office?"

"Whatever you want, babe," he said softly.

"Diane makes good sandwiches over at the grocery, let’s just stop there."

"Sounds good." He was just about to get back into the driver’s seat when he thought he heard movement in the low bushes near the road. Hope you enjoyed the show, you bitch, he thought coldly.

Sheila stayed low and ran back to her car. There was something about the way they looked at each other, spoke to each other, touched each other. As if no one else existed in the universe. She was very disappointed. But she wasn't about to admit defeat. Not by a long shot.

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