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The Price of Peace

Chapter 5

She was still fighting to keep her BDU's on. The woman was struggling with her, and while Casey had no wish to hurt the servant, she was not going to strip and get into that tub! She had her fist doubled, ready to strike when there was a noise at the door.

"What is the meaning of this?" Brim asked, shoving the door open and staring at the two women. His eyes were once again cold, hard…filled with lust when they stopped on the young blonde woman.

"There is no way in hell that I’m going to take my clothes off and get into that tub. Nor will I put on that…thing!" Casey told him hotly.

"You will do as you are told, woman! Your husband agreed to this!" Brim roared.

"Like hell he did!"

'Casey, I'm coming!'

'Hurry, please!'

He watched her eyes, noted that they were wide and full of terror. Her fear excited him. "Strip her!" he shouted at the woman in the black robe.

"Yes, Master," the woman replied, cowering from his anger. She reached once again for Casey's shirt.

"Sorry, but it's not going to happen! Leave me alone! If you touch me, Daniel will kill you!" She continued to back up, unaware that she had backed herself into a corner.

The sound of gunfire on the street below pulled all attention away from her, and towards the window. She slipped past the woman, into what appeared to be the master bedroom, and down the stairs. Just as there was in the Resting Place, the second floor had a balcony. She rushed through the doors. Two brown clad men were firing at the people below them; her Husband and teammates. She kicked one, causing him to fall to the street. The other man turned, ready to shoot her, when he was hit by weapons fire. She glanced down to see Teal'c standing there, his weapon still aimed in her direction.

She ran toward the stairs at the end of the balcony. Two more men were waiting there. A glance behind her showed that Brim Yardley was on his way out behind her, his hands already reaching for her.

"Casey, jump, I will catch you!" Teal'c called.

Without a second's hesitation, she did just that. They tumbled to the ground, then rolled and regained their feet.

"Okay, kids, let's go get our stuff and get the hell out of here!" Jack ordered.

It seemed that the brown clad men worked specifically for Brim Yardley…they didn’t encounter any others as they ran back to the blue building. The street was beginning to fill with curious onlookers…who did nothing to stop them, and all seemed more than willing to stay out of their way. The team raced into the building, donned their gear, grabbed their packs and were heading out the door.

Elana was waiting for them, her own parka, retrieved from the storage locker near the elevator, held tightly in her hand. When she saw them putting on their heavy outerwear, she did the same.

Casey said nothing as the woman watched Daniel. Nor did she say anything as the woman moved to stand near him. She'd find out what was going on later. Teal'c took point, led them to the elevator at a dead run.

"What happens if they shut this thing off?" Daniel asked as they all pulled on ski masks and gloves, waiting impatiently for the car to take them to the frigid surface.

"We climb," Jack replied. "Casey?"

She closed her eyes, reached out. "I don't think we have to worry. They know just enough about it to keep it running. Not how to shut it down," she replied. "I hope."

The temperature was even lower with the sun long gone from the sky. They hastily pulled the thermal blankets from the ATV's, wadded them up and tied them with their gear to the racks. When Elana would have climbed on the ATV behind Daniel, Teal'c pulled her towards him, and put her on the seat of his vehicle. Casey took note of this, and wondered just what had transpired between the auburn haired woman and her husband while she had been dealing with Brim Yardley. The elevator doors opened, and nearly a dozen men emerged. The team opened fire, forcing the men back into the elevator car, giving them the few needed seconds to get away. Three engines roared to life, and they pushed the speed all the way to the 'gate.

Casey jumped off the ATV and began dialing while the rest of the team stood guard. They were certain to be followed, but if their pursuers were on foot, they would make a safe get-away.

With sighs of relief, the team pushed the ATV's down the ramp. Duncan met them. "You haven't even been gone ten hours. What happened?"

Elana pushed her hood back and looked around.

"Who have we here?" Duncan asked.

She looked at the dark haired man who stood at the foot of the ramp, then went and stood next to Daniel. She didn't understand the man's words, but his face reflected his curiosity. "I belong to this man. He has offered me safety, and sanctuary. I will live with him," she announced calmly.

The Highlander's eyebrow went up, and his cheek began to twitch. He glanced at Casey. Took note of the open-mouthed look, and the fire in her eyes. Counted the seconds until the fireworks started.

Casey just stared at her Husband. "Would you like to explain now, or wait until you and your little tart take me home…which will be just before I kick your ass out?"

"It's not like that, Case, honest," Daniel said, his blue eyes begging for her to understand. "Nothing happened."

"Not that she didn’t try," Jack added his own cheek twitching.

Elana looked from Casey to Daniel and back again, not understanding the words, but recognizing the tone of voice, the expressions on their faces. There was much love in their eyes as they looked at one another. The woman's eyes were filled with anger, and hurt, as well. She looked once again at Daniel, saw the love that flooded his eyes when he looked at his wife. He would never look at her that way, she suddenly understood that. "Daniel would not take me. He refused me as his mistress. He…he…he told me there is not room in his life, his home for me," she said softly, her eyes on the floor. "May I still seek safety among you?"

Casey looked at the young woman, then at Daniel. "You offered her an escape from that bastard."

He nodded. "She refused to go back to him."

"Well, I can understand her wanting to get away from him. There was something about him…one minute he was just a happy, friendly guy, the next he was this cruel, lustful…old goat!" Casey said. She shivered slightly. Daniel put his arm around her shoulders, pulled her tightly against his chest.

"I got there as quickly as I could," he said softly. He pressed his lips to the side of her head.

"You got there in time," she replied, leaning against him, the strength of his chest comforting her. She looked over at Teal'c. "Thanks, T, for catching me like that."

The Jaffa smiled and inclined his head.

"Okay, team, go get checked out, we'll have a debrief in an hour. Take our guest with you. Tell Doctor Montigue I want a complete work-up on her," Duncan said.

The group nodded, and headed toward the infirmary.


A  A  A  A  A  A


Sam and Casey saw to it that Elana was settled into a room in the barracks before joining their husbands in the conference room. The young woman was subdued, and quiet. But she thanked them softly for their help.

"We need to do a little checking around," Jack said, finishing his report of their confrontation with the inhabitants of the 'Place of the Old Ones'. "It's possible that the Russians have a Stargate of their own, again."

Duncan frowned. "How can they use it? I thought that only one 'gate per planet worked."

"Only if you're trying to dial into that planet," Sam said. "Dialing out shouldn't be a problem, unless both 'gates are being dialed at the same time. No more than the 'gate at the SGC is being used, I doubt that there would be much conflict."

"Not to mention the Russian contingent assigned to the SGC. More than likely they know the schedule of 'gate use ahead of time. So they can let their people know when it's safe to use their own gate," Jack said.

"So what we have are a group of Russians doing what?" Duncan asked.

"Trading arms for naquadah," Daniel replied.

The Scot groaned. "Great, just what we need! I'll notify the EDA immediately. I doubt that the folks sitting around that table will be pleased with this news."

"Don’t be surprised if they don't do anything," Daniel scoffed. "They still haven't reined in the NID!"

"Good point," Duncan admitted. "This could really be a problem. If there are people out there not advanced enough to build these weapons on their own, and suddenly they have them, we could see some very ugly wars break out, and maybe the wrong group of people rise to power."

Daniel nodded. "This could upset the entire balance of dozens of worlds."

"So what do we do?" Sam asked.

"The only way to find out if there is a second 'gate is to go to Russia," Jack said. "We all know that isn't going to happen."

Casey smiled. "We don't have to actually go into Russia. I’m thinking just above it would work. There's enough naquadah in a Stargate to register on the scanners, right Sam?"

Sam grinned. "Oh, yeah. A careful sweep and we could find it. It might take time, we'd have to do a sensor sweep of the entire country. But it could be done."

Duncan nodded. "I want the Persephone to keep patrolling all of the free planets for now. Methos is busy with the System Lords, so the Phoenix is tied up at the moment. I'll contact the Prometheus. Go home, get some sleep, you leave first thing in the morning."


A  A  A  A  A  A


Casey turned off the bathroom light and walked into the bedroom. Daniel was lying on the bed, his arms behind his head.

"Are you okay, Case?" His eyes searched her face for any sign of pain, not physical pain, but the emotional, mental kind, that haunted her so often.

"I'm fine, Daniel. Why?"

"You had to put up with Yardley, and then…" He shrugged. "Are we okay?"

She smiled, stretched out beside him. "Why don't you come over here and find out just how okay we are," she said seductively.

He grinned. "Think I just might have to do that." He rolled to his side, propped his head up on his hand, and looked at her. "I love you, Angel."

"I love you, Stud Muffin." Her fingers moved over his arm, to his shoulder, up his neck, traced his lips. "She looks a lot like Ishtar, doesn't she?"

"I never noticed," he replied. He kissed, then nibbled her fingers.

She smiled. "And wouldn't admit it if you had."

"Only you, Case."

"I know," she said. Her fingers worked their way into his hair. "Love me, Daniel."

He lowered his head and kissed her, telling her with every caress of his tongue, his lips, that he belonged to her, and her alone. They made love…slowly, gently…thoroughly. Sleep came easily as they lay together in the sweet afterglow.

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