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The Darkness Within

Chapter 8

Casey kissed Nicholas. "Love you, my sweet boy," she whispered. Aaron took the tot into his arms. She knelt down and pulled Emily into a hug. "Love you, Baby."

"Love you, Mommy. When you get home from this mission job, will we put up the Christmas tree and bake Christmas cookies?" Emily asked.

"Yes, we will. I promise. We'll sing Christmas songs, too."

Emily nodded. "Peepaw says there's a bad man you have stop."

"Yes, there is, Baby. A very bad man. Your Daddy will stop him, I promise."

Emily pulled away from her mother's embrace and went to her father. "Stop the bad man, Daddy. So he can't never hurt Mommy again. Peepaw told Meemaw that he was hurting her."

The adults exchanged glances. No one had wanted the child to know what her mother was suffering. Daniel had asked Erin not to bring the children to the infirmary, not knowing if or when more torture might occur. Apparently she had overheard her grandparents talking.

"I'll get him, Princess. That's a promise to you and to Mommy," Daniel said quietly.

With a satisfied nod, Emily took her grandmother's hand. "Hurry, Daddy, so we can put up the Christmas tree. Mommy said we could."

Daniel smiled and ran his hand over silky blonde hair. "We'll be back before you have time to miss us," he promised.

Aaron looked at Casey. "Remember, Daughter, be careful. Make sure that Daniel is…holding you…before you go near him."

"I will," she said.

"SG-1, SG-6, you have a go. Godspeed," Duncan said from the control room.

Sam had discovered that the 'gate was in the city, several miles from the coordinates of Nergal's position. It had been decided that they would ring down from a ship. They were 'gating to a planet closest to the ship's coordinates...they'd be picked up as soon as they signaled. The two teams walked through the event horizon, gave the signal, and were ringed on to the Phoenix. Methos greeted them, hugging Casey tightly. Duncan had filled him in on what had happened. He looked deep into her eyes.

"You're all right?" Methos asked.

She smiled. "I'm fine. Really."

The young/old man nodded. "We're going in shielded. I'm not sure that Penatil would approve of me hovering over a planet he has claimed. So far as I've heard, none of the System Lords are aware that Nergal is alive."

"Well, no need to bother them, now," Jack said. "A few more hours and he won't be. And we're going to make sure the bastard stays dead this time."

The older Immortal nodded. "I received an upload of information from Unlinkil. His spies are keeping an eye on the place. Nergal hasn't left the cottage where he's been living in several days. Seems Rotalle, Nergal's High Priest, has gone missing as well. According to the spies, there was quite a fight in the cottage, sounded bad anyway, and Rotalle came out looking a little bit worse for the experience, and hasn't been back since."

Casey shuddered. "He's on the ship. Nergal wants the ship ready sooner than it can be done, and Rotalle suffered by telling him the truth," she said softly. She reached out further. "There's a sarcophagus on the ship, and one in the cottage. If we take them both out, it will be impossible for Rotalle to get his dead carcass to another one."

"Still not taking any chances," Jack muttered. He had discussed his plan with Duncan. The Highlander had approved. Neither of them were fond of the idea, but it was the only way that Jack could think of that would make it impossible to revive the bastard.

Methos, and the Phoenix, had to put in an appearance at a gathering of System Lords who were meeting to discuss the sudden rise of Penatil's power, then the ship would take them to Ashnan's home planet. It would be at least ten hours. The teams had coffee together, and then drifted off to their quarters to get some sleep.


A  A  A  A  A  A


Daniel made sure that the door was locked, then pulled her into his embrace. "Love you, Angel."

"Love you, too, Sweetheart." She raised up and kissed his lips. "I'm going to take a quick shower. Then you're going to take a quick shower."

"Can't I just take mine with you?"


"Cruel. You're a cruel woman, Casey Jackson."

"You'll survive," she said with a soft smile.

"I dunno, Angel. The thought of you in there taking a shower all alone, wet and naked and beautiful-"

She grinned. "Keep working yourself up. If you try to bother me while I’m taking my shower, you'll sleep alone."

"That's just mean, Casey!"

"I'm serious, Daniel."

He grinned. "You're up to something."

She giggled. Oh, yeah she was. She only hoped that the salesman at For Lover's Only hadn't been exaggerating about the…capabilities…of the little item she had purchased. She wanted… needed to know just exactly how he would respond. She knew that the man in her mind…in that…nightmare…had not been Daniel. Still, the thoughts, the fears, remained.

She showered quickly, opted to put on her lotion while Daniel was taking his shower. She brushed out her hair before she left the bathroom. "Don't shave," she whispered when he leaned down to kiss her on his way into the bathroom. He hadn't shaved in three days, and she didn't want him to shave just yet. The thought of that whiskered face rubbing against her tender thighs made her shiver.

When the water was running, and she could hear the sounds of him moving in it, she put the device on the bedside table and turned it on. Just as the salesman promised, three women appeared in the room. "Lay down on the bed, be very seductive," she said into the device.

The holographic women obeyed, one climbing 'through' her to comply. With a giggle, she finished applying her lotion. When the water stopped running, she pulled her robe tightly around her frame, unlocked and opened the door to their quarters. She then closed and re-locked it. The robe hit the floor, and she sat down on the foot of the bed.

"Case? Did somebody just come in?"


Daniel entered the room, a towel around his waist. He took one look at the bed and felt his heart stop. Lying there watching him…all of them completely naked…was a blonde, a redhead, and a brunette, each of them smiling seductively. He looked at his Wife. "No. Get them out. Now."

"Daniel, I thought-" she said softly.

"No. No way in hell." He glared at the naked women who lounged on the bed…his bed… their bed. "Out. Get out!"

"Daniel, just let me explain-"

Daniel grabbed her shoulders and pulled her to her feet. "What part of 'only you' don't you understand, Casey? And why aren't they moving?"

"Probably because you haven't given the right command to the computer," she replied.


"Okay, I found this in the catalogue from For Lover's Only and I thought that maybe it would be…interesting…and the salesman I talked to said that the experience can be as realistic as you want it to be although the suits you have to wear with it look kind of silly and make it so you can't be with a real person at the same time, but I thought that-"

He was grinning when he put his finger against her lips. "Take a breath, Angel. Then turn the damned thing off. You can return it all and get your money back."

"But you haven't seen the guys yet!" She went over to the device, pressed another button, and three handsome men appeared. She whispered her command into the computer, and then stood up. The men began to caress her, one of them kneeling in front of her.

"Turn that goddamned thing off right now!"

Her eyes wide, her fingers fumbled and turned the device completely off. "Daniel, I’m sorry, I just…"

"You just needed to make sure that it really wasn't me in that nightmare," he said softly. "You could have just asked."

She lowered her eyes. "I’m sorry."

"Now that we're finally alone…" he paused, looked at the device. "I don't suppose you can program those women to do those men?"

She giggled. "Oh my god, a holographic porno! That could be…interesting." She walked over to her duffel and pulled out the instruction booklet for the device. "Obviously not a unique idea. Here are the directions for programming it."

Daniel sat down beside her, and they carefully programmed their new…toy. Within minutes the six were nothing more than a mass of arms and legs, bodies moving and grinding against one another. He glanced at Casey and laughed out loud. "What's wrong, Angel?"

She shook her head. "That's just wrong. It looks…sort of looks like some kind of giant multi-limbed…creature."

He reached over and turned it off. "Angel, you're the only woman I see. The only woman I burn for…ache for. The only woman I want. The only woman I need."

"Only you, always, forever," she said softly, just before his lips claimed hers. She melted into his arms as he deepened the kiss, his tongue stroking her, comforting her, arousing her. Her hands made their way up his arms, over his shoulders, one hand moving up his neck and into his hair.

He eased her onto her back, pulled at the towel that still covered him and tossed it to the floor. He understood why she had bought the device, the need to know for certain. He didn't like it, but he understood. He set out to prove to her that she had no need to fear. He belonged to her…heart, mind, body and soul. He slanted his mouth over hers, moved his tongue deeper into her mouth, tasting her, touching her. He pushed her hair back, let his fingers trail lightly over her jaw, down her throat to her collarbones. His lips followed. He settled himself over her, his hands holding, massaging, caressing her breasts, his fingers tugging at her hard nipples. He smiled against her skin at the soft sigh she gave when his lips closed over a taut, hard nipple.

His touch, his kisses, his caresses had set off an inferno in her body that had her trembling with desire. He was taking his time, driving her slowly out of her mind making love to her breasts. Every touch of his fingers, every flick of his tongue she felt deep within her aching well. She bit back a smile. For just a few seconds, when he had emerged from the bathroom, and had looked at the women lying on the bed, she thought that he was going to join them. But the look of…shock…had turned quickly to disbelief, and then just as quickly to anger. The look on his face when the three 'men' had appeared, and seemed to be touching her made her glad they hadn't been real. She had no doubt that Daniel would have gladly killed all three of them, and her along with them. One day, she thought, I'm not going to have this pathetic need to test him, to reassure myself that he loves me. She gasped when he began to tease her navel, his tongue teasing that platinum ring that lay against her skin. The Fire was burning ever hotter, ever higher.

Her flat belly rippled beneath his lips and tongue. Her gasp made him smile. He slid down further, his hands gently pushed her thighs apart. He lowered his head and began to worship at the altar of true, perfect love. His love for her, and hers for him, was a palpable thing, it filled the room, surrounded them in a cocoon of warmth. He licked at the soft, moist flesh, every drop of her honey precious…delicious. Her hips were moving against him, seeking his caresses, his kisses. He rubbed his whiskered face against her thighs, taking care not to be rough, smiled when she shivered. He moved his tongue to her warm well, sought inside her for more of her sweet honey. Tiny sounds from the back of her throat were her way of begging him for the relief she needed. He ran his tongue around her folds, then settled his lips around her swollen nub, let his tongue tease her, torment her.

Her hips were in constant motion now, he was doing an excellent job of driving her insane. That talented tongue of his was dancing around and over her aching button, taking her higher and higher. She could feel those wonderful sensations building, soon she would be flying over the clouds. Her fingers tightened in his hair, holding onto him, holding him close. That whimper filled her throat, her thighs began to quiver…"Daniel!" she whispered, as her body was tossed into the throes of pristine pleasure.

He moved back up her body, stopping at those beautiful breasts to make love to them for just a few minutes. When he kissed her, she grappled for control, took it, began to stroke his mouth with her tongue. She put both of her hands on his chest and gently began to push. She wanted him on his back, and he was more than willing to oblige. He knew that she would make love to him until his mind turned to mush. Her hands moved over his arms and shoulders as she kissed him, caressing him, her fingertips touching him so lightly that it made him shiver.

Her soul rejoiced, her heart sang as she made love to the only man she had ever loved, would ever love. The only man who knew her well enough to understand her needs, even when they didn't always make sense in her own mind. She ran her tongue over his jaw, her fingers stroked the whisker covered skin. She planted tiny kisses on his throat, sucked and nibbled at the muscle behind his ear, moved down his shoulder, to his collarbones. She made love to him, kissing and licking his chest, tugging lightly at his hard flat nipples, rewarded with the sharp gasp he gave.

He wrapped his hands in her hair, that soft silk caught around his fingers as she moved down on him, her sweet lips and tongue and mouth driving him crazy. He was burning so hot that he was certain he could set the room on fire. When she tugged on his nipples he gasped at the flames that shot from those dark erogenous zones straight into his aching cock. He wanted to push her head down to that throbbing flesh, desperate for her gentle caresses, but he managed to maintain control. When she moved down, letting her breasts rub over his engorged shaft, he moaned out loud. He needed to feel her mouth around him, he wanted her to send him sailing over the cliff.

She wrapped her hand around that hot, hard, swollen shaft, and kissed the tip. She let just the tip of her tongue touch him, bringing that warm, sticky fluid back to her mouth. He moaned again when she wrapped her lips around him and moved up and down on him, the flat of her tongue pressed up against him. She pulled way, teased the head with her tongue, sucked and licked around him, then took him back in and began to suck hard.

"Oh, yeah!" he hissed, his hips coming off of the bed.

She found the rhythm he needed, measured by the strength of his hips moving up to meet her. Tonight there would be no teasing, nor tormenting. Tonight she wanted to give him the most pleasure that she could. Steadily…slowly…up and down… her hands moving in concert with her mouth. One hand dropped to his balls, caressed them, held them gently. When she felt the sac tighten, she put both hands around his magnificent erection, positioned herself over him and began to suck with deep strong strokes. She relaxed her throat, took him in as far as she could, and swallowed. With a cry, he emptied himself down her throat, his cock throbbing hard and fast in her mouth. When he was finished, she kissed her way back to his lips. "Feel better?"

"Much," he answered softly. "Love you, Angel."

"Love you, too, Sweetheart." She snuggled against him, her head on his shoulder. "I’m sorry."

"For what?"

"That device."

He smiled against her hair. "I understand, Angel. I guess if I had gone through what you went through, I'd need to know for sure, too."

"So…am I forgiven?"

"Yep. Just make sure you take it back as soon as we get home."

"I will. I promise."

He rolled to his side, put her on her back. "So, ready for round two?"

She reached up and caressed his face. "Oh, yes," she whispered.

"Only you, Angel. Always you." He lowered his head and kissed her.

"Only you, Daniel, always you," she replied when his lips had moved to her throat.

Once again he began a journey of love, kissing and caressing her, making love to her until she was breathing hard. When he was satisfied that she was once again thoroughly aroused, he shifted, positioned himself above her, and slowly entered her body. So damned good, his brain told him. So damned good!

She sighed when he filled her, wrapped her arms and legs around him and held him tightly. She looked up into blue eyes filled with love and lust and fire and happiness. She was sure that he was seeing the same thing in hers. "Only you can fill me, Daniel. Only you can make me feel this way. Only you…only you," she whispered. She watched as love so hot, so deep flashed through his eyes. She put gentle pressure on his shoulders, brought him down to rest on top of her, the feel of the hot skin of his chest against her nipples setting off a series of shivers that she felt all the way to her toes.

Her body welcomed him, held him, massaged him as he slowly moved in and out of her warm, sweet well. Her words had set his body on fire, his soul soared above the clouds, his heart ached with the depth and strength of his love for her. Her green eyes were full of love, of desire, of Fire. He could see her trust, her faith in him. When she pulled him down, holding him tighter, he shivered, her love surrounding him as surely as her body. The Fire demanded more than the gentle thrusts he was making. He began to move harder…faster…deeper, her hips meeting his step for step. He felt her thighs begin to quiver against his hips, listened for that sweet whimper. There…she was ready. He rose up, surprised when she refused to let go. He was sitting on his knees now, his legs wide apart, and she was still wrapped around him like a blanket. His hands were on her hips, helping her as she moved herself up and down on his rigid shaft. Soon he was driving himself into her with each thrust, his hands pushing her down as far as he could before allowing her to move back up again. She cried out, her body shaking against him. His hands kept her in motion…one …two…three more hard thrusts, he growled as his release hit him like a storm, rushing over him, through him. He dropped to his side, rolled to his back and held her, keeping her close. They were both panting from their exertion.

"Wow," she said softly, when she was finally breathing normally.

"I agree," he said. "Why didn't you let me move up?"

"I wanted…needed to hold you," she whispered.

His arms tightened around her. "You should have said something, Angel, I would have laid back down."

"Why…didn't you like it that way?"

"It was great. But it seemed like a lot of work for you," he replied. She had used her thighs and her arms against him to get the leverage she needed to move her sweet well up and down on him.

"You helped," she said.

He smiled. His hands had probably left bruises on her hips, he had gripped her so hard. "Maybe a little bit."

"I kind of liked it…it was sort of…wild…primitive," she said shyly.

"Yeah, it was."

She yawned.

"Sleep, Angel. We've got a big job ahead of us," he whispered. He let her move long enough to pull the blankets over them, pulled her close as she snuggled against his chest. They were both asleep within seconds.

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