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The Darkness Within

Chapter 4

The door to the cargo bay opened. She was ready, having heard the sounds of the lock deactivating, and launched herself at the Jaffa standing beside the controls. She managed to knock him to the floor, reaching for the staff weapon that had dropped from his hand as a result of her sudden, unexpected attack.

Two more Jaffa approached. Once again something about the size of the main cabin and the number of men in it seemed…wrong, but she didn't have time to think about it. Using several self-defense techniques learned from Teal'c, she fought them, managed to hold them and the first Jaffa, who was back on his feet, at bay. When a fourth joined the fight, she was overpowered.

Nergal sat at the control console and laughed. "So full of energy, of fire. I do so love that about you, my Beautiful One. Soon enough, however, I will tame you, and you will be as docile as a pet. You will use all that wonderful energy to please me."

"Never!" she spat. Each arm was being held tightly by a Jaffa.

"Training you will be such a pleasure," he said, smiling at her. "Bring her."

Once again she was tossed over the shoulder of a Jaffa and carried out of the ship. She looked around, trying to get a sense of where she was. They entered a temple, ancient by the looks of it. Most of the stone walls had fallen, although the support pillars remained intact and upright. Down a stairway, through a series of chambers that wove their way like a maze through an underground structure.

She was put on her feet directly in front of the Goa'uld.

"Submit," he said quietly.


He reached out and cupped her cheek with his hand. "It will be so much more pleasant for both of us if you don't fight me," he said softly. "Please, Casey. See how nicely I ask? Submit."

"I will never submit to you! Never! I belong to Daniel Jackson; heart, mind, body, and soul!"

His hand left a red mark on her cheek when he slapped her. "You belong to me. I am your god, Casey. You live to serve me. To please me."

"No! You're nothing but a freaking parasite in a body that you stole! You're nothing! Daniel will kill you without breaking a sweat!"

His hand impacted on the other side of her face. He watched as her Quickening healed the bruises. "So fortunate that your skin remains so soft, so supple. So pleasing to touch, to taste." He leaned down and dragged his tongue from her jaw to her temple. "So very sweet," he whispered.

She pulled away from him, turned her head; her body trembling, her stomach churning. She wondered briefly if she would have a chance to refuse him this time, or if he would take her while his Jaffa held her, leaving her unable to fight him. She shuddered mentally. Nothing had changed. If he took her, she had no doubt that it would break her, defeat her. She would never be the same…never be able to return…never be able to touch Daniel again; she would never be able to let him touch her. That thought brought such pain that she gasped for breath.

He took her hand, raised it to his lips. "Soon, my little pet, my Beautiful One, you will understand that I alone love you, that I alone will care for you, take care of you. You belong to me, now."

She yanked her fingers from his grasp, stepped away from him. "You don't have a clue what love is! Daniel is the only one who loves me. We're two halves of a whole. We complete one another. He loves me, he takes care of me. I will always belong to Daniel. Forever!"

He sighed. "You shall see. Very soon you shall see. Then you will take your place at my side, willingly."

"Never gonna happen, snake-head. Never!"


A  A  A  A  A  A


Daniel had been almost asleep when he heard the increase in the heart monitor. He watched, horrified, when bright red welts appeared on her face. They were hand shaped bruises. Her Quickening healed them, but he began to quake inside. Whatever tortures her mind conjured up for her, it seemed that her body would suffer. He wanted to grab her, shake her until she responded. Instead, he gently caressed her face, pushed back the soft silky hair that covered the pillow behind her head. "Casey! Angel, please, let me see! Let me help you," he begged softly. He continued to reach out to her, determined to find a crack in the wall that prevented him from getting through to her.

Duncan sent the teams on their assigned missions. SG-6 took SG-1's place on the bombing mission. Not one of the SG-1 team was willing to leave as long as one of their own was…ill…wounded. Taking out Penatil's ships was important, not only to weaken him, but to prevent Nergal from getting his hands on them; for Jack, Sam and Teal'c, staying with Casey, being there to give support to Daniel, was more important. Once the teams had walked through the 'gate, Duncan hurried back up to the infirmary. He needed to be near her. Just to let her know that he was there if she needed him.




Erin sat at the table on the lanai, watching her grandchildren play. Her daughter was facing something terrible. But deep inside, somehow, she knew that what she had told Daniel was the truth. Casey was going to be all right. It was just a matter of time.


A  A  A  A  A  A


Casey opened her eyes. She hadn't been aware of falling asleep. She moved slightly. Nope. Not asleep. The bastard had killed her. Her body ached from a beating she couldn't remember. When she tried to move farther, she realized that she was chained to a wall. Oh, hell! This is just friggin' great! No doubt he has those damned knives of his. She tried to squelch the panic that was rising in her chest. She had survived his…brutalization…once, she could do it again. She reached out for Daniel, searching for that gentle feeling that she knew so well. Nothing. There were a lot of reasons why he might still be dead. She refused to think about any that would result in permanent death. He would wake up. He would find her. He had to! For now she needed to remain calm. And strong.

"Ah, awake I see," Nergal said, his voice chipper, a bright smile on his face. "I believe that we will start slowly today. Submit."

"Get fucked." She almost managed to bite back the scream when the knife sliced through her thigh.


"No." Another knife, the other thigh, another scream.

"I do not like hurting you, Casey. Submit."

She shook her head, gasping from the pain. "You get off on hurting people," she managed to say.



He took aim, pinned her shoulder to the wall with the long blade of the perfectly balanced knife. Her scream excited him, pleased him. He walked to the wall, reached out and touched her face. "Submit, my Beautiful One. I will remove the knives, and when you have healed, I will give you pleasure like you have never experienced before."

She shook her head, tears in her eyes. "Only Daniel can take me to those heights. He makes my toes curl, my eyes roll back in my head. He makes me cry out with pleasure. You will never touch me, never have me."

In anger, Nergal shoved the knife that he held in his hand into her stomach. "Submit!"


He twisted the blade, watched as the life dimmed in her beautiful green eyes. With a curse he stalked out of the room.


A  A  A  A  A  A


He couldn't stand it. Each wound shouted of the torture she was enduring. He insisted on cleaning the blood from her slender body, putting the clean gown on her. When she died, he panicked, terrified that she wouldn't revive. It was nearly thirty minutes later before her back arched off of the bed, and she began breathing again. Daniel continued to hold her hand, refused to leave her side. He held her in his arms as the nurse put clean sheets on the bed.

Unlinkil stepped quietly into the room. He nodded at Duncan. "I was just informed. How does she fare?"

The Scot shook his head. "Whatever is going on inside her head is leaving physical wounds on her body."

The oldest of Immortals frowned. "I have heard of this happening before," he said softly.

Duncan looked hard at the man. "What can we do?"

"Nothing. This is a battle that she must fight."

Daniel had been listening to the quiet conversation. "Just how many more goddamned battles is my Wife going to have to fight …alone? How long can she take this?"

Unlinkil crossed the room and put his hand on the young man's shoulder. "She's strong, Daniel. She'll take it as long as she has to."

He shook his head, raised her fingers to his lips once again. 'Let me in, Angel. Please let me help you!'


A  A  A  A  A  A


Oh, goddess. That hurt! She tried to work the kinks out of her body the best that she could, chained as she was. A few deep breaths, and she was feeling better. Her shoulders ached from the position of her arms, her arms felt numb from being above her head for so long. But it wasn't anything that she couldn’t deal with.

Nergal entered the room. "Casey. Stop fighting me. Accept what is, what was meant to be. Submit."

She shook her head, already weary to the bone. "Go to hell."

"Perhaps I can persuade you to change your mind." He turned to the Jaffa who waited by the door. The two giant men left, then returned, dragging another prisoner between them. They stopped beside Nergal. He grabbed a handful of dark blonde hair and raised the head of the nearly unconscious man.


He looked over at her, his face a mass of bruises, cuts, and welts. "Don't give in, babe, whatever you do, don't give in."

The Goa'uld backhanded him, then pointed at the table beside them. "Strap him down."

"I love you, Daniel, forever and ever, together always," she said, tears flowing down her cheeks.

"Love you, Angel. Forever and ever, together always," he rasped.

Nergal grabbed a slim metal cylinder. He took a hypodermic needle, inserted it into the cylinder, pulled the stopper back and filled it. "Submit, and I will let him go. Continue to fight me, and I will inject this nanovirus into him. He will become my slave forever."

"Oh, god, no," she moaned. "Please, anything, please don't do that to him," she begged.


She looked at the man that she loved more than life. How could she live without him? She glanced around the room, her eyes searching every nook and cranny. The antidote! If she could just fool Nergal long enough to get the antidote to him…

"Don't do it, Casey. You're mine. You belong to me, only to me. Don't let him touch you," Daniel said. He began to cough, blood covered his lips. "Don't give in."

She looked into blue eyes full of anger. Something began to poke at the back of her brain

"Submit," Nergal said again.


The Goa'uld shoved the needle into Daniel's neck. Daniel screamed in pain, continued to scream as the nanobots took control of his body.

Sobbing, barely able to see through the tears that filled her eyes, Casey watched as his eyes changed. They became dark, almost unseeing.

"He is mine now. He will do anything that I tell him to. Shall I demonstrate?"

"I'll kill you with my bare hands!" she sobbed. "I'll kill you if it's the last thing I ever do!"

He smiled. "I think not. Bring them in."

Again the Jaffa hurried to do his bidding. This time they brought in three women. Beautiful, naked women. One a brunette with dark eyes and wide hips, the other a blonde with long legs and blue eyes, and a petite redhead with green eyes and perky little breasts.

Nergal looked at the women. "Submit."

In an instant they were on their knees in front of him, their faces near the floor.

He turned to Daniel, unfastened the straps that held him defenseless on the table. "Take them, they are yours. Satisfy yourself as often as you wish."

With a smile, the young man crawled off of the table, pulled the women to their feet. He led them to a large bed that had been hidden in the shadows of the room. He held his arms out, they undressed him, kissing him, caressing him. When he stood naked before them, they rose to their feet.

He kissed each of them, taking his time, kissing them the way he always kissed her, his hands wandering their naked bodies as he did so; his hands - his warm, strong hands - those slender fingers caressing their breasts, stroking them, learning the secrets between their thighs. He became aroused, his manhood swelled and rose, standing stiffly away from his body. He laid down, pointed to the blonde and the brunette, and then to his raging erection. The two women knelt beside him, began to lick and suck his magnificent cock. He pulled the redhead towards him, settling her over his face. His moans of satisfaction filled the room.

"No," Casey moaned, her heart shattering into a million pieces. She closed her eyes, only to be slapped.

"You will watch!" Nergal sneered. He grabbed her head, pulled at her eyelids, prevented her from closing them.

Tears continued to fall as she watched her husband. He had pushed the women away, put the little redhead on her hands and knees and was fucking her, hard and fast, the whimpers she made telling everyone in the room that she was enjoying herself. He grabbed the brunette with one hand, pulled her close, lowered his head and began to suck on nipples so hard that Casey could see how puckered they were. He had taken his hands from the little redhead's hips, was fingering both the blonde and the brunette, who were leaning over the back of the redhead, kissing one another, as he continued to push and pull his cock out of the body kneeling in front of him. He pulled out of her, grabbed the brunette and pushed her onto her back. He positioned himself over her, shoved his swollen shaft between her legs, and began to move in and out between legs held high. He leaned down to kiss her, one hand moving over her ample breasts. When he had tired of her, he rolled to his back, brought the blonde down to ride him, pulled the little redhead onto his face once again.

Casey watched, unable to turn her head, Nergal's hand like a vise on her jaw. She had stopped sobbing, but the tears continued to fall.

Daniel had changed positions again, putting the little redhead on her back, and was pounding into her so hard that her body was moving across the bed. He grabbed her hips, held her tightly against his body.

"If you submit, I will give him the antidote," Nergal whispered in her ear. "He will be as he was, I promise. I will set him free, he can return to Gamma. You will stay with me, serve me, forever."

She shook her head, her hair sticking to her wet, tear-stained cheeks. "No," she whispered. "No."

Daniel threw his head back and roared as he came. He collapsed onto the bed, pulled the women to snuggle against him.

"No," she whispered again. That 'something' continued to poke in the back of her mind. Something…She looked at Daniel, his now dark eyes locked on hers. No, that wasn't Daniel. She looked at his body. No…it wasn't…right…where were the bruises that had been on his face? Granted the Quickening would have healed them…but they hadn't healed the entire time he had been tied to the table

The tattoo! Where was the tattoo that she so loved?

With a sudden growl of anger, Nergal struck her, again and again and again, until she lost consciousness.


A  A  A  A  A  A


She moaned softly, the Quickening healing her slowly. She couldn't feel her hands. Her shoulders were on fire from being held in such a position for so long.

"I tire of this, Casey "

"I'm tired of it, too."


"No." She didn't see the signal that must have passed between Nergal and his Jaffa. She was unchained, and yanked to the center of the room, her arms stretched above her head and chained again, her wrists cruelly chaffed and cut by the manacles. Daniel was still on the bed, kissing and fondling the women, accepting their caresses in return. She didn’t avert her eyes, knowing that whoever he was, he was not her Daniel.

"Beat her," the Goa'uld demanded, tossing a whip onto the bed. It looked identical to the whip that Liotus had used beat her.

Daniel picked up the whip, approached her, ran his hand over her body. "Submit," he whispered in her ear.

Tears fell at the soft sound of his voice. "No."

The first lash caught her off guard. Her BDU shirt was in bad shape, but still protected her. Something that Nergal had become aware of as well. He approached her, ripped the shirt and tee shirt from her body. He looked at her, the little bra that covered her perfect round breasts. His knife made quick work of it, leaving her naked from the waist up.

"I always did love your beautiful, tantalizing breasts," Daniel said, fondling them for just a moment.

She felt it when he moved away from her, tensed up waiting for the next blow. It came, making her gasp in pain. The next blow was just as painful. As was the nextand the next. She was screaming now as the blows continued to fall. He is not Daniel, she told herself, he is not Daniel! She passed out, the flesh on her back hanging in strips from her bones.


A  A  A  A  A  A


Sam cried out when the bed beneath Casey became soaked with blood. "Oh, god, what's he doing to her?"

Daniel carefully lifted her, gently pulled the hospital gown away from her back. He choked back the bile that threatened to rise from his stomach. "Oh god, oh god! Get the doctor!" Tears began to fall down his cheeks. Her back hadn't been wounded this badly when they had found her escaping from Wepwawet. He put her head on his shoulder, held her gently, praying that the Quickening could heal this mess without leaving scars. Tried yet again to reach her, get through to wherever it was that she had been taken, or was hiding.

Dr. Montigue ran in, shook his head, carefully pulled the hospital gown from her body. He did his best to bind the wounds on her back, praying that the Quickening would heal her soon, before more damage was done to her injured body.

Jack hissed a breath at the sight of her slender frame so beaten and abused. He glanced at Teal'c. He didn't think he had ever seen the Jaffa so angry.

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