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The Darkness Within

Chapter 2

Casey was sitting on the floor, surrounded by artifacts, a small tablet in each hand, a frown on her face as she tried to decipher the tiny cuneiform markings. She had studied them for nearly thirty minutes when the rough edges caught her eye. She tried to fit them together. Viola! Instead of two separate tablets that weren't making any sense, she now had one that hopefully would. She searched through the rest of the crate, looking for any other pieces that might possibly go with the two she already had. The crate was three feet tall, and she was bent over, reaching into the bottom when she heard a wolf whistle behind her.

"You shouldn't do that, babe," a familiar voice complained.

She grabbed the tablet she had found, and slowly stood up. "Why not?"

"Could make a man lose his mind," he replied, grinning from ear to ear. "Or at least it could make me lose mine," he said, moving closer, running his hands over her hips. He knew needed a break from his writing when he felt himself struggling to write the next sentence. A little bit of…playtime…with his Wife was just the thing to help him relax, he thought, the curves of her body beneath his hands turning him on, making him hard.

"And just why would that be?" she asked, a seductive smile on her face.

"Maybe because I know this sweet ass…intimately." His hands were still caressing her.

"Oh, well, I suppose that under those circumstances, you might become a bit…uncomfortable." His touch was certainly making her a bit…warm.

"I'm way past uncomfortable, Angel," he whispered. He stepped closer to her, pulled her into a hug, took her hand in his and slipped them between their bodies. He pressed her fingers against the erection that strained against his BDU's.

"Just what am I supposed to do about this?" she whispered.

"I think I found a new place to…try out," he whispered in return. "You could…help me out…in there."

"Really? Where?" She leaned over to put the tablet down, making sure that her hipped rubbed against that hard flesh.

With a grin, he led her into the Center's conference room. He carefully locked the door. He was well aware that Mike and Terry knew about the 'trips' they had been making to a couple of the storage closets; he'd overheard them laughing about it. He was pretty sure that Arlen and Susan knew as well, but being properly British - as Susan often described her husband and herself - they would never speak of it. He didn't think the grad students knew, but if they did, they wouldn't mention anything. As long as Casey was convinced that no one was aware of what they were doing, she would continue to be willing to slip off and make love with him. He grinned. If anything was said, he would blame the Fire. If Jack or Duncan said anything, he'd blame the Fire and his addiction to her.

"C'mere, Angel," he said, pulling her back into his arms. He lowered his head and kissed her. Felt all the love she put into the caress.

"Daniel, we can't make love in here," she protested, when she pulled her lips away from his.

"Why not?" His hand was tugging at her shirt, untucking it and the black tee shirt she wore beneath it.

Yeah, why not? her body, already burning with Fire, demanded to know. "Well…"

He began to nibble on her neck, one hand already beneath her tee shirt, caressing her breast. "Door's locked, Case. There isn't any reason for anyone to need in here." He backed her in the direction of the conference table, gently pushed her against it until she was sitting on it. "Just you and me, babe," he whispered.

Her resistance to him was always low. He knew it, and he frequently took advantage of that fact. Not that she was complaining…exactly. When he began to unbutton her shirt, his mouth working against the skin of her neck, she knew that she was about to give in. She still refused to do more than oral, going into the mountain to take a shower would only alert everyone around them to what they were doing; and if they made love, they would have to take a shower, or at least she would. Her fingers worked the buttons of his shirt. He shrugged if off impatiently, pushed hers from her shoulders, and pulled her tee shirt over her head. His hands were on her breasts, sending flames down her spine, sensations of pleasure to that already warm place between her thighs. She was still working to get her hands under his black tee shirt. He pushed her back farther, wrapped his hands around her waist and moved her until she was lying on the table. She couldn't help but smile when he pulled her pants from her hips.

"Now this something worth having on the table for debate," he said, leaning over her, just before he kissed her.

The image of lying naked on the table, with the other archaeologists and the rest of SG-1, and SG-6 sitting around, all of them debating the different aspects of her anatomy, made her shudder.

"What's wrong, Angel?" he asked, gently pushing hair from her shoulder, kissing the skin there softly. He knew the difference between her shivers of delight, and a shudder of revulsion. His heart was pounding against his ribs at the sight of his wife lying on the conference table in her pretty - and tiny - lavender bra and panties. God bless Victoria for all of her Secrets, he thought fleetingly.

"Mental image. Not a good one," she murmured.

He thought about what he had said, then grinned. He was now having similar thoughts. Daniel Jackson wasn't the kind of man who would ever share his woman with anyone, under any circumstances. Not willingly. But the thought of them seeing her, well now, that was a bit different. They could look all they wanted. Most of them already did. He knew for certain that his wasn't the only locker in the men's locker room that had posters of her taped to the inside. Sam had mentioned to him that there were two lockers in the women's locker room that had posters of his wife in them, although Casey remained blissfully unaware of any of the locker decor. "I dunno, babe. I think debating your incredible…charms…could be entertaining. Especially when I'm the only one who ever gets to…sample them…enjoy them…revel in them." This time his mouth moved to her chest as he planted tiny kisses just above the lace of her bra.

Her breath caught in her throat as his lips moved against the material of her bra. She felt him unclasp it, and gently push the cups to the side. She shivered at the soft touch of his fingers against her skin. Her nipples hardened, her back arched, pushing her body against his hands.

"Have I ever mentioned that I love the fact that you always wear such sexy lingerie?" he asked, his hand moving over her naked flesh. He settled himself down in one of the chairs, pulled her body toward him. "Love that your bras clasp in front."

She smiled. He had, on several occasions. He'd told her that wondering just which set of sexy undies she had on beneath her BDU's could make him hard, make it impossible to keep his mind on his work at times. "Oh, once or twice," she replied.

"You do it to drive me crazy, don't you?" He lowered his head and began to suckle, his hands and mouth moving from one breast to the other, giving each his loving attention. His cock was close to busting the zipper of his pants, screaming for her attention.

"Yep," she whispered, her hands in his hair, holding him close to her body. His hands and mouth were taking her ever higher, building a need in her that would not be denied. She could feel the flames flickering around her, shooting higher with every caress.

He raised his head, glanced at the head of the table, where he always sat when he conducted the meetings that went on in this room. "Slide down here, babe," he whispered. He stood up and walked to his chair. He unbuttoned and unzipped his pants as he did, offering a bit of relief to his swollen, aching flesh.

She watched where he was going, then smiled. Oh, she was going to have as much fun reminding him of this as she did reminding him of the day he took her in his office, bent over his desk. He could talk her into these things…she could torment him with them. She slipped her bra off, got up on her hands and knees, waited until he was seated, and then slowly crawled toward him.

"Sweet Jesus," he hissed.

"This meeting will come to order," she said softly, moving toward him. "The chairman of the board will now examine the report presented to him." She knelt down just in front of him, then slowly moved her knees apart. He was breathing hard, his eyes moving over her as if afraid he would miss something. She shifted to her hip, swung her legs out in front of her, placed one foot on either side of his chair.

When the woman got into the mood, she got into the mood! He reached forward and hooked his thumbs under the waistband of the sexy little panties. "Need to open the report," he said.

She lifted her hips slightly, moved her legs together long enough for him to pull the panties from her body. As soon as she was free of them, she returned her legs to the position she had put them in. She could see the blue of his eyes darken as he looked at the wet, pink folds between her thighs. "It's all ready for you," she whispered.

He grabbed her hips, pulled her to the edge of the table and buried his face between those slender thighs. His tongue moved over the sweet, honey-coated flesh, lapping straight from that warm well. The sighs and tiny moans that the woman above him made only served to make him harder. He slid two fingers into her warm well, stroked her gently as he teased her with his mouth, his lips, his tongue.

She was leaning back, one arm extended behind her, the fingers of the other hand clenched tightly in his hair. Her hips were moving up and down against his face as he took her to the edge of the cliff. Her thighs began to quiver.

Daniel pulled his mouth away from her, his fingers still moving inside her. "Come for me, babe. Give it to me." His mouth clamped back onto that sweet flesh, his tongue stroking her swollen nub.

That whimper filled her throat, she shoved her hips against him and then cried out, sailing over the edge and into the roaring waves of absolute gratification. Her body was trembling, her well convulsing around his fingers.

When she cried out he moved his mouth back to that sweet opening and took the flood of honey into his hungry, eager mouth. So damned sweet! He continued to kiss and lick at her until all of the spasms had ended. He wiped his face against the back of his hand. "Feel better, Angel?" he asked with a smile.

"Much better," she said. "I'll bet you are desperate for some relief."

"Now that you mention it, yeah, I am," he replied. He sat back in his chair. "Help me out, babe," he whispered.

She slid from the table, knelt down in front of him, and slowly took his raging hard-on into her mouth. He was so aroused that the precum was flowing profusely from that tiny opening at the tip of his swollen shaft. She licked around and around the head, her hands already working, one sliding up and down, the other caressing his balls.

"Oh, god," he hissed, letting his head fall back, closing his eyes. "Do it, Casey. Make it good," he commanded.

She moved her head up and down, her tongue pressed against his engorged flesh. Her body was demanding more of him, needed more of him. She felt a sudden, inexplicable need to have his arms around her, holding her. She pulled away from him. "Please, Daniel, take me," she whispered.

His eyes flew open and his head came up. She never wanted to do more than just oral during their work break 'playtimes'. Something in the back of his brain nudged him, telling him that something was wrong. But for the moment, the libido was in charge, the cock had all the blood and was leading the way. He lifted her onto the table, stood up, shoved his pants to his knees and pushed his hips against hers. "Oh, yeah," he moaned, as he slid into her warm body, felt it close around him like a fist.

"Hold me, please hold me," she begged, her voice barely audible. She wrapped her arms and legs around him, pulling him down against her slender body.

The poking in his brain became stronger. He wrapped his arms around her, backed up and sat down in the chair. "I've got you, Angel," he whispered in her ear.

She was riding him, moving up and down on him, so wet that the movements were creating clicking noises. She slipped her hand between them, began to stroke herself. His hands were on her hips, controlling her movements.

He moaned softly when she began to work those muscles around him. He held her still for just a minute, to let her massage him. She clutched at him tightly, pulling him as deeply into her body as she could. He almost lost control. He was pushing up into her now, letting her move back and forth against him.

So good, it feels so good, she thought, her head back, her eyes closed.

Tell him goodbye.

She jerked, her eyes went wide. Fear saturated her being. She refused to reach out, not even toward the man who held her.

Daniel was too far gone to notice anything wrong. He continued to thrust, his hands kept her hips in motion.

Tell him goodbye.

She almost cried out. Gone now were the feelings of joy, of happiness, of pleasure that had filled her only seconds ago. She silently willed him to finish, so she could escape and clean up. And hide from the voice that was echoing in her head.

"Oh, god," he moaned, as he began to fill her, his cock throbbing hard inside her. He pulled her against him, buried his face against that soft valley between her breasts. Only now did it hit him that she hadn't climaxed, that he had not heard her soft whispers. He looked up, into green eyes wide and haunted with fear. "Angel?"

Without a word she climbed off of him, hurriedly pulled her clothes on.


She refused to answer, throwing the door open and rushing toward the ladies restroom.

"Shit!" He yanked his pants up, zipping and buttoning them as he ran after her. He knocked on the door, but she didn't respond. He went into the men's restroom and washed up, cursing himself for not noticing that something was wrong sooner.

She went into the farthest stall, leaned against the wall and slid to the floor. She pulled her legs up against her body. Evil. Cold and dark and menacing. And reaching out for her.

You belong to me.

Tears began to fall down her cheeks. No! This wasn't happening! He couldn't reach for her! He couldn't! He was a Goa'uld, but he wasn't a seer! He wasn't…capable…of reaching her! Please Goddess, don't let him touch me, she begged silently.

Tell him goodbye.

"No!" she screamed, pushing her fists against her head.

Daniel heard her cry out, shoved the door open and entered the restroom. He didn't see her. "Casey?"

Soft sobs echoed in the tiled room.

He bent over, looked under the doors of each stall. There. At the end. She was sitting on the floor. He pulled at the stall door, it was latched. "Casey, unlock the door."

She was crying so hard, so lost in her fear that at first she didn't hear him.

"Casey! Open this damned door!" he demanded. He was prepared to rip it from the hinges if need be.

She managed to get to her knees, pulled the lever back that released the lock. The door flew open and he pulled her to her feet, crushing her against his chest.

"It's okay, Angel. I'm here. What's wrong? Tell me what's wrong," he begged.

"H…h…h…he's…he's after m…m…me! H…h…h…he's after me!" she sobbed.

No need to ask who 'he' was. "I have you, babe. Nobody is going to get you. He can't get you, I promise."

She shook her head violently, her blonde hair flying out behind her. "H…h…he already has!"

What? What did she mean he already had her? Like a ton of bricks the answer fell on him. Oh, god! No! He let her go far enough to wrap her chin with his hand. "Look at me, Casey. Look at me!" he ordered sharply when at first she refused to comply. Her green eyes finally met his blue ones. "Show me," he said softly.

She closed her eyes, shook her head slightly. "No. Too dark. Too dark," she whispered.

"Casey, show meplease, Angel! Let me help you!" Once again her eyes met his. He moved toward her slowly, not wanting to hurt her, or frighten her any more than she already was. He could feel the battle that was beginning to rage in her mind. Cold. Black. Evil.

"Love you…always love you…belong to you…forever," she gasped.

He tried to 'grab' her. Couldn't seem to get hold of her. "Just like the cave, Angel. We'll back away slowly," he said softly.

"Nowhere to go," she whispered.

She was shaking so hard at this point he could barely hang onto her. "Mike!Terry!Susan!Somebody!"

Stephanie just happened to be coming into the room, needing to use the facilities. "Doctor Jackson?"

"Stephanie! Call Doctor Blackstone. Tell her to meet me in the infirmary! Hurry!" Daniel ordered. He scooped his still sobbing wife into his arms and ran out of the room and toward the entrance.

"Danny?" Mike asked, seeing the look of fear on the young archaeologist's face.

"Bad, Mike," was all Daniel had time to say. He ran toward the mountain, holding Casey as tightly as he could. Her arms were locked like a vise around his neck, nearly choking him.

He willed the elevator to go faster, raced down the corridor toward the infirmary. Dr. Blackstone was waiting beside Dr. Montigue. Duncan and Jack were there as well, having heard the page for the Immortal psychologist; suspecting who, and what, the need for her presence was.

"What happened?" Duncan asked. Casey didn't look good at all. Her cheeks were so pale they were white, her eyes were huge and full of absolute terror.

"I'm not sure," Daniel admitted.

"What led up to this?" Gwenyth asked.

He blushed slightly. "We were…uh…we were making love…I'm not exactly sure what…or when…" he dropped his eyes.

No one was interested in teasing…or harassingthe young man.

"I understand. Did she say anything?" The lovely doctor asked.

"She said that he was after her. I told her that he couldn't get her. Then she said 'he already has'. I tried to see what was going on. It was dark, and cold, and…evil," he said, shuddering involuntarily.

"Something happened this morning when she did a search," Jack said quietly. "She was okay, we could tell she was 'looking', then she jerked, hard, almost threw herself out of the chair. She said that she felt him, and that he was reaching for her. She said she was okay, but her eyes said she wasn't."

Gwenyth nodded. "Is Nergal dead?"

The men looked at one another, then shook their heads.

"Then he may have found a way to 'follow' her as she 'returned'. I know that she is very strong telepathically. If he had even a latent ability, it wouldn't be difficult to 'find' her."

"Let's get her comfortable," Dr. Montigue said quietly.

Daniel laid her on the bed. Her body was limp now, her eyes staring into the distance. He reached out to her again, but found himself completely blocked. Whether she was doing it consciously or not he didn't know. He continued to hold her hand, although Gwenyth, Duncan, and Jack had stepped back out of the way as Dr. Montigue and his assistants began to hook her up to various machines.

After a few minutes spent examining her, the doctor sighed. "She's in a coma. I'd say she slipped into it just seconds after you arrived here."

He could feel the panic grab his heart. "What can you do?"

The older man shook his head. "Nothing. This is all up to her, now."

He dropped to his knees beside the bed, pulled her hand to his lips. "Don't leave me, Angel. Don't leave me," he pleaded.

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