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Standing in the Dark

Chapter 11

Daniel was in luck. When Jack called a halt for the evening, they found a spot near a small lake. Two waterfalls fed into it. Hot and sweaty from their hike, all of the team members splashed into the water.

Casey found a secluded spot behind several large bushes and trees, and stripped. She washed her hair and bathed, sitting naked on a large boulder to dry off. She carefully brushed her hair, waiting for the still warm air to dry her skin.

"I'm definitely in paradise," a familiar voice said softly from just behind her.

She smiled. "If my Adonis, my god is here, then so am I," she replied.

He stripped and jumped into the cool water. He had brought his ditty bag, and took the soap and washed carefully. He climbed up beside her. "You are so beautiful, Angel," he whispered softly.

"You're magnificent…gorgeous…handsome…cute…sexy…"

He grinned and caught her lips in a kiss. He kissed her until they were both breathless. "Here, or do I have to wait until the tent is up?"

"I'd prefer to wait for the tent," she replied. "Let's get dressed so we can get that tent up and get undressed again."

"I just hope I can wait that long."

She looked at him, let her hand slide down to his throbbing erection. "I suppose I could help you out."

"That would be nice. I'd appreciate it. Be very appreciative. Most grateful. Totally thankful…much obliged…totally indebted to you," he grinned.

"You're so darned cute when you beg," she smiled. She slid off of the rock and into the water.

"Hey, where are you going? I thought you were going to help me out!"

She gave him a seductive smile, crooked her index finger and wiggled it at him, then swam toward the waterfall. She heard the splash behind her. Behind the waterfall was a small cave. She had discovered it earlier when she was looking for a quiet, private spot to bathe. They could see where Jack, Teal'c and the guys from 6 were setting up camp, but knew that with the water flowing in front of them, the men couldn't see them. She found a large slab of rock and stretched out on it. "Come here and let me help you out," she whispered.

Daniel smiled, and laid down beside her. "We probably shouldn't take too long."

She gave him a smile that threatened to melt his brain, then shifted until she was on top of him, ready to take him into her mouth, the apex of her thighs above his face.

"Oh, yeah, I like this," he sighed. He pulled her hips closer, let his tongue dart out and taste her sweet honeyed skin. The taste of her always set him on fire, created an even deeper need for her. His hands were moving over her hips and ass, one moved forward to caress her breasts.

She took him into her mouth, sighing inwardly with delight at the taste of him. She delighted in making love to him this way, loved how she could make him shiver and sigh with her caresses. She moved her hands up and down with her mouth, felt him swell and harden even more. She teased the head, just the way he liked it, felt his body respond. She tasted the precum, her tongue sought more. Sucked him gently, then with more intensity...used her tongue to tease him. Her own body was responding to his loving attention, her hips jerking when the tip of his tongue teased her stiff, aching clit.

He focused his attention on giving her pleasure, his own body so close to release that he feared he would come before she was ready. He had every intention of coming inside her beautiful body. He licked her wet folds, made her more and more ready for him. His fingers tugged at her nipples, felt them harden; gently weighed her breasts with his hands. He teased her, slid his fingers into her well and stroked her gently. He pulled his mouth away from her. "In you babe, now," he said softly.

She turned around and straddled his hips, taking him deep inside her warm, welcoming well. His hands were on her breasts, massaging them, molding, squeezing them gently. She pushed against him, letting him know that she liked what he was doing. She put her hands on his shoulders, moved her hips back and forth. She could feel him thrusting up into her.

He closed his eyes as her body took him in, massaged and caressed him. Her breasts filled his hands perfectly, the nipples hard against his palms. "C'mere, babe, let me taste you," he whispered. She leaned forward, and he pulled her up slightly so that he could feast on those perfect orbs, even though it meant that he wasn't fully in her warm, sweet body. He kissed and licked her breasts, suckled her nipples - smiling inwardly at her sigh of appreciation, then let her slide back down, take him back inside her warm well. His hands went to her hips, and she sat up, moving up and down on his engorged shaft.

The attention he had given her breasts only served to make the Fire burn hotter, her body clamor more loudly for release. He was holding her, keeping her from moving too fast. He felt so good…always felt so good, she thought. She closed her eyes as she rode him, allowing her senses to focus on that place between her legs, where he touched her, filled her. Her hands moved over his chest, her fingers toyed with his hard, flat nipples. "So good," she whispered.

He smiled at her soft whisper. He was moving up into her now, thrusting harder with each stroke he made. She was pushing down on him, grinding her hips against his. He felt her thighs begin to quiver, and soon that whimper that he so loved would fill her throat.

"Oh, Daniel," she whispered, just before the whimper became an aria of love.

"Do it, Angel. Give it to me," he whispered in return.

She moaned deeply as her orgasm washed over her, rushing through her with the same force as the water flowing down the mountainside in front of them, leaving her shaking and completely satisfied.

He rolled them over, and began to drive into her body, bringing forth another cry of ecstasy from her throat. Her body trembled beneath him, her sweet well gripped and pulsed around his aching cock. He could feel his release moving up from his balls…moaned against the soft skin of her neck when he exploded inside her, throbbing hard and fast. He kissed her sweet lips. "Love you, Angel," he whispered.

"Love you, Sweetheart."

They bathed, then dressed and joined the others in the camp. It didn't take them long to get their tent set up, and no one said a word, although all of the men knew that they had taken advantage of the peace to make love.

Later, with a fire burning cheerfully in the center of the camp, Texas, Tony and Casey danced, and did a bit of lip-syncing, keeping the others entertained.

The watch roster was decided upon, and Casey was told she didn't need to take a turn. All of the men, Daniel included, worried that she wasn't ready to take a watch alone, not just yet. If she was aware of their reasoning, she didn't let on.

When Daniel crawled into the sleeping bag beside her after his watch, he pulled her close, smiled when she snuggled against him. At least nothing had happened to her that left bitter, frightening memories that could be sparked by his touch. Except for the way she had jumped when he touched her the first night home after rescuing her, she hadn't flinched or pulled away from him in any way. If anything, she sought his touch even more than she had before. For that he was thankful.


A  A  A  A  A  A


The next morning brought rain, the path they followed became a river of mud. They slid and stumbled and fell, all of them completely covered in mud after about an hour, but they slowly made progress toward the top of the mountain. By mid-afternoon the sun had broken through, making the air around them feel like a sauna. Casey had pulled off her shirt, and tied it around her waist. Like each of the men, her tee shirt was stained with sweat.

The sun was already out of sight when they finally made it to the top of the mountain. As Daniel suspected, a temple had been built, looking totally out of place in its surroundings. The building was made of large stone blocks, and the wide, tall pillars reflected blood red in the glow of their flashlights. The steps that lead to it were red as well, with depictions of body parts painted along each step.

"We'll set up camp, look at it first thing in the morning. We're going to triple up on watch. I want three to a watch, and we'll stagger the times," Jack said.

Casey and Daniel had pulled first watch, along with Teal'c. The Jaffa would then stay on for the first hour of the next watch.

She stared at the temple through the darkness. It was barely visible, but she knew it was there, could feel it. She shivered, moved closer to Daniel's side.


"It just feels…evil. Like him," she replied.

She reached out, felt nothing…specific. Just a myriad of strange, uncomfortable, worrisome feelings. She reached out again…touched him, felt his gentle, calming touch in return.

Daniel and Teal'c checked the perimeter using the night vision goggles, Casey used hers to keep track of where they were. Several times they heard the sounds of movements in the nearby bushes, but could never see what was causing the sounds. Daniel was sure that it was small, nocturnal rodents or animals. Teal'c agreed with him. Casey just hoped they were right. She sensed nothing, but she was still nervous.


A  A  A  A  A  A


The bright light of morning did nothing to improve the nature or appearance of the temple. They approached it slowly, using the goggles to see into the dark, dank depths of the room. Tony located a hologram projector, the same type as they had seen the Tok'ra using in the past. Knowing that Sam would love a closer look at the technology, Jack ordered it packed to take back with them.

The temple had little in the way of glyphs. Daniel surmised that Nergal felt no need to proclaim who he was in paint on the wall, he used the hologram to instill fear in the people who came to the temple. He also speculated that the projector was programmed to come on at certain times, not by simple motion. Otherwise a stray animal could set it off. Near what he thought was an altar they found a ring transport. The young women were 'devoured' and taken away. Teal'c aimed a staff blast at the controls, rendering it useless. After a brief discussion, C-4 charges were set, and the team broke camp. When they were far enough away, the temple was completely destroyed.

"What if Nergal decides to come through the 'gate?" Casey asked.

"We'll tell the villagers to bury the 'gate, and that we'll return and let them know when it's safe to unbury it," Daniel said.

"I guess that would work," she said. "As long as we get him before he just shows up here in a ship."

Daniel shook his head. "Right now his priority is rebuilding his fleet. The only thing this village is used for is a supply of slaves…virgins."

She shivered. "Let's hope that we take him out soon. Before any more young girls fall victim to him."

"I had the impression from Denigal that this 'sacrifice' was to be made soon," Daniel said. "I'll find out how soon, we could be here, make sure that they're safe."

Jack nodded. "I think that's a good idea. If we want these people to rebel against him, we're going to have to protect them. Hammond and Monroe have already told Duncan that any teams we need, to just let them know. They're as anxious to get rid of this snake as we are."

Satisfied that the villagers would be protected, Casey nodded.


A  A  A  A  A  A


The villagers gathered around the tired, filthy team as they walked to the gathering of huts. The women surrounded Casey and led her off in one direction, the men were taken in another. She smiled. There was no fear - these were good, kind people.

When she was led to a large, wide river, the water clear and cool, her smile widened. The women provided 'soap', made from local flowers and herbs. It smelled heavenly, and made her skin feel soft and smooth. They were surprised to find her legs and underarms free of hair, touching her skin again and again, giggling as they did so.

One of the women brought out a skirt exactly like the one she was wearing. Casey put on a clean thong, and happily donned the palm frond clothing. She crossed her arms over her bare breasts. Three younger women put large flower lei's around her neck, effectively covering her. She smiled and nodded. When she sat down to brush her hair, one of the little girls sat beside her, watching with rapt attention. Another shyly put a huge red blossom behind one ear.

The other women were bathing as well, and fresh paint was put on breasts and arms. She watched, fascinated, as the women drew bold lines of black and red on their skin. They smiled at her, but did not offer to paint her breasts, it seemed that this ritual was for members only. Clean and properly 'decorated', the women made their way back to the village.

All of the men, including the villagers, stared at her when she re-entered the village nearly an hour later. The men of SG-1 and SG-6 were sporting the 'skirts' of palm fronds, all of them wearing underwear, however. Only Daniel had gone completely 'native'.

He stood up when she approached. "Wow! You look…wow!"

She giggled. "You look pretty good yourself," she replied, her finger trailing down his bare chest.

Denigal nodded in approval as the visitors settled in to eat with the rest of the people. The fire was built up, and several men began to play what looked like flutes, and drums. The women of the village danced for the guests.

When the oldest of the women took Casey's hand and led her to the middle of the 'dance floor', she tried to object. With lots of giggling from the other women, and teasing from her amused teammates, she was taught the movements of one of the dances.

She followed the steps, watching the others, the beat getting faster and faster. Two of the women began to move their hips in a way familiar to her. She gave a glance in Daniel's direction, smiled, and began to mirror their movements. Her hips moved faster as the tempo increased. Soon she was dancing alone, her hips a blur. The men beating the drums were grinning, trying to keep up with her body.

"Holy Hannah!" Jack hissed, watching the slender body move with grace and ease.

"Oh, yeah," Daniel grinned.

"Dayum!" Texas whispered.

"Oh, hell, that could just kill a man outright," Tony moaned.

Evan Parker simply stared, his mouth an 'o' of surprise.

"How does she do that?" Trenton demanded to know.

"I have no idea," Daniel replied, his eyes on his Wife's undulating body.

The dance ended with a flourish, and breathless, Casey walked over to her husband.

"That was…impressive," Jack said, grinning up at her.

She blushed, then looked at Daniel. "I've done it before, a time or two."

Daniel grinned up at her. "A time or two," he echoed. She had actually done the harem dance for him several times. He held out his hand, fire shooting through his arm and down his spine when she slipped her fingers against his and settled herself beside him.

The men of the village danced now, their movements telling the stories of great fishing adventures. Two men pretended to be fish, teasing the fishermen, and eliciting laughter from everyone.

"Daniel, talk to Denigal. Tell him we took out that temple, and that there will be someone with these folks when it's time for that sacrifice," Jack said softly.

With a nod, the young archaeologist made his way to where the chieftain sat, surrounded by those who appeared to be his family. The old man was thrilled, and relieved to learn that these strangers were going to help him protect his people.

"Two weeks," Daniel reported a little while later. "There is always a great feast, although it's a very sad time for everyone. I told him that we'll have at least one team here to protect them. He said that any of our people are welcome."

Jack nodded. "I think we'll send a couple of teams, probably a team of Marines as well. I want to make damn sure that snake gets the message."

Denigal approached the group, carrying a small pot of what looked like red paste. "You have proven your worth to the people. With much thanks, and great happiness, I make you members of our tribe." He dipped his fingers into the paint, and drew three horizontal lines across the chest of each man. He smiled when he approached Casey. He drew one horizontal line on her chest just above the flowered lei's that covered her breasts. When he noticed her tattoo, he looked at Daniel's chest. He pulled her toward her husband, then pulled Daniel to his feet. He pointed to the tattoo on the young man's chest, then the one on Casey's.

Daniel put his finger on his tattoo. "Chosen." He put his finger on Casey's tattoo. "Heart of the Chosen."

The old man nodded. "You are blessed of the gods," he said.

The young man smiled. "I suppose so."

With a nod of approval, the old man turned to the villagers, who watched with wide smiles. "Give welcome to those we now call our own."

Suddenly the group found themselves surrounded by laughing, smiling people who wanted to touch and hug them. It was a bit disconcerting for a few minutes, but eventually everyone had been hugged, touched, and welcomed.

With a glance at the moon that hung above them, Denigal announced the end of the feast. The team settled into sleeping bags around the still burning fire. Jack insisted on posting watch, although the villagers all disappeared into their huts for the night.


A  A  A  A  A  A


Casey had taken time to bathe again in the river behind the village. When she emerged a few minutes later, dressed in the last clean BDU she had, Daniel shook his head. "What's wrong?"

He grinned. "I kind of liked you in that palm skirt and lei's."

"I'll wear mine if you wear yours," she teased. She helped him roll the sleeping bags, and tie them to the packs.

"Case, how in the hell did you do that?" Tony asked. He had spent a restless night, visions of her body moving so provocatively filling his dreams.

"Do what?"

"Dance like that."

"Practice. Lots of practice."

"Smartass," he mumbled.

With a giggle, she pulled him to his feet. "Okay, watch. You roll your hips, see, like this," she said, demonstrating. "You keep doing that, only faster. Like this." Soon her hips were moving like they had the night before.

The dark haired man shook his head. "Yeah, you make it look easy."

"She makes it look erotic," Texas mumbled.

"Damned straight," Trenton replied.

Casey laughed out loud. "You guys are so easily amused and amazed."

Jack listened and smiled. He glanced over at Daniel. "She does that a lot, doesn't she?"

Daniel only smiled. He turned and walked to where Denigal was standing. "There will be someone here to help you. I promise that. You won't lose anymore of your young women to the demon…the snake. Destroy his statue. Let him know that you no longer fear him."

Denigal nodded. "It will be as you say."

With waves and calls of farewell, the SGC teams made their way back to the Stargate.


A  A  A  A  A  A


Duncan nodded as he listened to the report during the debriefing. "I'll call George Hammond and have him send a couple of teams through. Daniel, I'll need you to let me know what language these folks speak, and I'll send a linguist with them."

Daniel nodded.

The Scot looked around the table. "Yesterday Nergal decided to try and take on our ships. The Persephone gave pursuit when he ran, again. He jumped to hyperspace and we lost him. Methos was able to get a general idea of where he's been going. I've already sent two teams there to try and get the people to rebel. Last report I had was promising."

"How many ships does he have now?" Jack asked.

"So far just the one. But I don't know how much longer that will be. Ashnan told Methos that Nergal was seen moving toward Burien's territory. Laurel is the most vulnerable right now, and I'm afraid that if I move the ships to protect Burien, then Nergal will attack Laurel. She has one ship, and I don't want him getting his hands on it. Methos is trying to convince the other System Lords to help protect one another. It's one thing to join up to fight against Nergal, but evidently helping each other is beyond what they're willing to do. He's trying to get them to understand that only by keeping Nergal weak will they be able to defeat him."

Jack looked at Casey. "Okay, tell us what's going on out there."

With a smile, she reached out. As always happened when she 'found' him, she recoiled from the pure evil that she felt. "He's getting frustrated…and he's madder than hell…" she shivered. "And he's looking for me, and SG-1."

Daniel rubbed her shoulders gently. "It's okay, Angel. He's not getting anywhere near you again."

She smiled at her Husband, but didn't reply. She had a feeling that SG-1 was going to be facing the Goa'uld very soon. And that it was going to be a fight to the death. She only hoped it was his, and not theirs.


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