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Some Kind of Wonderful

"I don’t need a whole lots of money,
I don’t need a big fine car.
I got everything that a man could want,
I got more than I could ask for.
I don’t have to run around
I don’t have to stay out all night.
’cause I got me a sweet ... a sweet, lovin’ woman,
And she knows just how to treat me right."
"Some Kind of Wonderful"
Grand Funk Railroad 


Chapter 7

Casey sat up, poured the last of the wine into the glasses, took a swallow. She settled beside him, handed him a glass. "I know you don't want to talk about this," she said, glancing over at his face, "but since I've been back, this is the first time we've really been alone. The past few nights you haven't wanted to talk much," she said, smiling at him.

"You're right. I don't want to talk about it," he replied bluntly. "I just want to love you."

"That's all you've wanted to do," she said softly. It amazed her, thrilled her, that he was so needy…that he seemed to be unable to get enough of her, whether it was a quick session of oral love-making in the conference room of the Center, or making love in their bed, or in the shower. He was either holding her hand, or had his arm around her shoulders or waist. Talking had not been something they had done much of whenever they were alone.

He looked at her, trying to interpret the comment. "Is that a problem?"

She shook her head. "You know it isn't. I don't understand why, but my…needs…have been as…intense…as yours. I always want to love you, make love with you. I was just going to ask about the kids," she said quietly, shyly. She needed to know what her children had suffered, how they had dealt with her absence. Needed to hear it from him…not her friends, not her parents…from her Husband.

He reached over and caressed her back. "Sorry, Angel. It was six weeks of hell, and I don't like thinking about it."

"I understand."

"What do you need to know?"

"Emily…she's lost weight, hasn't she? You certainly have. Nicholas doesn't seem as heavy as he was."

He sighed, took another drink of wine. Daniel had always had a special relationship with his precious daughter. It had changed dramatically - drastically - the night that he had told her that her Mommy was dead. As the days had passed, looking at Emily had become difficult; she looked so much like her mother that at times he hadn't been able to look at her. It was too much like looking at Casey, and that made his grief unbearable. He had felt enough guilt over those feelings to accept the anger Emily threw at him whenever they were near each other. Even though the added pain nearly killed him. "The night…that night…After I told them that you… Emily stopped talking. She was so angry with me, because I wouldn't…couldn'tgo get you, bring you home. She… she hated me, I know she did. I could see it in her eyes. Her Mommy was gone, and I was to blame-"

"No! That's not true!" Casey interrupted, her heart breaking. Emily was his Princess. Her anger, the thought that she hated him, would have torn him apart, would have broken his heart.

Daniel put his finger on her lips. "It is, Angel. It's okay. I understood her anger. I just felt so damned helpless…I couldn't deal with your loss myself, how the hell was I supposed to help her? She cried herself to sleep every night. I…I wanted to try and keep things as much the same as possible, so I kept on having snuggle time. I don't think Emily wanted to. She…she never kissed me back when I tucked her in. Mealtimes…hell, I'm no cook in the best of times, and those certainly weren't the best of times! Tessa and Sam, and Carly, too, made sure that there were casseroles every night during the week. Erin said that the days she babysat, Emily would pick at her lunch, if she would even sit down to eat at all. Dinnertime was an exercise in frustration. She would sit and stare at the food on her plate, but she wouldn't touch it. Not unless I begged and pleaded and threatened. Even then she would only take a few bites. Then she'd just crawl off of the chair and go to her room." He stared into the fire, the memories haunting him, hurting him. "I got mad one night…I was worried about her, I was dealing with the pain of losing you… anyway, I forced her to eat…she threw up immediately afterward. That was the only time she let me hold her. I…I cleaned her up, and we sat on the sofa for awhile. We didn't say anything for the longest time. I told her I was sorry, that I loved her, but she never…she never replied."

Tears were dripping from her chin. She had known that her absence had been difficult, from what little Daniel had told her. Now…now she wasn't so sure she wanted to hear the rest, didn't think she could deal with the reality of how traumatized her family had been. She wanted him to stop, but said nothing as he continued.

"Nicholas was pretty quiet too. I don't think he ever fully understood what was wrong. I was staying home most days, working from the den. You had been gone about eight days when he came to the door and stood there, trying to get my attention. I don't know how long he had waited. He'd had an accident. I guess I was a little…out of sorts…" Daniel ran his hand over his face. "No," he said softly, "that's not true. I was a lot out of sorts. I was going through withdrawal, but didn't realize it…I yelled at him, cleaned him up, put clean clothes on him…then I looked down at him…he was just standing there, not saying a word, tears on his little cheeks. When I finally stopped ranting, he looked up at me and said, 'why, Daddy?'"

"Stop, please," she begged, her shoulders shaking.

He shook his head. She had asked…wanted to know. He suddenly needed her to know just how damned hard it had been without her…for all of them. "You need to know, Casey. You need to know how bad it was around here without you." He took another swallow of wine before continuing his narrative. "I…I picked him up and hugged him, and told him I was sorry, and that I was wrong for yelling like that. And that I missed you, and that I was sad and hurt. He just hugged me and told me he loved me. I told him I loved him, and went straight to see Dr. Montigue. It was the first time I had thought about…withdrawal. I hadn't stopped to recognize the symptoms." Daniel took a deep breath. Another mouthful of wine. "After that, it was…well, it was like he was trying to take care of me. Not even two years old and my son felt a need to take care of me!" He shook his head, drained the glass; tried to rid the bitter taste of his words from his mouth. "Every day, when I'd start fixing dinner, he'd ask if you were coming home. It killed me every time I had to tell him no."

She had her fists against her mouth, sobbing silently.

"After the third week, we managed to fall into a routine. Saturday still meant the library and the grocery store and Dairy Queen. Sunday still meant lunch with your folks. But we were all just going through the motions. None of us could eat, I couldn't sleep…not without…not without a couple of shots of Southern Comfort."

Casey pulled her slender legs against her chest, wrapped her arms around them, lowered her face to her knees and cried, her sobs turning into wails of pain. "I'm so sorry," she gasped, "I'm so sorry!"

He pulled her into his arms, pushed her head against his shoulder. Gave into his own pain and grief, dealing with the emotions he had shoved to the back of his mind the minute she had rolled down the ramp in front of the Stargate. "Shh, it's okay," he said, his voice full of tears. "It's all over, Angel. The kids are okay. We're okay. Let it go, babe, let it go. Shh…let it go."

"I'm so sorry," she repeated, still sobbing quietly.

"Casey, there is nothing for you to be sorry about. We just had this discussion, remember?" he said gently. "It's okay, babe. Everything is all right again. You're home and safe, and the kids are fine, and I'm fine…" He pushed her away just far enough to see her face, his hands holding firmly to her upper arms. "Look at me, Angel."

She raised tear-filled eyes to look at him. Saw such deep love, such happiness in those incredible blue eyes.

"It's over, let it go," he said softly.

"I…it's so hard…I…" she lowered her head, shook it slightly, hid behind the curtain of her hair as more tears fell.

He brushed her hair back, wrapped his hand around her jaw, raised her face to look at him. "I love you, Casey."

"I love you, Daniel," she whispered.

He brushed the tears away from her cheeks, smiled when she did the same for him. He pulled her close, held her tight. "Are you all right now?"

The sobs had stopped, though shudders still moved over her slender frame. "I think so."

"I'll probably keep telling you that I missed you. I don't think I'll ever be able to tell you how much. But I want to just forget about that time, it hurts too damned much to think about it," he said.

She nodded. "I understand. I just…I just wondered about the kids. Doctor Blackstone seems to think they'll be okay."

"Yep, they will be. Their Mommy is home," he said. His hands were moving up and down her back. "Their Daddy is okay now, too."

She smiled. "Good. I’m glad that my family is back to normal. Happy again."

"All it takes is you, Angel."

She blushed. "Thanks."

"No thanks necessary. Just telling you the truth," he replied.

She turned around, settled with her back against his chest. They watched the flames, she finished her wine. She knew that Daniel wanted to make love again, wanted Barney and his little friend to join them. She wanted that as well. But sitting here, like this, safe in his arms, was pleasant enough that she could have stayed there for the remainder of the night and been happy. Until a thought moved through her mind. She grabbed it, examined it, moaned softly.

"What? What's wrong?" Daniel asked immediately.

"Your birthday! We celebrated our anniversary Thursday. Nicholas' birthday last night. What about your birthday? Did you get a cake? Did anybody sing 'Happy Birthday' to you?"

He smiled against her hair. Typical of her to be so worried about something he considered so trivial. Like her, his birthdays had passed with little or no recognition most of his life. Not until Casey had he really celebrated the day. "Your Mom baked a cake for me. To be honest, Case, I didn’t feel like celebrating."

"So…what do you want for your birthday?"

He pulled her closer, held her tightly, rested his chin against her shoulder. "Got it. You. In my arms. Safe and alive."

She smiled again. "There has to be something you want. Maybe something to go with that personalized dig kit I got for you last year? Or a new camcorder? Or a bigger spotlight for the one you have? Or how about a new desk set?"

He grinned. "How about a dance from my Little Slave?"

Casey turned her head to look at him. "You're kidding, right? A dance. For your birthday. How gauche."

"I dunno. I got that for my birthday a few years back. Blew my mind. Loved every minute of it," he chuckled.

"Who would do something like that?" she asked, her eyes shining with love, and happiness, once again. The pain was still there, in the depths…it would take time to heal the hurts, the guilt that she felt about 'abandoning' her family. But the happiness would override the pain…until the pain faded away.

"Beautiful woman I know. She's incredible…sexy, dances like an angel…makes me hard just thinking about it," he replied.

"Sounds like a silly gift to me. Couldn't she come up with anything better?"

"Can't get a better gift than that," he said.


"Really. That is the most remarkable kind of gift a man can receive. His Wife. Doing something…special, just for him."

"I take it that you liked that dance," she teased.

"Oh, yeah. I liked it. A lot."

"Daniel, what do you want for your birthday?"

He grinned. "Dance for me, Angel," he replied.

She shifted to her knees, turned and kissed him. "Take the CD out of the player. Sit down on the sofa. I'll be right back."

He shivered with excitement. Every time she danced for him, she turned his mind to jelly. Then she blew what was left making love to him. He watched her disappear into their bedroom. He stood up, went into the living room and did as she had instructed. He sat down, waited for her to come back into the room. That Casey was home, safe and sound, to dance for him, was a miracle that he refused to examine too closely. It was enough that it had happened. He had to smile at the thought that the Triad had actually chosen to do something. He wondered what it had cost First. Nothing came free in this universe. That was the only universal constant.

Casey took the bangle bracelets that Daniel had given her - for this specific purpose - from the jewelry box, and put them on her arms. The navel adornment she had worn the very first time she danced for him was attached to her tiny bellybutton ring. She took a few seconds to dab a bit of perfume on her wrists. She found the CD that Carly had made for her, then slipped back into the living room.

The room was in shadow, all of the light coming from the fire in the hearth, and the candles that were scattered throughout the conversation room. She slid the CD into the player, and began to dance slowly, seductively to the music. Her body moved sensuously, her arms catching his attention, holding it as she held them above her head, her fingers snapping to the exotic beat, the bracelets jangling rhythmically. Her hips swayed with the high pitched sounds of the oud and the rababa.

Daniel felt his breath catch in his throat when she began to dance. She had danced like this for him at least a dozen times now, but every time was as exciting…as new…as the first. His heart was pounding with the beat of the drums, watching her body undulate, moving ever closer to him. His cock was already hard and throbbing as he watched her. When the music hit that fevered pitch, her hips moved in a blur of motion. When it ended she was kneeling on the floor in front of him, her face down.

She was breathing hard, as much from the excitement of doing the dance for him, seeing his eyes light up, his body's reaction to her, as from the physical exertion. She looked up at him. "Shall we take a shower, Master?"

He smiled. "Sounds like a good idea, my sweet Little Slave."

She stood to her feet, held out her hand, then led him to their bathroom. He twisted her hair and clipped it up, watched her take the jewelry off, then followed her into the tile and glass enclosure. They washed each other, giggling, teasing, playing in the water like children. When they were finished, they dried one another carefully. Daniel took her hair down, brushed it out, taking his time, running his fingers through the thick, soft silk, then swept her into his arms and carried her back to the conversation room. She shivered slightly as he carefully knelt down, and laid her on the quilt.

"Did I please you?" she asked softly.

"Always," he replied. He took her hand and guided it to the raging erection that her dance had left him with, that the shower had done nothing to alleviate. He sighed with pleasure when her hand wrapped around him and began to gently stroke the length of his shaft.

"I want to taste you," she whispered.

"I want to taste you," he whispered in reply. He rolled to his back. "C'mere, Angel. Let me get my fix of you."

She smiled. He'd had several 'fixes' so far tonight. He could have as much of her as he wanted…needed. She situated herself over him, her hips above his face. She lowered her head and took his swollen member into her mouth. Her hips jerked when he pushed his tongue inside her, reaching for the honey that was flowing again. She lowered her body, supported herself on one elbow, the fingers of her other hand surrounding as much of him as she could, moving in concert with her mouth. He had always made her feel so good, thrilled her with his attention to her body, her soul. The desire to reciprocate created a need in her that could not be denied. That she was able to give him pleasure filled her heart, her mind, with such joy that she didn't think she could stand it.

Daniel closed his eyes as he made love to her, lapped the honey to which he was so addicted. He wondered if his hunger, his thirst, his need for her would ever be satisfied…at least, for awhile. His body was reacting to what she was doing; flames were dancing up and down his spine as she made love to him. Her mouth was working over him with such ardor, such love, that it wouldn't take her long to set him off like a rocket. He felt something against his face…he opened his eyes, watched as she dipped her finger into her well several times to coat it with that sweet honey. What is she up to?

She almost giggled as she pulled her hand from between her thighs. Thanked the heavens for creative erotica writers once again. She slid that now wet finger over his balls, and gently into that opening just behind them. She felt him gasp against her, his hips jerked toward her, his body closed around her finger. Her tongue pressed against his throbbing shaft, she moved up and down, sucking him with strong, steady strokes. When his hips were meeting her each time she moved down, she began to work her finger in and out of him with the same rhythm.

Sweet Jesus! He wasn't going to last, not with what she was doing! He grinned against her skin. He was in heaven…her sweet, sweet pussy on his face, her mouth wrapped around him giving him one of her all time incredible blowjobs…if he died right now, he would die the happiest man in the world…universe. He closed his eyes again, gave in to the feelings of pleasure. He dropped his head back to the floor, felt his eyes roll back in his head just before that moan, the one that came from the very depths of his soul, filled his throat.

Yes! she thought, his moan echoing in her ears, delighted and quite proud of herself. She had so affected him that he had stopped making love to her. She almost giggled as she increased the pace of her movements. He was throbbing hard and fast, she relaxed her throat, took him in as far as she could. His second moan let her know that any second now…Lift Off! Houston, we have lift off! She swallowed, took all that he gave her, then gently licked him clean as the pulsing subsided.

Sweet Jesus in Heaven! How many times had he come tonight? And this had to be the most intense orgasm yet! His body was shaking, his cock twitching in her mouth, and he was sure that he was going to fly completely apart at any given second. He didn’t even notice when she moved off of him. When he finally caught his breath, he opened his eyes to see her sitting beside him, smiling at him like the cat that had swallowed the canary. "Think you're smart, don't you?" he asked, grinning.

"I think I'm good," she retorted, her eyes laughing at him.

"Good doesn't even come close, babe," he told her. His own eyes full of Fire and laughter, he shifted slightly, then had her on her back beneath him before she could react. "My turn," he whispered gleefully, satisfied to feel the shiver that went through her body. He lowered his head, kissed her gently. He let his tongue work the combination to her sweet lips, dove in when she opened to him, stroking her, tasting her, touching her, letting her know with every caress that he loved her, and that right now, he was in command. He let his mouth work its way down her body, stopped and made love to her breasts, took his time, giving his full attention to each one in turn. His tongue washed every inch of those beautiful orbs. He suckled each nipple until both were hard points. She was breathing rapidly, her body arched, offering more to his hungry mouth, his searching hands. He didn't move on until she was making those bewitching little sounds in the back of her throat. He laved her belly with his tongue, tugging at the tiny platinum ring until the muscles rolled beneath him. He watched her eyes as he moved down between her thighs, thrilled to see those emerald depths darken with desire…with need.

She was on Fire, burning so hot that she was afraid of setting the entire house aflame. He had every nerve ending vibrating, her body singing as he took total control, left her helpless with need. She pushed her fingers through his hair when he settled between her thighs. His eyes teased her, taunted her, sent messages of love to her as his mouth worked over her aching flesh. When his fingers joined the assault on her senses, she couldn't hold back the moan of pleasure that filled her throat. He was driving her to the edge of insanity with his tongue, touching her, tasting her everywhere but where she needed it the most. When she slipped her hand down to her mons, intent on giving her aching clitty a bit of relief, he grabbed her hand and held it away from her body, his eyes laughing at her. "Please…let me come," she begged softly.

His body went hard when she pleaded with him. He licked his way around the soft, wet skin that surrounded her warm well, pushed his tongue inside her, drinking the nectar that flowed so copiously now. When he moved up to her hard, swollen nub, he teased it with just the tip of his tongue. Her thighs were beginning to quiver, he could hear the whimper she was trying so hard to hold back. He slid his fingers back inside her, stroked her deep and hard, then sucked sharply on that button at the top of her folds. Her back arched, and she cried out, her body convulsing around him. He lowered his head to lap up the flood of honey she released as she soared above the clouds.

She was gasping for breath, her body trembling, her mind on overload as she spiraled among the stars. The sensations were so intense that she was still shaking as she slowly came down from the heights where he had taken her. She reached for him, needing…wanting to hold him close. He smiled at her, satisfied that he had pleased her, stopped to please himself by making love to her breasts again for just a few minutes, then slid up and laid on top of her, supporting the majority of his weight on his forearms.

"Feel better?" he asked, looking down at her, his fingers brushing her hair from her face.

"Wonderful, actually. And you say I'm trying to kill you!"

He grinned. "Payback, babe."

She giggled. "I don't understand why you think you have to pay me back. I like driving you crazy, making you moan and come so hard!"

He laughed, nuzzled her cheek. "That's why I pay you back. You like doing that to me a little too much!"

"I have never once heard you complain," she informed him. "Never once have you said, 'Okay, Case, that's enough, you can stop now'!"

Daniel laughed harder, rolled to his back, keeping her close to him. "I don't say it because I don't have enough oxygen in my lungs to talk."

"You could always send the thought to me," she countered, still giggling.

"Such a little smartass you are!"

Her eyes flashed with mirth…and Fire. "Yeah, but you love my ass," she said softly.

He looked at her, his eyes answering the call in hers. "Yeah, I do. And I will before the night is over."

She shivered slightly with anticipation.

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