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Saturday Night's All Right

"…`Cause Saturday night's the night I like
Saturday night's alright alright alright…"
"Saturday Night's Alright" by Elton John



Thank God it's Saturday! I've been waiting all week for today. Certainly not for the chores that have to be done every weekend, like the grocery shopping. No, I've been waiting…am still waiting, for tonight. I haven't made up my mind exactly what I'm going to do for my sweet Master. Maybe I'll once again be his slave. Or maybe I'll do a harem dance for him, or strip for him. He can wear the clothes he wore on our last mission, or not, his choice. I hope he will, he looks so damned good in them! And if I don’t stop thinking about that, I'm never gonna get this list finished! I don't want to dawdle today, I want the kids at Mom and Dad's by five if we can manage it. I won't cheat Emmie out of the trip to the library or eating at Dairy Queen. It's just going to be a quick trip to the library. She and Daniel can spend hours there, looking at all of the books. Hope has a library to rival any large city on Earth, most of the books come from there, though there are books translated to English from Langara, and Terra, and several other planets we trade with now. I like books too, but those two just can't seem to get enough!

I feel emotionally…drained…from the past few weeks. What with learning that Wade Michaels is Daniel's brother, the guilt I felt…and still struggle with…over what happened on Dracia, and Tantaline as well; dealing with nightmares, and now facing a Goa'uld that scares the bejeezus out of me, I need tonight. I need to hold him, and be held. Only Daniel can soothe away the fears, the doubts that still linger in my mind. I'm sure that by tomorrow morning, I'll be right as rain. We've been gone so much the past few weeks that we've missed two Saturday Nights. I need this so badly it's a physical ache.

I can't hold back the smile when I feel him move my hair, and then he kisses me…there. I shiver every time he does that, and he knows it. He loves kissing that sensitive spot behind my ear. I love having him kiss it. I love having him kiss me anywhere. I just love his kisses. As much as I love him.

"Love you, Angel," he says softly.

"Love you, Sweetheart." I turn around, put my arms around his neck and press my body against him. I love his body, as much as I love his heart and soul and mind. He's so handsome, so strong, so muscular, and it feels so good to hold him against me. I can already feel the Fire stirring. I take a deep breath, just to smell him. He smells so good! The soap that he uses drives me crazy. Which is why I keep buying it for him. He has on Old Spice, my very favorite men's cologne. I have smelled it on other men. It can't compare to the way it smells on him. We need to get out of here so that we can get all our errands taken care of and back here so I can make love to him until he can't move. I have to distract him, and me, before I'm totally, completely out of control. "Would you mind getting Emmie ready to go? I'll change Nicholas in just a minute, I'm almost finished with this."

"Wouldn't mind at all," he says, smiling at me. Daniel has always been wonderful about helping with the kids. He adores his children, and it shows. And they love him every bit as much. This will also help us get out the door sooner, so we're back home sooner. Have I mentioned I'm really anxious for tonight?

He disappears into the hallway. I finish my list, it's much longer this week because we've been gone. I'm taking Monday off so I can restock the freezer with casseroles. Nicholas has been playing happily in the playpen. He doesn’t seem to mind being in it as much as Emmie did. For which I'm grateful. It's much easier to keep track of just one of them at a time. I walk over and pick him up, the smile that he gives me just makes my heart ache with love. I cuddle him for just a few minutes. Nicholas loves to snuggle. Just like his father. He looks more like Daniel with every passing day. He even has the same expressions. Sam claims that my son is a little clone of his father. I sometimes wonder if there's anything of me in him at all! "Let's get your diaper changed, my sweet baby boy." I can't help but kiss his cheek, get a wet, open-mouthed baby kiss in return.

Nicholas loves to roll around when he's being changed, I do believe he does it just to make the already challenging job more so. He's only wet, which means I'd better pack a couple of extra diapers. I'll probably have to change him at the grocery store. As soon Nicholas is changed, I put clean clothes on him, a little pair of jeans and a tee shirt that says 'Mommy's Boy'. Daniel found it when we were in Ludlow's, the family clothing store on Main Street. I toss a couple of extra diapers into his overnight bag, and grab it and Emily's. I packed them last night, so that I wouldn't have to worry about doing it today.  

I can hear Daniel and Emily talking, although I can't hear exactly what they're saying. My heart swells with such love, such happiness at the soft sounds of their conversation. I put Nicholas back in the playpen so I can tend to getting me ready. I only need to pull my hair back, and put on a little bit of makeup. I find a stain on my shirt, I must have gotten it when I was feeding the kids earlier, so I run into my closet to find a clean one to put on. I find a cropped tee that I know Daniel loves. I think he loves it because of all my cropped tops, this one is the shortest, and exposes my navel ring the most. He dearly loves to drive me crazy with that tiny piece of jewelry, and I don't dare think about that right now! I find my flats and slip them on my feet.

My grocery list goes into my purse, and I put the storybooks, which I gathered this morning, into the cloth tote bag that we bought at the library for carrying books back and forth. Daniel comes out of Emmie's bedroom with his daughter in his arms. He gives me a wink and grabs the tote and both overnight bags. I pick up my purse, and my son.


A  A  A  A  A  A


It takes a few minutes to get Nicholas strapped into his car seat. Daniel has already tossed the bags into the back, puts Emmie into her seat. I remember the town meeting we attended, right after we moved here. The biggest discussion of the night was whether or not to make the use of car seats for infants and children mandatory. I guess, in a way, Emily's arrival, both to the world, and to Gamma, sparked that debate. Immortal parents have much more to fear when it comes to accidental death. An Immortal child who dies never ages. That's a fate worse than death. There really wasn't a need for a law on the issue, every Immortal parent I know does all that they can to protect their children. Using car seats is just a common sense procedure, even in a small town with no more traffic than Hope. Accidents can, and do happen. I smile when I recall that Daniel was one of the speakers at that meeting, telling the citizens that no one wanted to infringe on anyone else's rights. That the entire process was simply for the protection of Hope's children, all of them, Immortal or mortal. The city council voted unanimously, at the urging of the citizens present at the meeting, to make the safety devices mandatory. As far as I know there haven't been any complaints. It can be a hassle at times, especially when I'm in a hurry. But keeping my babies safe, and alive, is worth any amount of hassle.

Jack and Sam are playing in the front yard with their girls, it looks as if they're having a good time. Jack is so funny to watch sometimes. Evvie, and now Amber, have him totally wrapped around their fingers. What they want, their Daddy will get for them. Like Emmie and Daniel. We wave as we go by, they smile and wave in return. If I wasn't in such a hurry to be alone with Daniel, I'd have asked him to stop so we could say hello. I need to be alone with him. We make love almost every night, but there's always something special about our Saturday nights. We have the time, and no risk of being interrupted, to…indulge…in fantasies, or to just make love again and again until we're too exhausted to do more than cling to one another. I glance at his face while he's driving. I love him so much it hurts.

I love our new library. It's large, and has an amazing variety of literature available. There are comfortable seating areas, we've used them a time or two to read a story to Emily. Several small rooms offer worktables, I've seen local students utilizing those areas. Daniel has such a love of books, and Emily is following in his footsteps. I don't imagine it will be long until the tomes of information on the bookshelves at home will be in her little hands. I believe she's going to be a child prodigy, just as her father was. While I unbuckle and unstrap Nicholas, Daniel gets the stroller out and ready. I put the baby in, Daniel's already got Emily by his side, he reaches in and grabs the tote full of books. Nicholas has looked up and smiled at his Daddy, and has received a caress full of love in return. Daniel is thrilled to have a son. I've heard him talking to some of the guys on the base, bragging about what his son is already capable of doing. He's just as in love with Emmie, just as proud of her. But a son is a special source of pride to a man. I toss my purse strap over my shoulder, when it starts to slide off, Daniel gently adjusts it for me. Butterflies flutter in my stomach at the casualness of the movement. I can remember days when I was certain that I'd never find a man to fill my heart, my life. Children were just a dream that I dared not dwell on. Yet, here I am, with my own Adonis, my god, a man I love so very much, and two beautiful children, precious gifts that only Daniel could give to me. I can't help but smile at him.

I push the stroller into the building, Daniel holds the door with one hand, Emily's little fingers wrapped tightly around his other. I have to smile when Emily marches, she doesn't walk, she marches to the counter to announce that we're returning books.

"Well, hello, Emily!" Pat Tingsdel, the librarian, always seems to know her patrons by name. She's Immortal, like the majority of people in Hope. Pat grins and winks at Daniel. "Hello, Doctor Jackson."

"Hi, Pat. Anything new today?" Daniel is asking, putting the tote on the counter.

"Yes, as a matter of fact. I found a copy of that manuscript you were asking about. I put a hold on it, do you want it now, or when you check out?"

"When we check out."

I'm already heading to the children's section. The sooner we find books for snuggle time, the sooner we're on our way to the grocery store, then to Dairy Queen, then my parents…and then I'll have Daniel all alone…and I'd better stop thinking about that right now!

I'm looking at the table of 'new arrivals', maybe I can see something that will appeal to my daughter. Hmmm…a new Tommy Turtle story. She loves Tommy Turtle. She's already recognizing words from these books. She'll be reading soon, I'm sure of it. When Emily and Daniel are close enough, I show the book to her. She reaches out to hug it. Can't get a better sign of approval than that! One down, two to go. We always get three. I'm not sure why. Soon we'll be getting longer stories for her, which will mean only one or two books. I watch Daniel and Emily for a few minutes, decide that they can find more books on their own. This is as much about letting them have father-daughter time as finding stories for snuggle time.

I wander over to the adult section, check out some of the 'new arrivals' there. Hmm…interesting. 'How to Make Love to a Man'. Wonder if this has any good ideas? I glance around before I pick it up. No matter how hard I try, any discussions of sex, even asking Daniel to do something specific when we're making love, are still difficult for me. It's one thing to be drunk and talking with girlfriends. Other than that, forget it! I glance through the book. From what I can see, it might be worth it to borrow it. Maybe I'll slip in here on Monday and do just that. I'll just have to find a place to hide so that I can read it in peace. In my heart, I believe that the best way to make love with…to…a man, is with all the love that you have. When we make love, Daniel's pleasure is all that I think about. I don't worry about whether or not I'm being pleased, he makes sure that I have as much pleasure as he does. I worry about making him feel as good as he makes me feel.

"Mommy! You get a book t'day?"

I didn't even notice that Emily had approached me. I try to slip the book back onto the counter, nearly drop it in my haste to do so. I hope Daniel didn't see me with this! What would he think? Oh, hell! I think he saw what I was looking at! I can feel the heat rise to my face as I blush. "No, Baby, I don't think I'll be getting any books today." I push the stroller forward.

When I'm passing directly in front of him, he leans over to whisper in my ear. "Checking to see if they know what they're talking about?"

"What?" Okay, now I'm certain he knows that I had that book in my hands.

He nods toward that red book. "I figure you could give them a few pointers."

My cheeks are getting hotter, I can feel it. "I don't know about that."

He gives me that beautiful smile. "I do."

Daniel can make me feel as if I'm the most special…or talented…woman in the world… universe. I've overcome by giggles at the look in his eyes. He's so certain of what he's saying. Only one thing matters to me…"As long as you're happy, sweetheart."

"You make me happy, Angel. You make me ecstatic in bed," he grins at me. His eyes are dancing, and full of Fire. Goddess, how I love him!

I can't resist, I lean up and kiss his chin. He has no idea how much he pleases me when he makes love to me. My soul soars as high as my body when he loves me. "Ditto, Stud Muffin."

We take the books to the counter and Daniel produces our library card. It doesn't take long to get Emily's books, and the one he had requested. They go into the tote, and we're on our way to the grocery store.


A  A  A  A  A  A


I'm still trying to decide whether to wear the leather pants, bustier and boots, and let him undress meif that's what he wantsor just the leather cuffs and chains. Somehow, the idea of being naked, with a chain around my waist, my hands restricted by another short chain sounds better. He always seems to like it when I'm chained and naked. I barely suppress a shiver when I realize that it's possible that he'll cuff me to the bed. Better yet, I'd like to cuff him to the bed, blindfold him, and tease him the way he did me. Now that is a very interesting idea…a very interesting idea indeed. I'll take the blindfold off and let him watch me with Barney. When we were on Alteria, I made him watch me bring myself to orgasm with my purple toy. He almost lost his mind, because I had tied his hands behind his back so that he couldn't touch himself. Yep, I know exactly what I'm going to do to my sweet Master tonight. A warm bath, a massage, and then I'm going to drive him crazy. My body is demanding his attention, my heart is pounding against my ribs in anticipation.

"Something wrong?" he asks.

"No. Just…anxious."

He reaches for my hand, raises it to his lips. He runs his tongue over my fingertips, just barely touching the skin. I can feel the Fire racing through my veins. He's driving me crazy, I'm in such need right now that I'm aching. I gently pull my fingers from his hand, and trail them over his jaw. He glances over at me. "Me, too, Angel," he replies after a minute.

It's always warm and sunny on Gamma, the past few days have been more so. If we park in the sun, the jeep will be almost too hot to sit in when we come back out. Daniel finds a spot in the shade to park the jeep, then lowers all of the windows and opens the sunroof. He's always so considerate about things like that. He has no idea how much just simple things like this touch my very soul.

I get Nicholas out of his car seat, and go to the back of the jeep. "Daniel, I need to grab a diaper and the wipes."

Daniel opens the back of the jeep, and takes a diaper and the box of wipes from Nicholas' overnight bag. I turn slightly so that he can put them in my purse for me. He tucks them into my denim bag. 


"You're welcome." He has to dash after Emily, who is already running toward the store. "Emily Rose, you stay with me. Hold my hand," he tells her firmly.

"'Kay, Daddy." She wraps her fingers around his long, strong index finger. I can see in his eyes that once again the sheer joy of having a family is filling his heart, his mind.

I need to get my list, and I can't do that with the baby in my arms. "Sweetheart, can you hold Nicholas? I have to find my list."

He says nothing, but stops walking so I can put our son in the crook of his arm. He waits patiently while I search for it. It should be here near the top. It only takes a few moments to find the long, narrow piece of paper. It took me two hours to get the list together today, I had to go through my cookbooks to make sure I either had the ingredients for the casseroles I plan to make on Monday, or that they're on the list.

"Got it!" I look up at him. His blue eyes make me smile every time I look into them. I head toward the carts, get two of them, one to put the kids in, the other for the groceries. I lift Emily into the basket of one of the carts, Daniel puts Nicholas in the seat. The baby is 'talking' to his father.

"Think so, huh?" Daniel says, grinning down at his son. Nicholas lets loose with a little laugh that has his father chuckling in return.

I look at my list, and head for the produce department. We need everything! I'm amazed at how quickly we go through fresh fruit and vegetables. I suppose that's a good thing, especially for the kids. Nicholas isn't eating table food just yet, but Emily loves salads as much as I do. She's especially fond of carrots. I wonder if that's because she learned that bunny rabbits, or at least the ones in books, like carrots especially. It takes me a few minutes to get what we need. Ed Murphy is very picky about the produce he supplies. It may cost a bit more than what it did in Silver Springs, but I have to admit that it's all top quality. Let's see, do I have it all? A variety of salad greens, cucumbers, celery, green peppers, green beans, mushrooms, carrots, tomatoes, potatoes, onions, garlic, apples, bananas, oranges; yep, that's all that I have on my list. I look up when Daniel puts a bag of peaches in the cart. I love peaches! So typical of him, to get something that he knows that I like. "Thank you, sweetheart."

"You like peaches, you should have them," he says with a shrug. Does he have any idea how much it means to me that he even knows that I like peaches? That he would pick out a half dozen of the sweet fruit for me makes my heart flutter. I am so lucky! How I love this man!

Okay, next is the diary counter. We need milk, I get two gallons, and a package of cheese slices. The yogurt is on sale, I think I'll get some, we all like fruit yogurt. Now, I need to get a few canned goods, mostly tomatoes and tomato sauce and paste, for lasagna. I'll pick up frozen veggies for the chicken pot pies. Pickled beets…I like pickled beets. They're never as good as what Grandma Rose made, but with a little extra cinnamon and ginger, they're okay. I look up, he's caught up with me. I think he was talking to Diane Murphy, the owner's wife. She's a very nice lady, and never misses a chance to make over my babies. As we move through the store, I cross of each item as it goes into the cart. As always, 'extras' are tossed in as well.

On to the meat counter. I turn to look at him. "Any requests?"

He walks over to look at the steaks. "These look good."

"Yes, they do. Why don't you get a couple of packages, we can have one for dinner tomorrow, the other I can freeze for later." I stand beside him, brush against his arm, sending bolts of electricity through me. I know that my nipples are going to get hard from the contact with his strong body. I'm also sure that the touch is affecting him as well, and I know that he gently pushes his arm against me on purpose.

I find a package of ham so that he can have green beans and ham. He loves them cooked that way. I need two chickens if I'm going to make two chicken pot pies, which is what I planned. I find two decent sized birds, and put them in the cart. He's found two very nice packages of steak.

At the bakery, Emily gets a free cookie. She loves peanut butter cookies. The child adores peanut butter. Dr. Montigue says that peanut butter is good for her, full of protein. I get two loaves of bread, and two large bags of dinner rolls. I'll repackage them into zip-lock freezer bags, a dozen per bag, and freeze them. Then all I have to do is put them in the oven to warm them, and we have 'fresh' rolls with our meals. I find a box of chocolate walnut cookies, they're his favorite. I won't have time to bake any for awhile.

Everything is checked off on my list…we're done. Finally! Now we take this stuff home, get it all put away, then it's off to Dairy Queen, a quick stop at Mom and Dad's, and I'll have my Stud Muffin all to myself!


A  A  A  A  A  A


As usual, getting the groceries into the house is a challenge. Emily runs back and forth, and with Nicholas mobile now, he gets in on the act as well. We still put him in the walker, although he has taken a few steps on his own, he doesn't seem too interested in pursuing the activity right now. He can get that thing going, though, and he rushes pell-mell into anything in his way. Daniel tells me to just stay in here and start putting things away as he brings the bags in. Nicholas loves playing with the pantry door, so as long as it's open, he'll remain occupied. One less child to trip over, anyway. As soon as he has all of the groceries in the house, Daniel helps me put away what I haven't gotten to yet. The meat and the veggies go into the fridge. I pull out the ziplock bags and the rolls go into several of the smaller bags. I toss them into the freezer. Daniel lets me put away anything that goes in the pantry. I have a system, based on how often I need a specific type of item. The less often I need something, the closer to the bottom it is. It doesn't take me long to get everything put away.

Nicholas starts fussing. Ah, the mess I've been expecting. At least he did it here at home and not at Dairy Queen! I get him changed, in spite of the fact that he keeps trying to roll over to his stomach. Daniel is folding the grocery bags when I come back out into the kitchen. When he looks at me like that…his love, and his need, shining so brightly in his blue eyes…I can't help but smile at him. He smiles at me, the one that makes my heart flutter against my ribs.

Emily is jumping up and down beside the counter. "Dot dog time!" She loves Dairy Queen's hot dogs. I don't think she's ever wanted anything else but a hot dog when we go there for a meal.

"It sure is, Baby." I run my hand over her head, cup her little chin in my hand. "What do we do when we're at Dairy Queen?"

"Mind ouah manneah's," Emily replies immediately.

"That's right. You're a big girl, so I know that you can do it." Emily is really very good about behaving when we're out somewhere. Like any toddler, she sometimes has to be reminded, once is all it takes.

"I'm a big giwl!" Emily agrees.

"Ready, Sweetheart?" I hope he is, the sooner we get the kids fed, the sooner I can get him home, and bath him, and massage him, and tie him down…and I'm going to lose my mind just thinking about it. Oh, the wicked thoughts I'm having, the things I want to do to him, for him…with him! My heart pounds against my ribs in anticipation.

"I'm ready," he says. He smiles at me. I can't stop smiling, I think he knows I've got plans for him. I grab my purse, and we're on our way.




Sam and Jack pull into the parking lot at the same time we do. We'll have our lunch with them. It's probably a good thing that they're here, it would be too easy to rush Emily, and I don't want to do that. As much as I want - need - to be alone with her Daddy, I will not cheat her of time with us, time as a family.

I know that Daniel knows what to order, it seems we get the same thing every time we come in. Sam and I take the kids outside to one of the big tables. We each grab a highchair and drag it out with us. Emily and Evelyn are already running and squealing and playing on the playground toys.

"So, big plans for tonight?" Sam asks me.

"As a matter of fact, yes." I can't help but giggle, and I know I'm blushing.

"I do believe from the look in your eyes that Doctor Jackson is going to be doing some begging tonight," Sam says, her blue eyes dancing with amusement.

This really makes me giggle, as I had just been thinking the same thing. "Oh, yeah he is. He'll accuse me of trying to kill him, but he'll love every minute of it."

She leans toward me. "So, what are you going to do to him?"

I lean toward her, glance through the window to make sure he's still busy. "Blindfold him, tie him down, and use that friggin' feather on him."

Sam giggles. "Oh, I want to know how that turns out!"

"So, have you tied Jack down yet?"

She begins to blush. "Actually, Mrs. Peterson is taking the girls tonight, I…uh…planned on doing that tonight. Jack doesn't have a clue!"

I think about the fact that two men in the neighborhood will be tied down to their beds, and their wives driving them out of their minds. I can't help but wonder what goes on in some of our neighbors' homes, and the thought makes me laugh out loud. "Want to have coffee tomorrow morning? They'll be too worn out to do anything but lay there and grin and think about how lucky they are."

She laughs. "I'll let you know. I've…we've never done anything like this before…I just hope he won't freak out or something."

"Trust me girlfriend, he won't freak out. He'll be so doggone thankful that anything you can think of that you want, you should ask for just before you…uh…blow his mind!"

"Hmmm, good idea!" she giggles.

Daniel and Jack come out and sit down beside us. I glance at Jack, then at Daniel. If they had any clue what was about to happen, we wouldn't be sitting here right now!

"So, Jacksons, any plans for tonight?" Jack asks when he sits down beside Sam.

Oh yeah! Bow chicka bow bow!

Daniel just grins. "Yep."

Jack chuckles. "Okay. I won't bother asking what. But I want details Monday, Space Monkey," he teases.

"Yeah, like that's going to happen," Daniel retorts.

"A few beers, and you'll be talking," he grins.

"Don't count on it," Daniel says. I know that Daniel is very careful about keeping our private life private. I'm sure that a few beers will indeed get Jack the details about our love life that he wants. What Jack doesn't realize is that he's going to have a few details to share as well!

Carrie, one of the regular counter-workers here, brings out a tray loaded with our lunch. "Here you go, Doctor Jackson." She blushes and smiles at him. She's trying so hard to look at him without looking at him. She has a major crush on my Husband, and the man is totally oblivious. Which is a good thing, really. It means he doesn't notice the other women, closer to our age, who look at him the same way. Like the blonde nurse named Ellie who works in the infirmary. I've seen her plow over the other nurses in order to be the one to take his BP and pulse during our pre- and post-mission exams.

"Thanks, Carrie." Daniel gives her a smile that I know must have her heart racing.

Something's different about the teen. Finally it dawns on me. "Did you cut your hair?"

Carrie blushes more and nods. "Yeah, I did."

"It's really cute." The shorter cut makes her look more like a young woman and less like a teenager. I look over at Daniel. I've wanted to do something with my hair, which is hanging to my hips these days, for some time. But anytime I even mention it, he talks me out of it. "One of these days I'm going to cut mine."

"How short?" His question is asked almost before I've finished speaking.

His expression is a combination of fear and anger, and I can't help but find it slightly amusing. "I'm thinking just about even with my shoulder blades." I look back up at Carrie. "I'd like to have it layered, and maybe some highlights put in."

"Oh, that would look so good on you, Mrs. Jackson! If you decide to do it, go over to Silver Scissors, and ask for Marcie. She never cuts off more than what you want, and she's the best when it comes to highlights."

"Thanks, Carrie! I'll remember that."

'You're not serious!'  

Oh, boy. Silent communication. He really is worried! I can't help but tease him…just a little. 'Maybe I am.'

He heaves a sigh. "I like your hair just the way it is."

Sam laughs. "Give it up, Case. You'll never do it. You'll cave in to what he wants every time."

It's really not that big of a deal. When I really get serious about getting it cut, even just trimmed up, I'll do it. Really, I will. I know how much he likes it long. And I remember well his reaction on Langara when he thought I had cut it shorter than Sam's. He wasn't just angry, he was hurt. I won't do that to him.

"I guess if it's even with your shoulder blades I could live with it," he says.

I'm absolutely shocked. He always does his best to talk me out of cutting my hair. "Really?"

"Yeah, really."

Oh, wow! I would love to have it cut and layered and colored! If Daniel is really okay with this…it's typical of him to let me have my way, and my heart swells with gratitude that such a generous man has chosen to love me. "Maybe I'll make that appointment this week, then." Emily is still over by the swings, pulling on the chain, then letting it drop. "Emmie, come eat, Baby." I open up a jar of peas, and a jar of applesauce for Nicholas. As soon as he sees what I'm doing, he begins to grunt and bounce, doing a perfect hungry baby bird imitation.

Daniel pulls Emily to sit beside him, so that he can make sure she's eating.

Nicholas is practically gulping his food. My poor baby boy is really hungry. I should have given him a bottle while we were at the store, although he never fussed like he was hungry. I feed him all of his peas and most of the applesauce before I start eating my foodby then it's cooled down enough that I won't burn my mouth on it. I love DQ's chicken strips and gravy!

Carrie brings a tray of food for the O'Neill's and we sit and eat and talk. I watch Daniel, amazed that he seems so calm. I'm practically squirming where I sit, wanting to get the kids over to Mom and Dad's so we can get home!


A  A  A  A  A  A


Emily is finished with her ice cream cone. I can't eat any more of my peanut buster parfait. I wish they made them in smaller sizes. Well, I'll take what's left home and put it in the freezer. I can always finish it later. I look over at Daniel, I can feel the Fire burning in my veins. I want him…need him so badly. The look in his eyes tells me that he's as needy as I am right now. Half of the excitement of our Saturday nights is the anticipation.

I find the box of wet ones in my purse, and clean Nicholas. He's practically asleep. If he naps now, he'll be awake until eleven or so. Mom and Dad never seem to mind, though. I take my baby boy out of the high chair and hand him to his father, and take Emily by her very sticky hand so I can get her cleaned up. She probably needs to go potty as well.

"Mommy, wuv you," Emily says as we get her hands washed.

"I love you, too, Baby." I can't help but kiss the top of her head. She is most definitely Daddy's girl, she adores Daniel. But she lets me know that she's kind of fond of me as well. It makes my heart pound to know that she does love me. I'm not the best mother in the world, I wasn't there to see all of her 'milestones' when she was a baby, and when I am home often I'm busy… preoccupied with taking care of things that need to be dealt with such as laundry, cleaning bathrooms, vacuuming floors…which is why time like today is so important, to her and to me.

"Do you need to potty?"

She nods her head. "Potty, mommy."

I take her into the stall, help her get situated on the toilet.

"Mommy, you'we pwetty."

Wow, where did that come from? "Thank you, Baby. You're pretty, too."

"Cut youw haiw?"

Well, now I know that if I need to discuss something with Daniel that I don't want the entire neighborhood to know about, Emily can be nowhere near! I smile at her. "Yes, Baby, I'm going to cut my hair. Not very much. But don't tell Daddy that. It's a secret."

She nods her head, gives me a solemn look. "It's a secwet."

"Would you like to go with me and have your hair trimmed? We'll go and have Marcie make us beautiful."

"I wike that, Mommy."

"Shall we get our fingernails and toenails painted too?"

She looks at her little fingernails. When I paint mine, I paint hers as well. She gives another vigorous nod.

I have always kept my toes painted, always a pale pink. I only paint my fingernails if we're going out. But a manicure and pedicure sound heavenly, it's been awhile since I've had either. It would be just so cute, and so fun, to take my daughter with me, the first of many mother-daughter trips to a beauty salon. I've made up my mind. I'm calling the first thing Monday to set up an appointment. I want the works, and I'll take my daughter with me. "Okay, Baby, we'll go and have Marcie make us beautiful."

I get her hands washed again, and we go back out to where Daniel is waiting, Nicholas in his arms. My heart begins to beat a tattoo against my ribs as we walk toward him. How did I ever catch the attention of this incredible, brilliant, handsome, sexy man, let alone have him fall in love with me? If only he knew how much I love him!

Emily runs to him, wraps her arms around him, he puts his arm around her and kisses the top of her head.

Sam and Jack are leaving as well. I catch Sam's eye, it's all we can do to keep from bursting into a fit of giggles. I'm sure she'll call me Monday and let me know how their Saturday night went.

"Ready to go to Meemaw and Peepaw's?" I ask my daughter.

Emily nods. "I stay at Meemaw's?"

"Yes, Baby, you'll spend tonight with Meemaw."

"Peepaw tells me stowies," Emily says.

"He does?" Daniel asks. "Does he tell good stories?"

She nods again. She yawns. She didn't get a nap today, so she'll probably be ready for bed early tonight. I have the feeling that both kids will be asleep before we even get to Mom and Dad's.

I get all of the trash gathered and into the bin. I look into those incredible blue eyes, I think about what I'm going to do as soon as we're home, and I can feel a smile on my face. We head for the jeep, and my parent's house, at long last.


A  A  A  A  A  A


I'm almost shaking, I'm so ready to be alone with him. He glances in the rearview mirror and smiles. I glance back. Both of the kids are sound asleep. I hope that Daniel can get Emmie into Mom's without her waking up. She'll whine and fuss and cling to Daniel for at least half an hour if she wakes up now. He's pretty good about moving her without disturbing her, though - thank goodness. I glance over at him. God, can a man be any more beautiful? My heart flutters, I get that funny feeling in my stomach.

The Seeney's little car is in the driveway when Daniel pulls up in front of the house. Mom is thrilled to have her dear friend Amanda in her life again. They have lunch often, and I know that Mom delights in showing off her grandchildren. She and Dad were denied the right to raise me. They're making up for that loss with Emily and Nicholas. There have never been more doting grandparents.

I take Nicholas from his car seat, cuddle him in my arms as I follow Daniel into the house. Mom is holding the door open, she must have seen us pull up. The baby doesn't stir as I put him in the crib. I look over, Daniel is caressing Emily's face. The look on his face…the love, the pride…takes my breath away. He smiles up at me, my heart melts. We slip out of the bedroom and quietly close the door.

Mom and Dad are waiting. I haven't hugged them yet. I understand their need now that I'm a mother myself. I hug Mom, and then walk into my Dad's open arms. 

He holds me close for just a moment. "You do well?" he asks softly. I know that he's well aware of all of the missions we go on.

When he found out that Sam and I were alone with Nergal for a short time, he was very upset. Which means that my feelings about that particular Goa'uld aren't off the mark. "I'm fine, Dad, really." I try to reassure him. 

Mom is giving Daniel a hard time about working too hard. She worries as much about him as she does me. I think that he likes that. It's been a lot of years since he had anyone in his life that fit into the 'parent' mold, and I can tell at times he's overwhelmed by my parent's love and attention.

Dad lets go of me, grins at Daniel, shakes his hand, squeezes his shoulder. "Don't argue, Daniel, just promise her that you won't work as hard."

Daniel looks at my mother, gives her that killer smile. "I promise I won't work so hard." He turns and goes outside, to get the kids' overnight bags from the jeep.

Mom rolls her eyes, but laughs. She takes me by the arm and leads me into the kitchen. "Casey, when you make your lasagna, how many layers to you make?"

She has all of the ingredients for the dish on the counter. Obviously this is what she's planning for dinner tonight.

"I don't do more than three. I think I could put four in the pan, but then I'd have to scrimp on the amount of 'filling' on each layer. I always make a recipe and a half of the sauce, but I only add one cup of water, otherwise the sauce is too runny. I make about one and a half times the amount of the cheese filling, too. I double the noodles up on each layer, it holds together better." Mom is nodding, jotting down what I'm saying on her notepad.

"Casey makes the most incredible lasagna," Mom tells Amanda. "One day I'll have her prepare some for you. I can only hope that mine will at least resemble what it's supposed to be."

I shake my head. Mom is a very good cook. She makes things like Beef Wellington and Eggs Benedict, and makes them well. "Mom, you're an excellent cook. Your lasagna is sure to beat mine!"

She laughs, and hugs me. "Kind words, my darling daughter. But I have eaten at your table many times. I don't have near the skill that you do."

"Right. I'll remind you of this the next time you make one of those fancy dishes." I can't take it any longer. It's time to go. "So, was there anything else, Mom?"

She gives me a knowing smile. "No, my dear. Thank you."

I walk into the living room. Daniel has a beer in his hand. I look up at him and wink. I'm so ready to get him home and ravish his body! The need to touch him is too strong to ignore. I put my arms around his waist, my head on his shoulder. I take a breath, so that I can smell him. He puts his arm around my shoulders. "Ready to go, Sweetheart?"

"Yeah, I am." His voice sounds the tiniest bit strained. He's as needy as I am right now.

I hug Dad, then Mom. "We'll see you for lunch tomorrow."

"Have a nice evening," Mom says.

I smile at her, and avoid Dad's eyes, I can see his grin. They are well aware of what we're going to be doing. Maybe not the details, but they know that we're going home to make love.

"Thanks, you too," Daniel says.

I hold his hand as we walk to the jeep. Just the touch of his skin against mine makes my body burn out of control. He walks me to my side of the car, waits until I'm settled into the seat before he leans in and kisses me. God, I love his kisses! He pulls away, and at last we're on our way home, alone. Our evening together is beginning, at long last.


A  A  A  A  A  A


I can't help but watch his face when we turn into the driveway. He's as excited about tonight as I am. It makes my heart drum against my ribs to know that he loves me, desires me, as much as I love and desire him. I still don't have a clue how that happened. I just thank every god that it did.

"How does a nice warm bath sound?" That's the first step in getting him relaxed enough that I can tie him down.

"Sounds great, Angel." His voice is soft, he smiles at me.

I can't wait, I get out of the jeep and head inside. I've got to get the bath ready. Then I'm going to massage that incredible body of his until he's so relaxed he can't move…and then…then I'm going to drive him insane!

I pour a bit of bath oil into the tub, and turn the water on. I don't turn it on full blast, I don’t want foam, just nice soft bath water. I take my clothes off, look up to see him watching me, the look of desireof lustin his eyes makes me all the needier. He reaches for me, pulls me into his embrace. When he kisses me, I can feel my body turn to jelly. No man has ever kissed me like Daniel does. His kisses are as necessary to my survival as air for my lungs. His hands move over me, then stop on my breasts. I need more than just his touch. I push against his hands, sigh when they begin to massage my aching body.

After a few minutes of absolute bliss, I pull my lips from his, even though my body protests. I kiss his chin, his jaw. He always smells goodtastes so good! I unbutton his shirt, trailing kisses behind my fingers. I push it from his shoulders. I look up into those blue eyes, the eyes that captured my heart, my very soul the first time I looked into them. I can see his love, his desire…his need…reflected there. Oh, how I love this man! He leans back against the dresser, I kneel down to pull off his boots and socks. I get his belt unfastened, and when I unsnap his jeans, I let my lips follow my fingers once again. I manage to get his jeans unzipped, and when I've released that magnificent erection, I take it into my mouth. I so love the taste of him, the feel of him. I push the jeans down his legs, even as I suck and lick his swollen cock. I have to wait for him to lift his legs so that I can get them off of him. I toss them aside, then wrap one hand around the base of his manhood. I pull away a bit, so that I can flick my tongue around the head, he loves it when I do that. He's leaking, so I lick the precum away, suck gently over that tiny opening. His hips move ever so slightly toward me every time I do that.

I let my fingers move up and down his thighs, then caress his balls…they feel heavy…he needs to come so badly! I shift forward just a bit, so that he's against the dresser and can't move away from me. He's watching me, so I wink at him just before I relax my throat and take him as deep as I can. He moans, and I can feel and taste him come. I continue to lick and suck him, until he's stopped throbbing. He's breathing hard by the time I let him fall from my mouth.

He reaches down, his hands close around my arms, gently pull me to my feet. "Your turn, Angel."

I shiver with anticipation. Daniel has always been able to send me to heaven when he worships me. He kneels down in front of me, puts his hands on my thighs. He pushes gently, I move my legs a bit farther apart. He kisses my belly, uses his tongue to pull at my navel ring. He has no idea the sensation that creates between my thighs when he does that. Then again, maybe he does, he always likes to play with it when we're making love. He licks the top of my inner thighs, he's creating a need in me so intense that I'm trembling. When he finally runs his tongue over me, I can't hold back the moan that escapes. He licks me that way several times, each time he touches my clit my hips jerk. He presses his face against me, and I can feel his tongue enter me, move inside me. He's driving me crazy, his touch sets my body on fire. I'm breathing hard, still waiting for him to give me relief. I swear I can feel my clit throb waiting for his attention. When he sucks on it, I nearly lose my mind. I can feel my orgasm building…hot…sweet…oh goddess…that feels so damned good! He slides his fingers into me, strokes me, and licks me, with the same tempo. Goddess, that feels incredible! I push my fingers through his hair, hold him close, push my hips toward his face. I need moremust have morehe obliges…"Oh, Daniel…"

"Give it to me, Angel," he whispers. He has the most talented tongue in the world. Universe even. His fingers are stroking me, I can feel my thighs start to quiver, and that sound I can never control fills my throat. He's flicking his tongue over my clit again, and his fingers have slowed. When he sends me completely over the edge, I hear my voice echoing around us; my body jerks against him. He doesn't stop licking me until the spasms are over.

"That was incredible." It's all I can do to whisper. I can barely do that. If it wasn't for the dresser behind me, holding me up, I'd be on the floor right now.

"Good." He has a satisfied look on his face. He stands up and kisses me, I can taste myself on his lips.

"Now that we're a little more in control, let's take that bath."

The water has been running slowly this entire time, and the tub is almost overfilled. So I turn the faucets off, pull the plug to let some of the water out. For some reason my mind flashes on the first night we spent together in the house on Baldwin Street. He was so tired, he was asleep in the bar chair by the time I had the bath ready. He didn't stay sleepy, though. We made love, caressing each other until we were near our orgasms, and it was the first time he ever took me from behind.

I wait until Daniel is settled, and then I step into the tub, and straddle his legs, facing him. "Do you remember the night we moved into the house on Baldwin Street?"

"I remember, babe."

I put my head on his shoulder, and let my hands begin to caress him. It doesn't take long for him to be hard and erect again. I love the feeling of him in my hands, against my fingers. He has one hand between my legs now, the other moving slowly back and forth over my breasts. If he had any idea what I have planned for him, I'd bet fifty bucks he'd hide that feather! Oh, he is so going to love what I'm going to do to him, for him…maybe not at first, not when I'm teasing him as he did me. But he'll love what happens after that…his orgasm will be absolutely mind blowing! A tiny giggle escapes, in spite of my best attempts to swallow it.


I look up into his eyes. There's a hint of amusement in them. "I'm so going to enjoy tonight."

"Think so, huh?"

"Oh, yeah." I move up so I can kiss him. "Just do what is asked of you, my sweet Master, and you won't regret it."

"If I'm the Master, shouldn't you be doing what I ask of you?"

I smile at him. I'll do whatever he asks of me. But I'm hoping that he'll let me do this. "Is that what you want? Whatever you want, Daniel, I'll do."

He looks at me for just a minute. "All right, my Little Slave. We'll play this game your way."

"You won't be sorry, trust me," I whisper in his ear. No, he won't be sorry at all. Do men ever pass out from intense orgasms…or do they just fall asleep?


A  A  A  A  A  A


I have my head against his shoulder, his cheek is against my hair. I have him hard and throbbing again, and his hands have relit the fire in my body. As wonderful…as incredible as it was when he worshipped me a little bit ago, I want…I need…to feel him inside me

"In you, babe." It seems he needs to be inside me as much as I want him to be.

I raise my head, look in those blue eyes. Just like the first night in our first home together, I get on my knees and lean over the edge of the tub. He's immediately behind me, and I can't help but sigh when he pushes into me.

"Oh, yeah!"

I love knowing that I feel as good to him as he does to me. I push back against him, wanting all of him, needing to feel his hips against mine. He reaches around and puts his hand between my thighs. His fingers search…oh, that's it! "Right there!"

His fingers have found my rhythm and he matches his thrusts to the gentle caresses his hands are making. Oh, god, that feels wonderful…slow and steady, he pushes deep with every stroke. I want to…have to hold him…squeeze him… massage him…he likes it when I do this; I like it too, because every time he throbs, I feel it all over my body. I feel him push his knee against mine - he wantsneedsfor me to open more for him. I move my legs farther apart. He's pushing hard and deep now…love it, love it, love it! I can feel my orgasm building…I'm so close…I can feel the tension building inside…

"You're almost there, Angel," he whispers. "Give it to me. Come for me, Case."

Ohgodohgodohgod it feels so damned good…"Daniel!" I feel as if I'm flying, my soul soaring just as high as my body. It's time for him to come now, too. "Now, Daniel. Let me feel you throb."

He puts his hands on my hips, and he's moving faster, harder, deeper with each thrust of his hips. Oh, goddess, I'm going to…oh yeah…I'm coming again! It feels so damned good! He leans forward, his chest is warm and strong against my back. He has his hands on my breasts, kneading, massaging them. I move my hips up and down against his, knowing that the added stimulation will help push him over the top. He cries out my name, and then drops his head onto my shoulder.

I reach back, caress his hip. "Feel better?"

"Much. You?"

"Much. Let's get washed up, and then I'm going to give you a massage." I'm going to massage you, my gorgeous hunk of archaeologist, until you're so relaxed you don't notice when I tie you down.

He pulls out of me, and settles back down into the water.

I turn around, ready to face him again so that we can wash each other. He's grinning like the Cheshire cat. No, he can't…oh that bastard! How did he figure it out? Just from the massage?

"What's the matter, Angel?"

He's so smug I just want to hit him! It won't be nearly as…exciting …if he knows exactly what's coming. Okay, it's true that I had a good idea…all right, I knew what was going to happen the night he treated me to a fantasy… but still, it will be so much better if he's…surprised! Maybe if I just play it off, let him think that whatever he's thinking isn't what I have planned…"Nothing. And don't you even think you know what's going to happen."

"Whatever you say, babe." He has my scrunchy, and my soap. When he starts chuckling I can't take it. The big jerk! I take his very wet wash cloth and smack him on the chest with it. Not hard, it doesn't even make a popping sound…well, not much of one anyway. Definitely no red mark.


"Oh, that didn't hurt. Trust me. If I wanted it to hurt, you'd know it.". Big baby. He deserves it, anyway!

"I'm sorry, babe."

He most certainly isn't sorry, I can see it in those blue eyes. He's so damned proud of himself, he can barely stand it! "No you're not."

"Case, it's okay. You can tie me down and bring out Barney again," he says. His eyes are still dancing.

Say what? Oh, yeah, I'm going to tie him down, and Barney will definitely be involved, but he isn't as smart as he thinks he is. He doesn't have a clue what else he's in for! And let's just leave him clueless! "Okay. If you're going to be cooperative about it. I'm still going to give you that massage."

Yep, I'll give him that massage. Take my time. Make him nice and relaxed. He's just come twice, he'll fall asleep. Get him all cuffed and tied down…and blindfolded. I'll take it off…when the time is right. Just keep grinning, mister. You have no idea what I'm about to do to you!


A  A  A  A  A  A


I have always enjoyed the fact massages have been a part of our lives, and love life, for some time now. We use them to 'apologize' to one another. After his hissy fit over that dream I had about Nergal and Wade, I got a massage, and then worshipped until I had three orgasms! Now, it's his turn to receive. I'm taking my time, hoping that he'll fall asleep. He's come twice, so I know that he's more relaxed now than he was when we first came home. I move my hands to his lower back, work the muscles gently, then slide back up to work his neck. A bit of tension there…I knead and caress until I feel the muscle relax under my hands. Down his back, slowly, gently. I absolutely love his ass. I take my time massaging it…I know it arouses him as well as relaxes him. He's almost asleep! Good! I take my time on his legs, and his feet. I need him to be more asleep than awake, if I'm going to pull this off. I let my hands skim lightly up his sides, and I lean over and kiss his neck. "Roll over, sweetheart."

He moves slowly, that's a good sign. I need to keep him a bit off-balance, so I kiss him, just a short kiss, then I start rubbing, massaging his chest. I work each arm, all the way to his hands, massage each finger. A glance at the clock tells me I've been doing this for almost forty-five minutes. He's fighting sleep, I can see that, there's a hint of a smile on his face. I rub his sides gently, run my fingers through his pubic hair, although I'm very careful not to touch his throbbing erection. Once again I work on his legs, and I figure another round of foot massage and I'll have him asleep. Yep, his eyes are closed now. I work one foot, gently, then the other. I almost giggle out loud when I hear him start to snore. Oh, too easy!

I move slowly, gently, grab the handcuffs and the ties. I do what I did before, and gently rub his arms as I position them where I want them. He doesn't even stir when I spread his legs and tie his ankles to the footboard. The blindfold is in the drawer as well. Might as well get Barney and his little friend, which is what I call the vibrator ring. It doesn't take much to slip the blindfold on him. I have the feather, now all I have to do is wait for him to wake up! 

Ah ha! He just moved his arms, and I saw him try to pull that leg up! He's awake, and not sure what's happening now! I can't help but grin…it's all I can do to keep from giggling out loud! "Daniel?"

He's laying still now. Trying to pretend he's still asleep. This is just too damned much fun, and we haven't even started yet!

"I know you're awake, sweetheart, I saw you move."

"I suppose I have to lay still?"

When he did this to me, I was instructed to lay still. It was impossible and he knew it. I can't help but giggle thinking about him fighting his body to remain immobile. "If you think you can." I let the feather dip down and tickle his arm, just a tiny bit. Arms and legs are easier to control the reactions to. But he doesn't know that…yet!

"Bet I can."

I can't help but laugh. Sweetheart, you haven't got a clue what's about to happen to you! "Really. And just what are you willing to bet?" I move the feather over his belly, he jerks away from it. When I run it lightly over his nipples he jerks again, even harder. "Still willing to be that you can lay perfectly still?"

"Sure." He doesn't sound as convinced as he did a minute ago! Now I understand just how much fun he had when he did this to me!

"Oh, sweetheart, you're just too macho for your own good." I know for a fact, from personal experience, that he's not going to be able to lay there and not writhe and flinch and jump every time this feather touches him! No matter how much he might think he can. It's got to be a man thing! No, I want him jumping and jerking and totally aroused and so turned on he can't think! "I'm going to be good to you, Doctor Jackson. I'm not going to take you up on that bet."

I run the feather over the bottom of his foot, his entire leg spasms and jerks. When I run just the tip of it over his rigid shaft, his hips come up off of the bed. "So how long do you think you can take this?"

"As long as you can, babe," he tells me. His voice is a bit strained.

He's trying so hard to be tough, be a man, be macho! "Well, I can keep…this…up for a very long time!" I run the feather over his collarbones, his body flinches in response.

"You win, babe. I give up."

I can't take it, I've been watching his mouth, his lips, and I have to kiss him, there is no option for me. I lean forward, kiss him gently. As always, his kiss leaves me breathless and wanting more. "But I'm not finished yet." This game has just begun!


A  A  A  A  A  A


I wonder if Daniel grinned when he did this to me as much as I'm grinning now. I just can't help it! I run the feather from his throat to the very tip of his erection, just barely touching him, his body comes off the bed completely. He's so very hard, and he's throbbing, and there's a teardrop of pre-cum leaking. 

"Case, you win!" he tells me.  He's panting…at the end of his endurance.

I know that he's almost to the point of pain, and I don't want him to hurt or be uncomfortable. This is about giving him pleasure. I move over him, ready to take him make love to him with my mouth. I derive as much pleasure from this as he does. Even though he doesn't think that can be true. Unless I'm moaning and crying out from my own orgasm, he doesn't think I've been pleased.

"That's it, babe, suck me," he whispers.

I can't help but tease him just one last time. I run the tip of the feather over his erection, his back arches off of the bed. When I take his throbbing shaft into my mouth, he cries out, I know it's sheer relief. I know that it won't take long, he's really worked up. We're going to end all of this…play time…with a Trip Around the World, but he doesn't know that yet. I tease him with my tongue, lick him like a lollipop, then suck him in as far as I can. His hips are moving, coming up to meet me with every down stroke I make. His chest is heaving, and he's throbbing hard and fast.

"That's it babe, just like that," he moans, just before he starts coming. I lick him clean.

"Feel better?"

"Yeah." He tugs against the restraints. "So, you going to let me up so I can take care of you?"

"Nope." I straddle him, move until my aching pussy is just above his face. I lower myself, wait for him to give me the relief I need. For just a second I'm afraid that he's going to refuse me, but I feel his tongue against me. Oh, yeah, that feels so good! I lower myself a bit more, so that he doesn't have to lift his head and strain to reach me. What the man can do with his tongue! "Oh, god, Daniel, you do that so well."

He does a thorough job, just as he did earlier. I can't stop my hips from moving as he makes love to me this way. The sensations are incredible! He's working my clit now…oh yes! "Yes, right there, don't stop." I make sure that the only place where I am touching him is his face, and only my pussy is against his skin. There is something so decadent, so erotic about this that the thought hastens me on my way. All of a sudden I'm there…"Oh, god, yes!" My body jerks, and I can feel him licking the honey straight from my well. The sensation only serves to make my orgasm longer.

I carefully pull away from him, watch him lick his lips as if I'm a treat he's just had. He doesn't have a clue what to expect now. I've thought about doing this before, and I wonder just how long it will be before he's begging me to take the blindfold off.

We keep a TV/VCR combo in his closet, it's small, but the screen is large enough that we can lay in bed and watch it. Usually what we watch are the porn flicks we have. Okay, we watch the first ten to fifteen minutes. By that time we're already busy doing our own thing, although it is pretty cool to make love with the sound of an adult movie playing in the background.

I put the tape in, turn it on. I grab Barney, and put a little bit of oil on him for lubrication. I never really paid attention to the dialogue before. It's really bad! The acting is horrible, too! Good thing those people get paid for screwing, because they'd never make as 'real' actors!

I lay back down on the bed, again careful not to touch him. I slide Barney right where I want him, and turn on the vibrator. Oh, god, that feels good! I'm already breathing faster, it won't take me long to come again.

"Let me watch you, babe, please," he begs.

He's starting to get hard again. Sam, Tessa, Carly and I had a conversation about how often our men can come, and how soon they can achieve another erection. Carly says that the Quickening is what keeps them going like little Energizer Bunnies. Daniel never had much of a problem making love at least two times in a row before he was Immortal. I’m certainly not complaining now! I have to tease him a bit. "You’re sure you can handle it?"

If he didn't have the blindfold on, I know he'd be rolling his eyes. "Yeah, I can handle it."

We'll see about that. He has always…enjoyed…watching the scene where the woman in the film is masturbating. I've seen it enough times to know what she's doing. Let's see if he can handle the real thing as well as the movie! "Okay, promise me that you'll keep your eyes closed until I tell you to open them."

"I promise."

I raise the blindfold just enough to make sure he has his eyes closed. If he peeks, it will ruin the 'surprise' factor of this little plan. His eyes are closed. I take the blindfold off. I get off the bed, go toward the dresser. "Don't you dare peek!"

"I won't, I promise, babe."

I turn the sound off, fast-forward the tape to where I want it. I get situated on the dresser, hit play, turn the sound on, make sure that I'm doing the same thing that the woman in the movie is. "Okay, you can look now."

I have my head back, my eyes closed. I hear a low moan come from him. I look through my eyelashes, the look on his face is one of sheer delight. And he's completely hard again.


A  A  A  A  A  A


Here I sit, on the dresser, doing everything that the woman in the movie is doing. His breath is coming harder, his eyes move from me to her and back again. The longer I do this, the closer to coming I get, and I don't want to do that, not this way. Not tonight. I turn the TV off, pull Barney out of my well, and then walk to the side of the bed. I'm ready. I know what I want. "Feel like taking a little trip?"

He grins up at me. "Want to go Around the World, huh, Angel?"

"If you think you're up to it." I'm being a smart aleck, but that's okay. It's part of the fun. I know that he's more than up to it.

"Let me loose and I'll show you what I'm up to," he says, his eyes flashing with laughter…and desire.

For just a moment I contemplate what it would be like to leave him tied, and it amuses me. "I don’t know. Maybe I'll just keep you tied up for the trip.

He becomes serious, his eyes fill with love. "Babe, I want to touch you, make love to you."

"Oh, Daniel, I want that, too." He can't know that his wish is my desire. As fun as it is to tie him down, to tease him, making love can only happen when his arms are around me, when he's holding me close, when I'm holding him against my body. I almost can't get him untied fast enough, can't get the cuffs opened soon enough. I want…need to feel his arms around me!

"C'mere, you." He doesn't get up, he just reaches for me, and pulls me into his arms. 

I snuggle on top of him, my head on his shoulder. This is so right, so good! 

"I thought for sure you were going to kill me this time."

He says that every time we…play. It makes me laugh. "Never would have happened. You're too healthy for that."

"Must be all that extra-curricular activity, keeping all my vital organs healthy."

"Must be. I do my best." Years ago, right after I 'woke up' from one of my first deaths, it was actually a suicide - I had been hurt and confused…was newly Immortalnot long freed from Goa'uld slavery. Anyway, we had a conversation about extra-curricular activities…and how it kept him, and his 'vital organs', healthy and functioning properly. It's been a joke between us ever since. I look into those blue eyes…smile as always.

"You do a damn fine job, Angel."

I snuggle deeper into his embrace. I need to reassure myself that my…wantonness…and what I just put him through, hasn't upset him. "You're not angry with me for what I did, are you?"

He pulls me closer. I love it when he does that, it makes me feel…safe…secure…loved. "No babe, not at all. Why would I be? It was…intense, that's for sure. Didn't think I'd survive a couple of times. But it was an incredible turn on."

"Now you know how I felt. Only I didn't tease you as long as you teased me!"

He kisses the side of my head. "I might have to throw that feather away."

"Don't you dare! We might want to use it again…sometime." I won’t admit it to him, but I wouldn't be opposed to letting him use it again…just not for so long this time…then again…passing out from an orgasm is…interesting. "Love you, sweetheart."

"Love you, Angel."

He rolls us over, puts me on my back. He looks down at me, the love in his eyes makes my heart beat harder, my pulse race. His eyes are so beautiful, I get weak just looking at him. I love him so much it hurts! He runs his fingers over my face, the touch soft and gentle and as comforting as it is arousing. I watch him lower his head, know that at last he's going to kiss me. I am so addicted to his kisses! I haven't kissed a lot of men. Even so, not one was as talented as Daniel is. I think I should build a shrine to him, just for his kissing ability alone. That thought jumbles in my head with the feelings of pure pleasure that I derive from the kiss he bestows on me.

His hand moves to my breasts, he caresses, massages first one, then the other. I can feel it between my thighs when he starts tugging on the nipples. He pulls his mouth from mine, looks down at me with a smile of love, brushes the hair from my face. His fingers trail gently back down to my breasts, the touch igniting my skin every inch of the way.

I reach up to touch his face, his incredible, handsome face. He turns his head and captures one of my fingers between his teeth. "You are so damned beautiful." 

"If you say so. You, however, are absolutely gorgeous," he says softly.

I shake my head slightly. I know exactly what I look like. Gorgeous I am not! "No, not really. You're just a bit prejudiced. You see me differently than others do."

"You are gorgeous, babe. Inside and out," he insists.

I can only shake my head again. "As long as I please you, Beloved, that's all that matters to me." 

"You more than please me, my Beloved," he replies, his voice soft and full of love.

He kisses me again, and I let my hands wander where they want to be, one hand in his hair, holding him close, the other moves over his strong shoulder. He's moving his mouth from mine, trailing kisses to my throat. He licks and sucks and kisses me, I love it when he does this. It makes me shiver when he tastes me, teases me this way. When he starts nipping at my collarbones, I gasp, the feeling so wonderful that it resonates all the way down through my belly to my aching pussy.

He settles himself over me, his body on my legs, I can feel his erection pressing into my thigh. Both hands are holding my breasts, and he moves his mouth back and forth, kissing, suckling one, then the other. I wantneed…crave…more of the same from him. He's taking his time, making me crazy. My need is pulsing inside me; I can feel every kiss, every tug on my nipples all through my body. I close my eyes, let him make love to me, wanting him to move on, knowing that to rush him would be to deny myself the sweet agony of anticipation.

I have no idea how long he's been doing this, it feels like forever, like just a few minutes. He moves down, begins to tease my belly. Every time he runs his tongue around that tiny ring I nearly lose my mind. The sensations are incredible, and only serve to work me up all the more.

When he finally moves down, situates himself between my legs, I'm nearly insane with need. He licks me, I can feel his tongue move over me, into my well, then around again. He's pushing his tongue deep inside me again, it's a sensation I love. But he's ignoring my aching clitty, and I need to feel his touch there…now! I move my hand down, just to give myself some desperately needed relief. He catches my fingers in his hand, holds them up and away from my body. I need his touch, I need to come. "Please, Daniel, I can't take it any more."

He moves his tongue over that aching nub, just teases me a little. My hips come up off of the bed. I want to scream when he moves back down to lick at the opening to my well. My clit needs attention! I try to shove my hips down farther, so that he'll have to give me what I want. It's not working. My hands are in his hair, holding him, I want so badly to force him to give me what I need. Oh yes! Oh god, I'm so close…he pushes his fingers into me, deep and hard, and I'm there, my body flying on the wings of sweet release. "Oh, goddess, yes!"

When he rolls to his side, and moves back up beside me, I know that it's my turn to drive him crazy, to bring him as much pleasure as he's just given me. He's hard, and already leaking precum. I wrap my hand around the base of his magnificent manhood, and when I take him into my mouth, I hear him sigh. Every time I make love to him this way, all I can think about is how I love doing this to him…for him. I love the way he feels… the skin so soft, yet so hard. Like velvet-covered steel.

I let enough of him fall out of my mouth that I can flick my tongue around the head, then lick at that fluid that is leaking so quickly from him now. I suck gently, I know he likes that. I take him back into my mouth, as much as I can take, then slowly move back up again, keeping my tongue flat against him, until I reach the head, then I flick my tongue again. I keep this up for a few minutes, he's throbbing faster, harder. It won't be long now…I move up onto my knees, I want to be in the best position possible for this. I relax my throat, take him as deep as I can, and swallow. It's a natural instinct, and I allow it to happen, it drives him crazy. Yep…he's there, and I take down every bit that he gives me.


A  A  A  A  A  A


I'm lying on his chest, his arms are around me, holding me tightly. I love to lay this way! So far this has been an incredible evening. It's almost nine o'clock, and we're not done yet! I cross my arms on his chest, rest my chin on them. I close my eyes, thinking about how much I love him. I'm amazed, sometimes downright shocked, at the things I'm willing to do for him, with him, to him. Not just willing…eager! Nothing that I do ever seems to upset him, no matter how…decadent…it is. I remember our first "Fantasy Night". It was the first time we had anal intercourse. I was terrified that my wanton…my slutty…behavior would not only turn him off, but revolt him…to the point where he wouldn't even want me any longer. Instead, he held me close, and thanked me for what he called a precious gift. It didn’t…doesn't…bother him that I like it, either. He finds it exciting. When we were on Alteria, for that glorious weekend, he told me that he likes having Barney "join" us when he's taking me that way. The vibrations are as wonderful for him as they are for me. I have certainly become very fond of Barney's 'little friend' as well!

"Tired, babe?"

I open my eyes. There they are, the most amazing blue eyes in the universe. Yep, I'm smiling! I don't think he is, but if he's tired I'll let him rest…or sleep. For a little while! "I'm not, but if you are, we can stop."

"Funny. Ha ha. Just give me a minute or two, and I'll show you how tired I'm not."

I've been teasing him about his age, he'll be forty-five on his next birthday. His Immortality has 'frozen' him at thirty-six, and having been Ascended, and having used a sarcophagus or two before that, his body is actually closer to being between thirty-two and thirty-four, than thirty-six. He's in great shape physically. But I still love to tease him. "Really, Daniel. It's okay. If you're too tired, we can stop now. I mean, you are almost forty-five. Men tend to slow down at that age."

He starts tickling me, it's all I can do not to fall off of him as I try to get away from his fingers. "You are such a smart aleck! You know damned good and well the body is thirty-six. I'm in my prime, baby."

In his prime! Too funny! "Oh, please! Women hit their prime in their thirties. Men hit theirs at about puberty!"

"Oh, I don't think so! You haven't had any complaints so far, have you?"

I lean up and kiss his chin. I love his chin. I love all of him. And no, I have no complaints at all about our love life. It's perfect. It's incredible. It's all I could ever dream of. "Nope. None at all." His arms tighten around me, hold me close to him. I'm still in a playful mood, still want to tease him a bit. "Daniel, really, it's okay if you want to call it a night. I wouldn't want to have to rush you to the ER or anything. I mean, it's one thing to keep all your vital organs working. It's something else entirely to…um…wear them out."

He starts laughing. "Not a chance, babe. I'm just fine."

When he pushes his hips up against me, I can feel his erection, and it's getting harder. "Well, I'm impressed." I sit up on his hips, lift mine up, and slowly take him in. Oh, he feels incredible! I have always loved the way he fills me. No other man can fill me like Daniel. Even if we weren't bound by the Fire, I would never be able to find satisfaction from another man. Not after having him, my magnificent Stud Muffin! I don't move, not yet. I just concentrate on using the muscles deep inside. I know that he likes it when I do that.

"Just like that, babe," he whispers. His hands are on my breasts, gentle caresses from the palms of his hands that send fingers of Fire through my entire being.

Every time I clamp down on his cock, he throbshard, and I can feel it. It's an unbelievable sensation, and it brings me as much pleasure as it does him. "You like that?"

"Very much."

I put my hands on his shoulders. I need to move now, need more than this, as good as it feels. I start riding him, slowly, gently. Oh, yes, this is perfect…he feels so good! Tonight is one of those times when this feels…special…the pleasure on the verge of pain. "Oh, Daniel!"

"I know, babe," he says softly.

I need to move faster, and just as I begin, he grabs my hips, slows me down. He finds a slow, steady rhythm that will drive me crazy very soon. When I begin to move up and down on his engorged shaft, he continues to keep me from moving too fast. When my hips are against his, I squeeze him with my inner muscles. I can tell by the look on his face that he's enjoying this ride, likes it when I do that. Feeling him move in and out of me is setting my body on fire, and I close my eyes to savor every incredible sensation. His hands are on my breasts again, and he squeezes them, hard enough to make me ache for more of the same. I push my body against his hands, letting him know that I like what he's doing. He continues to caress, massage, squeeze them.

I put one hand between us, move my fingers over my swollen nub. Oh, yeah, that's the spot. I'm still moving up and down on him, and when I move up, I reach back and stroke him, it makes him throb when I do that, and I do so love it when he throbs!

"Make it good, Angel."

I'm moving harder, and faster, bouncing up and down on him, riding him like a bucking bronco. Oh…yes!…I'm almost there…"Oh, Daniel, I'm gonna come…"

"That's it, Case, come for me. Give it to me."

That whimper that accompanies my every orgasm is filling my throat. He has his knees bent, his feet flat on the bed, and he grabs my hips, thrusting up into me as hard and as fast as he can. Oh, god that is so good…so damned good…"Oh, god! Daniel!"

"Don't stop, don't you dare stop," he says, his voice strained.

I put my hands back on his shoulders, and I keep riding him, just like he needs me to do. I have always been able to take all of him, and I can feel him hitting the back of my well, but god I want more, need more…I want him deeper! I push down on him as hard as I can, trying to get him farther into my body. "Fill me, Daniel. Let me feel you throb deep inside me!" 

He has a firm grip on my hips, he's still thrusting up, our hips meet on each stroke. I can feel that he's throbbing faster, his breath is coming in sharp gasps. He's almost there…he closes his eyes, then…"Casey!"

I drop down onto his chest. We're both breathing hard. He runs his hand up and down my back. I love it when he does that. It's soothing, relaxing, and the touch is filled with such love.

Every time we do the 'trip' thing, it's incredible. This time is no exception. "I do so love the way you take me Around the World."

"I'm glad, Angel. I like the way you take me on the trip," he says softly.


A  A  A  A  A  A


It feels so nice to just lay here in his arms. I could lay like this forever. I run my fingers up and down his sides, just to touch him. I feel so safehis arms are so strong, but they hold me with such tenderness, such gentleness. He tightens his arms around me, knowing that I love it when he does that. The tighter he holds me, the better I like it.

"Ready for the last stop, Angel?"

I'm as eager to complete are trip as he is, but laying here like this is so wonderful, I'm not quite ready to move. "If you are. I don't mind just laying here like this for a few more minutes."

"Anything you want, babe."

I cross my arms on his chest, rest my chin on them, look up at that handsome face. I wonder how Jack is enjoying the surprise Sam planned for him. I wonder if he survived it! I'm sure he'll be all smiles tomorrow! The thought that I'll know what he's grinning about makes me giggle.

"What?" His eyes are filled with curiosity, and amusement.

"Can you keep a secret?" Oh hell, that's a stupid question! Of course he can keep a secret! He drives me nuts, bringing wrapped gifts into this house, and not so much as a hint to what's in them! Not even one little hint! "Look who I'm talking to…of course you can."

He grins at me. He knows how much it drives me crazy when he won't let me even shake my Christmas gifts! This year he actually kept them in the safe at the Center! How freaking cruel is that? "What secret?"

"Remember the first time I tied you down?" That was the night I first used Barney, the night that I drove him out of his mind.

"Yeah, what about it?"

"Well, Jack is getting his first time tonight." Again the question flashes through my mind, did he survive it?

"No kidding?" The look of surprise on his face makes me giggle.

"No kidding. Sam has Mrs. Peterson taking care of Evvie and Amber tonight. She told me that she had an order arrive from Lover's Package, now I know what it was."

"A Barney?"

I think of the conversations Sam and Tessa and I have had about our 'toys'. "Not hardly. She already has toys-" Oh, hell! That wasn't supposed to slip out! "Don't you dare let anybody know I let that slip!"

"I won't. So what did she get?"

"Handcuffs, and I think flavored body oil."

"Jack is a very lucky man. Almost as lucky as I am." His eyes are filled with so much love. Goddess, I love him so very much! That he loves me completely blows my mind.

The look of love in his gorgeous blue eyes goes straight to my heart. He thinks he's lucky; I know that I'm the one with all the luck, I have him to prove it. "I'm the lucky one, my heart."

Something fills his eyes, he's pleased about something. "I know just how lucky I am, Case. Believe me."

I can't help it, I have to touch him, to make sure he's real. I run my fingers over that beautiful, handsome face. I move up, and kiss him, trying to convey through my touch just how much I love him. "So do I, Daniel."

I move slightly, and the sensation of his skin against mine makes my nipples hard. He rolls us over, so that he's lying on top of me. He lowers his head and kisses me, oh how I love his kisses! He's moving his hips now, not much, just enough that I can feel it. I start squeezing him, use the muscles to massage him. Every time he throbs it sends tingles of excitement throughout my body. His movements have aroused me, and I move my hips, meet his with each gentle thrust he makes, rub against him before he pulls away again. "I take it that you're ready for that last stop now."

"Yep." His mouth is on my throat, and he's moved his hand to my breasts, caressing one, then the other.

I let my hands roam over his back, from his shoulders to his ass, softly at first, then with more pressure, then just a feather light touch. The tattoo that I so adore is right above me, so I let my tongue move over it, taste his skin. That simple action makes me hotter, needier. Every time I grind against him it stimulates my clit, and when he pulls away, I lose that sensation. Driven by need, I grab his incredible ass, hold tight, keep him from moving too far from my body, and grind against him as hard as I can. Oh, goddess, that feels wonderful! It won't take long to come if I keep this up! I'm breathing hard, more from the sensations than the movements I'm making.

"That's it babe," he whisper in my ear. "Take it. Make it good."

If I don't stop this now, I'll come, and I want to hold out, I don't want to come until I have him buried inside me, Barney and his little friend vibrating away. I arch my back beneath him, to press my breasts into his chest, I know he likes that, and I push my hips against his again, rubbing them back and forth. I'm ready. I want this. I need this! "Are you ready for me?"

"Yeah, babe, I am."

"Get the oil."

He reaches over to the nightstand. The bottle is already out and open. I used it on Barney earlier. "You want Barney's little friend?"

"Oh, yes!" I love the way it sits against my clitty, and sends me into oblivion. He starts to move off of me, and I suddenly have a horrible feeling…one that terrifies me. A feeling that this is the last time I'll hold him like this, make love to him like this. I had that feeling once before, and it damned near happened. I can't help it, I wrap my arms and legs around him and hold tight. I can't let him go, if I can just hold him long enough, I won't lose him! 

"Babe, you have to let me up."

"Not yet, please? Just let me hold you for a minute." I have to hold him, I can't let him go until this feeling of loss, of terror, passes.

"Babe? What's wrong?"

I can't look into his eyes. I don't want to ruin tonight, or spoil the moment. "Nothing."

He kisses me. I can feel his love, and every stroke of his tongue against mine assures me that he's here, and he's fine, and he loves me. His body is strong and warm against mine. He's The Chosen; whatever lies ahead we can face; together we can't, won't, be defeated. I’m not sure what it is, but I do know that we're in for a long, hard battle. I let his kiss take all that away. I concentrate on him, the way he tastes, the way he feels. As quickly as it came over me, the feeling passes. When he pulls his lips from mine, I'm all right again.

I let him move, he reaches for Barney. He puts the vibrator ring on my purple pal, and oils it carefully. He hands the oil to me, so that I can anoint his magnificent cock with it. I have to taste him, suck him for just a minute or two, I can feel him swell and harden even more. I gently put oil on him, caress his cock as I do so. He's breathing harder now. 

"Ready, babe?"

I nod, and get on my hands and knees. He runs his hand over my hips and ass as he gently pushes the vibrator into my aching well. Mmmthat's nice I can feel the slight pressure of the vibrator ring against my clit. "Oh, yes," I whisper, pushing against it. He moves Barney in and out of me, taking me closer to my climax.

He's on his knees behind me, I can feel his cock touching me. I move back slowly, take him into my body. I don't care what anyone says, having him fill me this way is as incredible as having him in my well. It excites me to let him experience me this way. I reach up between my thighs and hold Barney in place. He moves his hands to my hips. He's moving now, slowly, gently.

Yes…yes…yes! I push back against him, and if I rub my hips back and forth, I can feel it inside, and it's incredible! I can't take it, I know what's coming, and I want it now! "Are you ready?"

"Oh, yeah." His voice is a bit strained, and he's breathing faster, harder.

I switch on the vibrators, I can't hold back the moan when I feel the vibrations deep in my well, and over my aching, swollen clit. Oh yeah! That's it He pushes deep, then just stays there for a minute, I know that he likes the vibrations as much as I do. I need him to start moving, I need him to do it now! I shove my hips back against his. "Now, Daniel, please!"

He starts moving, a little harder and faster than what he was, but it's still not what I want, what I need. He leans forward, his chest hot against my back, and his hands caress my breasts. My mind is almost on overload, so much stimulation in so many of my most sensitive places! This is so incredible! "Oh, yes!" This is so good…it feels so good. But I need more, my body…the Fire, demands more. "Please, Daniel, take me! Take me hard! Please, now!"

He's upright again, his hands on my hips, driving into me, pounding into me…oh, god yes! This is it…this is what my body demanded. I push back against him, and move my hips so that I can feel him move up and down as well as in and out of me and oh it feels so freaking amazing! I can feel my climax building…the vibrator on my clit is driving me insane…I'm almost there…

"Oh, god…Daniel, I'm gonna come…" That whimper is in my throatcan't hold it backMy orgasm hits me like a tidal wave hits the shore, and I cry out as it flows over me, and leaves me shaking to my very core. I leave the vibrators on, they only increase the intense waves of pleasure that I'm experiencing.

He thrusts a few more times, then cries out, I can feel him throb so hard and fast that I know his orgasm is every bit as intense as mine. 

I turn off the vibrators, I can't take it any more, the sensations are starting to become painful. 

He leans over, hugs me to his chest. "God, I love you, babe," he whispers in my ear. 

I turn my head, so I can kiss his cheek. "I love you, Sweetheart." 

He just holds me against him for a few minutes. When he's not so hard, he'll pull out, it doesn't hurt then. He's always so afraid of hurting me. He never does. I pull Barney out of me at the same time he pulls away from me.

When we go into the bathroom, I put the toys in the sink, we'll clean them after our bath. I put the candles in here this morning, I love for our night to end with a bath by candle light. It's so sensual, and relaxing. Daniel runs the bath water while I light them.

I see him glance at the clock that's on the dresser. Almost midnight. That could be why I'm feeling a bit tired! What an incredible Saturday night it's been!


A  A  A  A  A  A


It feels so good to just lie here, my back against his chest, his arms around me. I'm relaxed, and feeling loved. Very loved. Loved well, too!

"Feeling okay, Angel?"

I'm feeling incredible, as a matter of fact! My body is particularly happy right now. I turn my head and kiss his chin. "I feel…wonderful. What about you?"

"I'm doing just fine. Anything you want to tell me?"

I shift around so that I can look at him. He knows. He must have seen the fear I was feeling. I glance into his eyes, then drop my gaze to his chest. If I look at him and give him the answer I have decided upon, he'll know that I'm not being honest with him. "No." I can barely get the word out.

He puts his finger under my chin, lifts my head so that I have to look at his face. I let my eyes linger on his mouth, but I know how patient he is. He'll sit there and hold my chin until I look at him. So, I raise my eyes to his. 

"Angel, I saw it. I saw the fear that flashed through your eyes. What's wrong?"

I knew it. He saw. I was hoping that he hadn't noticed, that the heat of the moment would have made it…easier…for me to hide. I take a deep breath, let it out slowly. "I was afraid."

"Of what, Angel? Me? What we were getting ready to do?"

How can he think that I would ever be afraid of him? Or making love to him? "Of course not! I couldn't, wouldn't ever be afraid of you! Certainly not the love we were about to make!" I can't look into his eyes, so full of love and worry, and the worry is there because of me! He lifts my chin higher, makes it impossible for me to not look in his eyes. 

"Talk to me, Casey. Tell me what's wrong."

"I just…it was only a feeling. It didn't last long." Maybe he'll let this go now.

"What kind of a feeling?" Okay, so much for him letting this go.

"Just…a feeling."

"One that scared you to death, from the look in your eyes." 

He saw too much. I can't hide this from him. I look at his face, the handsome face I love so much, then into those incredible blue eyes. I can see such love there, and such concern. Oh, god, that fear was too terrible to even want to think about! "It did. I…I don't ever want to lose you,"

"You're not going to lose me, Angel."

He sounds so sure. I shake my head. I've had this feeling before. I damned near did lose him! If he wants to know, then I'll tell him. I just hope to god he listens this time! "I got the same feeling I had just before you went to…Arconia."

I can see the wariness come into his eyes. "Go on, babe."

I shrug. "I just had the feeling that I'd never hold you, never make love to you again."

He puts his hand behind my neck, gently guides my head to his shoulder. His arms are around me, and I put my arms around his neck. Sitting here, right now, my fear seems…silly. But I know that it's not. I know that it's a warning of some kind. "Okay, anything else?"

"No. Just that…horrifying feeling." That was more than enough! The very thought of losing him is enough to send me into blind panic.

"You're not going to lose me, babe. I promise."

I press my lips to his neck. "I'll hold you to that."

He kisses the side of my head.

My stomach is starting to rumble. We haven't eaten since we took the kids to Dairy Queen, and we've had a lot of…exercise…since we got home. At about five-thirty. Almost six and a half hours ago. Hmm…another 'marathon session of lovemaking'. Not that I’m complaining! I loved every second of it! He has to be as hungry as I am. "Daniel?"


"Are you hungry?"

Yeah, I am."

"Let's wash and get out. I think I have a couple of pizzas in the freezer."

"Sounds good to me."



When we finally crawl into bed, it's almost two-thirty. He holds me close, I snuggle against him with my head on his shoulder. If I’m not laying on top of him, this is the only way that I can fall asleep. I'm feeling calm, satiated…completely content. Thank god for Saturdays!


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