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"...I'll give you something only life can bring
The calm inside the storm
Love me a little, love me long
Wo yeah
The calm inside the storm
Love me a little, love me long..."
"Calm Inside the Storm" 
by Cindi Lauper and R. Derringer


Chapter 1

Duncan looked around the conference table at the faces of SG-1. "I'm taking you off the stand-by roster. I'd like to have the best out there again, checking things out in a new neighborhood."

Casey ducked her head and smiled. She had told the group over pizza and beer just two nights prior that they would be going through the 'gate again soon, and that no matter what they told one another, or themselves, they all wanted to be back on active rotation. Daniel had insisted that there was too much to do in the Center, that Jack was too busy scheduling and coordinating off-world missions for the other teams, that Sam was too busy with several new discoveries made by three different SG teams, and that she and Teal'c had just started a new physical fitness program. Duncan wouldn't put them back on rotation until things 'calmed down' a bit, he had declared. Her teammates had agreed with his assessment, although Jack's eyes had lit up at the thought of going through the gate again.


'Yeah. But you love my ass.' She could 'hear' his chuckle.


'We'll be okay, Daniel. I can feel it.'

His only response was to squeeze her fingers slightly as they held hands under the table.

"We have MALP and UAV images from a planet that has extensive ruins. UAV images show what looks to be a group of people living near a small lake," Duncan was saying. "Daniel, I'd like you to take a look, see what we might be dealing with. Jack, when he's got the information together, I'd like for you to get a mission planned."

Both men nodded. "Deadlines?" Jack asked.

"Just as soon as possible. The more allies we have, the better," the Scot replied.

Daniel opened the folder that Duncan had handed him. The images were clear, and immediately had his heart hammering against his ribs. These ruins were Egyptian! He would have to get a closer look to determine which dynasty was represented, and who the Pharaohs were. The images of tents near a very small lake showed a people who lived as the nomads of the deserts had lived for thousands of years.

Casey watched him, smiled when she saw that he was already 'gone', lost in speculation and interpretation. She reached over and put her hand on his arm. He absently patted her fingers, then began to pull more of the photographs from the folder.

"Daniel, would you like to get started now?" Duncan asked, grinning.

The archaeologist heard nothing, continued to study the images. Glances and grins were exchanged around the table.

She winked at her friends and leaned over to whisper in his ear. "Daniel, move to the end of the table, so the rest of us can get naked and get busy."


"Come on, Daniel, please?" She said a bit louder now. "You're in the way if Sam and I are going to lay here, we want to get naked and get busy."

Jack snorted. Duncan chortled. Sam giggled. Teal'c raised an eyebrow.

"Sure, babe," was the distracted reply.

"Come on, Casey, do me here," Duncan said loudly, grinning from ear to ear.

"Okay, Mac. Is that all right with you, Daniel?"

"Sure, babe."

Duncan, Jack and Sam were laughing out loud. Teal'c was chuckling as well.

Daniel's head came up, his eyes wide. "You're gonna do what?" The others were laughing heartily now. He rolled his eyes. "What? What'd I miss?"

Casey shook her head. "That stuff must be really interesting, took almost a full minute for anything to filter through to you!"

Duncan could barely speak for laughing. "So I take it that you'd like to get to work on that right away?"

A slight flush warmed his cheeks. "These photographs are very intriguing. Definitely Egyptian. Don't know if I'll be able to tell what dynasty from the images or not. That settlement is nomadic. I don't know how friendly they'll be. Usually nomadic tribes were…or are…willing to welcome strangers, offer hospitality."

The Highlander, still chuckling, nodded. "How long to investigate?"

Daniel sifted through the stack of glossy photos. "Several days at least. How far from the 'gate is this?"

"About half a klick."

"Good, we won't spend all our time traveling. How far is that lake from the ruins?"

Duncan checked his notes. "Klick, maybe klick and a half."

The dark blonde head nodded. "Don't know if they'll notice us right away. Probably should count on it, at least get permission before we do any digging."

"I'll let you call this one," Duncan said. He turned to Jack. "How long to get ready?"

"We can be ready to leave within a couple of hours, I would think. I'd like to take 6 with us. They're good at digs, good in a fight," the older man said.

"Sounds good. Okay, get everything together, we'll brief in two days," Duncan said. With a nod, he rose and left the room.

Daniel glanced over at Casey. 'I'll get you for that!'

She blushed and lowered her eyes. 'I'm sorry. I was just teasing.'

'I know. I'm still going to get you. Long and slow. Keep you on the edge for hours.' He smiled with satisfaction when she shivered slightly.

'Remember, My Heart, payback can be fun.'

He chuckled out loud. 'Yeah, it can be.'

"I wish you two would quit doing that!" Jack complained good-naturedly.

Sam was laughing again. "I have to admit, Daniel, that's the longest I've ever seen it take you to 'surface'!"

Daniel grinned sheepishly, then went back to looking through the photographs again. "These are fantastic. With luck, we'll be examining a city that hasn't been looted, or intentionally destroyed."

"Great. Rocks. Writing and stuff," Jack grumped. "Sounds like a boring trip to me."

"Take your fishing pole," Casey suggested. "Maybe their lake is fish free, too."

Jack grinned. "I might just do that!"

"Come on, Daniel, let's go to your office. You can spread all of this out on your work table. I'll throw food at you when I think you need it," Casey teased.

He grinned again, gathered the material and stuffed it back inside the folder. "Smartass."

"Yeah, but you-"

"Yep," he said, before she could finish. She giggled, slipped her arm through his, and led him from the conference room.

Once inside his office he pulled her into his arms, kissed her gently. "Love you, Angel."

She smiled. "Love you, too. Go to work, Daniel. I'll be here when you surface."

He smiled, kissed her once more, then sat down at the worktable. Within minutes he was totally absorbed in what he was doing, and totally oblivious to everything around him.

Casey watched her Husband for a few minutes. She finished up with the email that needed attention, then headed for the gym. She had three classes today. Now that Nergal had been taken out, and all of the teams were back on regular rotation, she was able to continue with the schedule of physical training that she, Teal'c, and Duncan had worked out. She'd bring lunch up to Daniel, if he would even surface and take time to eat it. With a smile, she left the room. He never noticed.

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