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Reflections and Revelations

Chapter 3

Daniel pulled her into his arms, kissed her throat, tugged at the bottom of her sweater, trying to get it up over her breasts. His hands became distracted when his fingers brushed their curves. He deftly twisted the clasp between the cups of her bra, pushed them aside and began to fondle her warm flesh. Her nipples hardened against his palms.

Casey worked her hands under his shirt, her hands skimming his sides, his belly. She rubbed her fingers over his flat nipples, felt them harden at her touch. Her body was on fire from his caresses, her mind reeling from the knowledge of how much he loved her, how much she loved him. She managed to get his shirt unbuttoned, pushed it off of his shoulders, shivered as his hands left her long enough to get it off. Immediately his hands went back to her body, his long fingers molding, massaging, caressing her breasts. He bent over, took a nipple into his mouth. She pushed her body against him, his touch offering relief to her aching flesh. He made love to her, his mouth moving from one breast to the other.

He gasped when her hands found and began caressing his rigid shaft. He pulled his mouth from her breast, pushed her sweater up, got if off her, even though it meant that for a few seconds his body was deprived of her touch. He managed to get her jeans unfastened, slipped his hand inside, past the tight curls, and down to the moist flesh between her thighs. She was caressing him again; long steady strokes that continued to fan the flames of his desire.

With a little moan, she pulled away from him. He looked at her, confused. She wanted…no, she had to taste him. Now. She dropped to her knees, pulled his jeans off his hips, and took his throbbing flesh into her mouth. She worked her tongue over the hot skin of his erection…tasting, teasing. She felt his hands in her hair; felt him hold her steady as he began to thrust into her mouth.

If he didn’t stop her now, he wasn’t going to last. It took effort, but he stepped away from her. He kicked his jeans off, then knelt down in front of her, pulled her jeans from her slender hips, holding her steady as she lifted each leg in turn. He buried his face between her thighs, the smell of her, the taste of her, making him ache for her all the more. He stood up, caught her up in his arms, and gently put her on their bed. He stretched out beside her, kissed her lips, his hand moving over her body at will.

When her breath was coming in ragged gasps, he slid lower on the bed. He held her thighs in his hands as his tongue moved over her honey covered folds. She was so wet…so hot. Her hips were moving, lifting towards him with every flick of his tongue.

He groaned, anticipation burning in him. He took his finger and dipped it into her honey, then worked it to her tight, sweet opening. One finger, then two slid into her tight little ass, working her gently, making her ready for him.

She was burning, the fire so hot she was afraid she would burst into flames any second. She could feel her climax building. Now. It was time. "I’m ready," she whispered.

He shuddered as he raised himself to his knees. As soon as he had released her, she had rolled to her stomach, and was now on her hands and knees, offering her body to him. The oil was still sitting on the nightstand. He poured some on his fingers, covered his throbbing cock, then worked some into her. He held himself steady with one hand. "If it hurts, we stop," he whispered, repeating what he had told her the night before.

"It won’t." With that, she pushed back against him, gasped when he slid into her body.

"Sweet Jesus," he moaned. He put his hands on her hips, threw his head back and gave into the sensations.

She moved a hand between her thighs, caressing the hard nub that peeked from between the swollen folds. She began to rub herself in rhythm to his thrusts.

"So damned tight and hot and good," he whispered to her. "Love you."

"Love you," she replied, her body beginning to quiver. She was almost there…

He felt the quiver in her body, knew that she was ready. "Come for me, babe. Do it good."

Her orgasm rocked her as the waves of pleasure rolled over her. "Now, Daniel, now. Hard, fast," she panted.

He obeyed, pounding into her body, knowing that he was only seconds behind her in falling off of that cliff of ecstasy.

"Fill me, Daniel, give me all your love," she whispered.

Like lightening through his brain, her words echoed around him. He leaned forward and wrapped his arms around her, held on for dear life, his hips thrusting against her, and then…ecstasy. He cried out, her name on his lips, his body emptying into hers. When he could breath again, he gently pulled out of her body. He stood up, his knees still weak, and helped her from the bed; led her into the bathroom.

Daniel began filling the tub with water, added a generous amount of bubble bath. "Are you okay?"

Her smile was dazzling. "Oh, yes!" She traced his cheek with one unsteady finger. "And I’m not a slut."

He grinned, caught her hand and kissed the palm. "Never, ever a slut. You’re my Fantasy Angel," he replied.

"Fantasy angel. I kinda like that," she said.

When they were settled in the water, Daniel pondered for a few minutes, then brought up the issue that had been bothering him. "Babe, I’m sorry about calling you a hussy. I never should have started that."

She had been pouring water on his chest, using her cupped hands. She stopped and looked at him. "That was done in fun, and in love. It’s a silly little game we play, and I’m not willing to give it up. I love it when you tell me that you ‘damn well do love me’."

He shook his head stubbornly. "Sorry, babe. I can’t do it. Not knowing what your…what that woman put you through, what you’ve carried in your soul all these years." He would never refer to that woman as her mother.

If Casey thought pouting would change his mind, she soon discovered differently. It had honestly never bothered her when he called her a hussy, she never thought about it in a negative way. She sighed when she realized that this was a battle she would never win…even as she marveled at the love it demonstrated. She sighed again. She'd miss that 'game'.


A  A  A  A  A  A


"Casey?" They were lying in bed, holding one another, waiting for sleep to overtake them.


"Thank you."

"For what?"

"For the most incredible night of my life. For trusting me with your heart, and your body."

She shivered, and cuddled closer. "I trust you with everything that I am. The only reason I could do what I did last night was because I trust you, know that you would never hurt me, physically or in any other way."

"Thanks for telling me about your childhood. I’m sorry you had to go through all of that."

"Thank you for being there to help me face my demons. I couldn’t have done it without you."

He didn’t reply, he just pulled her closer to his side.

She drifted to sleep, not sure if she was dreaming when she heard him whisper to her.

"Goodnight, My Star, my Fantasy Angel," he whispered, just before closing his eyes.

The End

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