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Reflections and Revelations

"Somewhere, somehow somebody
Must have kicked you around some
Who knows, maybe you were kidnapped
Tied up, taken away and held for ransom
It don't really matter to me...
I said you don't have to live like a refugee"
by Tom Petty


Chapter 1

Jack sat at his desk, twirling a pen between calloused palms. He'd spent a restless night, worrying about a phone call that hadn’t lasted more than thirty seconds. He played it back in his mind


"Jack, we won’t be coming in tomorrow."


"Put us down for a day of vacation. There’s nothing important happening tomorrow. Teal'c can handle the gym. We won’t be in."

"Can I ask-"


"Is everything okay?"

"Oh, yeah."

"I want details, Space Monkey,"

"See you Wednesday, Jack."


Daniel's voice had sounded strained, breathless. Jack shook his head. When he had asked Daniel if everything was okay, he thought at the time that the younger man’s voice had verged on hysterical laugher. At that moment he thought that maybe the two young people were about to indulge in…well…indulge. He'd been teasing about details. But…Daniel wasn’t usually so abrupt. Normally Jack was trying to shut the man up. The archaeologist was always rattling on and on, boring him with details. The more he thought about that call, the more it nagged at him.

With a groan, he pushed himself to his feet. Damned scientist could bother him when he wasn’t even around, Jack groused. He made his way to Sam’s lab. He watched her for a moment, focused on her hands as they carefully adjusted some thing-a-ma-jig on that doohickey she was working with. The same hands that had brought him to shuddering ecstasy just about an hour ago in the shower.

She looked up at him, smiled. "What’s wrong?"

Must be the look on my face, he thought. Sam could read him like a book, although he still remained an enigma to the rest of the base personnel, thank god. "That phone call."

Sam turned off the device she'd been studying, and sighed. "Well, I do have to admit that just isn’t like Daniel. He’s not that…short…unless there’s something bothering him."

"Then you agree that something's wrong?"

She studied him for a minute. "We’re going to feel like idiots if your first reaction is right," she replied. 

Jack noticed she hadn't answered his question. "Rather feel like an idiot than to find out something was…is…might be wrong," he said, with a resigned sigh.

Sam nodded. "I’ll get my coat."

Jack picked up the phone, paged Teal'c to meet them at the first checkout point. Yep, he’d much rather have to apologize to Daniel and Casey as to find out something had happened to them


A  A  A  A  A  A


Daniel opened one eye. What had woken him up? He looked down at Casey, she was wrapped around him, her head on his shoulder, her arm around his waist, one slender leg curled over both of his. There it was again. Pounding. On the front door.


Before he could disentangle himself from her warm body, he heard the door open. He managed to grab the blankets and pull them over their naked bodies, just before Jack’s head came through the door.

"Hey, Daniel. Just wanted to make sure you’re okay," Jack said, a grin on his face. Daniel didn’t miss the look of sheer relief that flashed in the older man’s eyes.

"Jack, what are you doing here?" Daniel asked, swaying between annoyance and curiosity. Never should have given him a key, he thought grumpily.

From years of military experience, Jack’s quick glance into the bedroom had given him all the answer he had needed. Daniel’s clothes were on the floor by the dresser - tossed, it looked like. There was a lacy, white satin sort of thing on the floor, and two discarded sheer white stockings, and…good lord, was that a chain connected to that little scrap of lace? The room reeked of sex. "We’ll just wait for you out here," Jack said, already moving away from the door and down the hallway. Sam and Teal'c were right behind the gray-haired man, both casting curious glances into the room.

Daniel groaned, and looked down. Casey was looking up at him, her green eyes full of laughter. "Guess Jack was worried about us," he grinned.

"After that rather...cryptic...phone call last night, I’m not surprised," she grinned. "At least he waited until this morning. I would have shot him if he'd shown up last night!" She sat up, the blankets falling to her waist.

He grinned. He couldn’t resist leaning over and giving each perky nipple a quick kiss. He twisted, put his feet on the floor, hurried over and closed the door. He found and pulled on the jeans he had been wearing the night before. "Take your time, babe. I’ll get rid of them," he said. He moved back to the bed to kiss her.

Casey rose up on her knees, and kissed him, her arms going around his neck. "Be nice," she admonished.

Daniel smiled, and lowered his lips to hers again, reveling in the sweet taste of her mouth. His hands found, caressed her round breasts.

She pulled away from him. "Go, now, before I pull you back into this bed and we give them a sound show they won’t soon forget," she whispered.

With a chuckle, Daniel released her. She was crawling out of the bed before he had the door shut behind him. He made a quick, necessary stop in the bathroom, then went into the living room where his friends waited. "So, Jack, I’ll ask again, what are you doing here?"

Jack looked down at his hands. "Your phone call was a bit…abrupt," he said at last.

Daniel frowned, then nodded. "I told you when you asked that everything was okay."

"Yeah, but your voice said that something was up," Jack replied. He bit back his grin. From the evidence, the Space Monkey had been 'up', all right!

Daniel’s frown deepened. How could he explain this, without revealing what had happened the night before?

"That was my fault," Casey said.

Everyone looked up at her. Daniel saw that she was wearing his tee shirt, and no bra. She had his boxers on as well, holding them up with one hand. He couldn’t help but grin. His clothes were the only things on the floor that she could wear.

"Hey, Casey," Jack said. He bit back the grin that threatened to escape when he saw how she was dressed. "Sorry to wake you up."

"It was late when we got to sleep last night, or rather this morning," she admitted, although whether her expression was one of smugness or sheepishness wasn't easily discerned.

Jack looked at her, then at Daniel. His first impression had been right, after all. In fact, given what he'd seen, it was safe to say these two had had quite an interesting night. But he needed to play this out. Maybe it would spare them all some embarrassment. "So you guys are alright…no fights…nobody trying to grab you or hold you for ransom…nothing we need to be worried about?"

Casey giggled. "Nothing you need to be worried about. Let’s just say that last night I…uh…surprised Daniel. That’s why he sounded so…uh…" she let the sentence trail off.

Jack grinned. He had a pretty good idea of what had happened. "Yeah, okay, I think I get it," he said.

"Well, I don’t," Sam said, looking from Jack to Daniel and then at Casey. The young Immortal gave her a wink. Ah…now she understood. She gave a little giggle.

"I must agree with Colonel Carter. I do not understand," Teal'c said.

Casey giggled. "T, last night was very special…very private, for Daniel and I."

"Indeed. And this was the reason you were unable to appear at the base this morning at the appropriate time?"

Jack guffawed. Sam chuckled. Even Daniel was smiling.

"Teal'c, after last night, I’m surprised I can even walk this morning," Casey said, her green eyes shining, knowing exactly how much her statement gave away.

Daniel jerked slightly at her words. He looked at her, his glance flickering to her ass, concern in his blue eyes.

She smiled and walked over to him, so that he could see that she was okay.

Teal'c studied her for a minute, taking in her attire, and realization registered on his dark features. "I understand. You and Daniel Jackson engaged in sexual intercourse. But you have engaged in this activity before, and it has not affected your ability to perform your duties. Why was last night different?"

Jack slid off of the arm of the sofa and hit the floor with a thud, his body wracked from the laughter that erupted. Sam had hid her face behind her hands, her slender shoulders shaking.

Daniel's face was bright red, and Casey could feel her own cheeks burning.

"T, it’s…well…it's…" Casey started. She looked at Daniel, unable to read what he was thinking, his blue eyes locked with hers. "Last night was different, Teal'c. Special. We didn’t want to feel rushed, we wanted to take our time. And that meant that there was a chance we’d be up late." She could see Daniel relax, his eyes blazed with love and appreciation.

"I think that now that we know everything is okay, we should leave," Sam said. The look of thanks that Casey gave her made her smile again.

Jack had finally managed to get himself under control. He got to his feet, stood directly in front of Daniel. "I still want details. You can stick to the highlights."

Daniel flushed again. "Don’t think so, Jack," he replied.

The older man only grinned. He was going to find out about that white satiny thing, and the chain, one way or another. Inquiring minds want to know, he grinned to himself. "See ya tomorrow, Jacksons," he said.

Sam hugged both Daniel and Casey. "He really was worried. He was afraid that if we didn’t check on you, there really might be a reason to regret it."

"I know, Sam," Daniel said. He had seen the look of relief on Jack’s face when the colonel had looked into the room and saw the two of them cuddled in bed.

Teal'c looked as if he were about to ask another question.

"Teal'c, I’ll explain tomorrow," Casey said hastily. The large Jaffa raised an eyebrow, then inclined his head toward her.

The door closed quietly behind them as they left. Daniel and Casey exchanged a grin. With a look of impish delight, she let go of Daniel’s boxers, and they slid down her narrow hips to the floor. She stepped away from them and lay down on the sofa.

Daniel shivered at the sight of her, laying there in his tee shirt, her nipples poking up against the thin material, her curled legs giving him a glimpse of fine blonde hair and sweet pink flesh. He unbuttoned his jeans and took them off. He was already hard when he lowered his body onto hers.

Casey reached up and put her arms around his neck, pulling him closer, her head moving up, her lips meeting his. She parted her lips and let him enter, his tongue striking sparks in her mouth that spread throughout her body.

"You’re really okay? You aren’t sore?" Daniel asked, shifting his weight slightly as he held himself up, waiting for her to stretch out beneath him.

She parted her legs, wrapped them around his waist. When he lowered himself, she reached down between them to guide him into her already wet well. "I’m fine, My Heart." She gasped as he pushed, entering her fully.

Daniel closed his eyes, pushed until his hips were against hers. He was amazed that he could do this, after last night. Her warm well took him in, wrapped around him, the muscles grasped at him. He wondered again how she could do that.

"Thank you," she whispered against his neck.

"For what, babe?"

"For last night."

He opened his eyes and looked at her. "I should be thanking you. And I do, by the way. Why would you thank me?"

"Because you didn’t-" she broke off, turned her head.

He kissed her neck. "Didn’t what, babe?"

She shook her head slightly. "It’s just…it’s not important, really," She finally said. She began to grind her hips against him, an effort to distract him.

Daniel felt his body respond to her movements, but even as he began to move in and out of her body, his mind was working on the puzzle she had suddenly become.

Slowly, steadily, gently they made love, until they reached their satisfying climaxes.

"Let’s take a shower, then I’ll take you to IHOP for breakfast," Daniel told her, coming down from his orgasm.

She nodded, but made no move to release his body from her grasp. "Just let me hold you a minute longer?" Her body was still trembling.

Her green eyes pleaded with him. He couldn’t refuse her. He held his weight on his arms, not willing to crush her. He planted tiny kisses on her face, her neck. When at last she was ready to move, he helped her to her feet, then carried her to the bathroom. Something was wrong, and he was going to find out what it was.

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