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Open Arms

Chapter 12

It had been four days, and their provisions were gone. SG-1 ‘gated back to the SGC, tired and disappointed. Except for Kullen and his people, they had met no one, and there had been no sign of Methos. SG-6 returned only an hour later, having had no better luck in finding the Immortal than the others had.

Jack had ordered both teams home, put them on thirty-six hours of ‘downtime’. Every SG team from every SG base was looking. He wasn’t about to let any of the teams become exhausted. That would lead to mistakes, and he knew all too well that mistakes could lead to disaster.


A  A  A  A  A  A


Casey stepped out of the shower with a sigh. She always took wet wipes and her body lotion on every mission, and the team bathed whenever there was a lake, river, or stream to be had. But there was nothing that compared to a hot shower. She took her time applying lotion to her skin, savoring the feeling of being clean once again. She dried her hair, then brushed it until it glistened. Daniel had showered before her, and had gone out to get something for dinner. When she wandered into the living room, her robe fluttering open and revealing her skimpy teddy, he was watching TV, a pizza box sitting on the coffee table.

"Feel better, babe?" He was stretched out on the sofa, holding a bottle of beer on his chest.

"Definitely." She grabbed one of the three remaining slices of pizza and dropped down on one of the chairs by the fireplace. "Gee, you almost left me some, didn’t you?" she teased.

Daniel grinned. "There’s another one staying warm in the oven."

She finished the slice, started a second one. She was really hungry tonight. After a four days of MREs, even slightly warm pizza was like manna. She caught his grin when she grabbed the last piece from the box.

He watched her, pleased that for once he didn’t have to plead with her to eat. He would bring the other pizza out, hopefully she’d eat some of it as well.

She stood up and headed for the kitchen. "Need another beer?"

"No thanks, babe." He peeked over the back of the sofa to watch her. She was washing her hands. With luck she'd get a beer for herself…

Casey opened the refrigerator door. And stared. A large bouquet of red roses sat on the top shelf. She looked over at the sofa, saw him watching her. Her eyes filled with tears, and she took the flowers and sat them on the counter, pressing her nose against the satiny buds.

Daniel got to his feet and went into the kitchen, pulled her into his arms.

"What are these for?" she asked, her smile soft.

""Welcome home," he said, and lowered his head to kiss her. She tasted of pizza and that unique flavor that was her.

She wrapped her arms around his neck, buried her face against his neck. "Do you have any idea how much I love you?" she whispered.

"Oh, I think I have an inkling," he whispered in reply.

"Why don’t you come with me, and I’ll see if I can show you," she said softly. She took his hand and led him to the bedroom.

For a few minutes, Casey did nothing more than run her hands over his shoulders, his arms, his chest. She watched her hands move across his body. When she looked up into his eyes, she could see the flames she had ignited. She shrugged her robe to the floor. Then she slid her hands under his pullover; touching him, feeling the heat of his skin. When she pushed the material of the shirt up, she lowered her head and let her lips follow her fingers over his body. His hands were on her shoulders, caressing them, holding her. She finally pushed the shirt up farther…when he moved his arms up to help, her skin turned cold from the absence of his touch. She looked up at him, he lowered his head and kissed her. Fire shot through her body, setting nerve endings aflame.

Daniel was lost in the taste of her. They had managed to make love once when he had returned to the base with her, after nearly two weeks without her. Within a matter of two days they were out on a mission, and by mutual consent, they refrained from making love on missions, it was too risky. He felt like a man lost in a desert, finally finding an oasis that held life giving water. His hands skimmed her body, coming to rest on the soft, firm flesh of her breasts. His thumbs rolled over the nipples, he felt them harden against the calluses there. He drank from her mouth, but the thirst…the hunger…for her was far from quenched. He moved his mouth to her throat, tasting, teasing the soft flesh, felt her shiver under his tongue. His hands moved to her shoulders, pushed the straps of her teddy down, exposing her to his touch.

She unbuckled his belt, worked it loose, then unbuttoned his jeans. She slid her hand inside, let her fingers trail against the taut skin of his erection. When she finally wrapped her hand around him, she felt his body shudder. He was already leaking, she could feel the teardrop of fluid with her thumb.

"Bed," he whispered hoarsely, his breath as ragged as hers.

She shimmied out of her teddy, the act nearly making him lose complete control. He yanked off his jeans and boxers…tossed them to the floor. She laid down on the bed, he stretched out beside her.

"Welcome home, babe," he said again, as he lowered his mouth to her breast. Her body arched up to meet his hungry mouth, his demanding hands. She let him take from her body what he needed, his every caress fanning the flames that raged within her.

The need to taste him was overwhelming, it was a need she could no longer deny. With a tiny whimper, she slid down and engulfed him with her mouth. He shivered as she worked her tongue around the length of him, moving up and down with tantalizing slowness. When she began to deep throat him, as much as she had ever been able to do, he grabbed her head and pulled her away. She smiled to herself, knowing just how close she had brought him to release. She let him pull her up to the pillows, then watched as he settled himself between her thighs.

Their eyes locked as he began to worship her body with his mouth, the sensations making her hips buck against him. He slid his fingers into her, began stroking her. He could feel her body quiver, knew that soon she would be whimpering with her release. With the first contraction of her muscles, he moved up and pushed into her. He nearly cried out as her body grabbed him, held him, massaged that aching part of him. He began to move, her legs wrapped around him, holding him tightly against her. He heard her, just a tiny sound in her throat, and leaned down to whisper in her ear. "Come for me, Casey, it’s been so long, babe, come for me."

She whimpered, the sound building like an aria until she cried out, the flames scorching her even as her release began to put them out. Her body trembled beneath his. Her arms were around his shoulders, pulling him close, the need to feel his body against hers a sweet ache. She worked her body around him, felt him swell and throb, knew that he was ready. She began to rock her hips against him. "Fill me, Daniel, give me your love."

Her name echoed around them as he cried out, his body shuddering, the flames enveloping him just before they faded to sweet ecstasy. As was his habit, as soon as he could breathe again, he rolled to his back, taking her with him. He held her close, one hand behind her neck as she settled her head on his shoulder, the other hand moving up and down her back.

Basking in the sweet afterglow of their lovemaking, Casey snuggled deeper into Daniel’s embrace. No matter how many times they made love, she thought, it would always be this good, this wonderful. She listened to the sounds that came from the TV in the living room. Comfortable sounds. Normal sounds. She wanted normal, if only for a little bit. She raised her head and looked up at him.

"What?" he asked, seeing her green eyes watching him.

She grinned. "Let’s do something."

"I thought we just did," he replied, a grin on his own face.

She tweaked his nipple playfully. 

He yelped, and slapped her bare backside in retaliation. 

"Ow! As I was saying," she grinned. "Let’s go do something. Something…normal."

He smiled, understanding what she meant. "Like what?"

"Well, let’s start at the mall, and see what happens from there." She kissed his chin, his throat, his chest, trailed her tongue along his collarbones.



"Keep that up and you won’t be getting to the mall," he told her.

She sat up, wiggled her hips. "Really?" She could feel him harden. "I think we have time for a little more extra curricular activity. Don’t want your heart or any other important organs to give out on me."

Daniel laughed out loud. "Keep me healthy, then babe," he said.

She began to move against him, riding him gently, his hands helping her find and maintain the rhythm they both needed.


"Hmm?" her voice was breathless.

He put her hand between them, pushing it against her body, his own hand going back to her hip, helping her maintain their rhythm. "Make it good, babe," he whispered. He could feel her fingers moving, watched her face as she worked herself up to her climax. When her head dropped back he began thrusting up into her. "Give it to me, babe. Come for me."

She cried out, her body jerking in his hands as he continued to thrust into her. "Now, Daniel, now, fill me," she moaned.

With a cry of his own, his back arched off the bed as he reached his second orgasm.

She collapsed onto him, still breathing hard, his chest rising and falling with hers. "Okay, now can we go to the mall?" she asked, when her breathing was back to normal.

"Hey, you were the one who started it," he teased.

She grinned. "Is that a complaint, Doctor Jackson?"

"No way, Mrs. Jackson." He gave her a push, bringing a surprised squeak from her as she fell onto the bed. He got up and headed for the bathroom.

Casey was on her feet in a flash. She scooted around him and into the bathroom just in front of him. She tried to close the door, but he pushed against it and she merely slid into the wall.

"Feeling playful, are we?" he asked with a grin.

"You started it," she replied, her eyes dancing. She reached in and turned on the water. "I could have sworn I just did this." She clipped her hair up, then stepped into the shower, felt him step in behind her. She leaned back against him, felt his arms surround her. "Love you," she whispered.

"Love you too," he whispered back.


A  A  A  A  A  A


Neither of them were aware it was Saturday until they arrived at the mall. It was busy, but Casey didn’t mind. They wandered from store to store, looking at what was offered. She found a vase and tall, iron candle holders, perfect for the bathroom, in the Bed&Bath store.

Daniel smiled as he watched her inside Victoria’s Secrets. He sat on a bench just outside the store, where two other men were waiting also.

"So, which one is yours?" The man to his right asked.

"Long blonde hair," Daniel answered.

"Very nice," the man replied, nodding with approval.

"Thanks. Yours?"

"Brunette in the corner."

Daniel looked. She was tall, not many curves, he noted, but not bad. "Cute," he said.

The man started laughing. "You know you’re married when you’re sitting outside of Victoria’s Secrets, asking another man which one his wife is."

Daniel laughed. "I guess so. Guess we should be thankful they still shop there."

"Good point."

Casey came out not more than five minutes later, bag in hand. She smiled up at him. "Don’t get your hopes up. I’m just replacing a couple of bras and some panties."

He only grinned, put his arm around her shoulders and pulled her close. "I happen to know where this great little white satin and lace number is," he whispered.

"Really. Like it, do you?" she asked, smiling up at him.


She hesitated outside of Sam Goodies. She remembered the last time she had been here. She glanced at Daniel, saw that he was remembering also.

"Case, if you don’t-" he started.

"No demons, Daniel. You beat them…defeated them," she whispered.

"You did that, babe, not me," he said softly.

"Not without your help, I didn’t." She took his hand. "Come on. I want to see if they have the new Tim McGraw CD."

Daniel held onto the bags that contained their purchases, and watched as Casey looked through the CDs. A group of three men, he guessed them to be about his own age, had noticed her. He smiled; watching, waiting to see what would happen.

The ‘leader’ of the group approached her. "Hi, there, beautiful," he said, smiling down at her.

Casey looked up at the man. "Hello." Her smile was polite, nothing more. She knew that Daniel was standing just at the end of the aisle. She was safe. She had no fears, no demons.

"So, what are you looking for?" the man asked.

"Newest Tim McGraw CD," she replied.

"Ah, country fan," he said, grinning at his friends.

"Actually, I like all types of music. I have a pretty eclectic collection. Just ask my Husband, he’s standing right over there," she said sweetly, pointing at Daniel.

It was all he could do to keep from laughing out loud at the looks on their faces. Without another word the men disappeared into the crowd of shoppers. He made his way to her side. "Another one bites the dust," he said softly.

She giggled. "Crashed and burned."

"Sounds painful."

"Should have paid closer attention to the warning signs," she said, wiggling her ring finger.

Daniel laughed. His heart was pounding in his chest. This beautiful woman, a woman that men flocked to, was his, and his alone. How incredible was that?

Casey slipped her arm around his waist as they left the store. No other man in the world, in the universe could compare to the man who held her heart in his hands. She was the luckiest woman alive.

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