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No Matter the Time, II...an Alternate Love Story

Chapter 6

After dropping Kelley back at work, Casey drove to the motel. She flopped onto the bed as soon as they entered the room. Daniel dropped the keys on the dresser and stood looking at her, his hands in his pockets. She looked back at him, a smile lighting her face. She patted the bed beside her. "Come here," she said softly.

He grinned. "I dunno, is it safe?"

"Oh, absolutely," she said softly. She knew what she wanted. And this time she wouldn’t be denied. As soon as he was stretched out beside her, she was leaning over him, kissing him. She was already addicted to his kisses. Wasn’t sure how she had survived without them. She felt his hands move up under her sweater to her breasts. She moved her own hand down to the growing bulge in his Dockers. She caressed him for a few minutes before setting out to get what she wanted. She worked at his belt, managed to get it unfastened, then tugged the zipper down. When she finally freed that swollen, throbbing flesh, he gasped against her lips. She kissed him gently once more, then moved down on the bed and in one swift movement took him into her mouth. He had made love to her with his mouth until she came, she was determined to return the favor.

He wrapped his hands in the soft silk of her hair, a motion that was already becoming habit for him. Her mouth was hot and eager and she was using her tongue to drive him absolutely crazy. His hips were already moving up towards her. He moved one hand to her breasts, could feel how hard her nipples were. His hand slid once again under the sweater. He couldn’t help but grin when he learned that the clasp to her bra was in the front. He deftly twisted it, pushed the fabric away, and let his fingers move over her bare flesh. He felt the shiver that his touch invoked, and he tugged gently on her nipples.

His hand was distracting, but not enough that she lost track of what she was doing, or her ultimate goal. She slid one hand further inside his pants to caress his balls. Her other hand was working the base of his beautiful cock; she couldn’t take all of him into her mouth. She closed her eyes, memorizing the way he smelled, the way he tasted, the way he felt in her hands and mouth. He was beginning to throb faster, and, quick learner that she was, she knew it meant he was close to his release. She moved up to where she needed to be, relaxed her throat and took him in. As she had done the night before, she allowed her natural need to swallow as she sucked to stimulate him farther.

"Babe, I’m gonna…" he whispered, trying to pull her away.

She resisted, glanced up at him and winked.

Holy shit! She was going to take it all! He closed his eyes, so close now that his breath was coming in hard gasps. She let enough of him leave her mouth that she could flick her tongue around the head…Sweet Jesus that felt incredible! Suddenly his cock was pushing at the back of her throat again, and with the ability of all coherent thought lost, he began to come. He whispered her name as his body hurled towards fulfillment.

She was terrified that she would gag, or do some other horrendously embarrassing thing, but when the time came, she just continued to swallow, and managed to take down everything he gave her. The taste was somewhat salty, but nothing unpleasant. It just tasted like…Daniel. She made sure he was clean, and with a final kiss, moved back up beside him. "Was it…did I please you?"

He groaned. "Oh, yeah, you pleased me, very much, babe."

She gave him a very satisfied smile. "Good. I’m glad."

"Now, what about you?"

"What about me?"

"Aren’t you a little bit…worked up?"

"Now that you mention it, yes I am."

He grinned. He sat up, unzipped her jeans and pulled them from her hips. She was wearing a thong, and he gently eased it away from her body. He pulled her hips to the edge of the bed and knelt down in front of her. He put her legs over his shoulders, and before she could protest, buried his face between her thighs.

She let out a little squeak of surprise when he began to suck on her swollen clit. Her hands were already in his hair, holding him close to her body. His fingers had joined the assault on her senses, and she knew that it wouldn’t take him long to have her flying among the stars. Dear god but the man knew how to use his tongue! In what seemed like no time at all she was crying out his name, her hands tugging gently at his hair as her orgasm sent her hurtling into the abyss of pleasure.

He crawled back onto the bed beside her, wearing his own satisfied grin. "Feel better?"


"Love you."

"Love you, too." She jumped up and grabbed the remote control to the television. "I never get to see what’s on TV during the day. I’m curious as to what they run," she said, her eyes full of laughter. "Oh, wow!" she said, flipping through the channels. "General Hospital! I used to watch this when I was in college!" They watched for a few minutes, Casey explaining who the characters were, and their connection to one another. There were several that she didn’t recognize. She pushed the pillows against the headboard and leaned back, starting to get interested in the show.

Daniel had found something of his own to be interested in. He pushed her sweater up out of the way, brushed the cups of her bra to the side, and lowered his head to suckle. Yep, he could make love to these marvelous breasts for…hours. Days, maybe. Was it possible to make love for days? He situated himself more or less on his stomach, and let his hands and mouth roam at will over her sweet, warm flesh. Each time he tugged at her nipples, he felt her hips, which were pressed against his side, move ever so slightly. He looked up at her. Her eyes were closed, her head was back, and she was smiling. "Like it?"

"Almost as much as you seem to," she replied.

"Yeah, I do love your breasts. Very much." He returned his mouth to a sweet, hard pink nipple. "But I think you need more, don’t you, babe?"


She was still naked from the waist down. He pushed his own pants to his knees. "Slide down here, babe, let me love you," he whispered. He waited until she was lying beneath him. Her legs went around his waist, and he slowly eased forward. Her body welcomed him, and he pushed until he was all the way inside her. He wondered briefly where the energy, the ability to rise again so quickly came from. Just being near her seemed to keep him in a constant state of arousal, no matter how many times he came. He was moving, slowly, in…out…in…out…her hips meeting each thrust he made. His mind was focused on nothing more that the sensations her body gave him, and the love for her that seemed to stretch and bend and fill every part of him.

She closed her eyes as he made love to her, the feelings still new and wondrous. Her body matched his movements, meeting his hips each time they moved down toward her. She wrapped her arms around his shoulders, held him close, feeling so safe, so secure that she could turn loose of all her inhibitions and give freely of everything she had. His love enveloped her like a warm blanket. He had slipped a hand between them, and was caressing her to the beat of his thrusts. Her climax was building, she could feel the warmth moving through her, settling between her legs. Her thighs began to quiver, and that whimper that she couldn’t seem to control filled her throat.

"Now, Casey, give it to me," he whispered in her ear.

She gave a cry and shuddered around him. She was flying again, soaring to heights she never dreamed could exist.

The contractions of her warm, sweet well around him, the sudden release of warm honey had him spinning out of control. He thrust harder, faster and deeper until his own climax rocked him from head to toe. He was still panting when the phone beside them rang. With a groan of frustration, trying to catch his breath, he rolled to his side and grabbed it up. "What?"

"Oh…uh…hello to you, too!" Sam said, surprise filling her voice.

"Oh, hi Sam." He was still not breathing normally. When Casey would have left the bed, he grabbed her and pulled her back down beside him, hugged her close with one arm. "What’s up?"

"Well, Jack said that you…that she…Daniel, you don’t even know her! How can you… Daniel, why are you breathing so hard?"

He heard the little gasp she gave before he could answer.

"Oh, my god…I’ve interrupted…oh, I’m uh…well, to be honest…I’m totally embarrassed!"

Daniel couldn’t help but grin. "Don’t worry, Sam. You didn’t…interrupt. Had you called a few minutes sooner I would have just let it ring," he said.

"Daniel, are you sure about what you’re doing?"


There was a pause before she spoke again. "It seems to be happening awfully fast."

"Sometimes it happens that way. Destiny, Sam."

Another pause. "Are you happy, Daniel?"

"More than I think I’ve ever been in my life. More than I ever thought possible. I thought with Sha’re I knew what love was…but this is…this is…incredible."



"Okay. Look, I’ll let you go. I just wanted to make sure that you’re okay, and that you know what you’re doing, and that you’re sure about all of this."

"I am, I do, and I am," he replied.

Sam giggled. "Okay. Can’t wait to meet her. Bye, Daniel."

"Bye, Sam."

Casey was laughing. "Another friend checking up on you?"

Daniel smiled. "Sam is like a sister, and right now she’s behaving like one. She’s an astrophysicist, and she works at the same place I do." Her lower lip was being tugged between her teeth. "What’s wrong, babe?"

"You’re friends are all well-educated…intelligent…I…I’m not going to fit in very well, am I?"

He couldn’t help but laugh. "Oh, Casey, you’re going to fit in just fine! You’re intelligent! You’re bright. And you’re funny. And you’re charming. We don’t even have to mention drop-dead gorgeous-" he stopped at the wide-mouthed look on her face.

"Me? Gorgeous? Hardly!"

He got off the bed, pulled his pants to his waist so he could walk, and motioned for her to join him. He led her to the tall mirror above the dresser. He pulled her sweater over her head, pushed the bra from her shoulders. She stood naked beside him. "Tell me what you see."

She frowned. "My hair is too limp, my ears are too big, my eyes show everything I’m thinking, my neck is too long, and I don’t have any curves."

"Now let me tell you what I see. We’ll start with your hair. It’s the color of sunshine, smells like flowers, and feels like silk in my hands. I think your ears are just fine. I like the fact that just behind them is a spot that makes you shiver when I kiss it, just like this," he said, gently demonstrating. "You have the most expressive, beautiful emerald green eyes I’ve ever seen. A man could drown in your eyes. I certainly could. I love being able to see your love for me in them. Your neck is long and graceful and beautiful. You have great curves," he finished, running his hands over her body. "You are drop-dead gorgeous."

"That’s really how you see me?" she asked, her voice a mere whisper.

"That’s really how I see you."

She continued to study her reflection "I think you need to have your prescription checked," she said finally, pushing his glasses up farther on his nose.

Once again she made him laugh. "I can see just fine, thank you."

"Hey, how come I’m standing here naked, and you’re still dressed?"

The clothes came off in flash.

She turned to face him, running her hands over his body. "You are magnificent…beautiful…wonderful…so strong, yet so tender, so gentle…I’m really crazy in love with you, you know."

"Now I think you need your eyes checked," he said, blushing slightly, giving her that shy smile that she already recognized, already loved.

She shook her head. "No, I can see just fine, thank you." She looked up into his eyes. "It’s scary."

"I know, babe."

"It is real, not just some chemistry thing that will fade as soon as you get on that plane, right? You won’t regret…any of this?"

He put his arms around her and pulled her close. "It’s real, Casey. I love you so much it hurts. I’ll never regret any of this. I couldn’t forget you, ever. I wouldn’t want to. I want you with me forever. I’ll treasure every minute of our life together."

She relaxed in his arms, his words soothing her, comforting her, reassuring her. "I think we should take a shower. Don’t need everybody to know what we’ve been doing," she said finally.

"Everybody? Where?"

"Lunch has been a few hours ago, and I was too nervous to eat much, and I’m sort of hungry," she replied.

He smiled, kissed her temple. "Now that you mentioned it, I’m getting hungry myself."

She led him to the bathroom, and turned on the water to heat up. They stood kissing beside the bathtub. She held out her hand to check the temperature, declared it perfect, then, with a twist and a pull, had her hair tied up out of the way. She stepped in, felt him step in behind her. She turned to look at him, the water flowing down her back. "Oh, you’re cold! Let me warm you up," she said with a smile. She wrapped her arms around him, pressed her body against his.

"How hungry are you?" he asked, nuzzling her neck, his arms holding her close.


"Keep this up and it’s going to be a long shower," he replied.

"Do you think hotels run out of hot water?" she asked, the smile on her face enough to turn his brain to jelly.

"I don’t know, do you want to find out?"

She nodded, a blush on her cheeks.

He kissed her, moved his mouth to her jaw, her throat. His hands were on her breasts. He gasped out loud when he felt her hands on his ass, squeezing the muscular cheeks. She was kissing his chest, licking him, tasting him, moving down his body. When she was kneeling in front of him she looked up, the water splashing around her, soaking her hair, dripping off of her chin, running in rivulets down her breasts and dripping off of her hard nipples. He didn’t think he had ever seen anything more erotic. She gave him that smile again, opened her mouth and took his aching member into her sweet warmth. His hands were on her head, holding her steady as he moved his hips back and forth.

She could taste herself on him. The thought that it should bother her flashed through her mind, but could not find purchase there, and left just as quickly. Her only thought was his pleasure, and nothing else mattered. The water was warm as it cascaded off of her body, and the titillating taste of him was making her warmer.

"Stand up, babe," he said softly.

She gave his swollen cock one last little kiss before obeying. She was surprised when he lowered himself to his knees. "I’m…I’m not…well…clean…" she whispered, her cheeks burning.

"I know. I’m the one who ‘dirtied’ you. If I don’t mind, why should you?" he asked softly.

Good question. She nodded, although she was trembling slightly.

"Relax, babe, enjoy," he told her. He began to lick her, moving his tongue from top to bottom and back again, tasting only her sweet honey. His tongue teased that hardened nub until she her breasts were rising and falling heavily with each breath. She was close to her release. He stood up, kissed her breasts, then her lips. "Wrap your arms around me," he whispered.

She obeyed.

"I’m going to lift you up. When I do, wrap your legs around my waist," he instructed, his voice a soft whisper in her ear.

Again she nodded. When his hands were on her ass, she curled one leg around him, felt him lift her slightly. Her other leg went around him, and he pressed her against the cold tile of the wall. Her back arched involuntarily from the contact.

"Need some help, babe," he told her.

She reached down, guided him between her wet folds, felt him lower her slightly onto his rigid shaft. She sighed as he entered her. "You feel so good," she whispered.

"You do too, babe. Like you were made just for me," he replied. He nibbled at her earlobe, blew softly into her ear as he pushed her against the wall. He began to move in and out of her, watching her face, her eyes as he did.

Her eyes were locked onto the blue ones just inches from her, the movements he was making sending fingers of pleasure up and down her spine.

"Touch yourself, babe, make it good," he whispered.

She lowered her hand between them, watched his eyes darken even further when he felt her fingers moving between their bodies. It didn’t take long until her thighs were quivering.

He could feel the quiver in her thighs as they gripped tightly at his hips. He watched her, how her eyes became glazed, slightly unfocused just as that dulcet sound filled her throat. He was convinced that there was no sweeter sound in creation. "That’s it, Casey, come for me. Give it to me, babe."

She felt her orgasm building, for one fleeting second wondered how many orgasms he had orchestrated in her body, she had already lost count. It filled her belly, worked its way to her wet well, and…suddenly, she was there. She cried out his name, buried her face against his shoulder as her body trembled around him. "Your turn, lover, come for me," she whispered, then moved her mouth against his neck, marking him as he thrust into her.

Her words were like fire in his brain, made his heart hammer in his chest, made his cock swell and throb and scream for release. He used the wall to help hold her, and began to push hard and deep into her body. He could feel her squeezing him with muscles deep inside her, and the sensations sent him over the edge. He cried out, whispered her name as he emptied into her. He didn’t immediately release her, instead, stood with his face against her neck.

"Well, what do you know, the water's still hot," she said after a few minutes of silence as they caught their breath.

He chuckled. "Yeah, it is."

"Aren’t I heavy?" she asked when he still had made no move to let her stand.

"Nope. The wall helps some. But you’re not heavy."

"Daniel?" she said softly after another few minutes of peaceful silence.


"I’m really getting hungry." She felt him grin against her skin.

"Okay, babe, let’s get cleaned up and go find some food."

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