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No Matter the Time, II...an Alternate Love Story

Chapter 2

She looked around; it was a typical hotel room. His suitcase was still on the bed, unopened.

He saw her looking at the still locked luggage. "I had one thing on my mind when I got here," he said softly. "Finding you."

She smiled. "Now what’s on your mind?"

"Loving you."

She shivered slightly. "I know this is going to sound so cliché, but…wait here while I slip into something more…appropriate."

"Isn’t it supposed to be ‘more comfortable’?" he grinned.

"Hey, I want to be a little bit original!" she said, rolling her eyes. "I hate clichés!"

He laughed. "I’ll be right here."

She took her bag and disappeared into the bathroom. She stared into the mirror, noted the flush on her cheeks, the way her eyes danced with excitement. She pulled the letter from her bag, and re-read it. Everything felt…right. In fact, nothing in her life had ever felt this right before. It was as if her entire life had been leading up to this very moment. Once again she felt deep inside that her heart and soul already knew Daniel, knew him very well. Grandma Rose had told her that her heart would never lead her wrong. Her heart knew. This was right. He was the one. She nodded. Yes, he was the one.

She kicked her shoes off, pulled off her pantyhose and tossed them into the bag. She took off her skirt and blouse, hung them on the hanger she had taken from the closet, and then on the hook on the back of the door. She shook out her satin robe and hung it over her clothes. She took off her bra and panties, and put them into the bag. She lifted out the teddy that she had bought weeks ago, not really knowing why. Premonition, perhaps? The soft, emerald green silk and lace garment looked good on her, she decided. Her pert pink nipples poked through the lacy top, and there was just a hint of the dark blonde curls at the apex of her thighs. She put body lotion on, carefully rubbed it in, then dabbed just the tiniest bit of perfume behind her ears and knees. Why her knees, she wasn’t sure, but grandma had always said that those were the two best spots to wear perfume, and her Grandma Rose had seldom been wrong. She carefully brushed her hair out, took off the dangly earrings she was wearing, and with a final glance in the mirror, decided that she was ready. She hesitated, waiting for a feeling of panic, or a sense of something wrong, or the sense that she was doing something wrong, to come over her. All she felt was excited…and an ever growing need to be in the arms of the man she loved. She hugged herself and bounced on the balls of her feet. The man she loved! Oh, that sounded so wonderful! Dr. Daniel Jackson. The man she loved.

He had stripped to his boxers, turned back the bed, stretched out to wait for her. He had his hands behind his head, his heart pounded against his ribs. Four hours ago, she hadn’t even known him. Now, she was getting ready to make love to him, had agreed to marry him…wait…no…she hadn’t exactly done that. Okay, first order of business tomorrow, a ring. He wanted her officially engaged to him before he left on Thursday. He’d propose, on bended knee, tomorrow night. Propose. Marriage. He shook his head. This was happening so fast! But it was if he knew her, had known her for much longer than four hours. It wasn’t the other Casey he was remembering…no, this was…her…it was her eyes that called to his soul, and beckoned his heart. He’d already waited so long for her, longer than he had even realized. He couldn’t wait any longer. He could only pray that she was feeling the same way.

The bathroom door opened slowly, and she stepped shyly into the room.

"Sweet Jesus," he murmured. He sat up on the bed. "You…my god, Casey, you’re gorgeous! C'mere," he said softly, holding his hand out to her.

She crossed the floor, her eyes taking in the muscular chest, the long legs that had been stretched out, crossed at the ankles, now curled just in front of him. She took his hand, sat down on the bed beside him. He was so handsome! Her eyes drifted just for a second to the rising bulge in his boxers. The sight sent a shiver of excitement through her soul.

He reached up and brushed her hair from her face. Silk. It was like touching silk. He let his fingers play through it for just a moment. He took in the delicate features of her face, his gaze lingering on her lips. He knew just how sweet those lips were, and his mouth watered to taste her again. He put a hand behind her neck and gently pulled her closer.

She sighed when his lips captured hers. His tongue moved patiently against her lips, she gasped slightly from the sensations it gave her, giving him access to her mouth. He thrust his tongue into her mouth, taking everything she gave him, giving back as much in return. He kissed her, deep and long and hard. The taste of him was intoxicating, feeling him, his lips against hers, his tongue dancing with hers, stroking her, was setting her very soul on fire. She was breathless when he let her go, her nipples hard, aching points against the dark green lace.

He moved his mouth to her neck, the soft skin fragrant and sweet against his tongue. He nipped at her, bit her, sucked at that delectable flesh, marking her, making her his own. His lips trailed down her shoulder, he pushed one strap out of the way, let his mouth follow it. His hands went to her breasts, caressed them gently, his thumbs moving over the hardened nipples. "Let’s take this off and get you comfortable over here," he whispered. He pushed the material down to her waist, gasped at the first sight of her breasts. They were round and firm and perfect and beautiful and Sweet Jesus he could make love to them forever! He moaned softly and lowered his head to suckle. He felt her hands pushing through his hair, holding him close to her body. He moved his mouth from one to the other and back again, greedy for every inch of the beautiful globes. He eased her onto her back as he made love to her, one hand pushed at the teddy, eager to see the rest of her incredible body.

She had never let a man touch her so intimately before. She'd had a couple of boyfriends, and though their hands had found and caressed her breasts, they had never done so against her naked flesh. The feeling of the skin of his palms and fingers, and his mouth against her was unbelievable. The more he touched her, suckled her, the more she wanted him to do so. She could feel the heat and the moisture, as well as a sweet, thrumming ache, between her thighs. She felt no fear lying in his arms, only desire…and deep, burning need. She lifted her hips when he pushed against her teddy, pulled her legs up so he could get it off of her, watched him toss it carelessly over his shoulder, his lips never leaving her body. She smiled. Yes, this was right and good and here was the only place she wanted to be.

He raised his head and looked at her. He pushed the hair from her face again, looked into her green eyes, saw the desire that burned there, thrilled at the love in their depths. Her lips were swollen from his kisses, there were two small bruises on her long, elegant neck. Her creamy décolletage lead to those beautiful, perfect round breasts with their sweet, hard pink nipples and dusky pink areolas. Her belly was flat and smooth, her waist narrow, and led downward to hips not much wider. A closely trimmed vee of dark blonde curls covered her mons. Her legs were long and slender, like the rest of her. "My god, Casey, you’re a goddess," he breathed.

She smiled at his praise. "So, I’m okay, huh?"

"More than okay, babe, you’re…exquisite." His fingers began a journey of exploration, his mouth in hot pursuit. He wanted to know every enticing inch of her body. When he finally reached her hips, he gently pushed a hand against her thigh. She resisted for just a moment, he raised his head and looked up at her. "If you want to stop, babe, we will." He prayed that she wouldn’t deny him; he was so close to paradise!

She shook her head. Her body was on fire. He had left very little of her body untouched, untasted. She had never been so turned on in her life. She slowly, shyly opened for him.

Once again he was delighted at what he found. Pink flesh, slick with sweet, fragrant honey greeted him. His tongue darted out, eager to taste her. He moaned again. She tasted as sweet as she looked and smelled. He ran his tongue from the top of her folds to the bottom of that sweet opening and back again. He worked it in and out of her, lapping at the nectar she gave him. Her hips were moving against him now, her hands in his hair. He circled her swollen clit with his tongue, then gently sucked it into his mouth.

"Oh, god!" she cried, her hips coming up off of the bed, her body searching for the giver of this new feeling. She had touched herself many times. But her fingers could never bring her this kind of all-consuming pleasure.

"You like that, don’t you babe," he said softly.

"Yes!" she whispered.

"Want more?"

"Oh, god, yes!"

His mouth clamped back down on her body, and he slid two long fingers into her hot well, stroked her gently. His tongue and fingers orchestrated the overture that was building in her.

"Oh…I’m gonna…I’m gonna come!" she whispered, gasping for breath.

"That’s it babe, come for me." He added a third finger, began stroking her harder. His mouth went back to her once again.

She cried out, her back arching off of the bed. "Oh, Daniel!" Her body convulsed around him, her breasts were heaving, her belly rippled as wave after wave of the most intense sensations she had ever experienced rolled over her, through her. She dropped down, breathless.

He kissed his way back up to her sweet lips, stopping to make love to her breasts. She wrapped her arms around him, kissed him with all the passion that she felt, all the love that had been locked up inside of her for the whole of her life.

"Please, let me love you," she whispered.

He shivered, pulled his boxers from his hips and tossed them to the floor.

She looked at him…she'd never seen a naked man before, not in person anyway. He was…magnificent! She gasped at the size of his erection. As limited as her experience was, she knew that he was well above average. Stallion came to mind. He was beautiful and sexy and how could she already love him this much? She gently pushed him to his back, not sure where the courage, or the need, to know him as he had known her, came from. She kissed him, learning his mouth as he had learned hers. She let her tongue trail over his jaw, the stubble of his beard masculine and arousing. Just as he had marked her, she marked him, biting and sucking and nipping at the skin. She traced his collarbones with her tongue, sucked lightly at his Adam’s apple. Her hands were moving over his arms, finding them strong and each muscle well defined. She learned his muscular chest with her fingers and tongue, teasing his nipples. His flat belly was next. She ran her fingers through the coarse hair around his throbbing shaft. When she was close enough, she let her tongue taste the head, taking that teardrop of pre-cum into her mouth. It excited her, drove the need to taste him further. She almost giggled out loud, glad that Kelley had talked her into ‘practicing’ giving head on several large vegetables. The two virgins had wanted to be able to please a man, regardless of size, when, and if, the time ever came. With the help of two books and a lot of embarrassed giggling, they had learned. She licked him first, from his balls to the head and back down again, working her tongue over every inch of the sensitive flesh. His gasp let her know that she was on the right track. When she opened her mouth and took him in, his hands grabbed at her head, filled themselves with her long hair.

"Oh, god!" he moaned, feeling her wrap her warm, sweet mouth around him. He had yet to find a woman willing to give him more than a cursory suck or lick. Casey was working him as if she couldn’t get enough. She sucked and licked, her hand moving up and down on what she couldn’t get into her mouth. The other hand was gently caressing his balls. She moved over him until she was directly above him, and before he knew what was happening, he could feel the head of his cock touching the back of her throat. "Sweet Jesus!" 

She swallowed, sucked, swallowed, and with another moan he pulled away just before she could make him come. She looked up at him. "Didn’t I do it right?" she asked shyly, her eyes full of confusion, her cheeks tinged pink.

He smiled at her, ran his hand through her silky hair. "You did it very right, babe. I just want the first time I come with you to be inside you. I had to stop you, or that wouldn’t have happened." He tugged at her until she was laying beside him. "You’ve done that before," he said. Why did that thought bother him so?

She shook her head, her cheeks blazing. "No…you’re the first…for a lot of things…for everything. The first man I’ve ever seen naked…well, the first man not in a picture anyway, the first to touch me…I mean, I’ve kissed and done some fondling, but always on top of the clothes…you’re the first man I’ve touched…"

His eyes went wider with every word. "Babe, that’s…wow. How did you know…where did you learn…"

"Books…and…um…well, cucumbers and zucchini." She dropped her eyes, her cheeks still red.

He grinned, then chuckled. "Wow."

She ran the fingers of one hand up and down his chest. "I…would you…could we…"

"Could we what, babe?"

"Would…um…you take me ‘Around the World’?" She had just read a dime-store romance novel, "Daughter of the Gods: Tarnished Heroes", in which the hero and heroine had engaged in that very erotic activity, and she was more than anxious to try it for herself.

His heart began to beat so hard in his chest that he thought it would burst right through his rib cage. "If that’s what you want… I’d be honored to. Do you know what it means?"

She nodded. "I want all of my…firsts…to be with you…tonight."

He nodded. "I’m honored, thrilled to be your first, Casey. I promise to be gentle…and if at any time you get scared, or it hurts, we’ll stop. All you have to do is let me know you need to stop, or want to, and we will. Okay?"

"Okay." Her voice was barely a whisper.

"We’ve already made the first ‘stop’ on the trip. Ready for the next?"

Her eyes met his. "Oh, yes!"

He shuddered at the excitement in her words, felt the already painfully hard part of his body harden even more. "I want you to be ready for me," he whispered. He eased her onto her back, began to make love to her breasts. God, he could spend hours on them! He filled his hands and his mouth with them, moving from one sweet nipple to the other, sucking and licking and nipping until her breath was coming in gasps.

Each caress, each tug on her nipples she felt between her legs. She could feel the desire, the need building in her again, felt the heat rising in her body. Her hands were in his hair, holding him close, her body arching toward him, offering more of her flesh to his hungry mouth. She wanted him to do…more, was eager for the ‘next stop’, but he seemed enthralled with her breasts. She was glad…no, she was thrilled that he found her body…pleasing.

He slipped one hand down over her belly, dipped down between her thighs. She was hot and wet, and when he slipped his finger inside her, she gave a soft sigh of pleasure. He added another finger, worked them in and out, making her even wetter. He kissed his way up to her throat, her lips. "Are you ready?"

She nodded.

He moved over her, used his knee to spread her legs wider. He lowered himself until he was supporting his weight on his forearms, and kissed her, gently, each caress of his tongue comforting her. He moved one hand between them, rubbed his engorged shaft against her, covering himself with her sweet honey. "Put your legs around me, babe," he whispered.

She did as he instructed, wrapping them around his waist.

He pushed gently against her body. There had been no resistance to his fingers, but knowing that she was a virgin made the need to be gentle more important than feeling himself buried in her sweet body. He continued to push his hips forward, watching her face. Her green eyes were locked with his. He felt the head move in, god what a feeling! So wet and hot…he pushed again, heard her gasp. He froze. "Are you all right?" he asked softly.

She nodded, closed her eyes. "It just…feels…I’ve never…please, don’t stop!"

He throbbed harder at her words. He pushed again. She was so damn tight! He was afraid of hurting her. He felt her hips move toward him, taking more of him in.

"Please, Daniel, love me," she whispered.

He nearly lost control, nearly rammed himself into her, the need, the desire overwhelming, fanned dangerously by her whisper. He continued pushing slowly until he felt himself against the very back of her sweet well. As slender as she was, she had taken him in completely, his hips were tight against hers. He laid still, giving her time to become accustomed to his presence. He kissed her again, this time using his mouth to excite her once more.

She wrapped her arms around his shoulders, the feeling of his shaft buried inside her new and arousing. She could feel his body against hers, and it felt right…and good. She moved her hips slightly up and down, felt his body rub against hers. Oh, what a wondrous feeling it was!

He felt her move against him, and again nearly lost all control. A fine sheen of sweat broke out over his chest, his forehead, his upper lip, as he struggled to keep from pounding into her. He moved slowly, gently, pulling just a little way out of her before pushing back in again. Oh, god, she feels so good…it felt so damned right! It was as if his cock had found home! He was pulling out farther now, pushing in, felt her hips meet his with every thrust.

Goddess, it was…incredible! Feeling him move in and out of her body…she had never believed it could be this good! She could feel the friction of his body against hers, and she knew it wouldn’t be long until she was coming again. Holding him in her arms, between her legs, made her feel like a woman, made her feel loved, wanted. His blue eyes looked down at her, filled with such love that it took her breath away. He loved her, he really did! She could see it in his eyes, feel it in the gentle way he was making love to her.

Her eyes were shining up at him, full of love and excitement and wonder. She was meeting him thrust for thrust, and the need to move faster, harder, deeper was more than he could ignore. He wanted to…needed to… "Are you okay?" he asked softly.

"Oh, yes! It feels…you feel wonderful," she sighed.

"You feel wonderful too, babe. I…uh…I need to move a little faster."

She nodded. "Do it…please, Daniel, make love to me the way you need to."

He moaned, her soft words shredding the last vestiges of his self-control. He began to move faster, pushing deeper and harder with each stroke.

The continued stimulation resulted in another orgasm. Her body bucked beneath his. Never had she had an orgasm as intense as the one that was now shooting through her.

He felt her come, felt the contractions around his cock, felt her get suddenly wetter, hotter. Her hips were still meeting his, her breasts pushing against his chest. He raised himself up on outstretched arms, her hands grasped his biceps. He pushed his feet against the footboard of the bed and began to drive into her, all thoughts of gentleness lost as raw need overcame him. She gave a whimper, her back arching as she came again.

He was moving so hard, so fast, pushing so deep! She had wondered how it would feel to have a man on top of her, out of control, his need so great that he ‘pounded’ into her body. It was heavenly, and it didn’t take long for him to have her coming again. She didn’t know if she could take much more…how much pleasure could she experience before she passed out?

He was close. He knew that even if he came now, it wouldn’t take much for him to be ready for the final ‘stop’. Truth be told, he had never engaged in anal intercourse before, either. Never had a woman been in his life long enough to get comfortable enough with to try it. He was utterly blown away that this beautiful woman, this virgin, was willing to trust him enough to make love in that very special way.

Her body was convulsing around him yet again, and once more he felt the heat and the wetness of her orgasm. Here it was…he could feel it moving up from his aching balls to the end of his swollen, throbbing cock… "Oh, god!" he groaned as he emptied into her, erupting again and again. He collapsed on top of her, breathing hard. Her legs were still around his waist, her arms came back around his shoulders and held him tight. He could feel her lips moving against his shoulder. He was going to crush her if he didn’t move. But he didn’t want to leave her body. He slid his arm under her hips, and rolled to his back, taking her with him.

She was startled at first when he rolled over. But when he put his arms around her, held her close, ran his hand up and down her back gently, she decided that she liked this, very much. She crossed her arms on his chest and smiled up at him. "Thank you," she said softly.

"For what, babe?"

"For…this…for making love to me…making me feel loved," she whispered.

"Oh, god, Casey." His arms tightened around her. She couldn’t have a clue what her words meant to him, how they went straight to his heart, taking her there with them. "Thank you for the honor of being your first. I like the idea that I’m the only man my wife will know."

"Your wife…I like the sound of that," she sighed. "Mrs. Daniel Jackson. Yes, I do like the sound of that."

He grinned. "Me, too. Say it again."

She giggled, her eyes dancing. "Hi. I’m Mrs. Daniel Jackson. My husband is that handsome hunk of archaeologist over there."

He laughed. "So you think I’m a handsome hunk, huh?"

"As in the most handsome man I’ve ever seen," she replied. "Most definitely a hunk. You are absolute hunk material. Look up ‘hunk’ in the dictionary, there you are! Under archaeologist, there’s a ‘see entry for hunky types’, and your picture is there, too."

He was laughing harder now. "Lots of pictures in that dictionary."

"Where do you think they got the idea for Pictionary?" she asked.

He hugged her tight, kissed her forehead. "God, I love you!"

"I love you, too, Daniel." She rested her chin on her arms. "When you go on your digs, see, I do know a little about archaeology," she grinned. "Anyway, when you go on your digs, can I go with you?"

His smile faded. "I…uh…I don’t know, Casey. It depends on where they are. You see, the work that I do is…" He looked down into her trusting green eyes, saw the love there, the faith in him. "What I do is top secret…to hell with it. When we get to Silver Springs I’ll show you where I work. Jack will just have to understand, and if General Hammond won’t give you clearance, well, I’ll quit."

"Quit? Daniel, somehow I get the feeling that what you do is very important, and there is no way in hell that I’m going to let you quit because of me. If your work is classified, then I can live with that. I don’t understand why an archaeological dig would be considered top secret, but I don’t need to understand. You just keep on doing whatever it is that you do. I’ll be there waiting for you when you get home every night."

The thought of coming home to this incredible woman every night made his heart start pounding again. Never again to come home to a dark, cold, empty apartment. He would have someone to talk to, eat dinner with, just…be with…this beautiful, sweet, funny, incredible woman would sleep at his side every night, make love to him, hold him. She was already filling every empty, aching spot in his heart, soon she would fill every empty place in his life. Damn, if only he could get out of this mission…why not ask? He hadn’t take a real vacation since he had started there, except the three days he had taken for this week; he certainly had enough days ‘on the books’ according to the Air Force. Okay, first thing in the morning he was calling Gen. Hammond. If he could get out of this one mission, then he could get Casey moved back to Silver Springs sooner. He’d talk to her employer, explain that she wouldn’t be giving a full two weeks notice…Yep, that’s exactly what he was going to do.

She watched his eyes, watched the slight frown that crossed his face. She didn’t know what he was thinking about, but whatever it was, she could see determination settle into the handsome features. She wondered briefly if he would forget about her as soon as he returned to Colorado. No! He wouldn’t do that! He wanted to marry her…well, he hadn’t exactly asked her to marry him…but…he loved her, and that was all that mattered! She didn’t have to have a ring and a wedding to be happy with him. Just to be with him, to have his love, was all that she really needed.

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