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My Eyes Adored You


"…My eyes adored ya
Like a million miles away from me you couldn't see how I adored ya
So close, so close and yet so far…"
"My Eyes Adored You" 
by Frankie Valli (Bob Crewe and Kenny Nolan)



Chapter 1

The men stood looking around them. The battle for their freedom hadn’t lasted long. For years several of them had been hiding away weapons taken…stolen…from clients. None had had the courage to use them. Not until two of the new arrivals had made a daring escape. The men in the room at the time had been under the influence of hashish and pot and drugged wine, and weren’t exactly sure what had happened, only that there had been an escape.

When the Keeper, a tall thin man who continually wore red pants, was found unconscious, his whip was quickly taken from him. All of the men had felt the bite of that whip. Many, many times. Only the Goa’uld sarcophagus that Madame Seleconne had hidden in a back room kept the slaves scar-free and attractive to the clients. When the obese woman waddled from her office after seeing the rebellion break out on the view screens that covered one full wall, she was attacked, her heavy body stabbed again and again by men who had suffered humiliation from her hands for years. The guards, mostly tall, muscular women, were also quickly dispatched.

The city outside of the pleasure house was dangerous, and the men knew that they had little time to make their escape. A black haired man with a black goatee and blue eyes went through the papers on her desk. "She’s got a ship!" he exclaimed.

"I was a pilot, before I was captured," a man with long, light brown hair and gray eyes said. "You get me to it and I can fly it!"

"We need clothes!" another voice called out.

The men looked around. Except for the new arrivals, none of the men had worn clothes in years. The black haired man smiled. "Yeah, we do. Any idea where to get some?"

Most of the men around him shook their heads.

"Well, look around…there has to be something somewhere. If nothing else, we’ll take the linens and use them for now."

"Right, Wade!" one of the men shouted.

Wade Michaels smiled. He had been the first mate on his father’s ship when it had been attacked and he was taken. He had also been nineteen years old at the time. He shook his head. Seventeen years. He had been a slave here for seventeen years. He left the office, looked down at the bodies. "Get rid of them. Stick them in the back rooms for now."

Men hurried to obey. After being slaves for so long, they needed someone to tell them what to do. That Wade was able to become that leader was proof that Drucilla Seleconne had never really broken him. Never. He had done what was expected of him. He had been good at it, one of the most requested slaves in the house. But she had never broken him.

Wade went back into the office. He knew about the ‘records’ that the madame kept. He found the box of crystals, searched for a specific one, and put it into the player. His breath caught in his throat. There she was. Even from the distance of the camera he could see her green eyes, the warm smile. Her hair had felt like silk in his fingers. She had smelled so damned good…unlike so many of the women that he had serviced. Her skin had tasted good, too. He closed his eyes, could remember exactly how it felt when he had entered her body. He shuddered. Never had a client affected him so. He watched as the man who looked just like him, except for the dark blonde hair, raced into the room and dragged him off her…Casey…that was her name. What the hell? He paused the machine, backed up the record, hit play again. They didn’t just escape, they beamed out! As far as he knew, the only civilization who had that technology were the Asgard. Of course, it had been seventeen years. Perhaps others had managed to advance enough technologically to have the same abilities now. He paused the record, zoomed in on her face. The love in her eyes as she looked up at the man was enough to make his heart pound against his ribs.

"Wade, we couldn’t find anything. Rafael is cutting the sheets up. We’ll be covered around the middle, but that’s it for now," one of the blonde men told him.

"That’s fine. We’ll get away from here, and then we’ll find somewhere to get clothes and supplies. Take everything you can. We’ll need goods for trade," Wade said calmly. He stood up and crossed the room, took down a picture of a naked man making love to an equally naked woman, and stared at the safe. He grinned. He had become a favorite of the Madame’s, because he brought so much money into the house for her. He had been given run of the place. She never knew about the times he hid among the curtains in this room and watched her. He opened the safe, and took out the metal credits, the bags of jewels, and the small gold tokens. They would have more than enough to buy what they needed.

Wade made the men wait until well after midnight before allowing them to sneak out of the black brick building, and move toward the space port. Again, he knew exactly where to go.

Luckily for the escapees, the transport ship that Drucilla Seleconne owned was armed. When the pilot brought the engines online, the port authorities demanded that they be powered down. When Wade gave the order to lift off, several of the small, one-man fliers that buzzed around them began to open fire. There were men among them who remembered how to operate weapons, and the transport returned fire, knocking several of the tiny craft out of the sky.

The men fled Dracia, moving as if the devil himself was on their tail. Once they had cleared the solar system, the few ships that had been in pursuit lost interest. Unless there was a bounty being paid, none of the guard ships would bother going after the rusty old transport.


A  A  A  A  A  A


On the other side of the planet nearly three weeks later, a man held his finger to his lips. He walked up to a large device that sat in front of a giant, upright circle. He pushed symbols on the device, and the circle came to life.

"Remain where I send you, I will join you shortly," he whispered. The older woman nodded, then herded the group of young women to the ring.

"You are sure that the tents remain?"

"Yes. I do not know how much food is still there, or if it is still good," he replied.

"We have food with us," the woman said.

"Good. Now go, before the powder that rendered the guards unconscious wears off. Remember, remain there."

The woman led the way, and twenty young women escaped bondage on Dracia.


A  A  A  A  A  A


"The MALP shows that all of their stuff is still there. Let’s find out exactly what was in that wine. I’d like to check and see if Seleconne left anything behind that might give us a clue as to whether or not he was working with Ba’al willingly," Duncan said.

Jack nodded. "Okay. Shouldn’t take us more than an hour to go through the stuff."

Major Parker nodded. "We took all of our gear when we left, there wasn’t much left to go through," he said.

Sam and Casey exchanged uneasy glances. Returning to the place where their husbands had been drugged and having sex with young slaves was not their idea of an easy mission. Casey dropped her eyes to her hands. They were shaking. She could feel Daniel looking at her, felt him reach toward her with his mind. She blocked him, something she had never done before. She glanced up, saw the shocked, and worried, look in his blue eyes. She sighed, then reached toward him. Smiled when he caressed her gently in return.


She shook her head. ‘Let’s just get this over with.’ She stood up, followed Sam to the armory.

Jack fell into step beside Daniel, just behind their wives. "This isn’t a good idea. We should go alone…or let 6 handle it alone," he whispered.

"No way would they let us go alone," Daniel replied. "Personally, I’d prefer to not see this place again. Any idea why Duncan is sending us?"

"Yeah, payback," the older man grunted.

Fifteen minutes later SG-1 and SG-6 were standing at the bottom of the ramp. The men were unusually quiet as Kyle dialed the ‘gate. They shifted from foot to foot nervously.

Duncan stood in the control room. Sam and Casey needed to see where it had happened. Needed to scream and rant at their husbands, shoot them if necessary. Needed closure. This was the only way he could think of to offer it to them. Both women had convinced themselves that what had happened had not been the fault of the men. That was true, to a point. Neither Jack nor Daniel had been drugged when they returned to that tent with those women. Daniel even admitted that if they had simply set up their own camp, the entire mess might have been avoided. Payback was a bitch. And those two women, especially Casey, deserved to get her share. "SG-1, SG-6, you have a go. Godspeed," he said quietly.

The teams stopped short when they saw the group of women who moved around the camp, busy with various tasks. When their presence was finally noted, several of the women screamed and ran to hide. One young woman stared for a moment. Then, with a wide smile, she ran forward and launched herself at Daniel.

Casey watched as the small woman with long auburn hair and gray eyes wrapped her arms around her husband. "Ishtar, I presume?" she said coldly. Her eyes were filled with pain…and anger. She brushed roughly past him and the woman still clinging to him, and followed Major Parker down the steps. She kept walkingleaving the camp, heading for the solitude of the surrounding forest. This time when she blocked his touch, she didn't give in and reach out for him.

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