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Love's Gentle Touch

Chapter 4

Methos and his spy network had found out where the slave-trader who worked for Nergal was most often seen. He also learned that 'Lady Xena' and her associate, 'Gabrielle', were being hunted, bounty hunters from several systems were hoping to earn the large reward offered by Madame Drucilla Seleconne. Few knew that the woman was dead, and that any reward promised would never be collected.

It did however provide an interesting way to learn what they wanted to know. 'Lady Xena' was a slave-trader as well, according to the identity that Thor had created for the two women on their rescue mission, and there was a strict code of loyalty among those who dealt in the peddling of human, and alien, flesh. No doubt this slave-trader would be willing to talk to them if he knew of their presence.

The tavern was on a small planet, known as Kolamar, where the sun never completely rose or set. It was a constant red ball, low in the sky, offering little in the way of warmth or light. Daniel wasn't surprised to learn that there was no Stargate on this particular chunk of rock, it wasn't the most hospitable of places. The planet provided only scant amounts of ore, wasn't suitable for farming. The only thing that it possessed was its location, near the center of the system. Freighters from all around the sector met at the many docks that comprised the majority of the town. Goods were exchanged, traded, and then the ships returned home, their trip cut in half by meeting in the middle.

Once again Sam and Casey donned leather pants and bustiers, high-heeled leather boots and long, woolen cloaks. Casey shivered slightly as she remembered the weekend on Alteria when Daniel had taken these clothes off of her and then made love to her until she couldn't think.

Methos suggested that Daniel, Jack, and Teal'c play the part of Lady Xena's trusted, but enslaved servants. They wore electronic slave collars, and black pants and vests.

When Teal'c had become Immortal, the pouch where his symbiote had once been disappeared, leaving nothing but strong muscle in its place. (He no longer needed to take the Tretonine shots, either. He had managed to convince most of the free Jaffa to take the shots, leaving the Goa'uld larvae to die. The medical facilities on Gamma provided the serum free of charge to the growing Jaffa nation.) He pulled the vest over his shoulders, tugged it to try and bring the two sides closer together on his massive chest.

"It's fine, T, honest," Casey said, her eyes full of laughter. "You can keep it to wear for Carly."

Daniel looked at his large friend, and was sure that he saw a blush rise in the dark cheeks. "Leave the man alone, Case," he admonished. He absently tugged at his own vest, which fit as tightly, and as well as Teal'c's.

"You look absolutely…delicious," Casey whispered, as she stood beside him, adjusting the chains on his wrists. "You do realize that this is all coming home with us."

He grinned at her. "Oh, really? Have plans do you?" he asked softly.

"I might, Master, I might." She glanced up at his eyes, saw the fire that her words had started, danced away from his grasp before he could grab her and pull her close.

Jack came into the room, a scowl on his face as he tugged on his vest. Sam was behind him, grinning broadly. "Who 'designed' this costume, anyway?"

"That would be Casey," Daniel said, frowning at his wife. Besides vests that left their muscular chests mostly exposed, they were wearing tight black pants that left little to the imagination, and black boots. Leather cuffs around their wrists were connected by a short chain. It allowed very limited free movement of their hands. Another chain connected to it, and then again to the leather belts that wrapped around their hips.

"You did good, girlfriend," Sam grinned, looking at her husband. "Where did you get the idea?"

"Methos had photos of several slaves in one of the markets," Casey replied with a shrug.

That man entered the room, looked around, and bit back a laugh. "You're either ready for this mission, or ready to film a BDSM porn flick."

Casey burst into giggles. "Could be a fifty-fifty thing there, Old Man!" Sam dissolved into giggles, and avoided looking at Jack.

Methos laughed, although the men of SG-1 gave her pained looks. "Well, I found a ship for you to use. It's not pretty, but it should get you where you need to go. I thought it might be a bit intriguing for 'Lady Xena' to have some of Osiris' Jaffa flying her ship."

"Oh, now that will make the snakes sit up and take notice!" Jack exclaimed approvingly, a grin on his face.

"So we hope," Methos agreed. "Ready?"

"As we'll ever be," Sam sighed.

"Remember, Sam, you're tough. You don't deem it necessary to talk to anyone, except another trader. That's what you have me for," Casey said.

"I'll be able to translate for Casey anything that she doesn’t understand," Daniel added.

Jack looked up at Teal'c. "Okay, big guy, look mean. You're her body guard."

In spite of its rather pitiful appearance, the ship that they were on, christened the G.S.S. Hunter, had been outfitted with a ring transporter, and several naquadah-tipped missiles, as well as the engine from a Tok'ra ship too damaged in battle to warrant repair. The Jaffa were pleased to be helping the Tau'ri, and if they found the way they dressed…amusing…they kept that fact to themselves.

Sam sat in the captain's chair, Jack and Daniel stood directly behind her, their chained hands clasped in front of them, Casey was sitting in the weapons' officer's chair, and Teal'c stood guard at the hatch into the bridge. Two Jaffa manned the helm and navigational controls. The leggy blonde colonel looked around. "Okay, let's do this."

Casey nodded. "Set course for Kolamar," she said softly.

"Yes, my lady," one of the Jaffa replied. He bit back a smile when Casey winked at him.

Methos and another group of Jaffa were following in the Phoenix. SG-6 and the regular crew were with him as well. They were hoping that their presence wouldn't be required, and had agreed that they would wait well out of the sensor range of the small planet. The upgraded communications equipment of the Hunter would allow a message to reach the Phoenix if help was needed.

Casey turned to look at Sam. Her breath caught in her throat when she glanced at Daniel. 'You are so turning me on!' She could see him fighting the smile that threatened to spread over his face at her words.

'I remember taking those pants off of you.'

She shivered. 'Me, too.'

Sam giggled at the look on Casey's face. "I could give Daniel to you, make him totally your slave."

It was Casey's turn to giggle. "That's a…uh…gift…I won't refuse!"

"Consider it done," Sam replied, laughing now.

"Thanks, boss," Casey said, her own laughter filling the room.

"Feel like a piece of meat, Danny?" Jack asked, a grin on his face.

"Yep." He winked at his wife.

In less than an hour they were orbiting the small planet of Kolamar. Several other ships were in orbit as well, none of them appearing to be more than freighters, all of them armed heavily.

"Okay, whatever you do, don't let them try to separate us. We stay with you at all times," Jack warned.

Sam nodded. She looked over at Casey. "Well, Gabrielle, are you ready?"

"As I'll ever be, Lady Xena," Casey replied.

"Goa'uld from now on, kids," Jack instructed.


A  A  A  A  A  A


They ringed to the surface, and the game began. Once again Sam strode through the streets, the frigid air whipping around her. Several people gave her a startled look, scuttling out of the way as she and her entourage passed by. Obviously this was a woman who brooked no interference. Jack, Daniel and Teal'c followed, watching with amusement as the women walked confidently towards the tavern.

The tavern was large, and looked like nothing more than a warehouse. Inside it was warm, and SG-1 gratefully found a table near one of the large braziers. Casey was 'instructed' to remove the cloaks that the men had been wearing, and took Lady Xena's as well. She carefully folded them, added hers, and laid them on an empty chair beside Teal'c.

Casey looked around. They had all studied the intel packet, and there had been several photographs of the trader they were searching for.

Jack was the first to see him. He nodded toward a back corner. "He's there," he said quietly.

Sam made it obvious that she had noticed the man. A quick 'conversation' with her 'assistant', and Casey made her way to where the man was seated. She didn't notice that every man in the place was watching her. Daniel was well aware of that fact. His body tensed when three men at one of the tables turned in their chairs to watch her walk by. The looks on their faces were not friendly, but full of lust, and one wrong move by them would bring down the wrath of The Chosen.

"Forgive my intrusion," Casey said softly, stopping beside the trader.

The man looked up at her and smiled. "It is never an intrusion when a beautiful woman wishes to make my acquaintance."

"My mistress would speak with you," Casey said, trying to act as if the man's compliment pleased her.

He looked over at Sam. "And what would she speak to me about?"

Casey smiled. "Business, of course."

The man looked into green eyes, took in the bright smile. His gaze traveled her slender frame, hesitated on her breasts and hips. He looked back up into her amazing eyes, and was lost.

Daniel, who had been watching the exchange between his wife and the trader, bit back a grin. "Hooked him," he whispered to the team as they waited.

"I would be pleased to speak to your Mistress," the man said.

Casey offered her hand, led the man to the table. "I don't know your name," she said apologetically, "and Lady Xena would be most offended if I did not introduce you properly."

"I am Tieel, sweet one," he replied.

She nodded, blushed prettily at the comment, which took no acting at all on her part, and proceeded to introduce the two traders.

Tieel looked at the three men with unmasked interest as he sat down in the empty seat beside Daniel. "Pets?"

Sam smiled. Casey ducked her head, then nodded. "Of a sort. My Lady prefers her bed warm. She is generous enough to allow me the same comfort. Her body guard, however, is a necessity."

The trader nodded. "I have a bed warmer or two myself. When you tire of them, let me know. I have an excellent source for men such as these."

The two women exchanged a glance. "I understood that the buyer for goods such as these was dead," Sam said.

"So she is. But she is not the only one who offers men to those women who seek companionship, if only for an hour or two," Tieel said with a smirk.

"I was unaware that anyone else offered such a diversion."

Again the man smirked. "You are new to this sector. Perhaps I could give you the information you…need…trader to trader."

Sam pretended to consider this. She leaned over to whisper to Casey. "So now what?"

"Let him think that you know more than you're letting on?" Casey whispered in reply. Sam nodded. "What information can you offer Lady Xena?"

The man sat back and looked at the trader. She was beautiful. He had watched her come in, enjoyed looking over the long legs encased in leather. Her blue eyes were every bit as pleasing as the sweet one's green eyes were. What a night he could have with these two, he thought longingly, feeling an ache in his groin. "I can offer you a list of buyers. None of whom care to know the details of where, or how, their…merchandise…is acquired."

A waitress approached the table. Tieel ordered a bottle of the local version of moonshine. It was brought to the table, along with glasses, although Sam didn't allow Jack, Daniel or Teal'c to be served. Obviously the slaves weren't allowed to imbibe unless it was for the pleasure of their mistress, he thought.

Sam and Casey 'conferred' again, and the colonel gave Tieel a cold stare. "My Lady believes that you intend insult with your offer," Casey said softly.

The trader jerked slightly. He knew of Lady Xena, and her reputation for leaving a trail of bodies in her wake. "No! Never! I merely offer the knowledge I have of this sector. Trader's honor!"

Jack, Daniel, and Teal'c were finding it difficult to keep the smiles from their faces. Now they understood how the two women had made their way into the very inner sanctum of Drucilla Seleconne's pleasure house with such ease. They were naturals at this game of cat and mouse!

Daniel caught Casey's eye. 'Let him sweat it a bit more, babe.'

She nodded, then leaned over to whisper to Sam, then turned again to Tieel. "Lady Xena demands to know why you believe her to be in need of such…information."

Tieel looked directly into Sam's eyes. "I know that she has never been in this sector before. I know that she has had… business…in sectors far from here. I wish only to help a fellow trader."

Another whispered instruction, and Casey turned her green eyes to the trader. "Lady Xena will accept an upload of information to her ships computers."

A relaxed smile crossed the man's face. "Consider it done. I'll need a link-" he broke off when Casey handed him a data crystal. "Excellent. Now that we have concluded our business, shall we now discuss our pleasure?"

Casey couldn't hold back her giggle. She and Sam had five rings full of Sectonine. She glanced at Sam, got a subtle nod. She ignored the dark looks from the men sitting across from them. This was one thing that they had been adamant about avoiding. "Lady Xena would be…happy…to discuss pleasure. Do you wish this…discussion…to take place here…or elsewhere?"

Tieel's smile broadened, he could feel himself harden. The sweet one first, he decided, then Lady Xena. "My ship is in orbit. It is quite…comfortable."

Sam nodded slightly. Avoided looking at her husband. None of the men were happy at this moment. Not at all! Both Daniel and Jack were trying to catch the attention of their wives, and were being pointedly ignored.

Again Casey giggled. She leaned toward Sam, made a suggestion, which made Sam giggle. "Lady Xena accepts your invitation. We will bring our…pets…you are after all, but one man."

Daniel and Jack both coughed, trying hard not to laugh out loud. Teal'c raised an eyebrow, a smile threatening to cross his face.

Tieel's smile slipped slightly. It seemed that the Lady didn't believe him capable of pleasing her, and her lovely companion. "Whatever Lady Xena wishes," he replied. Her pets could come along, but he would prove to this trader that he was more than enough man to please her, and her little assistant.

The entire team saw the wicked grin that flashed over Casey's face, and braced themselves for whatever it was she was about to say. Sam gave her another subtle nod.

"Perhaps it would…please my lady, and you, to…observe…these pets…with me," she said, lowering her eyes, blushing at her daring, and trying hard not to laugh.

Tieel looked at the men. Images of them beneath and on top of this slender blonde beauty had his cock at full aching hardness. "It would please me," he said softly, glancing at Sam. That woman nodded regally, her own composure on the verge of breakdown.

Daniel watched her, his cheek twitching. 'Not even if hell froze over.'

She glanced up at him, caught the laughter in his eyes. 'Yeah, but hot pants here doesn't know that! He just went up another inch thinking about it!'

Daniel snorted in an attempt not to laugh out loud. He tried to look contrite when Sam glanced at him.

Tieel shifted uncomfortably in his chair. He had to get these women alone…now! "Does Lady Xena wish to leave now?"

Casey couldn't help but glance at his crotch. She smiled when she realized how aroused he was. She leaned over to whisper to Sam. "The man has a hard-on that has got to be hurting!"

Sam bit back her giggle. "Okay, let's go. We'll knock him out and find out what he has on his computers."

Casey nodded. "She wishes," she said simply.

The trader stood up, offered his hand to Sam, which she took after only a second's hesitation, cloaks were pulled around bare shoulders, and the trader led the way back out into the frigid cold. He had a small transport shuttle waiting nearby. He was ready to begin their 'discussion' of pleasure immediately, but Lady Xena looked around pointedly. Obviously not enough room. That thought had him groaning quietly. Tieel was certain that he was about to experience the time of his life.


A  A  A  A  A  A


Once on board his ship, a freighter that bore the scars of many battles, he led them to a gaudily decorated room, one at complete odds with the rest of the ship. In the center of it was a bed of impressive proportions. He pulled his vest and shirt off, exposing an extremely hairy chest. He looked at Casey, then at Sam.

Sam nodded to Casey.

With a barely stifled giggle, she took Daniel and Jack by the hand, led them to the bed. She dropped her cape from her shoulders, then took the cloaks from theirs. She unchained their hands, turned to Daniel, and began to kiss him deeply. Her hand reached back to caress Jack's thigh. That man nearly jumped out of his skin when he felt her hand on his leg. Sam had to bite her cheek to keep from laughing out loud at the look of pure lust on their 'host's' face.

Tieel watched, his heart pounding in his chest. When Lady Xena reached for him, he grabbed her in return. Within seconds he was unconscious on the floor.

"Okay, Casey, use that wicked imagination of yours and give him a good time," Sam laughed.

With a wink at the men beside her, she walked to where the man lay, sprawled out. She thought for a moment, then kneeled down. "You have never had such good time in bed…every fantasy has been fulfilled …even if the 'pets' were more…endowed …and better 'trained' at pleasuring a woman than you, and lasted longer than you."

Teal'c's eyebrows were nearly on top of his head. He couldn't hide the grin that spread over his handsome black face.

Sam giggled. "Oh, that was just mean!"

Casey giggled. "But oh so fun!"

Jack shook his head. "I have the feeling I should say thank you, but I'm not certain!"

Daniel chuckled. "I know what you mean."

The CO looked around. "Okay, let's find his computer, get what we came for, and then get the hell out of here."

They were surprised to find only two others on the ship, both fell to the effects of the Sectonine. Casey whispered fantasies into their ears, leaving them with smiles on their faces. Sam and Teal'c were able to download the entire contents of the computer database. They returned to the shuttle bay, and 'borrowed' the vessel to return them to the Hunter. They were well on their way out of the solar system when Tieel opened his eyes.

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