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Love to the Rescue

Chapter 2

Daniel looked around as he followed Jack down the steps from the ‘gate. Obviously there had been some sort of miscommunication. Several very large tents were set up just a few hundred yards from the Stargate, all of them brightly colored. At least a dozen men and women were moving about - it looked as if they were all cooking. The air was filled with wonderful aromas.

"I thought it was just Silicone and an adviser," Jack said quietly.

"Apparently that’s who we’ll be talking to," Daniel said, "but not the only ones coming to this…meeting."

"Greetings! Greetings!" a voice called. It belonged to a man no more than four and a half feet tall, with a long black beard and a wide smile. The tall, red felt hat he wore over his black hair made him appear all the shorter.

"Uh…hello. I’m Daniel Jackson. This is Jack O’Neill," Daniel said, smiling at the man.

SG-6 and four Marines stopped just behind the two SG-1 members.

"I am Eltar Seleconne. Welcome! Welcome! I see you have brought your entourage as well. Please, have them set up your camp close by, so that we might share hospitality with one another," the little man said.

Jack and Daniel exchanged a look. "Actually, we thought we were just going to be meeting with you and your advisor, we didn’t bring…we aren’t prepared for…uh...entertaining," Daniel explained.

"Do not worry, Daniel. Jackson, I am more than pleased to offer you the comforts of my camp. Come, come!" Seleconne said, waving magnanimously toward the encampment.

They followed the small man through the camp. All of the men noticed the tent where a group very lovely ladies peeked out at them, giggling and waving shyly. Had either Daniel or Jack had an inkling of what would happen in just a few short hours, they would have run back to the ‘gate and through it without a backwards glance. However, they had no clue what was in store for them. So they entered Seleconne’s tent with wide smiles on their faces.

The first thing the little man did was offer them a drink. He filled silver chalices with cool, sweet wine. A quick, subtle test of the liquid satisfied the men that there was nothing in the wine other than the fruit it was made of.

Daniel sipped sparingly, even though it was probably the best wine he'd ever tasted. "Your message was a bit vague on why you wanted to meet with us," he said.

Seleconne motioned that they should all be seated on the cushions that surrounded a large, brass fire bowl. "Please, Daniel Jackson, we will speak of business later. Tonight we will feast, and get to know one another. Tomorrow will be soon enough to speak of weightier matters."

He glanced at Jack. So much for their theory that they would be home in a matter of hours. "Would you tell us about your people then? About your customs, your beliefs," Daniel asked.

"With pleasure, Daniel Jackson," Seleconne replied.

"Please, just Daniel is fine," the young archaeologist said, with a warm smile.

"Good, good! See, already we have become friends!" the small man said happily. He clapped his hands and several scantily clad women hurried into the tent, each carrying a platter of food. Daniel and Jack were served first, then Seleconne, then the men of SG-6 and the Marines.

Several of the dishes were very salty, and the sweet wine quenched the resulting thirst quite nicely. None of the men felt the least bit intoxicated. In fact, Jack was beginning to doubt that it was wine at all because of the distinct lack of a buzz, in spite of the fact that he had drank at least six chalice’s full of the crimson liquid.

Daniel was taking notes as Seleconne described his people. The Dracians, he was told, lived within a strict feudal system, and hospitality was very important, almost sacred, to them. The lack of such could result in all out wars, started by those who felt slighted at the lack of largesse on the part of another. Women, he discovered, were treated as chattel, with no rights; and no place in society other than as a wife, a mistress, a concubine, a servant, or a slave. They were taught all manner of domestic skills, but were not allowed any type of further education. When he had replied to his host’s question that Tau’ri women were considered equals, the small man had drawn a sharp breath of disapproval.

Only Seleconne and his advisor knew the language of the Tau’ri, they learned. That knowledge had come from the Oeterians, several of those people had become fluent in the language…a result of the presence of the SG teams that had been assigned to help them learn better farming techniques, and provide medical help. Learning the language had been done during several trading expeditions that Seleconne had led to that planet.




The sun had set, and darkness settled upon the camp. Seleconne led them to a large tent, inside the area was sectioned off into ‘rooms’. Jack and Daniel were given separate ‘rooms’, while SG-6 was to share another, and the Marines yet another.

Daniel was just settling back onto the cushions of a very comfortable bed when the curtains that served as a door parted, and a young woman slipped inside. She knelt down beside the bed, lowered her head to the floor.

"Uh…don’t do that," he said softly. He reached out and touched her shoulder.

She raised up and smiled at him. She had gray eyes and long, auburn hair. She was a beautiful woman, he noted. Not as beautiful as Casey, but then, he was crazy in love with his wife. No woman was as beautiful as she was. The slave stood to her feet, and began to undress.

He gasped. "No! Uh…no, please don’t do that!"

The young woman did not understand the words the handsome man was saying. His face said that he was not pleased, but his eyes wandered her body, even if it was just a brief glance. She continued to undress, then stood naked before him.

He couldn’t help but see how lovely she was. She was barely five feet tall, and her alabaster skin was unblemished. Her breasts were large for her size, with pink areolas the size of silver dollars, and nipples that stood out proudly. Her waist was narrow, and flared out into wide, but still attractive hips. Her mons was covered with dark reddish curls, and her legs were shapely. He stood up, pulled one of the silk blankets from the bed and put it around her.

She looked up at him, this stranger was very tall. She had been trained well, and if he was standing, well, she knew what he wanted. She knelt down, and began to unfasten his camouflage pants.

He grabbed her wrists, stepped away from her. "No," he said firmly, then shook his head. He frowned slightly, then backed farther away from her.

The young woman looked at him, fear filling her eyes. If she didn’t please the guest of Seleconne, she would be beaten! The beatings of the Keeper left no marks on her body, but the pain was as great as if they had! She stood to her feet, pushed the blanket from her shoulders, and laid down on the bed. She smiled at him, and held her arms out to him.

"No," he said again, shaking his head.

She frowned slightly, then raised up until she was on her hands and knees.

Daniel pulled her to her feet, grabbed her clothes, put the blanket around her again, and then marched her out of the tent.

Seleconne, was giving instructions to several men just outside of his own tent. He turned to see Daniel approaching him. "Is there something wrong, my friend Daniel? Is this woman not to your liking? Has she displeased you?"

"No, nothing like that," Daniel said. "I don’t want a woman. I’m happily married."

Seleconne threw back his head and laughed heartily. "As am I, my friend. But a man should never have to sleep alone, eh?"

Daniel took note of the fact that the young woman was groveling on the ground at his feet. "If I refuse her, what happens?"

The small man shrugged carelessly. "She will be punished for not pleasing you. A beating I suppose," he replied.

If there was ever a time Daniel wanted to run straight for a DHD and get home, this was it. He was still contemplating this problem when Jack appeared, dragging his own ‘gift’ along behind him. That young woman, a buxom blonde with wide blue eyes, was weeping hysterically.

"What the hell is this all about?" Jack demanded to know.

"They don’t think a man should sleep alone," Daniel said in a quiet aside to his friend. "They’ll beat them if we refuse them," he added.

"Oh, for crying out loud!" He turned to Seleconne. "Look, it’s a nice offer…great really…but I’m married."

"As I was just telling Daniel, so am I. What does that have to do with keeping warm and…happy…in bed? Please, take them, they are yours for the duration of your visit in my camp."

Daniel jumped on what appeared to be a possible solution. "If we set up our own camp, would we be expected to…" he nodded at the young woman.

"Of course not. But it is late, and there is no reason for you to set up a camp tonight. Please, take the women, and sleep. They are well trained," he added, with a smile. "I sent them to the best Madame in the kingdom!"

Jack and Daniel exchanged looks. "I don’t mean to sound ungrateful, but I don’t want this woman in my bed," Jack said.

"Jack, if we refuse them, they’ll be beaten," Daniel reminded him in a whisper.

Not seeing any way out of the uncomfortable predicament, the two men returned to the tent and their ‘rooms’, the women following behind.

Daniel divided up the pillows and blankets, let the young woman know that she was to sleep on one pile, he would sleep on the other.

He was nearly asleep when he felt a warm body press against him, put her head on his shoulder. His arm automatically went around her. He jerked to full awareness when his hand caressed a hip too different, too wide to be Casey. He opened his eyes, looked down into the gray eyes of the young woman. She leaned up and kissed him before he could move, her tiny hand going straight to his rising cock. Oh, hell, this was not good! He wondered briefly if this was the trouble that Casey had sensed. He somehow doubted it. He gently pushed the young woman away, pointed to her pile of pillows.

She looked at him with questioning eyes, and went and sat down. She watched him. Watched as he fell asleep, as his pants began to tent from the erection that he had. She smiled, and crawled to where he lay sleeping, dreaming. She carefully released his raging hard-on, gasped slightly at the size, then began to suck him, her hands working around the shaft.

In his dreams, Casey was under his desk, giving him one of her incredible blowjobs while he worked on a Mayan tablet. Except it wasn’t quite…right. She wasn’t teasing the head with her tongue like she always did, like she loved to do in order to make him moan. The hands didn’t feel right…weren’t stroking in the soft, gentle way that she did. She wasn’t deep-throating him to make him come. His arousal, and the attention he was receiving, was starting to bring him from his slumber. He opened his eyes to see auburn hair spilling over his chest…just before he came. Oh, shit, this was not good at all!

Daniel moved away from the woman, his hands covering his exposed manhood. "NO!" He pulled his pants back where they belonged and fastened them, then grabbed his jacket. He was heading for the entrance of the tent when he heard a muffled moan, and then a loud curse. Jack had just suffered the same fate.




He stood staring at the ‘gate. He was aware of Jack’s presence behind him. "She got you?"

Jack snorted. "Yeah. You?"

"Oh, yeah."

"We are so dead," Jack mumbled. "They’ll never believe that we were…hell…is it possible for a woman to rape a man?"

Daniel shook his head. "I have no idea. That’s exactly how I feel, though," he admitted, his arms wrapped tightly around his body.

The older man shuddered. "Yeah, me too."

The two men sat down on the steps beside the DHD. "So what do we do?"

Jack shook his head. "I don’t know, Daniel, I really don’t. If we say nothing, and then somehow they find out, we’re dead."

"If we tell them exactly what happened, and that the women would have been beaten if we had refused them…" Daniel said, letting the thought fade as he thought about what he would tell his wife. "Things were going so damn well! I knew it wouldn’t last!" He raised his legs up to the step just one beneath his butt, put his arms across his knees and rested his forehead on his arm. "Casey is going to come unglued. She was terrified of something happening. Something really bad."

"Daniel, this isn’t that bad…I mean it’s bad," Jack said quickly at the look his young friend gave him, "but I don’t think this qualifies for what had Casey so spooked."

The men remained on the steps, commiserating with one another, eventually falling asleep. Near dawn the two young women found the men to whom they had been given. They curled up to the warm, male bodies and tried to sleep, both fearful of what the day would bring.


A  A  A  A  A  A


"Uh, general? Doctor Jackson?" Major Parker said. He was trying not to stare too hard at the naked bodies of the young women wrapped around the two members of SG-1, who just happened to still be wearing their BDUs.

Daniel opened his eyes, felt her before he saw her. He groaned out loud, and looked up into the curious brown eyes of the SG-6 CO. "It’s a long story," he mumbled.

"Must be a damn good one," Major Parker said, struggling not to laugh.

"Oy!" Jack said, trying to move away from the blonde that was wrapped around him like a blanket.

Daniel managed to pull away from the still sleeping young woman. "They were gifts…we tried to refuse them…but the girls would have been beaten…I put pillows on one side of the…er…room for her…and I tried to sleep on the other side…" he broke off. "Case is gonna kill me."

"You got that right," Tony Sabotti said, his brown eyes flashing with anger. He was thinking he would gladly hold her straying husband down while she did so. "Damn, Doc, you got a woman like Casey, and you gotta screw around on her?"

"I did not screw around on her!" Daniel declared. "I didn’t want this woman near me! That’s why I left the damned tent! They must have waited until we were asleep again-"

"Again?" Maj. Parker interrupted.

"Yeah," he mumbled.

"Seems like the minute Danny and I had a…er…dream…these girls decided to uh…well…" Jack broke off. "Neither one of us wanted this to happen. Like Daniel said, we came out here to get away from them."

Tony and Texas were both scowling at Daniel. "Did you fuck her?" Tony asked bluntly.

Daniel’s eyes went wide. "No! Hell, no! I just told you! I tried to get her to sleep on the other side of the room. That’s where she was when I fell asleep! I woke up when she-" he stopped and shook his head.

"When she what, Doc?"

"She was sucking me off, okay! Damn it!" Daniel spun around in his agitation, his arms waving as he tried to make the men understand. "I didn’t want her touching me! I was asleep! I had no idea what was happening until I woke up! When I did…and she had…I left the goddamn tent! She wasn’t here when I fell asleep!"

The men of 6 and the Marines looked at the two SG-1 members. All of the men knew that the two Immortals had gone through the Ceremony of Fire with their wives. All of the men knew that Jack and Daniel were very much in love with their wives. And that somehow what had happened had not been what these men wanted.

"So, Doc, how was it?" Tony asked, a smirk on his face.

Daniel glared at the SF. "Not anywhere near as good as what Casey can do," he retorted.

Tony dropped his eyes. "Look, Doc, if all she did was blow you, and you weren’t even awake for it…hell, a man can’t be blamed for something like that," he said quietly.

He looked at Tony for a minute, then nodded glumly.

"One thing’s for damned sure," Jack said, ignoring the blonde woman at his feet. "We are not staying here another night. We’re gonna find out what Silicone-"

"Seleconne," Daniel corrected with a pained sigh.

"Whatever…what he wants, and we’re out of here. And if any of you ever mention…this…" he declared with a growl, nodding at the two still sleeping women, "I’ll see to it that you’re tossed through the gate to KS7 535!"

Only Trenton didn’t know about that frigid planet. He looked at the expressions of the men around him.

"It makes Antarctica look like the… Bahamas," Texas explained. "You’d last probably five minutes, in full arctic gear."

The young Mississippi native shuddered.

Jack led the way back into the encampment. Daniel felt a pang of remorse at leaving the young woman alone and naked on the steps to the Stargate, but knew that to offer her any assistance would only cause her to believe he cared for her, or at least wanted her…attention.

Seleconne was still asleep, they learned. Jack strode into his tent, with every intention of waking the little man up. But when he saw five naked women sprawled out around the sleeping Dracian, he turned and left.

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