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Love to the Rescue

Chapter 10

Aaron stood beside his daughter at the weapons console of the Phoenix. He looked at her, saw her pulling at her lip with her teeth. "What is it, Casey? What troubles you?"

"How can I protect Daniel from Ancients? Dad, I can’t lose him, I just can’t!" she said softly, her green eyes full of worry and fear.

The Ancient Being put his arm around her slender shoulders. "I do not believe that you will have to defend him alone," he said with a smile. He glanced over at his son-in-law. "Daniel is more powerful than you realize, my child. With you at his side, he is stronger still. I am not as incapable as I have let others believe, although I admit that I no longer have the power I once did. You have your friends around you, they too, will assist in protecting him."

She smiled. "It might help if we knew who we were coming up against, what to expect, what their weakness are."

"Spoken like a true warrior. I have some idea of who we struggle against. But these Renegades choose to work from the shadows, so their true identity remains a secret."

"So, what do we do?"

"When the time comes, The Chosen will know. Until then, let’s find your friend Tony. It’s been nearly two weeks. I’m sure he’s more than ready to come home."

"I’ll bet he is, too. I’ve been a slave, I remember well wishing every day that I could either break free or die."

Aaron looked at her. His child had suffered so much! Her childhood had been one filled with pain and deep hurt; she had been abducted and enslaved by Wepwawet; and there were a myriad of hurts she had suffered as a result of several missions that SG-1…and SG-6 a time or two…had gone on. Each time Fate knocked her to her knees, wrapped a cold fist around her heart and squeezed, she became stronger. That was the only thing about his sweet, loving, generous daughter that changed. That quiet strength. "You chose to break free, Casey. I do not believe you would have ever chosen death."

She looked up at him. "Ever had your back ripped to shreds with a whip? Death was sounding damned good about then!"

He flinched. He still didn’t know all of the more disturbing details of her life. "Instead of dying, you chose to fight though, didn’t you?"

She nodded, then smiled. "Yes, I did. I knew that if I didn’t get away then, it was only going to get worse for me. I killed a monster who would have inflicted the same, or worse, punishment on someone else. I was so full of anger and hate after he raped me, that I don’t even remember making the decision to grab that knife and kill him. It just sort of happened."

"You are strong, my precious daughter. Your husband, The Chosen is stronger. He has suffered greatly, from his childhood on as well. He suffered great loneliness. Perhaps that is why he refused to let go of the one he loved. Not many men would have searched for their wife among such a dangerous enemy as he did. Would not have had the courage to Ascend into the unknown. Certainly it is rare for an Ascended One to chose mortal life again. He has teetered on the edge of losing you countless times, yet he remains the same man that he always was. Stronger, but not bitter, or angry…nor has he allowed his status, and his…powers…to make him arrogant. Daniel is a good man, an excellent choice as The Chosen. That you are His Chosen adds to his strength."

Casey looked at her father. "Just how did Daniel become The Chosen? Who chose him?"

"There are many planes…levels…of existence in the Universe. Those who…dwell…on each plane have their own talents, and unique qualities. Each avowed to help, or protect, or teach those on lower, lesser levels. There are times when a…champion…must be chosen to fight against those who would impose their will on the lesser. Several groups of Beings gathered, some you know of, such as The Ascended, The Others, The Ancients, even the Asgard and the Nox had a vote this time. There are other Beings as well, that you do not know of, and should not know of. Oma, as an Ascended Being, knew Daniel well. He had been, after all, her student. When it became clear that a champion would be needed, Oma put forth Daniel’s name. Lya of the Nox voted for him. Thor of the Asgard voted for him. Tylan of the Ascended voted for him. Others that you are unaware of voted for him. Because they had watched him, knew that he was a good man. Knew that he would do the best that he could. There was another important reason that he was chosen."

"Casey," Daniel said softly. He had been listening to the conversation from his place by the helm control console. His heart was still clutched in pain over her comment about being beaten.

Aaron nodded. "With her gift, she could only be an asset to you. She has been your Destiny from the very beginning. You recognized that…both of you…much sooner than was expected. Your deep love for one another has also been most unexpected."

"Why?" Daniel asked, frowning. "If she’s my Destiny, and I’m hers, why wouldn’t we have a deep love?"

The older man smiled. "Your love goes beyond what most mortals will ever know. Beyond what even Immortals will ever know. Never has the Fire burned as intensely as it does in the two of you."

Casey pulled her lip between her teeth. "Daniel isn’t going to have to chose between his life with me and our children, and some existence elsewhere in order to do what he has to do, is he?"

"No, Casey. That will never happen. He’s a mere human. An Immortal, but a human none the less."

"So why did a mere human get picked for the job?" Daniel asked.

"Because of all the peoples in the universe, humans alone have all of the traits needed to be a champion. Tau’ri, even more than the others."

She giggled. "Is that a polite way of saying we’re stupid enough to get the job done?"

Aaron laughed. "No. But Tau’ri have a unique way of viewing the universe around them. That uniqueness allows them to see a problem, a challenge, a threat, in a much different way," he explained.

"So our responses are much different," Daniel said slowly. "It doesn’t hurt to have a champion from a group that's considered to be ‘lesser’."

"True. In time, the Tau’ri will take their place among the higher levels of existence. But that time is still far off," Aaron replied.

"I’m picking up a Goa’uld al'kesh," Sam said, watching the scanners around her.

Casey looked at Daniel. Took comfort from the love in his eyes. She brought the targeting computers online. They were about to join the battle that already raged around them.

Daniel caught his breath at the look in her eyes. Her love was so bright, so strong, that it nearly knocked him to his knees. He could feel it, and the absolute faith that she had in him. He didn’t have a clue what he was supposed to do. As long as she was by his side, he could face anything. Do anything. He brought the ship around to the coordinates Sam gave him. Time to go to work.


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