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Little Green Men

Chapter 4

Sam was ready when the 'gate activated. She had already moved the MALP so that she was directly in front of it as soon as the signal was sent. She gave a list of the tools and crystals she needed. Fifteen minutes later two techs came through the gate with the requested items.

Jack looked around. Daniel and Casey were busy writing out the symbols and their meanings, Daniel was probably doing everything but translating those scrolls. He doubted that it would take Talla and her friends long to do so, not with the information the Space Monkey was leaving for them. Sam and the lab rats were working on the DHD. He glanced at Teal'c. It looked as if the Jaffa was meditating. With a sigh, he picked up his P90 and walked to the cavern entrance, careful to remain hidden in the shadows. The shadows were long, the light more red than golden now. Sunset, or damn close to it.

"It will not be much longer until nightfall," Teal'c said quietly.

Jack jumped, put a hand over his pounding heart. "Jesus, Teal'c! Don't sneak up on me like that!"

The dark man didn't reply, however a smile flickered over his ebony features.

"I'm thinking we should leave Sam here to keep working on that DHD. I'll leave Casey as back up, she can sense anything…or anybody…that might try to slip up on them. I figure that you, me and Daniel should be able to handle taking out one lousy Goa'uld."



A  A  A  A  A  A


Daniel, Jack, and Teal'c checked their weapons one last time. "Be careful, Case. If anyone comes in here, shoot first, ask questions later," Daniel said softly.

She nodded. "You be careful too. I can't feel anything…just…"

"Just what, Angel?"

"I'm just…nervous…really nervous. I don't know why."

He nodded. "We'll be careful. I have no idea how long this will take."

"Please stay with me, don't stop talking to me," she begged in a whisper.

He pressed his lips to her forehead, sent his love to her. Smiled when hers washed over him, warm and sweet and comforting. "I promise."

"Let's go," Jack said quietly.

Casey leaned up and kissed Daniel's lips. "Love you, only you, always and forever."

"Love you, only you, always and forever," he replied. He dropped a quick kiss on her lips, then followed his best friends out of the cavern.

She took up sentry duty at the entrance, using night vision goggles to help her see what…or who…might be moving among the profuse foliage just yards from where she sat. Just visible beyond the stand of trees was a small meadow. Which was surrounded by more dense forest. She sighed. Reached out to make sure he was still there. Felt his presence fill her mind. 'I need to do a quick search.'

'I'm right here, Angel. Do it.'

She held tightly to him, felt him hold her in return. 'This won't distract you?'

She could 'see' his smile. 'Nope. Just walking down a path right now.'

'Okay, I'll hurry.' She reached out, searched carefully around him, his safety her first concern. She couldn't see anything. The nervousness, however, would not leave her alone. She searched around the cavern. She, Sam, and the two techs, Jim and Brad, were alone. 'Nothing. Just that…nervousness.'

'I understand.'

'Daniel…be very careful. You mustn't be seen!' She saw nothing, could only 'feel' the urgency that he, Jack and Teal'c must remain totally hidden. 'You must not let anyone see you!'

'Got it. We'll stay out of sight.'


A  A  A  A  A  A


"Case says we can't let anybody see us," Daniel whispered.

Jack nodded his understanding, as did Teal'c. The three men moved cautiously toward the small, run-down hovel that the farmer had directed them to. It was on the very edge of a small settlement. One that looked more like a squatter's camp than an actual village of any sort.

They found a spot shielded from the view of any of the huts, crouched there looking around. "Danny, best way to take him out and keep the locals from knowing about it is one or two of those cool blue fireballs," Jack whispered. "Probably do more damage that way as well. Don't want the symbiote healing the bastard."

Daniel nodded. "Got it."

"Lead on, big guy," Jack said. Once again they moved forward.

There was nothing to hide behind for nearly thirty feet, from the edge of the forest to the farmer's hovel. They had to move quietly, one at a time. The two full moons above them made that thirty feet seem longer. They would be completely exposed for the amount of time it took them to cross that expanse.

Teal'c led the way, his giant frame leaving a large shadow on the ground as he ran toward the hovel. Daniel was next. He stayed low to the ground, moving quickly and quietly to join his friend against the darkness of the rough wall. Jack followed, flattening himself against the wall, turning his cap backwards before taking a cautious look around the corner. He ducked back, his companions reacting as well, all of them pressing against the wood at their backs.

Several young men, teenagers from the quick glance he had had, were moving towards the woods, in their direction. The youths were talking softly, laughing amongst themselves. They walked past the farmer's home, not looking at it as they disappeared into the forest.

The men waited until they could no longer hear any movement in the brush before quietly slipping inside. They donned night vision goggles, looked around the stark room. There was a small camp-like cook stove contraption on a wide stone; a table and two chairs; and a narrow, lumpy cot in one corner. A shelf above the stove held a few meager provisions. A carefully woven mat covered the middle of the floor.

Jack rolled the mat, exposed a narrow, wooden cover. Daniel lifted the cover off, eased his way down the narrow steps.

"It is about time that you returned!" a voice growled from the shadows.

"Afraid of the dark?" Daniel asked, in Goa'uld. He could see the man clearly. He was tall, dark haired, his eyes looked dark. He was well built, and as all Goa'uld seemed to be, he was a handsome man.

He could sense no symbiote. Whoever stood before him wasn't Goa'uld. Human then. One who appeared to need a lesson in the ways to behave when in the presence of a god. "Who are you?"

"Daniel Jackson."

"I have never heard of you."

"Well, I've heard of you, and all the things you've done to innocent people. I'm here to kill you."

Pelops laughed. "I do not think so." He could barely make out the shape of the man in the shadows. That was all that he needed. He raised his hand, brought the ribbon device to life.

Daniel watched, feeling faintly amused. He lifted his own hand, tossed a blue ball of flames into the man's chest.

The Goa'uld gasped in pain. "I do not understand…"

"You've been out of circulation for awhile," Daniel said calmly. "Let's just say that things have changed."

"I am a god!" Pelops roared.

"No, you're not. You're nothing more than a parasite. Infesting an innocent body. Murderer of millions," Daniel replied.

"Daniel! Keep that damn Goa'uld quiet!" Jack hissed above him.

He raised his hand. "See you in hell," Daniel said softly. He tossed another blue fireball, and watched the body slump, and die. He poked his head up from the cellar stairs. "He's dead."

"Let's get the hell out of here," Jack whispered.

Teal'c had been watching from the doorway. "O'Neill, there are several people gathered, pointing in this direction."

"Shit!" Jack looked around. No other entrance. No windows, either. The wood slats on the walls were far enough apart that they would let light through, but none of the boards were weak enough to bust through. Pretty sturdy for a freaking shack, he thought irritably.

"Are they far enough away that we could get into the woods before they could catch us?" Daniel asked, slipping to Teal'c's side.

"No, they are not. They are approaching now."

The three SG1 members watched. There wasn't a damned thing they could do, unless they tried firing on the crowd. That was certainly out of the question. Even firing above their heads didn't seem like a good idea.

Daniel shook his head. 'Angel, we got him. But we're in trouble.'


A  A  A  A  A  A


In the cave, Casey dropped to her knees. "No!" she whispered hoarsely.

Sam looked up at her. "Casey?"

"They've been caught, Sam. They'll be turned over to the authorities. And we don't have a freaking clue where they'll be taken!"

"Okay, this thing is working. I'm going to have Duncan send a couple of Marine teams. We're going to find them, and get back home. To hell with trying to protect the people of this planet from the truth about the Stargate," Sam said, her voice firm. She began to dial the 'gate. "Tell Duncan we need at least two fully armed Marine teams, and we need them now! Extra weapons and ammo, too. And ATV's. Remind Duncan that we'll need an extra for Teal'c."

"Yes, ma'am, Colonel," Brad said, quickly gathering his tools. He followed Jim through the event horizon. He took the MALP with him as well.

The two women watched as it closed behind them. Both of them were worried, and not a little afraid.

It wasn't twenty minutes before the 'gate activated. Turk was through the gate first, carrying two belts, filled with additional ammunition, pushing an ATV. He handed one of the belts to Casey, the other to Sam. "What's up?"

Three more Marines from Marine Two were next, each pushing an ATV, both of which had extra weapons and ammo strapped to the back. One had two grenade launchers laying across the seats. Marine Three, led by Major Culley, were next; all of them pushing ATV's.

Casey waited until all of the Marines were standing around her. "Long story short, a Goa'uld named Pelops was here, his sarcophagus opened by a local farmer. He's been hiding, probably because he has no weapons…well, other than his ribbon device. Daniel, Jack, and Teal'c went to take him out. Which they did. But they were caught by some other locals, and they will be…" she closed her eyes as 'that' feeling washed over her. "No, they have been turned over to the authorities. Very much like…Gestapo. The… leaders…Conciliators…won't dare to let their presence become public…too many questions. They aren't even interested in where we're from. They'll be questioned for a bit, then killed. And when those 'officials' find out that they're Immortal…" she shuddered violently, her heart constricting in her chest at the thought of what her Beloved might be forced to endure. It had been difficult to survive the torture on PY3 279, the planet known as Balisia. The thought of 'experiments' being conducted on Daniel in the same manner was more than she could bear. "We don’t have much time!"

Sam looked at the men around her. "We have absolutely no idea where they are. So we're going in hot, hard, and in full view. Shoot first, ask questions later. Try to avoid civilians. Anybody in a uniform with a weapon is a target."

The vehicles were pushed to just outside the entrance of the cavern, mounted, and the engines started. "Okay, boys, let's go get 'em and take 'em home," Major Culley, leader of Marine Three said, his voice echoing in the helmets that each of the group wore.

Marine Two took point, and ten humans from Gamma raced out into the darkness to rescue their captured friends.

'Daniel?' She shivered when only silence greeted her. She reached out. He was unconscious.

Sam glanced at her friend's face. "Can you reach Daniel?"

"No. He's unconscious. Alive, but unconscious," Casey replied.

"Case…I know that you…that it's dangerous…but…we need to know," Sam said quietly.

She tightened her hold on Turk. "I know, Sam. I'll look." She closed her eyes, wished desperately for Daniel's gentle, soothing presence, and began to search. She could 'feel' him. There! Wouldn't you know it! The very center of the freaking city! Large building… they were in cells in the basement. "This isn't going to be easy. They have…armed trucks…and tanks. Don't know how fast they can go, chances are they can outrun us. We have to get to the center of Menefer. I don't know how much of a fight we'll get," Casey reported.

"Ma'am, can you tell what kind of weapons we're going up against?" one of the Marines asked.

She looked again. Then grinned. "You won't believe this. Staff weapons. Zats. And not very many of those. Most of the…police…carry clubs."

"Best damn news I've heard yet," Turk's voice announced.

"Do we really need to go in firing, Sam?" Casey asked softly. The idea of any innocents being hurt concerned her.

Sam hesitated. Innocent people could be hurt, killed, if they entered the city firing their weapons. It was possible that to do so would cause Jack, Daniel and Teal'c to be killed…"Casey, do they know that the guys are Immortal?"

As long as the three men of SG1 hadn't been wounded, their captors would never know that they held Immortals. There was always hope…Casey searched again, her heart dropping to her toes. "They do now," she said softly.

"We don't fire unless fired upon. If any of them get in our way, we shoot over our heads first. See if that will scatter them," Sam decided. "If they decide to fight, we fight."

"Yes, ma'am," was the quiet response to her amended order.


A  A  A  A  A  A


Daniel groaned, opened his eyes. A man in a dark green uniform was sitting opposite of him at a small metal table. His arms were tied behind his back. The good news was, his hands were free.

"Who are you? Where did you come from? What kind of weapon is this?" the man demanded, pointing at his P90.

"I'm Daniel Jackson. From a planet known as Gamma. That's a P90," he replied.

The man studied him. "You willingly answer my questions?"

"I have nothing to hide," Daniel said, staring into cold brown eyes.

The man looked away, then back at the prisoner. A man who should be covered in bruises - but wasn't; should be dead - but sat here conversing calmly. "What type of creature are you?"

"I'm human. Just like you."

"Do not take me for a fool! I can see that you are not injured! You are alive, when all that is logical dictates that you should be dead!" the man shouted. The officers who brought the three strangers in had brought in men badly wounded, nearly beaten to death by a group of terrified people in a nearby farming community. When a doctor finally arrived, all three were pronounced dead. The doctor requested their bodies for study, then left. When the men had taken deep breaths, not more than five minutes later, sat up and looked around, none of the guards could believe their eyes. Several nearly passed out from fright. All would require debriefing, and for an unlucky few who would not be able to remain quiet about what they had witnessed, there would be reprogramming.

"I'm an Immortal. I’m human, just…different, I guess," Daniel said. "We…Immortals, that is, were created…or granted Immortality…in order to protect Innocents from creatures known as the Goa'uld."

"You are lying! You are here to destroy Menefer!" he shouted again.

"That is not true!" Daniel shouted back. "We found out that there was a Goa'uld here. We killed him. We were going to go home, leave your people in peace. They would never have known that we had been here! Let me and my friends go, and that can still happen!" He wouldn't mention the small group of people who welcomed the team, or the Stargate.

"Why would we release you? Our scientists are very anxious to…study…you," the man sneered menacingly.

"Because if you don't, all hell will break loose. You see, my Wife is waiting for me. If I don't return very soon, she'll call for re-enforcements. She'll tear down your city brick by brick looking for me," Daniel said. "Pissing my Wife off is one of the most dangerous things you can do."

"She is Immortal, like you?" the man asked, more from curiosity than anything else.

"Yes. And seer. A very…powerful seer."

"Seer? Please! Do not insult me! There is no such thing!"

Daniel grinned. "Take my word for it, there is. If you're very lucky, you won't be here when she arrives."


His blue eyes began to dance. "Right here, Angel." The man sitting across from him frowned.

'Are you all right?'

"I'm fine, Angel. Where are you?"

'Just coming into the city. We're trying not to hurt anyone, just firing in the air for now. So far we haven't met much resistance, but it looks like a few might be going for their buddies. If there's anyone with you, better tell them to call their people back, or we'll take them out.'

"You got it," he grinned. He looked steadily at his captor. "She's on her way. Right now they're just firing weapons into the air. If they meet up with any resistance, they'll shoot to kill."

Before the man could answer, the door to the tiny room opened, and another green-uniformed man entered the room. He whispered at length to the interrogator, glanced nervously at the prisoner, saluted, then hurried away. The uniformed man turned shocked eyes toward Daniel. "How?"

He didn't have to ask what the now wide-eyed man meant. "I'm The Chosen. She's My Chosen. We have a…gift. We can communicate with one another telepathically. She's really pissed off. Best thing you can do is to let me and my friends go. Now."

"I do not have the authority to release you."

"You want your city shot to hell? Because that's what's going to happen if you stand against my Wife and the people with her."

The man wiped a hand over his face. If he let this prisoner…escape, he could be tried as a traitor. If he let the city fall to an enemy…He was damned if he did, damned if he didn’t. His first priority had to be the protection of the civilians in Menefer. He pulled a ring of keys from his pocket. He stood up, walked behind Daniel and released him. "Come with me."

The man led him into a narrow hallway, stopped at another narrow door. "Release the prisoner!"

By the time Jack, Daniel, and the officer reached the end of the hallway, Teal'c was already waiting for them.

"What's going on?" Jack asked quietly.

"Two pissed-off wives," Daniel grinned. "Seems they called for some back up, and they're coming in, guns blazing if necessary."

Jack began laughing. "You realize that they just left this government with the task of explaining what the hell is happening."


"You lied!" a slightly familiar voice shouted.

The three turned to see Zahur heading toward them.

"You lied! You said you would leave our people in peace! Yet now you attack our city!"

"We didn’t lie," Daniel insisted. "We were captured when we killed the Goa'uld. My Wife, and Jack's wife, are only trying to rescue us. Casey is a bit…" he looked at the officer beside him. "She's a lot pissed off."

Zahur remembered the way the beauty with the golden-hair looked at this man. Her husband. No one could deny the love that burned in her amazing green eyes. "Then this was not planned?"

"Not by us. Casey and Sam just want to get us back. They won't fire unless fired upon. They've fired into the air just to clear the path to get to us. We'll all head straight for the Stargate… uh…Great Stone Circle, as soon as we're released."

Zahur looked at the police officer. That man was only a captain. "Release them, at once! Call your men back!"

The man rushed forward to obey, more than willing to allow the Committee agent to assume control. Anyone from the Office of the Committee outranked him anyway, no matter how young. And, he had a healthy desire to avoid angering anyone from the Office of the Committee!

'Case? What's going on?'

'We're on our way, Daniel. I know where you are. So far no one has opposed us. We haven't had to shoot over our heads for several blocks now. A few people, very few people, watching us go by, but that's about it.' 

Daniel relayed this news to his friends.

"Come with me," Zahur said. He led the three strangers through the building. Everyone who saw them stopped to stare, several pointing and whispering.

"Uh, Daniel, we're not leaving without our gear," Jack said quietly.

"The things we had with us, we want it back, all of it," Daniel told their guide.

"Yes, of course." Zahur replied. He barked the order for the confiscated equipment to be brought to the front door immediately. He watched, not totally surprised…nor offended…when the three 'visitors' carefully checked to ascertain that all that belonged to them had indeed been returned.

Daniel was standing on the top step when he saw the ATV's coming down the street. He had to grin. It looked like a modern-day western, with the Calvary riding to the rescue. The headlamps of the ATV's lit the street in front of them. The sidewalks all appeared to be empty, but he had no idea if that was because of the hour, or if there had been orders to get - and keep - people inside, to prevent them from seeing the strangers.

"Will these people attempt to follow us?" Teal'c asked.

"Good question, Big Guy," Jack said. He looked at Daniel. "Make it very clear that if we're followed, we will defend ourselves."

Daniel nodded. "Do not follow us. If you do, and try to recapture us, we'll be forced to defend ourselves. We have no wish to harm any of your people."

Zahur nodded his dark head. "You will not be kept from returning to the Great Stone Circle." He watched as the ATV's drew closer. The sooner these strangers were gone, the better, he thought glumly. Life in Menefer would never be the same. Even if only a handful of civilians had seen these strangers, it would cause talk. Anyone who heard the loud, strange weapons and the roar of the odd looking vehicles would know that something had happened, which would result in more talk. And talk was very hard to control. "You realize that you have left my government with a very difficult problem."

"Yes, I do," Daniel replied quietly. "You must believe that was never our intention. However, maybe it's time that the people were allowed to decide for themselves what to believe, or disbelieve."


The vehicles had stopped, and Casey was already running up the steps, pulling her helmet from her head. As soon as she was close enough, she was reaching for her Husband. "Daniel!" she sighed, wrapping her arms around his neck. She pulled away, her eyes taking in the blood and tears in his BDU. "Daniel?"

Daniel pulled her close. "I'm okay, Angel," he whispered. "Love you."

"Love you, too. Can we go home now?"

"Yeah. Let's go." He strapped his pack onto the vehicle beside Casey's gear, handed his P90 to her. He put the helmet that she handed him onto his head. He glanced over at Zahur. "You have the opportunity to help your people. A good first step would be to protect Those Who Search from any form or type of retribution. They have found much that will tell your people where they came from, how they came to be here, what they have suffered in the past. These people are your best hope to help the rest of the Menes to come to terms with the truth."

Zahur nodded. "I am but one man, and I am not a powerful man. I will, however, do what I can. I will promise the protection of Those Who Search. Even if I have to find a place to hide them myself."

Satisfied, Daniel nodded. He climbed onto the ATV, waited for her to get on behind him. He waved at Zahur, smiled when the man gave a  hesitant wave in return, then started the engine. Jack led the way back to the cavern where the Stargate waited to take them home.

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