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Let the Games Begin

Chapter 4

Casey was busy cutting chicken breast into strips for a quick stir-fry. Daniel was cutting the vegetables. "Daniel, I’m really sorry."

"I guess I’m partly to blame," he admitted.

"Partly? Oh, puhleeze!" She put one hand on her hip and turned to look at him. "Just what was so great about that woman? Her dark hair? You seem to have a real thing for women with dark hair. I can dye mine, any shade of brunette that you want, as dark as you want…even the pubes, if it makes you happy. The boobs? Gotta admit that if I had boobs that big I’d never be able to walk upright, but hey, I can get a cup size or two added to mine. Maybe it’s the perfume? No problem there, I can bathe in the stuff if you like it that much. Or maybe it was the way she batted her eyelashes at you. I’d have to practice that, but if it turns you on-"

He was staring at her, mouth agape. "Casey Renee Jackson, where in the hell did all that come from?"

"Let me ask you a question, Daniel Melburn Jackson. Did you even notice when I came into the conference room, or when I left?"

He frowned, tried to remember. Found that he couldn’t.

"I rest my case," she said, and turned back to cutting the chicken.

His hand closed over hers, pulled the knife from her fingers and set it down. He turned her around to face him, put his hands around her face. "I happen to love you just the way you are. You’re beautiful, and sexy, and-"

"Just not as interesting as a Doria Olmstead. I’ll bet that the four of you gave her every secret that Gamma has. All she had to do was bat her eyelashes and you’d have given her all of our security codes!" Casey was still irritated at him.

Memories of a similar incident with a redheaded Goa’uld flashed across his mind. Daniel went pale. "Babe, did you notice, did all the men act that way around her?"

"Every one of them. Like slobbering idiots. No, more like dogs following a bitch in heat," she amended, cutting chicken once again.

He raced to the phone. "Duncan? You’d better change all the security codes ASAP. I think we gave them to Ms. Doria Olmstead today." He talked to the Scot for a few minutes, then came and kissed her on the forehead. "Don’t hold dinner, babe. We have some damage control to do." He grabbed his keys and headed down the front hallway. "Love you, babe," he called just before the door slammed behind him.

Five minutes later the phone rang. Sam and Jack had been having a similar argument, resulting in the same realization. All the teams were being called to the base and put on alert.

With a sigh, Casey called her mother, then put the food back into the refrigerator. It was ready, all she had to do was cook it when they got home. She played with Emily until Erin came in.


A  A  A  A  A  A


When she arrived at the base, riding with Sam and Jack, she went straight to Daniel’s office. He was busy changing all the passwords and codes on the computers there. He didn’t remember giving them out, but if he couldn’t remember his beautiful Wife coming into the conference room or leaving it, there was probably a lot he couldn’t recall.

He looked up at her and winked when she came into the room. He pushed his chair away from his desk. "C’mere," he said softly.

She walked over to him, allowed him to pull her into his lap.

"I think I owe you an apology," he whispered. He began to nibble on her ear. His hand moved up to caress her breast through the tee shirt she wore.

"Daniel, cameras," she whispered.

"The security system is being rebooted. That means the cameras are down for awhile. All the security tapes for today are being looked at right now."

"No cameras?"


"For how long?"

"At least another hour."

"I’ve always wanted to do it on your desk," she confessed, smiling seductively.

"Me, too," he grinned. He began to kiss her, his hand under her shirt, caressing her bare flesh. He shifted slightly, his arousal becoming uncomfortable in the confines of his fatigues.

"Lean back and relax," she whispered. She slid to her knees, positioned herself partially under the desk. "I’ve wanted to do this so many times…" She unfastened his pants, released his swollen shaft. She planted tiny kisses over the head, making him shiver, then opened her mouth and took him in, her tongue working around him, making him harder, hotter.

The fire was racing through his body, he felt as if his blood were about to boil. "Oh, yeah, Angel, just like that," he whispered, losing himself in the sensations she was giving him. When she had him too close to his release, he pulled her mouth away from his body. "Do something for me?"

"Whatever you want, my heart," she whispered.

He helped her pull her pants down, then gently pushed her face down over the desk. He slid into her body, moaned as he began to move in and out of her. He reached over and took her hand, kissed her fingers then put them between her legs. He could feel her caress herself. He had to stop moving for a minute, before he lost all control. When she whimpered he began to pound into her sweet well, making her cry out with her orgasm. It wasn’t but a minute later that his own cry of release filled the air.

They slipped into the bathroom that his office shared with Jack’s, and quickly cleaned up.

"I’ll never be able to sit there and type your reports again without thinking about this," she giggled.

Daniel smiled. "Probably won’t make it easy for me to work, either."

They were back in his office, rechecking the computers when the klaxons began to wail. They ran to the gate room.

"Unscheduled gate activation. Receiving general SGC IDC. It’s yesterday’s code, sir," Kyle reported, looking up at Duncan.

"Close the iris," Duncan replied.

"Shouldn’t we see who we’re dealing with first?" Casey asked softly.

Duncan shook his head. "I just received confirmation that the head of the new Stargate program for Terra is Johann Van Dyke. There's no Doria Olmstead listed in Terra. Not any longer. She was on a ship believed to have been destroyed two years ago. Mr. Van Dyke was found tied and gagged at his home this afternoon."

Several loud thumps filled the room.

"Why didn’t Sam and Teal'c pick up that she was Goa’uld?" Daniel asked.

"We don’t know that she is. She could simply be brainwashed, and under their control." Duncan turned to Sam and Casey, smiled at both women, then put an arm around each of them, hugged them. "If you two hadn’t been so pissed off, we might not have figured this out in time."

"Reminds me of that Hathor bitch and the problems she caused," Sam replied.

"Someone has found a way to synthesize whatever it was…drug of some kind, I guess…that Hathor used to control us," Daniel said.

"Well, we’ve warned Earth, Alpha, Beta, Terra, and Langara. Plus the rebel Jaffa outposts. If she shows up anywhere, orders are to kill her on sight."

Casey shivered. "I wonder if the woman even knows what she’s doing."

Daniel put his arm around her shoulders. "We can’t take the chance that she’s doing this willingly."

"I hate those damned snakes," Casey said. As much as she had hated the woman…well, more like Daniel’s response to her, she still hated the idea of an innocent being under the control of a Goa’uld, no matter what form that control took.

"Me too, babe," he replied softly.

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