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Let the Games Begin

"...Said it was the wrong thing
For me to do
I said it's just a boys' game
Girls play too
My heart is working overtime
In this kind of game
Someone gets hurt
I'm afraid that someone is me
If you want to find me, I'll be
Playing with the boys..."
"Playin' With the Boys" 
by Kenny Loggins
From the movie "Top Gun"


Chapter 1

Sam and Casey stood in the corridor, arms crossed over their chests, matching frowns on their lovely faces as the men of the SGC Gamma made over the visitor. She was Terran, and had been placed in charge of Terra’s newly formed Stargate Program. And she was visiting Gamma to get a first hand look at how their SGC operated, in hopes of setting up something similar for Terra. She was also tall, brunette, and…buxom. To the point of being ridiculous. How does she see to get her shoes on? Casey wondered irritably.

"Please, have a seat," Duncan said, holding a chair at the conference table for her. Jack and Daniel seated themselves immediately on either side of her. Daniel pulled one of the folders with the meeting information towards him, opened it, and slid it in front of her, already explaining the advantages of peaceful exploration. Jack was filling a water glass and pouring a coffee cup for her from the two carafes on the table.

The two women exchanged a glance. This was going to be a long meeting.

Doria Olmstead preened under the attention being paid to her, smiling, flirting, batting her eyes. These Tau’ri men were so sweet, so handsome, so…luscious, she thought. She was particularly drawn to Dr. Jackson. He had the most marvelous eyes, and his hands …oh, his hands! How she loved a man with long fingers! She leaned closer to hear what he was saying, not necessary, but it gave her a chance to breathe his wonderful masculine scent, and that divine cologne that he was wearing.

"As soon as the rest of SG-1 gets here, we’ll start the meeting," Duncan said solicitously

"Actually, we could start now, it’s not mandatory that Sam and Casey be here." Jack said, smiling at the woman. "Ms. Olmstead probably doesn’t want to spend the entire day in a meeting. If we start now, we could break around noon and all have lunch."

Sam was grinding her teeth. "I’m gonna kill him," she whispered to the woman beside her.

"Yeah, right after I kill Daniel," Casey replied, watching Daniel laughing at something the woman said. "I’m calling Tessa…and Carly," she added, with a bit of surprise, when Teal'c entered the room and began to…flirt? Teal'c? Flirting? Carlotta Sanchez had taught the Jaffa a lot, it seemed!

Sam pulled herself to her full height. "Follow my lead," she whispered. Casey nodded.

The blonde scientist walked briskly into the room. "Sorry we’re late, we just got caught up in some intel research," she said, smiling graciously at their…guest.

Doria took in the BDU’s, the lack of make-up on the two blonde women and smirked. "Please, do not apologize. Jack and Duncan and Daniel and Teal'c have been wonderful at keeping me entertained!"

"That’s nice," Casey murmured, sitting down beside Sam, refusing to look at her Husband. The man who would be sleeping on the couch from now until the first frost in hell. Not that he actually noticed, although she did feel Teal'c’s eyes on her for just a moment.

"Actually, sir," Sam said, looking at Jack with innocent eyes and a wide smile, "if you…gentlemen…can handle briefing Ms. Olmstead, Casey and I would like to get back to work. If that’s all right."

The men began to enthusiastically declare that this was indeed fine with them. Casey could feel her hands curl into fists, and she could just feel her knuckles coming into contact with that overly red, smirking set of lips. She smiled, at no one in particular, and followed Sam out of the room.

Sam gritted her teeth once they were back in the hallway. "No way was I going to sit there and watch…that!" she fumed. "Let’s go, we really can get some work done. Those…men…those jerks…certainly won’t accomplish anything today!"

Casey nodded. "Amen, sister. Lead on. The farther I am away from that…that disgusting display of testosterone posturing…the better! Damn big-boobed bitch!" The two women stalked down the corridor to Sam’s office.

Teal'c watched them leave, his eyebrow lifted. He alone had seen the flash of fire in Casey’s eyes. He had been on the receiving end of her wrath once, and had no desire to face it again. He looked at the other men at the table. He managed to catch Jack’s eye, lifted his eyebrow another centimeter, and glanced at the now empty door.

Jack frowned, then glanced at the door. Realization flooded into the older man’s eyes. "Airman," he said to the young man who stood at attention near the door, "would you take Ms. Olmstead to the control room? We’ll start the tour there. Ms. Olmstead-"

"Doria, please," the woman purred, putting a perfectly manicured hand on his sleeve.

"Doria…we’ll catch up with you in just a minute."

The SF entered the room, his heart pounding against his ribs, and other areas of his body stirring vigorously, when the woman put her hand on his arm, allowing him to lead her out of the room.

"Okay, Teal'c," Jack said, as soon as the brunette was out of hearing range. "What’s up?"

"I believe that Colonel Carter and Casey Jackson are angry," the Jaffa replied calmly.

"Oh, shit!" Duncan said softly. He had no desire to face an angry Casey again, either, and didn’t think a pissed-off Samantha Carter-O’Neill would be any easier to deal with. "Guess we were acting like a bunch of hormonal schoolboys. Must be her perfume or something."

Daniel frowned. "Case knows I love her…"

"I believe I saw a flash of anger in her eyes, Daniel Jackson," Teal'c said.

"Oh, shit," the blonde man muttered.

Jack rubbed his hand over his face. "We’d better do some damage control now, before this gets out of hand," he said quietly. He didn’t want to face Casey either, and Sam was no slouch in the temper department. Either one alone could make their lives hell for…well…forever. The two of them together…he shuddered at the thought.


A  A  A  A  A  A


Casey put down the phone. Tessa and Carly would be meeting them on base for lunch. She picked up one of the newest reports on Ba’al, one that had several photographs attached. She studied them for several minutes. Then grinned as the perfect plan formed in her head. "Sam, I have an idea. We already know that the Tok’ra are planning a mission to deal with Ba’al, right?"


"Well, I’m thinking that we should call your Dad. After all that happened with that last joint mission, they owe us, and your dad and Selmak are just the ones to force them into it," the young blonde Immortal said with a grin.

"Into what?"

She slid the pictures of Ba’al closer to Sam. "Forget for just a minute that he’s a Goa’uld…a System Lord. Just look at the man."

Sam looked at the picture, shrugged her shoulders. "Yeah, so?"

"You don’t think he’s just a little bit…handsome?" Casey asked. She couldn’t help it, he was kind of cute, if she didn’t think about the Goa’uld thing.

"Ba’al?" Sam squeaked in surprise.

"Look at him as if he were…Joe the Plumber," Casey suggested.

Sam looked at the pictures again. "Well, I guess…maybe. So what’s your plan?"

"We’re going to let the guys think that this is another ‘Neferteri’ type operation. We both know that it won’t be, but they don’t need to know that."

Sam stared at Casey for a minute. Her smile started slowly, then spread over her face. "I’ll contact Dad right now."

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