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Leap of Faith

Chapter 8

Sam, Jack, and Teal'c were brought to where Daniel and Casey waited, near the entrance to the building they were in. Jack raised his eyebrow at Daniel. Daniel just nodded. Jack grinned and nodded as well, then shrugged. Daniel grinned. Both men realized that it was important that the women of Dovinia see for themselves just how…pleasant…being with a man could be. They were also thinking of the soft sounds of pleasure that their wives made, leaving no doubt that the women were enjoying the activity.

Sam looked at Casey. The young blonde blushed. Sam smiled, reached out and patted her arm. Neither woman liked the idea that they had been watched during the most private, most intimate of moments, but both fully understood that it was…necessary. For a fleeting moment, Sam wondered about the…acceptance…she felt; slightly taken aback that she could so easily endure something that a few years ago would have driven her to tears of embarrassment. Amazing what one could learn to tolerate, dealing with so many different cultures, seeing so many alien places, she thought.

Casey was thinking along the same lines. She couldn't help but wonder how affected the women had been by what they witnessed. Had she had any idea that the men had been witness as well, she probably would have been more embarrassed than she was. She only hoped that the women could comprehend what a wonderful, beautiful thing making love…with a man… could be.

Ihat led them to the moving sidewalk. There were a dozen guards that surrounded them. The team was on edge at first, believing that they were prisoners. But when women, hundreds of women, joined them on that sidewalk, they understood the need for the tall, ebony skinned women. The guards were there to protect them, not prevent them from escaping. The women stared at the three men, some more openly than others. The quiet hum of conversations filled the air around them.

The leaders of Dovinia led the visitors to the steps of the Stargate. Jack cursed himself for not insisting that the team bring their gear and weapons. If they had, getting out of here would have been possible.

"Sisters!" Ihat said loudly, raising her hands above her head in order to gain the attention of the rather large crowd gathered around her. "Sisters, it is time that the truth is told! You have heard and seen the news reports, you have seen the evidence found that was hidden long ago, in a library. For one hundred and thirty years we have been denied the chance to know men, to live and work with them, side by side as was meant to be. Today, that wall comes down!"

Daniel quietly translated what was being said. The team braced themselves, unsure of what would happen next.

Her words were, evidently, a signal of some sort. One section of the large wall that separated the new city from the remains of the old fell to the ground with a loud groan.

"How the hell did they do that?" Jack murmured.

"I have no idea," Daniel replied.

"They must have weakened it somehow," Sam observed.

"Maybe that's been a weak spot, or they've been working on it for some time," Casey said.

Teal'c nodded. "This could not have been accomplished in one day. The wall was prepared for this."

When the wall fell, the Guard escorted the one hundred and thirty men into the garden. The loud murmurs and exclamations of the women turned to silence. The women stared at the men. The men stared at the women.

"Now this could get interesting," Jack said, a slight frown on his face.

Casey giggled. "We could be witness to an orgy that would put Rome to shame." Her teammates snickered and giggled around her.

Ihat lifted her hands once again. "Hear me, Sisters. The visitors who are here, women… and men…live in a world where the people work, and live, together. They can answer the questions that you have!"

Rai joined the group on the steps. She was trembling, her brown eyes wide. Ihat had chosen her to translate. Of all of the linguists, she had been chosen! She wasn't sure whether she should feel honored, or terrified.

The redheaded leader turned to Casey. "I have a question of my own, if I might ask it," she said. She waited for Rai to translate.

"Ask away," Casey replied, a smile lifting the corners of her mouth.

"Do you love him, as we have loved our sisters?"

Casey looked up at Daniel. No one standing nearby, and certainly none who were watching on the vid, could miss the look of love, of admiration, of awe that filled her eyes. "I love him with all that I am. I belong to this man; heart, mind, body and soul. He completes me. We're two halves of the whole," she replied.

Ihat nodded, glanced at the crowd of women…and men. All of them were nodding. "Thank you."

A tall brunette, Casey thought she might have been the one who had winked at her when she and Sam were being taken to the tower, stepped up to the podium that had been placed at the foot of the steps. "When he…took…you, was there pain?"

Daniel groaned mentally as Rai translated. Now Casey would know that they had been watched. She was sure to freak out about it.

The slender blonde smiled. "When a man…enters…a woman's body for the first time, sometimes there is a bit of pain. But it lasts only for a few seconds, and the incredible pleasure that he gives her quickly replaces it. To answer your question directly, there was no pain. Only wonderful, intense pleasure." She glanced up at her husband. So much for him not knowing about the cameras! He knew about them now!

He grinned down at her. The little minx knew…she had known all along! What an incredible woman he was married to! Willing to share their most intimate moments with a people who had no idea what making love was all about. He reached out and caressed her, let his love flow over her. He shivered when he felt that love returned, felt her soft touch against his mind.

Another woman had approached. "What does the hair on his face feel like when it touches you?"

Casey cocked her head to one side. "It's…scratchy…but very…exciting." She took another glance at her husband. "Come here," she said to the woman.

The woman waited for the translation. Her eyes widened, but she bravely stepped forward. Casey took the woman's hand, put it against Daniel's bearded jaw. The woman's eyes widened farther, then she turned to face the crowd of women. "It is like…it is wonderful!"

Daniel flushed slightly as he translated for his friends. He smiled at the woman, watched as she held the hand that had touched him with the other.

Now one of the men was standing at the podium, the women around him watching him carefully. "She is so slender…how do you keep from hurting her with your strong thrusts?"

Daniel smiled. "When you make love, her need is as great as yours. And women are a lot stronger than they look. She'll let you know if you're getting too carried away. She'll let you know if she wants…stronger…or harder."

The man nodded and stepped away. Rai continued to translate all that was being said, both questions and answers. Daniel translated for his team.

Jack was snickering behind them. "Welcome to Health Class 101," he said. Matching grins flickered over the faces of the SG-1 team members.

Another man was waiting to ask his question. "You explained to us, while we were still below, how a woman becomes pregnant. Will it happen every time we…put…uh…it in…er…'enter' a woman?"

Casey turned her head to laugh. Sam joined her. Jack and Teal'c were also hiding grins behind their hands.

Daniel smiled, and shook his head. "No. It won't happen every time."

Ihat was nodding her approval. She turned to the leaders who surrounded her. With their nods, she walked back up the steps. "We have books that will explain all that we need to know. These books will be made available to all. The time has come, Sisters, to decide whether we are ready to move forward into a bright new day for Dovinia. What say you?"

The women began to call out. Several had actually moved toward the men, already it seemed that couples were being formed.

No one seemed to notice the brightly clad group that approached the steps until they were nearly at the bottom step. One of the men of the group, a tall man with bright red hair and a winning smile ran up the steps to stand beside Ihat. That woman watched, her mouth agape.

"It's about time the residents of this city figured out that they were being lied to!" he said loudly. He turned to the visitors, offered his hand to Daniel. "It is fortunate that you came. Only your presence could have brought about this much needed change."

Daniel smiled. "You are from the city founded by the men and women who escaped the separation."

The man nodded. "I am Wilam. Yes, our ancestors chose to leave, face the unknown, rather than live in such a warped, twisted society. We have lived as nature intended." He turned to Ihat. "Our spies were correct then, your medical facilities for…growing… babies, is in danger."

Ihat nodded. "A storm caused a power surge that knocked out the facility for nearly three months. Seventeen unborn were lost. Only two artificial wombs work now. And because of a so-called 'break-through', only female children are being created. Eventually we would have lost the ability to reproduce at all!"

Casey shuddered at the mention of the lost infants, tears filled her eyes. "How did your people become so twisted?" she asked softly.

The leader of the Sisters turned to her. "Anger, Casey. Hatred. There were women among our people who felt superior to men, felt that there was no use for males other than for heavy labor, and the genetic cells needed for reproduction. After losing the war to the men, this anger, this hatred burned. They infected many others with their hatred, until they were able to seize control, and put into effect the 'utopia' they had always dreamed of, a world free of the men who had defeated them in battle. They never stopped to think that they were not speaking for every woman who lived in Dovinia Minor."

Casey nodded. "When those women died, only a few still carried that anger and hatred. It won't be easy to change, you've lived this way for one hundred and thirty years. There will be women, and men, who will fight to keep things the same."

The redheaded woman nodded. "This we understand. But…perhaps with help…" She turned to the tall man beside her.

He smiled. "We will be more than happy to help our brothers and sisters find their way to the natural way of things."

Jack cleared his throat when Daniel had finished translating. "Look, if everything is going to turn out so peachy, do you think we could have our gear, and leave?"

Ihat waited for Daniel to translate, then smiled. "Of course." She used the armband she wore, spoke into it. "I wish to thank you for all that you have done for us. You have done more than you realize."

Daniel and Casey exchanged a glance, as did Jack and Sam. They were aware of exactly what they had done for the people of Dovinia. They were all embarrassed, yet, all felt a sense of accomplishment, that they had truly helped these people.

"When things have…calmed down, perhaps we could open negotiations for trade between our worlds?" Ihat continued.

"That would be great, Ihat," Daniel replied. "I'll leave the 'gate address for Gamma. We'll leave a radio for you. Use it to send a message through when you're ready to meet again."

The woman nodded graciously. "Thank you."

Oskron approached the steps. A young woman with chocolate brown hair and light gray eyes followed him shyly. The tall man glanced back at her now and again, making sure not to walk too quickly. He looked up at the dark blonde archaeologist. "Thank you, Daniel, you and your friends, and your women…wives. You have taught us much."

Jack nearly choked in his attempt to hold back his laughter at Daniel's murmured translation. 

The archaeologist cast a glance at his friend. "You're welcome, Oskron. It's not everyday we help a revolution hit the streets," he grinned.

Two of the tall guards approached. They were carrying all five packs and weapons. The gear was set down on the steps in front of the visitors.

Daniel took his notebook from one of the pockets on the backpack, quickly drew the glyphs for Gamma, then pulled his radio from the pack and handed it to Ihat. "When you're ready, dial this address. Push this button, and speak into this, and we'll hear you. You can tell us that you're ready for another visit. Don't try to come through the 'gate…uh…Chappa'ai until you've talked to us, our 'gate is protected, and whoever comes through would be killed."

The woman nodded her understanding. "I hope that day will be soon." She looked at Daniel for a moment, then with a shy smile, touched his cheek. "Very…interesting," she murmured.

Casey bit back her giggle.

"Okay, campers, let's go home," Jack said, adjusting his ball cap.

Daniel dialed as the rest of the team, and the others standing on the steps, moved away in preparation of it opening. There were gasps of awe from the men as well as a few of the women when the event horizon opened and stabilized. "Good luck, Ihat, to all of you."

"Thank you, Daniel." The woman hurried to Casey and Sam, took their hands in hers. "Thank you. You will be remembered for your contribution to Dovinia. You and your men."

Sam smiled. "You're welcome."

"We were glad to help. I have one question…what will happen to The Lady and the Prefect and the others who won't want change?" Casey asked.

Ihat smiled. "If they wish to live separately, I'm sure there is enough room in the underground city to accommodate them."

Casey giggled. "Poetic justice, I'd say."

The redhead smiled, then hugged each blonde. "Thank you. I hope that you will return to visit us."

"We'd like that," Casey said.

"Time to go, kids," Jack called. He smiled when Sam bounced up the steps and put her arm around his waist. His arm went around her shoulders.

Daniel held his hand out, Casey hurried to his side, slipped her fingers against his. He squeezed slightly, she smiled up at him. They turned to wave at their newfound friends, then followed Jack, Sam and Teal'c through the 'gate.

Ihat watched for a few moments, then turned to look at the people around her. Men and women were slowly, shyly approaching each other. The In-Betweens had been sent below to bring the men who remained in the underground city to the surface for the first time in their lives.

"You have done an amazing thing, Ihat," Wilam said quietly. "What you did took courage, and faith in the rightness of your cause."

The woman looked up into blue eyes. "For so long I have known that something wasn't right. Then we learned of the existence of the ancient library. I have just today seen the books on our history. To know that I was right…" She took a deep breath. "It was time. The gods must have sent those people through the Chappa'ai to us. I was so frightened, I knew what needed to be done…but…"

"You took a leap of faith, Ihat. That takes much courage. Much faith. Much strength. Dovinia Minor is lucky to have a leader such as you," the man said, smiling down at her. And finding her very attractive.

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