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It's Hard to Say Goodbye

Chapter 8

Casey dropped her pack on the floor, and began peeling off the BDU she had been wearing for three days. Daniel was stripping beside her, the strong masculine odor of his sweat filled the small room, and rather than disgusting her, it turned her on. She stepped closer, wrapped her arms around his neck and pressed her body against his. "I need you," she whispered.

"Shower, babe," he murmured, just before his lips began moving over hers.

"Please, just a little…" she stood on tiptoe, guided his engorged shaft between her legs.

"Oh god," he moaned, the heat from her body against his rigid flesh more than he could take. He pushed her back against the locker that served as the closet for the tiny space, put his hands beneath her ass, lifted her slightly. He felt her legs wrap around his waist, sighed when he slid his aching cock into her warm, waiting well. He moved in and out of her, hard deep thrusts that only served to send flames of Fire shooting up his spine, not surprised when he felt her shudder just seconds before he filled her.

"See, I told you I needed just a little," she said, smiling against his skin. "Let's get nice and clean so we can get nice and dirty again."

"Sounds like a plan." He lowered her so that her feet touched the floor.

She led him to the tiny bathroom, turned on the water to warm it up. Once under the warm spray, they washed each other gently, thoroughly; fingers exploring, touching, as well as cleansing.

He washed her hair, massaging her scalp, running his fingers through the wet tendrils. He smiled when she closed her eyes and leaned back against him. Her bare shoulders enticed him…tempted him, until he could stand no more. He lowered his head and tasted her skin, his tongue moving slowly from her shoulder to her neck. With the sprayer in his hand, he rinsed her hair thoroughly, then lowered himself to his knees. His hands kept her turned where he wanted her, while his mouth moved down her back and over the soft, firm globes of her ass; biting, nipping, licking her, until she was pushing back against him. The need to taste her, hold her, bury himself deep inside her, raged in his body. He shut off the water, grabbed two towels and began drying her, wrapping that long blonde silk in one of them, squeezing out the excess water. He stood still while she dried him, although her loving attention was driving him insane.

"Do something for me?" she asked softly.

"Anything," he replied his voice as soft.

"Put your hands behind your back," she whispered. Her eyes were dancing, flames of fire lighting the green depths.

With a shiver, he obeyed. She used the belt from her robe to tie his wrists together. She led him carefully to the bed, helped him get situated, plumped the pillows up behind him. She caressed his hard shaft lovingly for just a few seconds. Then she moved away and totally ignored him.

Casey grabbed her brush, and began to brush her hair, working out every tangle, moving over the length until it began to dry. Not looking at him, knowing that he was watching her, she slowly began to apply lotion to her body, rubbing it into every inch of skin. A hint of a smile touched her lips when she heard his breathing become faster, a bit more ragged. When she snapped the bottle of lotion closed, she looked over at him. His blue eyes were full of Fire…full of lust…full of love. She moved her hands sensually over her body. "My sexy addict needs his fix, doesn't he?" she asked softly.

"Oh, yeah," he replied, swallowing as he watched her hand disappear between her thighs. His cock was hard and aching, waving at her, begging for her attention as he sat there, being tormented by the sight of her beautiful body, unable to reach for her and pull her close.

"I think…I think I want a cup of coffee first," she said, smiling seductively.

"You wouldn't!"

"I might."

"Please babe, I can't take it." He watched her eyes, knew the one thing that would get him exactly what he wanted. And wasn't above using it to get his way. "I'm hurting, Case."

Concern flooded her eyes. "Oh, Daniel, I'm sorry," she whispered. She knelt down on the bed beside him. "I don't want you to hurt," she whispered. She lowered her face, let her lips find and move softly against his. Her tongue traced his mouth, she sucked gently on his full lower lip. When he took control of the kiss she acquiesced, allowing him to take from her what he wanted, what he needed. Her own body responding ardently to the caress of his tongue against hers, she moved away, trailing kisses over his whisker-stubbled jaw, down to his throat, her hands moving over his shoulders and chest. "Let me help you get comfortable," she whispered.

He grinned against her hair when she put her arm around his shoulders, fluffing the pillows behind him, making sure that his arms weren't pressed too hard against his back. That cup of coffee was completely forgotten. He barely managed to arrange his face into one of desire… need…when she looked over at him. The sigh that escaped when her lips closed around the muscle behind his ear was one of pure delight. Yep, exactly what he wanted. He closed his eyes when that sweet, warm mouth began to move over his neck, across his collarbones. He hissed another sigh when she stopped to greet his flat brown nipples. She teased them until they hardened, tugged at them, every pass of her tongue across them reflected in the throbbing of his cock. He wasn't even aware that he was pulling against his restraint, the need to hold her burning inside him.

She knew exactly what he had done. She'd had no intention of leaving him, she was every bit as needy as he was. Her addiction to him, while only emotional, and mental, was no less intense than his physical addiction to her. His belly moved beneath her tongue, she dove into his belly button, felt the shiver that the caress caused. She had been blatantly ignoring his swollen manhood, neither looking at it nor touching it. Now she would deny herself the pleasure of touching him, tasting him no longer. She wrapped her hand around the base of his magnificent erection, and her lips around the head, moving down until she had as much of him in her mouth as she could take.

"Oh, god!" With his arms behind him, he was able to use them for leverage, raise his hips to meet her, the warmth of her mouth sweet torture as she moved up and down on him. "Oh, yeah babe, just like that," he moaned softly. Her sweet scent filled his nostrils, his mouth watered, his body on the verge of shaking with need. He was still struggling with the knot that bound his hands, kept him a prisoner of her desires.

There had been a purpose for making him come before their shower, and her own need…set off by the masculine smell of him…was only part of it. She wanted to prolong the sweet agony as long as she could, and that would not have been possible without giving him a bit of relief first. Now she moved her mouth over him, sucked gently, then with more pressure. When his belly began to roll, she let him fall out of her mouth, and began to run her tongue around the girth of his erection, circling it again and again, moving up and down as well. She teased the head, tickled the sensitive underside until his hips were jerking, then moved down to his heavy balls. She licked them, then slowly sucked on them, taking one into her mouth, caressing the other with her fingers, then switching, making sure both received her attention. He moved his legs, offering her greater access to his body, and she took full advantage, nipping at the tops of his inner thighs. The sound of his ragged breathing filled the small berthing compartment. Her hand had been stroking him slowly the entire time her mouth had been exploring, and she had felt the intensity of the throbbing. She moved back up, licked the precum from the tip, her tongue searching for more. She looked at him, her eyes locked with his as she slowly took him back into her mouth. Up…down…up…down… sucking slowly, pressing her tongue against him, moving it back and forth over the head.

"Let me come…please, babe," he begged, when he felt her hands tighten around him, an attempt to hold off the impending eruption.

She smiled, at him, continued what she was doing, her fingers moving up and down with her mouth. He was throbbing so hard and fast that it was difficult to keep her tongue against him. She kept up her steady pace, knowing that as soon as she was ready to let him, he would fire off like a rocket. When she was sure that he could swell no more, that his cock could get no harder, she moved up to her knees, relaxed her throat, and took him in. His low moan of relief filled the room at the same time that he began to fill her throat. She swallowed, bringing another moan, her hands milking him for every drop. She gently cleaned him with her tongue, kissed and licked her way up to his lips. He kissed her with such love and gratitude that her body shook. "Better?"

"Mmmhmm. Still need my fix though," he said softly, his eyelids drooping with satisfaction. "Untie me, Angel. My turn to play."

She shivered at his words, and helped him sit forward. He had been pulling at the belt; the knot was much tighter than she had tied it. She managed to get it undone. She expected him to grab her, hug her, hold her. Instead, he held his hand out. She put the belt into it.

"Now, my sweet Little Slave, you'll find out what happens when you torment your Master like that," he whispered in her ear. He tied her hands with one end of the belt. He turned her so that her head was toward the locker. The other end of the belt went around the latch, pulling her arms over her head. He tugged slightly, making sure that she couldn’t work herself free. The look of excitement on her face set Fire to his body all over again. "Now, don't you move," he whispered.

"Yes, Master," she replied, shivering in anticipation.

He watched her eyes as he let his hand move up and down her body. He could feel her trembling, knew that she was needy, and enjoying the game as much as he was. He loved how the green of those beautiful eyes darkened when he began to massage her breasts. His fingers tugged at those hard, rosy nipples, leaving them standing firm against her skin. Her breath came faster when his hand moved toward those soft, tight curls that covered her mons. He let his fingers move over them, through them, then slid them to her thigh, down to her knee, her ankle, back up the other leg, slowly, just barely touching her. He swallowed the saliva that filled his mouth, the need to taste her a physical ache. He moistened his lips, then leaned down to kiss her. Always, always she gave everything to him when she kissed him, and no matter how in control he thought he was, her sweet caresses always served to remind him that he was the one enslaved to her sweetness…her love…her light.

Her body was on Fire. She needed him so badly…needed his touch, needed to feel his caresses, needed to feel him inside her. His fingertips left her skin scorched, her body burning out of control. His kiss touched her very soul as his lips moved tenderly over hers. She wasn't even aware of sending her love to him, she knew only that she loved him, needed him, wanted him. When his love filled her mind, wrapping her in its warm strength, she sighed happily. His mouth was on her throat now, he was marking her again and again, his hands holding, caressing her breasts.

He settled himself over her. Yep, definitely needed this! Nothing in the world, in the universe, could compare to making love to her, the physical connection between their bodies a tangible expression of their love. Jack had told him to take his time. He was going to do just that. Her body was already arching toward him when he wrapped his lips around a hard nipple. He teased it with his tongue, felt the ripple of pleasure that moved over her body. He moved his mouth from one perfect peak to the other and back again, leaving not one inch of her breasts untasted. The sweet taste of her skin, the sweet smell of her skin had his senses reeling and his body raging with need once again. He tugged slightly on one of those sweet nipples, felt the response in her hips as she pressed them up against him. He could feel the heat from her sweet little twat, and it was making him crazy! He slid down, began to tease her sensitive navel. She had the tiny little belly button ring in; he captured it with his teeth and flicked his tongue over the skin around it. She gasped, her body came up off of the bed. Yeah, that's what he liked…making her as crazy with need as she made him. When he moved down, the sweet musky scent greeted him, made his mouth water and his cock twitch. He took her slender thighs in his hands, moved her legs apart. He breathed deeply, then let his tongue dart out and sample that sweet, sweet honey. His body trembled when the first drops touched his tongue. When he pushed his tongue inside her, she shivered, her hips bucked, and she gave a little sigh of completion. He lapped at the honey that poured from her, licking her clean and seeking more. He gently rubbed his whiskered face against her inner thighs, grinned at the tiny little moan she gave. He licked her thighs, then moved back to those warm, moist folds. Those adorable little sounds of need filled her throat as he licked her from top to bottom and back again. Her hips were pushing against him, and she was doing her best to put that aching little nub in front of him. He watched her eyes, could see the lust that filled them, the love that burned in their depths.

"Please…" she whispered.

"Please what?" he asked, his eyes dancing with glee, full of love.

His breath was warm as it wafted over her skin. "Please, Master, let me come," she begged.

He grinned, began to lick her again. His tongue investigated every fold, tasted every inch of her womanhood. She was beginning to thrash on the bed, tossed her head from side to side. Now, he thought. Now. He slid two fingers into her warm well at the same moment he sucked that swollen nub into his mouth. She moaned softly, bucked against him when he began to tease her, his tongue flickering back and forth over the sensitive buttont. Her thighs were quivering against his shoulders, and that beautiful song of love filled her throat, built up into an aria of completion. He pulled his fingers from her body and lapped at the flood of honey that poured from her. Before the convulsions in her well had stopped, he had moved over her. He pushed against her hips, slid his throbbing, aching cock into paradise.

"Please, let me hold you," she whispered.

He reached up and tugged the belt loose, freeing her hands. Her arms went around his shoulders, pulled him close as he began to move in and out of her. Her legs were around his waist, and her hips met his thrust for thrust. Every dance of love they performed together, always moving in harmony with one another. He pushed deeper, harder, was rewarded when he felt another rush of honey from her, covering his balls and his thighs, coating her thighs as well.

He had taken her to that secret place, set her spinning among the stars, and now he was taking her higher still. Her body was singing with pleasure as she moved with him. She could feel that incredible sensation building once more, and knew that she would be soaring once again. "Oh, god, yes," she whispered in his ear as he began to grind his hips against hers with every thrust.

Once again her thighs were beginning to quiver, and those dulcet tones echoed in the room around them. "I'm gonna come," she whispered, just before her body arched beneath his and she cried out.

"That's it, Angel, give it to me," he whispered, kissing her neck, her throat.

"Fill me, Daniel, give me your love," she commanded softly, gently. Her hands gripped his shoulders when he moved up on outstretched arms.

He pounded into her, every nerve ending in his body on Fire. He could feel his release coming, felt it burning in his belly, moving up his throbbing cock. He tossed his head back and cried out her name as he felt himself hurled over the edge of the precipice into the stars. She was still there, waiting for him, dancing at his side before their bodies slowly brought them back to reality. He collapsed on top of her.

"Love you," she said softly, her hands moving up and down his back, her fingertips barely grazing his skin.

"Love you, too, Angel," he replied. He slowly moved away from her. "We'd better get cleaned up and go see what's going on. I want you to eat something, too."

"I could go for a hot meal," she admitted.

"Yeah, hot food sounds good," Daniel agreed.

"And coffee. I need coffee."

"Shower, Angel. Then we'll get the caffeine fix that you need."

"Yeah, I just took care of your fix," she giggled.

"Smartass." He grinned as he led her to the shower.


A  A  A  A  A  A


Jack, Sam and Teal'c had already finished their meals when Daniel and Casey joined them, carrying trays laden with food. "So, everything taken care of?" Jack asked, struggling not to grin.

"Yep. All itches scratched, all fixes given and received," Casey said nonchalantly.

Sam nearly spit a mouthful of coffee across the table. She stole a glance at Daniel. His cheeks were red, but the grin on his face was one of pure satisfaction.

Jack began to laugh. "Glad to hear it."

"So, Jack, did you get any itches scratched?" Casey asked, watching him as she took a bite of the roast beef casserole that was the night's entrée.

"None of your damned business," he replied easily.

"Why not? Our love life seems to be the subject of discussion all the time," she countered.

"Yeah, well I'm not addicted to Sam," he retorted.

"Oh yeah? I dare you to try and go a full week without…uh…her," Casey challenged, her green eyes dancing.

Sam burst into giggles. "I wanna bet on that. He'd never make it."

Jack gave in to the chuckles that had threatened since she had asked her question. "Yeah, Case, I got an itch scratched. Happy?"

"Ecstatic," she replied easily. She glanced at Teal'c. "Sorry big guy, you'll have to wait until you get home. I have lotion you can borrow if you need some, though."

Daniel choked on his mouthful of coffee. Sam snickered. Jack looked at her as if she'd lost her mind.

Teal'c raised one eyebrow. "Your offer is kind, Casey Jackson, but unnecessary. Carlotta packed a small bottle of lotion in my bag."

Now it was Casey's turn to choke, then give in to a fit of giggles. "Smart woman," she gasped as she laughed.

"One screwed up team," Jack mumbled, sending them all into a round of hysterical laughter.

Colonel Bradshaw paused at the door, watched SG-1 as they laughed. He held the slip of paper in his hand, the one that the com tech had written the message on. He took a deep breath, entered the dining room and approached the table where the team was still chuckling.

"Jim, grab a chair and join us," Jack said amiably when he saw the man step up to the table.

Bradshaw shook his head, lowered his eyes. "No, thank you for the offer, though. Uh…this came through from Gamma. I guess all of our communications have been jammed for the past few hours. We have orders to meet up with the Phoenix II, and then take on those al'kesh. MacLeod wants Dagon's fleet destroyed, or at least in tatters ASAP." He glanced down at the note clenched between his fingers. "He also sent word…" He shook his head, handed the paper to the general. "With your permission, sir, I'll return to the bridge."

"Sure, we'll be up as soon as we finish," Jack replied. He took the paper slowly. His gut was already telling him what it said. He opened it up. There were two simple lines. He read it, closed his eyes.

Casey watched him, felt her heart drop. "No!" she whispered.

Daniel took the paper, opened it, read it, closed his eyes as well. "SG-6 not recovered. All members pronounced KIA three-fifty-three p.m. Gamma time, October 23, 2014," he recited.

Her eyes filled with tears. She had witnessed members of SG-6 being wounded. She had suffered wounds with them. Never, with any of the teams she had worked with, had she been forced to deal with any deaths. There had been a few, unfortunately, but those who had died hadn't been well known to her, hadn't been friends, hadn't been teammates. "No," Casey whispered again. She tugged frantically at Daniel, barely waited for his comforting presence before she was out, searching, looking, listening. "No!" she cried out. She jumped to her feet, and ran from the room.

Daniel followed, knowing exactly where she was going. He stood in the open doorway of the cargo bay, watched as she dropped to her knees in the middle of the room. When he reached her, he settled himself behind her, pulled her into his embrace.

She managed to hold back the tears until strong, familiar arms wrapped around her, pulled her close to that warm, broad chest. She let her head fall back against his shoulder, and the sobs began to wrack her body. Images danced before her eyes…times spent with the team, when she had been assigned permanently to SG-6, times spent with them when the other members of SG-1 were busy with projects that didn't require her skills. Laughing and dancing and lip-syncing in the quiet of the night on some far away desert planet, the light of the fire their only illumination. The jokes and teasing at their anniversary barbecues, the toasts made with laughter, and love. Knowing that her life was as safe with them as it was with her teammates on SG-1. She remembered the look on their faces when they returned to base from a mission to find that she was alive and well after being dead for six weeks, the way each of them in turn spun her around, hugged her so tightly.

"Cry it out, Angel," he said softly, holding her, even as he dealt with his own grief at losing men who had been friends. He looked up when Sam, Jack and Teal'c entered the room.

They sat down beside him, Sam reaching over and putting her arms around Casey's neck. Casey leaned forward, put her head on Sam's shoulder, the sobs still shaking her body. Tears slid down Sam's cheeks as well. Jack and Teal'c sat quietly, and though Daniel couldn't be sure, through the tears in his own eyes, he thought he saw the glimmer of tears in Jack's brown eyes.

"SG-1 to the bridge!"

Daniel gently pulled Casey back against him. He ran his hands up and down her arms. "We have to go to work."

She hiccupped a sob. "I know."

"I'm here for you, Case."

"I know that, too."

He smiled, pressed his lips to the side of her head. "Let's go."

"We'll get that bastard," Casey said softly. The words a vow of revenge, a promise to the men of SG-6.

"In spades," Jack told her, squeezing her shoulder with one hand. "Come on kids. Let's go see what's going on."

Sam and Casey wiped the tears from each other's faces. "Are you okay?" Sam asked.

"I will be. You?" Casey replied.

"I will be," Sam said.

The men exchanged glances. It was bad enough that a team, a damned good team, and friends to boot, had been killed. The insult on top of injury was the fact that the women they loved were shedding tears. That she was suffering at all was enough to have Daniel livid. Not only did he want Dagon to pay for killing his friends, he wanted the bastard to pay for every tear Casey had shed.

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