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It's Hard to Say Goodbye

Chapter 13

It had been decided that Daniel, Casey, and Aaron needed to be in the safest possible place. Sam suggested the infirmary, so that if any of them were wounded, and the wounds manifested themselves physically, Dr. Montigue would be nearby, just in case. When Casey had been fighting Nergal, he had been required to bind several of her wounds, giving her Quickening less to have to deal with, making her healing time faster.

It was Aaron who suggested that Teal'c might be able to accompany them. Casey had mentioned that several times it seemed that she was able to 'feel' him. Three beds were pushed together in the infirmary. Casey and Daniel would lay together in one, his arms wrapped around her. Aaron would hold her hand on one side, and Teal'c's on the other. Teal'c agreed that if it seemed that it was a struggle for him to keep up with the others, or it was too difficult for Aaron to 'carry' him, he would break the connection physically. Casey thought that he might need help to do that. They were also going to speak out loud, so that Sam, Jack, and Duncan would have some idea of what was going on, so all the Jaffa would need to do would be to simply have ask for help to turn loose of Aaron's hand.

After discussing the situation for almost two hours, going over every contingency that they could think of, it was agreed that the time had come.




Daniel stretched out on the narrow bed. The best way for her to lay, he thought, and still be able to hold Aaron's hand without putting stress on her shoulder or arm, would be to lay on top of him. He was also able to hold her much tighter that way. "C'mere, Angel," he said softly. She settled on top of him, her head on his shoulder. She reached her hand out to her father.

Aaron grasped her hand, held his other hand out to Teal'c, who wrapped his large hand around the Ancient's.

"Remember, we need to hear what's going on," Jack reminded them.

"Right, boss," Casey grinned. She closed her eyes. "Ready?"

"Right here, Angel."


She met Daniel in that meadow. "Dad should be waiting for us," she said softly.

He sat down on the grass, pulled her to sit within the confines of his embrace. He slowly sent the strength of the Fire to her. He felt her tug at him, then suddenly they were flying among the stars.


"I am here, Daughter," Aaron said softly.

Daniel jumped slightly when his father-in-law and best friend appeared next to them. It seemed as if the four of them were merely hanging in space.

"Now, take us to this Goa'uld," Aaron instructed.

With a nod, Casey began to move, flying past planets and stars, nebulae and gas clouds. "He has some sort of barrier around his compound, but it doesn't go underground. We just have to tunnel a little bit."

"Lead the way," Aaron replied.

Within seconds the four of them were 'walking' through the palace. The sounds of a couple in the throes of passion met their ears.

With a wicked grin, Casey threw open the double doors of the chamber where the sounds were coming from.

Toren was in bed with two women, one of them riding him, her hips bouncing off of his, the other crouching over his face, her head tossed back as she moaned with ecstasy.

"Whoa!" Daniel said softly.

"I don't think he knows we're here," Casey said, blushing brightly at the sight before them. If she had been alone with Daniel, she probably would have given in to the lust that burned in her. Having one's father alongside cured any problems one might have had, as quickly as ice water.

"It doesn’t seem that way," Aaron agreed.

"So do we wait for him to finish?" Daniel asked.


In the infirmary the three observers exchanged puzzled looks.


"Would it not benefit us to see if there is information we might obtain while Toren is otherwise…engaged?" Teal'c asked.

"Couldn't hurt to look around," Daniel agreed. "Let's see if he has a library of some sort. He might keep something there."

They wandered the wide halls of the palace, finally found a room that looked like a cross between a library and a laboratory. It didn't take long for them to realize that Casey was the only one able to physically react with their surroundings. Which then presented a problem. When dealing with Toren, would Daniel be able to defeat him?

"Maybe you should see if you can do anything," she suggested.


She looked around. "Dad, what is this?" She held up a scroll, with what looked like a diagram of the same type of stasis units they had destroyed in the laboratory beneath Dagon's temple.

"Hmm…looks like a stasis chamber of some sort. Very similar in design to the sarcophagus."

"You mean he can build his own sarcophagus?" she asked, her voice squeaking slightly.

"So it would seem," was the casual reply.

"Let's hope he doesn't have this memorized," she said, grinning broadly. She put it on top of the table. "Okay, Stud Muffin, take it out."

Daniel raised his hand, called up the fire, and destroyed not only the scroll, but a good two feet of the table as well.

"Excellent!" Aaron grinned.

Casey jerked slightly. She had 'felt' him stirring mentally. "I think Toren's through ringing bells."


In the infirmary, Sam burst into giggles. She, Casey, Carly, and Tessa regularly compared notes on just how well their men 'rang their bells'. Jack and Duncan exchanged confused glances.

"Do we want to know?" Duncan whispered.

"With Casey involved? Hell no! She's already given Sam way too many ideas on how to kill me!" Jack declared.

The Highlander grinned. "But as Daniel is so fond of saying, what a way to go!"

Sam pretended not to hear the whispered conversation. Which had only served to make her giggle harder.


Once again she opened the doors to the chamber. The women seemed not to notice them. Toren, however, looked at her, one eyebrow raised slightly. "And to what do I owe the pleasure of this visit?" he asked.

She tried to determine whether or not he was seeing her husband, father and best friend, or if he was simply ignoring them. 'Daniel, move to stand at the foot of the bed.'

Slowly, the young dark-blonde headed man moved toward the bed. Toren never moved, his eyes remained on Casey.

It could be a trick, her mind told her. He could be trying to make you believe he can't see them. Or, she thought, he might not be as strong as I thought. No, to get too cocky would only get her into trouble.

"Are you going to answer me, or shall I try to guess why you have chosen to come to me?"

She continued to stare at him.

He smiled. "All right. I think you're here, because you need to know."

"Need to know what?" She didn't move her eyes from the Goa'uld's face. 'Daniel, motion to Dad and Teal'c. Have them move to either side of him. I don't think he can see you guys, and he can't hear me talking to you.'

"You need to know how it feels to be in my arms."

She laughed. "Oh, please, in your dreams…wait, I know, you can arrange that!"

While she continued to talk to Toren, Daniel, Aaron and Teal'c surrounded him. He never flinched. In fact, he seemed to move right through her father as he walked toward her. 'Yes!'

Daniel laughed. 'Okay, let's see if he can hear us.' He turned to his father-in-law. "He can't see us. He can see and hear Casey, but for some reason he can't see or hear us!"

Aaron frowned slightly. "Casey, are you trying to hide us?"

'Tell Dad, no,' she told Daniel.

Daniel relayed the message. He noticed that the frown on Aaron's face relaxed into a smile.

"It will not be as…fulfilling…here, as it will be when you are physically in my arms. I will give you pleasure such as you have never experienced before." Toren was standing in front of her. He reached out, gently caressed her cheek.

"You know, I have to tell you, the only man who can please me, who can give me pleasure, is my Husband. He curls my toes. On a very regular basis. Twice a day actually."


Jack, Duncan and Sam were laughing. "He must be giving her that 'baby-you-ain't-been-laid-til-you-been-laid-by-me' line," Sam giggled.

The two men exchanged another glance.


Daniel blushed slightly, but Aaron and Teal'c both noticed that the man's chest began to puff out just the slightest bit as she continued to taunt the Goa'uld.

"You guys keep claiming to be gods. Uh uh. Not even close. Daniel on the other hand, is built like a god, looks like a god, loves like a god…yep, Daniel's as close to god as I can get!"

"I do not believe you." Toren said calmly. He dropped the robe he had been wearing. "Surely you can see that I am indeed a god."

Any normal man would have died a thousand deaths to have a woman react to him the way Casey reacted to Toren. She looked him up and down, and began to giggle. "Not bad. Nice shoulders. Daniel's are broader. His pecs are to die for. And he has this really sexy tattoo, it turns me on…makes me crazy," she said. "His legs are much better. He lifts weights, his arms are much stronger, bigger than yours."

Toren's smile faded somewhat. His hand went to his flaccid manhood. He watched her, stroked himself to hardness. "And this?"

"Not even close. Nope. Not even. Oh, his ass is to die for too. Just thought you should know that," Casey said.

Daniel looked at the man, then at Casey. Her cheeks were slightly flushed. Her eyes were wide, the green darkened just a bit, her breath coming just a bit faster. No matter what she told the Goa'uld, her body was reacting to him. You will not give her hell about this! his brain warned him. "Case?"

Her eyes flickered to him for just a second. 'What?'

"Are you okay?"

Damn! He would have to notice! She meant everything she had said. Daniel was built better, his body more buff, and he was certainly better endowed than the Goa'uld. Hell, he was better endowed than any man she had ever seen! But Toren was handsome, and his body was…pleasing…and he was standing there with an erection…and why the hell should it affect her? Seeing Ba'al, and Nergal, even though they had been good looking, hadn't affected her this way! 'I'm fine, Beloved.'

He smiled.

Aaron and Teal'c shared knowing looks.

Toren suddenly reached out, pulled her against him, pressed his lips against hers, his tongue moving softly against them. He put one hand behind her head, the other on the small of her back, bringing her body as close as he could.

Taken by surprise, for a few seconds she didn't struggle. This was wrong! He was Goa'uld! When the fact that the man holding her was the host to a snake filtered through her mind, her body began to shake, her hands pushed against him, she tried to turn her head. "Let me go!"

Furious, Daniel wanted nothing more than to raise his hand and take the bastard out with one clean shot. But he couldn't, not until Casey was out of the way. Teal'c and Aaron were just as helpless to come to her rescue.

"Why do you fight me, my sweet one? You came to me, did you not?"

"Only to tell you that we're going to kill you. That's what we do. Take snakeheads like you out of the picture. We free the innocent people that you enslave."

"And do you care for those people? See to it that they're fed, and clothed, and have someone to worship, and blame the bad weather on?"

"We teach them how to do things for themselves, if they need it. Mostly they just want to get on with their lives, make their own decisions. And none of them seem interested in worshipping anyone, or anything," she retorted. His arms had tightened around her. "Okay, cupcake, I'm going to give you one warning. Then I'm going to drop you. Let. Me. Go."

Toren smiled and lowered his mouth to her throat. He began to gasp for breath when her fists impacted on either side of his ribs.

She backed away from him. "Don't you ever touch me again! As it is, I should call Daniel, and have him destroy you!" She glanced at the bed, gasped out loud. Toren's body lay there, he was snoring! Her eyes went back to…him.

"Your body is waiting for you, is it not?" he asked, his eyes narrowing slightly.

"Daniel, his body! Now! It's not necessary to kill him. Just stop him!" Aaron said quickly, his eyes full of worry.

Daniel raised his hand and sent a small fireball into the lump on the bed. He glanced over at Toren as the man screamed, and then seemed to disappear. The body on the bed began to writhe in pain, the screams filling the air around them.

"We must leave, now!" Aaron said, grabbing for Teal'c's hand. Casey wrapped herself around Daniel, took her father's hand, and led them away from the palace.

Aaron brought Teal'c back to the infirmary. Both men blinked a few times, then sat up.

'Angel?' They were in the meadow. And storm clouds were beginning to gather above them.

'I'm sorry,' she whispered. 'I didn't fight him hard enough, I shouldn't have let him-'

He put his finger to her lips, replaced it with his mouth. He kissed her, gently at first, until the passion began to build. He pushed her back against the grass. Never before had their caresses been anything more than simple, comforting touches. He could feel the Fire begin to burn.

She gasped slightly as she gently pushed him away. 'We need to get home, Daniel. I need you!'

He smiled. 'I need you, too, Angel.'


"Why aren't they waking up?" Duncan asked, watching the couple with a worried expression on his face.

"I rather imagine they're doing a bit of talking," Aaron replied. "I'm sure Daniel is trying to comfort her."

"What happened?" Jack asked.

Teal'c explained what had happened, from the 'meeting' in the darkness of space to their panicked flight from Toren's palace.

"Toren is a seer, yes. But he has someone much stronger working for him. I could feel the presence hovering nearby. Had that…person…come into the room, he…or she…would have seen Daniel, Teal'c, and I. Of that I am certain. I'm sure that whoever it was sensed our presence. And by now has explained to Toren what happened."

"I thought the idea was to kill this guy, so he couldn't bother Casey," Jack groused.

Aaron shook his head. "I sensed…more. He was hiding something. He fears something."

"Won't that make him more apt to try and get to Casey?" Sam asked.

The Ancient frowned. "I don't think so. That he couldn't see us, sense us, tells me that he's not as strong as Casey thought. If he was able to 'find' her, it was simply by following her. If he can't follow her, I'm not sure he can find her."

Daniel and Casey opened their eyes. Daniel ran his fingers over her cheek. "Are you all right?" he asked softly.

"I'm in your arms," she whispered.

He smiled, then looked over at his friends. "Well, that was a total bust."

"Not necessarily," Duncan replied. "Although I hear you showed great restraint in not killing the bastard on the spot."

"I wanted to. But…" he shook his head, looked at Casey. "There was something really weird going on."

Aaron's eyes grew wide. "You sensed it also?"

"Yeah. What was it?"

Casey groaned. "He's a seer. He's strong. But not as strong as I thought, and there was someone else there who is that strong. Stronger."

Aaron nodded. "We must find out who this other person is. Goa'uld or not, we must know."

She looked at her father, cocked her head sideways. "You recognized that power, didn't you?"

He looked at her. Should have known that his daughter would pick up on his very erratic, worried thoughts. "It felt familiar, yes."



"Bad guy?"

"Or woman. Yes."

Casey shivered. "One of the ones punished for the attempted coup of the Ancient Council."


"Damn it! Why is it that we can't just find a plain, run of the mill crazy Goa'uld, with plain old Jaffa? Why do we have to run into the crazy as batshit, zombie or Kull creating, Ancient buddy types?" Jack groaned.

"Keeps things interesting," Casey observed.

"Boring. I want boring," Jack said.

Duncan heaved a sigh. "Let's call it a day. We'll discuss this tomorrow."

Casey and Daniel didn't make it off of the base. They were in the storeroom in the Center, quenching the Fire that burned so hotly in them.

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