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In the Arms of Love

Chapter 8

The ride to the base was done in silence. Kenny glanced at the men beside him, but neither seemed to be paying any attention to him. He knew differently. He knew that the slightest twitch he made was being watched. At the gate, the guard looked in, nodded, then picked up the phone. Evidently they were expected. He swallowed. Casey knew that he was estranged from his family, had been since he'd left high school. Hell, he wasn’t even sure where his folks were now. There wasn’t anybody who would miss him. He started to sweat, wondering just what was about to happen to him.

The gray haired guy parked the truck, and he was hustled to a bus stop.  The driver never blinked an eye when 'T' shoved him into a seat.  Kenny gasped when the bus stopped in front of a huge, white blast door.  The guards at the security checkpoint demanded his driver's license...which they kept.  Then Casey's husband...Daniel...led them to an elevator. He swiped an ID card, and the elevator doors opened. They stepped in, kept him surrounded. Going down, he noted, when the elevator started moving. "So what the hell is this place?" he asked.

The men looked at him, but didn’t reply.

When the elevator stopped, he was taken through a narrow corridor, pushed into a small, windowless room. The door closed behind him, and he heard it lock. He looked around. Except for a table and two chairs, the room was empty. He would bet that the mirror on the wall was two-way. He stared at it for a moment, not seeing the reflection of a pale, dark haired man in a wrinkled shirt and dirty jeans. He sighed, and sat down, putting his hands on the table in front of him.

What the hell went on here? What was Casey involved in? Why would an archaeologist be working for the military? And how could they get by with just…abducting…him like this? He was an American citizen. He had rights. They couldn’t just hold him here. He looked over at the mirror. "Hey! I got rights! You can’t do this! I’ll sue your asses!"

There was no response.

Casey stood in the adjoining room, watching Kenny. Daniel was directly behind her, his arms wrapped around her shoulders. "So how long do we wait?" she asked softly

Jack shrugged. "Let’s see how long he hollers about his civil rights," he said.

As if on cue, Kenny began to yell again, tossing one of the chairs against the wall. "You can’t do this! I got rights! I get to talk to a lawyer!"

She continued to study the man. "Daniel, do you remember when I told you about meeting him?"

"Yeah, babe, I do."

"Well, I was wrong. He never was good looking. Charming, like a snake-oil salesman, but not good looking." She turned in his arms. "You, however, are the most incredibly handsome man I’ve ever seen in my life."

Daniel grinned and blushed. "Think so, huh?"

"Know so." She leaned up to kiss him. "Look, I’ve got a group of Marines coming in to work out. Let me know when you think it’s time for me to talk to him."

The three men in the room grinned at her.

"What’d I tell you? She’s an amazing woman," Daniel said proudly.

"Cool as a cucumber," Jack said, grinning.

"I believe she is demonstrating her prowess as a cunning warrior," Teal'c said, smiling at her.

Casey giggled. "Sweet talkers. Call me." She kissed Daniel again, then waved as she left the room. She stared for just a moment at the door to the room where Kenny paced, then shrugged. He'd brought this on himself. She knew him well enough to know that she would have to convince him to go away and stay away. He'd always been very difficult to convince.

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