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In the Arms of Love

Chapter 4

It had been ten days since they'd arrived in Glenncairn. The people were accommodating, accepting the strangers with smiles and kindness. Tony, Texas, and Major Parker had accompanied the men on a hunting trip. Casey was sitting with Miram, who had attached herself to the blonde woman from the moment they had first spoken. Casey was learning to spin yarn, and entertained the women around her with tales of her adventures, and stories of her husband as they worked. Several of the children were playing near the center of the village, their laughter and shouts filled the air with the sound of joy.

It was because of those sounds that none of them heard the noise of the ring transport. Little Miram was the first to notice the strangers who walked toward them. She ran out into the village center.

"Casey! Casey! Casey!" the little girl cried, pointing in the direction of the Stargate. "There’s a man and a lady and another man and a giant, and they’re dressed like you!" She went racing toward SG-1, not waiting to see if Casey had heard her or not. She looked at Daniel for a minute, took in his appearance, remembered what Casey had said about him wearing glasses. She stopped directly in front of him, and put her hands are her hips. "Are you Casey’s Daniel?"

The team exchanged amused glances.

Daniel smiled. "I sure am. Is Casey here?"

Miram pointed to the community building, where the sides had been raised to let in the warm sun. She remained planted firmly in front of him, studied him carefully. "I don’t know what 'credible looks like, but your eyes are blue," she said finally.

Sam snickered.

Daniel knelt down on one knee. "What else did Casey say about me?" he asked with a grin.

"She told Momma that you’re the bestest thing that ever happened to her," Miram replied.

"Want to know a secret?" Daniel asked.

The little girl nodded her red head.

"She’s the bestest thing that ever happened to me, too."

"Miram?" Casey’s voice called. "Miram, where did you-" she broke off when she caught sight of SG-1 standing by the gate. With a squeal of delight she launched herself toward Daniel.

He caught her, held her closely, spun around with her. "Thank god you’re all right," he said softly.

She wreathed his face with her hands. "I’m fine. Much better now." She lowered her lips to his, drinking from him, taking the comfort and reassurance that she needed. They were both breathing hard when she finally pulled away. She looked over at Sam and Teal'c, who looked on, grinning. "Hi, guys."

"Hello, Casey Jackson. It is good to see you," Teal'c said, smiling.

"Hi, Case." Sam was grinning from ear to ear.

Casey turned to look over at Ben. "Hi, Ben."

He looked at the ground, then smiled shyly. "Hi, Casey."

She looked back at Daniel. His eyes were filled with relief and love…and desire. Her body was already burning, their kiss having set off the sparks. The look in his eyes fanned those flames. "Come meet everyone," she said softly, taking his hand. She knew just where she was going to take him. She had discovered a quiet spot near the river, where several flowering bushes grew, forming an arbor, providing ample privacy. It was where she bathed daily.


A  A  A  A  A  A


There were knowing smiles all around when Casey led Daniel away from the village thirty minutes later. They bathed in the river, he washed her hair for her, watched her as she put lotion on her beautiful body.

"I have some good news, babe," he said, as he brushed her hair.

"I could use some good news," she replied. She closed her eyes as his hands worked through her hair.

"You’re back on SG-1. Sam and Teal'c and I told Jack we’d resign if you weren’t. He told the president. He also told the president that the senators and the Joint Chiefs needed to remember that he was running the SGC, and there would be no more shuffling around of team members. He said the tension on the base was intolerable, and all the shuffling was dangerous. So, the president backed down."

Casey smiled. "Oh, Daniel, I’m so glad. I couldn’t have continued like we were. I never got to see you…I hated that."

"I know. I hated it, too. Love you, Angel."

"Love you, my heart." She turned to him. Her breath caught in her throat when she looked at him, his body strong and lean, and so ready for her. She knelt in front of him, and took his rigid shaft into her mouth. She nearly cried with delight; the taste of him, the smell of him, the anticipation of feeling him in that place that had ached for him.

"Babe, you have to stop, or I’m not gonna last," he said softly, his hips rocking towards her, his hands full of her soft, thick hair.

She pulled away. "We have all afternoon," she whispered, then returned to what she was doing. She took him as deeply as she could, her hands working on that part of him she couldn't accommodate, and within a matter of minutes he was throbbing hard and fast. He moaned out loud as he delivered a stream of hot come down her throat.

He dropped down to the ground beside her, his knees like jelly. "My turn," he told her, helping her to lie back on the soft grass. He started with her throat, moved down to her breasts, making love to them until her nipples were hard points, and she was moaning. When he finally moved down between her thighs, her breath was coming in gasps.

"Oh, Daniel," she whispered softly, as he licked and kissed her moist flesh, "You make me feel so good."

"I’m glad, babe," he whispered. He returned his mouth to her body, moved his fingers inside her. It wasn’t long until she was whimpering, her body arching up to him.

She cried out, his name on her lips as her climax raced through her body. She reached for him, and he moved up, hard once again. He moved over her, slid into her waiting body, the tremors of her orgasm still echoing in her warm, wet well.

"I’ve missed you so much, babe," he whispered.

"I’ve missed you," she replied in kind. Her hips rose to meet his. "I’ve missed holding you, feeling you inside me," she whispered.

He groaned, then rolled to his back. "I’ve missed it too, Angel. Ride me, babe, make it good for both of us," he quietly instructed. He put his hands on her hips, helping her find and maintain their rhythm. She ground her hips against him, using the friction of their bodies to stimulate the nub at the top of her folds.

She rode him slowly, gently, allowing the fire to build slowly, deliciously. "Love you, My Heart," she whispered.

"Love you, My Star," he replied. He could feel the quiver in her slender thighs, knew she was close. "Come for me, babe. Give it to me," he said softly.

She whimpered, then fell forward against his chest, her body quaking around him.

He held her hips tightly against his body, and thrust up into her.

"Fill me, Daniel. Give me your love," she whispered, her hands caressing his arms.

He stiffened, then moaned her name as he emptied himself into her willing body. He put a hand behind her neck, the other caressed her back. "Feel better?" he asked, when he could breathe again.

"Much," she replied. "You?"

"Much better." He smiled when she snuggled closer. "Think maybe we should get back to the village?"

"Probably. Better bathe first, though."

"Good idea."

They washed each other gently, kissing each other whenever their mouths came close enough. They walked back to the village hand in hand.


A  A  A  A  A  A


Texas and Sam had worked on the DHD for most of the afternoon, and by the time the villagers were gathering for their evening meal, the MALP had been sent back through.

"Let us celebrate the opening of the door between our worlds," Angus said. "Join us."

Sam nodded. "We'd like that," she replied.

Several musicians gathered. One with bagpipes, three with what looked like guitars, and one with a bodhrán, a hand held drum. Music filled the air, and the villagers taught the two SG teams the steps to several of their dances. Daniel never let go of Casey’s hand, the two of them lost in each other most of the evening.

"They are truly in love," Angus said to Major Parker as the two men shared a pitcher of ale. He watched as Casey leaned against Daniel’s shoulder, her hand possessively on his thigh.

"Yes, they are," the dark skinned major replied.

"There is strength…power…in such love. Some say that there is magic in love that strong," Angus continued.

Major Parker watched as Casey fed Daniel a piece of fruit. His thoughts flashed to a temple on a desert planet. "I think I’ve seen some of that magic."

Angus nodded. "This friendship between us is a good thing. It will bring much to my people."

"It will bring much to ours as well," Major Parker replied diplomatically. His eyes reflected the honesty of his declaration.

The large Scot nodded, then went back to watching the festivities around him.

Miram stood watching Casey and Daniel. When her mother wasn’t looking, she sidled closer to the couple. "Casey, Momma says that you’re going away," the little girl said. Her brown eyes shimmered with tears.

Casey looked down at her little friend. "It’s time for me to go, sweetie. I have to go home."

The little girl looked at Daniel. "Can Casey stay here?"

Daniel smiled at her. "She can’t stay here, Miram, because this isn’t her home. But I promise that she’ll visit you, okay?"

The little girl looked at him for a moment, then nodded. She crawled into Casey’s lap, hugged her neck tightly, then went back to her mother’s side.

"I want one of those," Casey said softly, watching the child settle beside her mother.

"A little girl?" Daniel asked.

"Boy or girl, it doesn’t matter. I just want a child."

Daniel put his arm around her shoulders, and pulled her close. "When the time is right, Angel, we’ll have one. Maybe even two."

She leaned against him. "I like the sound of that. A boy and a girl. A family."

"It’ll happen babe, I promise."

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