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In Between the Lines

Chapter 7

Duncan shook his head when Daniel made his request, and gave the reason for it. "She certainly has a way of twisting things, doesn't she?"

Daniel sighed, gave a small, sad smile. "Yeah, she does. If something can go wrong, she's certain that it will. And she'll make damned sure she takes the blame for it."

The Scot shook his head again. "If that fat bitch wasn't nearly comatose, I'd kill her!"  Kelley had sent word while Casey had been dead on Oannes that Helen Webster had had a stroke, and that the prognosis was poor.  No one on Gamma had cared at the time.  Still didn't, truth be told.

"After me," Daniel snorted.

"I'll contact Thor, tell him what's going on. With luck he'll get here soon. Go home, Daniel, be with her. Leaving her alone right now will only give her time to think about this."

"You'd throw me out? The day before Christmas? With all of that cooking going on?" the archaeologist asked, mock seriously.

"Yep. Besides, you've never tried being there all day for her. Maybe it will make a difference," the Highlander suggested.

"Good point. Okay, see you tomorrow."

"We'll be there."


A  A  A  A  A  A


Casey was putting the finishing touches on a chocolate cake when he walked into the kitchen. She glanced up at him. "You're home early."

He had been home longer than she realized, he thought gleefully. Her Christmas gifts were safely tucked away in one of the boxes in the garage. He would bring them out when family arrived to open presents the next day. "Yep. What do you need me to do?" 

She smiled. "Could you run to the store for me?"

"I'd rather drive," he said, heaving a sigh. "But if you really want me to run…"

"Smartass," she said, a smile lighting her face. She put down the spatula she had been using, wiped her hands on a towel and picked up a fairly long list. "I think I have everything I need on this list."

"Until you think of something you forgot," he teased.

She shook her head. "This might be-" she broke off when she saw the pain that flashed through his eyes. "This might not be the only trip you make today," she said, trying to make it appear that her statement was what she had intended to say.

"I'll be right back. Unless you'd like to go with me? Get out of the kitchen for just a bit?"

Casey pulled her lip between her teeth. If this was the last Christmas she was going to spend with him, she wanted all the time, all of the sweet, precious memories she could get. "I think I'd like that," she said softly.

What she was thinking was reflected in her eyes. He forced the pain, the panic away from his heart. She wasn’t going anywhere. Not without him! Deciding to play along, ignore what he knew she was thinking, at least for the time being. He looked around. "Kids with your Mom?"

She nodded. "Just until four or so. She has her own cooking to do."

Daniel grinned. Making Beef Wellington was not something done with two small children underfoot. "Then let's get to the store. I can take care of the sweet potatoes. And the green beans."

She smiled. "Then I'll have time to make the cookies."

"Do I get to sample any of them?" Her giggle told him that he would be getting a few of those specially cut out, carefully decorated treats. He reached out, pulled her close. They had made love for nearly three hours after they had gone to bed. Had orally pleasured one another in the shower before he left for the base, an hour late. He wanted to take her to bed now. Later, he thought. She hadn't given him his 'special' Christmas present yet. He was certain to get it tonight.

The phone rang just before they made it out of the door. It was Duncan, with a message from Thor. "Just a minute, I'll let you tell her," Daniel said, a wide grin on his face.

"Hey, Duncan," Casey said, taking the receiver.

"I sent a message to Thor a little bit ago, told him what you were…worried…about. He just sent a message back. He said that there is no way that you would ever affect Daniel, not like that. He said that Daniel's addiction to you is as much emotional as it is physical. And that overuse of the sarcophagi are what make the Goa'uld nuts, and more susceptible to you. If it weren't for that, they wouldn't be any more affected than any other man."

Her heart was racing, her hands started shaking. "He's sure?"

"He's positive, Case," Duncan's voice assured her. "He was damned surprised that you could even suspect something like that. He said that there is no record of any human not infested with a symbiote going nuts from being exposed to the 'Hathor-gene'. Not even those men who were married to women with it."

She leaned against the counter, closed her eyes. "Thanks, Mac."

"You're welcome, honey. Now, take a deep breath, and I'll see you tomorrow."

"Okay. See you tomorrow." She hung up the phone. Turned around, grabbed Daniel by the front of the shirt and pulled him toward her. When he was close enough, she wrapped her arms around him and held tightly.

"Told you so," he whispered in her ear.

"You're still addicted to me," she whispered in reply.


"I love you."

"Love you, too, Angel."

She turned loose of him, stepped away. "We'd better get to the store. I want everything finished before snuggle time."

He was already grinning. "Any particular reason?"

"Yep. Santa made a special delivery for you."

He shivered appreciatively. "Let's go, Angel. Before I drag you to bed right now," he whispered.

She smiled, leaned up and kissed his cheek. "Soon," she whispered. Giggled when he shivered again.


A  A  A  A  A  A


Emily and Nicholas were painstakingly decorating the cookies that Casey had cut out, the fifth batch of cookies she had made that day. Daniel sipped his coffee, then took the tray of cookies that were ready and put them into the oven.

"Daniel Nicholas Jackson!"

Daniel turned around to see that his son had stuffed what looked like an entire raw cookie into his mouth. "Hey, Little Man, you're supposed to bake them first!"

His mouth full, Nicholas grinned at his father.

"You do it to drive me nuts, don't you?" Casey muttered. She held her hand out in front of her son's face. "Spit it out. Right now."

The little boy obeyed, watched as his mother threw the mess into the garbage disposal. "Cookie!"

"After they're baked," Casey replied. She had been known to pinch a taste or two of raw cookie dough herself. But a full raw cookie was a bellyache waiting to happen!

"Mommy, there's no red sugar left," Emily complained. "I gots more Santa Clauses that needs red sugar."

Casey went to the pantry, searched and found another bottle of the specialty sugar. "Here, Baby. Nicholas, do you want to put sprinkles on those cookies?"

The tot nodded, and took the bottle that Casey opened for him, and shook it vigorously over the waiting cookies.

She could feel the weight of his gaze. She glanced up, her breath caught in her throat when he grinned and winked at her. She couldn't wait until the kids were in bed, and she could put on that special little number from Frederick's of Hollywood. It was sure to melt his brain, she thought, giggling mentally.


A  A  A  A  A  A


He was lying on the bed, waiting for her. She had told him to 'get comfy'. He had stripped, and turned the covers back. He sat straight up when she walked out of the bathroom. She was wearing a sheer little black teddy, with hot pink ribbons. Sweet Jesus in Heaven! He could see her dusky rose nipples poking through the slits in the cups, and those soft, dark blonde curls and sweet pink flesh winked at him from lacy crotchless thong as she walked toward him. "Oh, god," he murmured, his body hard and ready for her.

"Like it?"

"Uh huh." He was reaching for her.

"It's special, just for you," she whispered.

"Thank you, very much," he replied. His fingers were investigating those tantalizing openings. He pulled her down onto the bed, rolled her to her back. "Very interesting," he said, before claiming her lips with his own. His tongue worked the combination to that sweet mouth, and he plunged inside when she opened to him. The touch of the lacy teddy against his bare skin made him shiver as he shifted his body over her. The slits in the cups allowed him full access to her hard nipples, but denied him access to the soft skin of her breasts. Something that was driving him crazy. He suckled, his fingers moving over and around her breasts.

Casey sighed when he began to make love to her. His fingers tugged and pulled at the thin material that covered her breasts, moving in as far from the top as he could, or in through the opening to tug on her nipple. He always caressed her as he made love to her, moving his mouth from one breast to the other, his hand working opposite his mouth. She could sense the slight frustration from the inability to completely touch her body. Which brought a secret smile to her lips. She glanced at the clock. Wondered how long he would be content to leave the teddy on her.

He loved the way her nipples hardened against his tongue, had always loved that feeling. He wrapped his lips around the dusky rose areola, pulled it into his mouth as well. Felt her body arch toward him. She had one hand in his hair, the other moved from the nape of his neck to his shoulder and back again, the soft caress setting fire to his entire body. Flames danced up and down his spine, shot into his already aching cock. He nipped and licked at her through the sheer black cloth that prevented him from feeling the warmth of her bare skin. He slid down. He'd come back to those beautiful boobs after he'd taken this thing off of her. But first, he needed to taste her. Just a little bit.

Another soft sigh left her lips when he wrapped his hands around her slender thighs. She did so love it when he worshipped her! She pushed the fingers of both hands through his hair, clenched them slightly in anticipation of what was about to happen.

Daniel pulled away just far enough to look at her. The black lace lay on either side of that sweet pink flesh, exposed her beautiful womanhood to his view, his mouth, his fingers. A single pink bow held the lace together. What a turn-on! Santa had outdone himself this year! The errant thought almost made him laugh out loud. He tugged at the ribbon with his teeth, used his fingers to pull it apart. Open Sesame! he grinned. His tongue darted out as if it had a mind of its own, not willing to be denied any longer. As always the first taste of her sweet honey sent a shiver over his body. He had given enough attention to those perky breasts and their hard nipples that when he pushed his tongue inside her sweet, warm well, she honored him with a flow of that much needed, much loved honey. He moaned slightly as he took his fill before moving his mouth back up to that swollen nub. He teased it with the tip of his tongue, moved away so he could watch as it peeked at him from beneath the hood, hardening all the more.

The man delighted in driving her insane! Every nerve ending was on fire, the need that he built hot and terrible and wonderful. Her hips were moving up and down, her body in complete control as he continued to tease her, torment her, make love to her. She would have her turn, she would taste him, tease him, torment him as much as he did her. And just as she relished every delicious moment waiting for him to send her sailing among the stars, he would revel in what she could do for him.

He slid two fingers into her warm, wet well, began to stroke her as he continued to move his tongue over and around the bundle of nerves that gave her such pleasure. Her hips were in constant motion now. Her thighs began to quiver…that beloved whimper filled her throat. He clamped his mouth tightly around her, sucked that button as far into his mouth as he could, continued to tease it with his tongue, pushed his fingers deep into her well. Her body arched, and her song of love filled the air around them, echoed in his ears.

She flew to the stars, her body twirling among the twinkling lights, colors dancing behind her closed eyelids. Her body was still pulsing when she tugged at his shoulders. The need to taste him was overwhelming. He wasn't even on his back yet when she wrapped her hand around him, took as much of that beautiful male flesh into her mouth as she was able. She sucked hard…long steady strokes that had him throbbing, his hips rising to meet her.

"Oh, god," he moaned. "That's it babe, suck me!"

She loved to make him cry out his need, his delight. Her tongue danced around and over the head of his throbbing erection, teasing those most sensitive spots until his hips were jerking at every touch. She let him fall from her mouth, licked her way around and up and down, stopping to say a very warm, wet hello to each of his balls. When she took him back into her mouth he moaned again, wrapped his hands around her head, held to her as she set up a steady rhythm once again. When he was throbbing hard and fast, she moved up to her knees, relaxed her throat, and took him as deeply as she could. When she began to swallow, the stimulation was enough to set him off. He cried out her name, sent his hot seed down her throat. Satisfied that she had pleased him, had sent him soaring to the same stars that she had danced around, she slid up his body, kissing and licking her way to his lips.

"You're amazing, Angel," he whispered when she finally moved her mouth from his, pulling her to lie on top of him. His arms closed around her, held her close.

"I was just thinking the same thing about you," she smiled.

"I never would have let you leave, you know that, don't you?" he asked softly.

"I would have done my best to protect you," she replied. "If that meant leaving, it would have killed me, but I would have done it."

"Well, now you don't have to worry about it."

"I'm glad. I'd have lost my mind without you," she whispered.

"Just like I would have lost mine without you," he replied. "So, ready to take it off?"

She giggled. "I wondered how long I'd get to wear it."

Daniel chuckled. "I want to feel your skin against mine," he said softly. He rolled over, putting her on her back beneath him. His fingers brushed the thin straps from her shoulders, his mouth in hot pursuit. Every sigh, every shiver sent his soul soaring as he moved his mouth over her elegant throat. He pushed the teddy away from her breasts, down to her belly, over her hips. She lifted her body and let him pull it from her. "Thanks, Santa," he whispered, just before the lacy black garment hit the floor.

Casey giggled. "Liked it, did ya?"

"Oh, yeah," he replied. He settled over her again, his hands full of those soft, firm breasts, the hard nipples pressing against his palms. As sexy as that little teddy was, as exciting as it was, this was what he wanted - her body naked beneath his. He made love to her, touching her, caressing her, squeezing and massaging, suckling on her sweet nipples, licking those beautiful orbs until she was sighing and arching, her hands full of his hair. He slid down to her belly, took the time to lick every inch of that flat, firm skin, teasing her sensitive bellybutton until she was moaning softly. Before the pleasure he gave her could turn to discomfort, he moved down again.

"Let me taste you," she whispered.

With a shiver he moved back up, turned his back to her and lifted his leg over her, settled his hips above her face.

She pulled the pillow out from behind her head, tossed it aside, then tugged at his hips until he was low enough that she could take his swollen member into her mouth without straining. She tried to ignore what his mouth and tongue were doing as she wrapped her hand around him, began to stroke him in rhythm with the movement of her mouth. She loved to take him this way. She tilted her head back, took more of his magnificent cock into her mouth. She knew she had found the right tempo when his hips began to move up and down, pushing him a little deeper into her throat each time.

If Casey was worried about him going crazy, she shouldn't do things like what she was doing her mouth, he thought, working his tongue over the soft, wet folds between her thighs. He was going to lose his mind from the sensations she was giving him! He concentrated on pleasing her, focusing his efforts on her engorged little clit. He moved his tongue over it, flickered it up and down, then turned his head so he could do the same thing side to side. Her hips were in constant motion now, and he slid his fingers into her, waiting for the signs that would alert him to her impending climax. There! Her thighs were quivering…and right about…now…yep…that sweet whimper… which increased the stimulation on his cock until he was moaning against her. She gave a soft moan, which sent him over the edge. He lapped at the honey that flowed from her at the same time she took everything he could give her.

She licked him clean, both hands on his thighs, keeping him exactly where she wanted him until she was finished. When he rolled away from her, his body was still shaking. She licked her lips, never knowing that he was watching her, that the movement had him rising again. "I do so love to do that," she sighed.

She does so love trying to kill me, he thought, grinning like a madman. She seemed determined to take him completely into her esophagus every time they made love that way. He was always afraid of hurting her. So far, he hadn't. God it always felt so damned good when she sucked him off like that! He shifted around in the bed, put the pillow back and rested his head on it.



"Do you think Thor could…fix me?"

His eyes, which had been drifting shut in satiated satisfaction, flew open. "Fix you?"

"Yeah, maybe get rid of that pheromone. Do you think he could?" Her voice was soft, filled with worry.


"Because I…it…I…when they…" she shook her head as tears slid down her cheeks.

"Oh, Angel! C'mere." He held his arms open, she slipped into them, settled herself on his chest. "I don't know if he could change your body chemistry or not. I assume that he could."

"Would you mind?"

"The truth?"


"I love how sweet you are. To taste, to smell. I love that you give me what no other man will ever have from you. Case, men are attracted to you for more reasons than just the pheromones. That sweetness is sort of…the icing on the cake. Let me ask you something. Has any man bothered you, or hurt you, or frightened you since we've been together?"

"Man? No, why?"

Daniel frowned, trying to put into words what it seemed everyone but she was aware of. "I think…that even though your beautiful body puts out those sweet pheromones that attract men to you, along with that beautiful face, and sexy figure, and your sweet smile, and those big green eyes, and that little giggle, and that hot little sway you have when you walk, and…"

"Are you going to get anywhere near a point?"

He chuckled. "Sorry. Listing your attributes is a hobby of mine."

Casey giggled. "You're a sad man, Daniel Jackson, if that's a hobby!"

"I'll have you know it takes time to list all of the incredible things about you!" He smiled when she snuggled closer, pressed her lips against his neck. He hugged her tightly. "Babe, it's not just the pheromones, is the point I'm trying to make. Yeah, they do attract men, but if you think that having Thor change that will make men stop…noticing you…it won't."

She was well aware of what she looked like. She still didn't understand why photographers continued to take pictures of her, make posters of them, and why anyone would want one. She knew that Daniel saw her through the eyes of love. But Daniel had never lied to her, and if he didn't think it would make a difference…"I wouldn't drive Goa'uld insane," she said softly.

He laughed. "Angel, they already are insane! I've told you that. You, my beautiful, sexy Wife, just push them over the edge. You're like a weapon for the SGC. You make them completely lose it, we take them out. It's perfect. There isn't a defense against it."

"Yes there is, Doctor Montigue has that anti-Hathor serum…"

He laughed again. "I love you just the way you are, Case. I don't want you to change…not one little thing. I'm here, Angel, and I'll protect you."

She couldn't get any closer to him without crawling inside his skin. But she tried. "I love you," she whispered.

"I love you, too, Angel."

She wiggled her hips. "I have a terrible, horrible, just awful itch," she said softly.

"Guess I'd better see if I can take care of that terrible, horrible, just awful itch," he replied just as softly, a grin on his face.

"I would be ever so grateful if you could."

Love. Laughter. Happiness. Things that had been a part of his life for ten incredible years. Things he knew from dark, cold experience that he couldn't live without. "Let me love you, Angel," he whispered, rolling her to her back. Her arms went around his shoulders, her legs around his waist. He reached down between them, aimed his aching cock for that sweet opening, pushed into paradise.

So full, so completely, wonderfully, amazingly full! Holding him, feeling him, being near him pushed every fear, every worry, every doubt from her mind, from her heart. Nothing could hurt her, could hurt them, when she was in his arms. That thought, although not a new one by any means, rattled around in her brain. Nothing could hurt them when she was in his arms. Nothing. Not even the pheromones that addicted him to her body. "Oh, Daniel," she breathed, letting go of the fear that she would drive him to madness. She'd continue to drive him crazy, she thought, smiling a little as she licked that tattoo that she so adored. But never in a bad way.

He smiled when she whispered his name. He moved forward slowly, gently, felt her soft warm caress in return. The…turmoil…was gone. The fears she had were gone. He lowered his head and kissed her as he rocked his hips back and forth, moving in and out of her slowly, gently. Soon enough the Fire would demand more. "You're mine, Angel," he whispered in her ear. "I'll never let you go. I'll keep you safe, I promise."

She shivered at his words, her soul soaring to hear them, knowing that he would keep her safe and by his side for all of eternity. "I’m yours," she whispered in reply. "You're mine."

"All yours, Casey, all yours."

He led her through the dance of love, their bodies moving in perfect harmony, their hearts beating together as one. When the Fire demanded it, he rose up on his arms and took her in the wild, primitive way that they both enjoyed, her song of love filling the air just seconds before her name left his lips. When he could breath, he rolled them over, and they fell asleep clinging to one another.

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