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Ice Queen

Chapter 6

For just a moment he stood watching her...watching the water as it hit her skin, the droplets running down the smooth expanse of her back, over that firm, beautiful ass, down those incredible legs. One drop caught his attention, his eyes followed the trail it made, had him licking his lips when it disappeared into the cleft of her buttocks. With a mental shake, he pulled off his sweats and stepped in beside her.

"I was wondering if you were going to join me, or if you were going to just stand and stare," she teased gently.

"It's difficult not to stare at a woman as beautiful as you," he replied.

"Sweet talker."

His hands moved over her slick skin, the tactile input nearly overwhelming him with a rush of desire. His body responded quickly and ardently. He pulled her close, nuzzled her cheek. "Gotta have you," he murmured.

"I'm here, Daniel," she whispered in reply.

"Not here...bed," he said, just before his lips claimed hers. He liked making love in the shower. Really he did. But he wanted to take his time...take from her again and again, give to her again and again, send her sailing into the heavens. For that, only their bed would do.

He drank from her sweet lips, letting his hands do what needed to be done, groping for and finding her shower gel, squeezing a generous amount onto the soft scrunchy she used, the fingers of his other hand moving through the soapy bubbles. His brain was aware on some level that her soft hands were moving over him...he was fairly certain he felt the gentle roughness of the washcloth move over his skin.

She pulled away long enough to wash his hair, closed her eyes when his hands massaged her scalp and played with the wet tendrils of hers. Her own body was making demands, her need for him as strong as his was for her.

He could barely wait long enough for her to dry her hair before carrying her to the bed. He dropped down beside her, recaptured her lips in a kiss of desperate need. When his lips began to move toward her throat, she gave a little sigh of approval. Today, he promised himself. Today he would hear that sweet new sound. Today she would beg him, plead for him to give her the release her body clamored for.

It was all she could do to keep from crying out when he began to nibble on that sensitive spot on her neck. The fleeting thought that there was no need to hold back...that she could follow her heart and her body...skittered across her brain. The memory of his eyes, so full of love and glee and delight at the sounds she had made, the things she had said, pushed forward. When his mouth moved toward the other side of her neck, she gave in to her desire, and moaned softly.

He grinned against her skin. That's what he wanted! Moan, babe, cry out, tell me what you want, he begged silently.

"More," she whispered, when he moved to her collarbones, nipped at them playfully. Her body arched toward him in anticipation. Nipples so hard they ached demanded his attention.

His heart was pounding against his ribs...his body shaking with delight and need. 'More what, babe?'

She sighed softly. "Just...more," she whispered in reply.

Her body was nearly off of the bed when he wrapped his hands around her firm, round breasts. "God I love you, love your body," he sighed, just before he began to lick his way around the soft, warm flesh.

"I'm glad...I love you, too."

His hands pushed against her, forcing her back onto the mattress. He hadn't yet begun to make love to her...not the way he intended to. It was far too early for her to be so...aroused. He still didn't comprehend that her need was as great as his own. But he smiled as he felt her push against him when he began to suckle, moving from one taut nipple to the other, back and forth, leaving her skin moist from his kisses.


There it was! That sweet, beautiful sound, that soft cry-like sigh...his heart was battering his ribs as he determined to hear it yet again. Her fingers were clenched in his hair, her hips pushing against him, her head back as she tried to offer more of those delectable breasts to his hands and mouth. His own need was forcing him to move on.

The man delighted in tormenting her. Not one inch of her belly remained untouched by his mouth as he moved over her, his fingers tugging gently on her navel ring. When his tongue was moving in and out of her belly button, she couldn't stop the tiny whimper of need that filled her throat. Could see his delight in the sounds she was making when he glanced up at her, his blue eyes were shining with love...and glee...and emotions she wasn't even certain she recognized.

Oh, yeah! Just what he wanted! She was totally free of the darkness, he just knew it! He shivered with sheer joy as he slowly, methodically kissed and licked his way from one slender hip to the other. He could smell the sweet scent of her arousal...spring flowers and vanilla and a hint of musk...his body shook again, this time from need.

The first intimate kiss brought a moan from her lips at the same time his filled the air. The soft waves of pleasure moved over her when he thrust his tongue inside her.

Hell, yes! Sweet nectar straight from that sexy little honey pot! It just didn't get any better. He lapped and drank his fill, took note that her body was shaking beneath his touch. He wrapped his hands around her thighs, opened her wider to his caresses. He moved the flat of his tongue over her, from top to bottom, seeking any drops of precious honey that might have escaped him.


He wanted to stand up and do a jig. Instead, he concentrated on bringing her to the cusp of orgasm. Her hips were moving up and down, she was trying to force that hard, swollen nub where she wanted it. He grinned mentally, as he ran his tongue over her slick nether lips, investigating every fold.

"Please...please..." she murmured, one hand clenched in his hair, the other grabbing at his shoulder.

He pulled away from her, looked up into her eyes. "Please what?"

"Come...please let me come," she gasped, trying to force his head back between her thighs.

He couldn't hold back his grin. "I dunno. I'm not sure you're worked up enough," he teased.

"Please...Master," she implored, her green eyes full of love and need...and mischievousness.

"Well, my Little Slave, it depends on how well you beg."

Oh, he is so going to pay for that! Dead. She was going to kill him dead. Oh, not like shooting him. Nope. She'd make him die from a heart attack. Just wait until it was his turn! He was so going to pay!

He recognized the glint of determination in her eyes. Oh, hell, was he in for it! His grin going wider, he began to plant tiny kisses along her thighs. He let his tongue dance over that hard little clit before moving his tongue over her again and again.

"Daniel...please...nngg...please..." In just a matter of seconds he had forced all thoughts of retaliation from her mind. Her body was straining, reaching for that glorious release that shimmered in front of her, just out of reach. Desperate, one hand slid over her mons, her need driving her to take the relief she needed.

'Ah, ah, ah...no cheating.' The captured hand was returned to his shoulder. Her belly was rolling, her breasts heaving as he continued to tease her, dangling her over the edge, but not allowing her to fall. Three times! Three times he had heard that sweet, beautiful sound. And now, it was time to hear the most wonderful of all the sweet sounds she made. He wanted to hear her sing her love. He slid his fingers into her, began to stroke hard and deep, her hips moving in rhythm with his hand. He closed his lips around her swollen clit, let his tongue move over it before he began to suck gently on it.

When he began to move that talented tongue over her aching clit, she whimpered with relief...with delight. She locked her legs around his shoulders, determined that he would not move away from her again. She closed her eyes as the lights began to flash. Colors began to spin and twirl...she was almost there...

He sucked hard and fast, his tongue flickering over that swollen nub. That beautiful whimper filled her throat, built up until she was singing, her soft voice filling his ears and his mind and his heart as she took flight. His name bounced off of the walls as she reached the pinnacle, and he lowered his head to partake of the flood of honey that poured from her.

Shaking, satiated...totally spent, she fell back against the mattress, let her legs fall limply on either side of the man who continued to kiss and caress her.


"Much. You will pay."

He grinned as he kissed and licked his way to her lips. "Promise?"

"Anything particular you want done at your funeral?"

Daniel chuckled. "Can't think of anything."

He was on his side. She rolled to hers, facing him. Wrapped her hand around the erection that had been pressing into her for the duration of his love making. She slowly, gently began to stroke him. Felt the shiver in his body. "I love you."

"Uh huh."

"Daniel, I love you."

"Love you, too, Angel."

"I love how you love me."

"Even when I...tease...you?"

"Even when you tease me."

"I love to hear that sweet little sound."

She blushed. "I'm glad. I..." she lowered her eyes.

He reached out, cupped her chin with his free hand. Forced her to look at him. "You what, Case?"

"I was always so afraid of...being...well...you know."

"A slut," he said flatly.

She nodded. "But now...it's like...well..."

He waited. When it was clear that she wasn't going to continue, he rolled to his back. Tugged until she was laying with her head on his chest. Often she could...and would.. confide in him when they were laying this way. "It's like what, Angel?"

"It's like...I understand that it's...okay. That you won't be shocked...or...or...turned off..."

He chuckled again. "Turned off? Not likely! It turns me on like you wouldn't believe!"

Something she had read flashed through her mind. No time like the present to find out if the author of the article was right! And no way would she ever admit to reading those articles online! "Daniel?"


"I want to make love to you." She smiled at the tremor that moved over his body.

"Do it," he whispered, already aching in anticipation.

Her eyes locked with his, she moved up until she could press her lips against his. Waited until he worked the combination that allowed him to slip his tongue inside her mouth. Then she took control, tasting him, touching him, seeking to know him completely.

She always, always kissed with her entire body. She pressed the length of her body against him, her hands moved over his shoulders, down his arms to his hands, her fingers toyed with his, then moved back up to his shoulders. All the while her lips moved softly against his, she took and gave with such fervor that it left him breathless...and so damned needy!

When her hands were back on his shoulders, she moved her lips over his jaw...to his throat. Eleven years had taught her that he loved the attention just as much as she did. She could feel it in the way his breath caught...the way his heart hammered beneath her fingers when she traced that Mayan tattoo on his chest...when she pressed her lips against the artery in his neck.

He closed his eyes. Every kiss, every caress was so full of love it was almost overwhelming. That love wrapped around him, kept him safe and warm, every bit as much as his love protected her. Two hearts that beat as one. One entity. That's what they were, and when they made love, it was the physical manifestation of that incredible love, that mystical being that they were.

She could feel his happiness. His joy. Couldn't help but smile against his skin as she moved toward his chest. His nipples were hard, and she nipped playfully at them. Suckled with as much delight as he suckled hers. Knew that when she licked him like...this - he would shiver...like that. She had moved down, let her breasts move against the raging anaconda that rose from between his legs. Knew that he loved it when she did that.

It was hard to concentrate on what she was doing...her hands were moving up and down his sides, her fingers tugging at his nipples, her mouth was moving from one nipple to the other, her breasts were brushing against the sensitive skin of his cock...so damned much stimulation that he almost lost control!

He was shaking...and she loved knowing that she was the reason! She felt the hard length of him jerk against her body. She was filled with such a deep need to taste him that she almost cried out. She slid down, situated herself between his legs, smiling inwardly as he shifted to make room for her. She ran the fingers of both hands through the thick, curly hair that surrounded his impressive manhood. "My Adonis," she whispered.

The groan that filled his throat was one of appreciation when her hands wrapped around him and began to stroke gently. When her sweet, warm mouth took him in, he sighed. Oh, yeah, that was it...she knew just how to please him.

Now, or never, her head told her. Watching his face, she began to moan softly, moving her head around as she continued to tease just the head of his swollen cock, sucking gently, flicking her tongue over and over the sensitive underside.

Sweet Jesus, what is she doing? He opened his eyes, looked down at her. She looked as if she were having the time of her life...as if...as if she was enjoying what she was doing as much as he was! She always told him she loved giving him head...but god, the look in her eyes...those soft moans...he dropped his head back with moan of his own.

The look in his eyes had been one of surprise. She reached out slowly...gently. He still didn't understand that she enjoyed making love to him like this as much as he enjoyed making love to her orally. One hand dropped to caress his heavy balls, the other one matching the movement of her mouth as she took as much of him as she could.

When she moaned again, he thought for sure that it was over! When she let him fall from her mouth, began to lick him like a lollipop, he didn't know whether to be disappointed or relieved. She had said she was going to kill him. He was beginning to suspect she hadn't been joking!

For nearly twenty minutes she alternated sucking him and licking him. When she was absolutely certain he couldn't get any harder, swell any more than he was, she moved up to her knees. Relaxed her throat, and let him slide back as she began to swallow. She stroked hard and fast with both hands.

"Oh, god..." he muttered, on the verge of coming.

She pulled away from him completely, her hands moving to his legs, her lips finding and teasing his hipbones.

"Not funny," he growled breathlessly.

She gave him an innocent smile. And began to tease his nipples once again, her tongue moving over each one carefully, slowly. When she was certain that she could touch him without setting him off, she wrapped her hands around him, and once again set up a rhythm that had his hips meeting her each step of the way.

"Gotta come...please...gotta come..." Each word was a gasp of need.

And still the champ, she thought gleefully. Once again she relaxed her throat. Let him slide back into the depths, began to swallow. Her hands moved over his shaft and balls, caressed him...brought him ever closer to release.

"Oh, god!" His shoulders were off of the bed as he began to fire off, lights exploding in his head, the flames of the Fire shooting heavenward just before they turned into waves of intense pleasure.

'I want it all, Daniel, don't hold back!'

The soft whisper had him quaking from head to foot as his body strained to obey. He throbbed harder and longer than he could remember ever having done. He damned near passed out before his body finally relaxed once again.

She slid up and settled against his still heaving chest. "Okay?"

He could barely moan.

A satisfied smile lit her face. She placed a gentle kiss on his throat, could taste the salt of his sweat.

When he was able, he wrapped his arms around her. "You almost succeeded."

She giggled softly. "I don't hear any complaints." His chuckle rumbled in his chest beneath her ear.

"Can I ask you something?"

She folded her arms over his chest, rested her chin on them. "Always."

"Does it ever seem like we compete to...please...each other?" Her soft giggle wrapped around him, brought a smile to his lips.

"Sometimes. I like it. It's...fun. Makes the love so much more...exciting," she said softly.

He held her closer, tighter. "I like it, too, Angel."

"Do you wish that I could do that astral projection thing? I mean, you could...we could...well, Annika said it was amazing when she did and then they..." she blushed, looked away.

Daniel examined the question carefully. Then took a look at his own heart. Smiled before he answered her. "Nope. With the way we make love, if there were two of you, I'd be dead. I love you just the way you are. One of you is all I need...all I want."

She knew without a doubt that he meant every word he said. He would never know that his answer was the perfect response, and eased the fear that knowing his counterpart could enjoy 'two' of his wife wasn't something he would secretly yearn for.

A soft breeze moved the sheer curtains that covered the windows, hung in place in front of the open French doors. Played across the bed and the naked, entwined bodies that lay there.

Like a sigh, Daniel felt the breeze move over them. Reveled in the knowledge that he was in one of the 'perfect' moments.

Casey wiggled her hips. "I need to feel you inside me," she whispered. "All of you...deep inside me."

Her words were like fire through his brain. His already rising member went rigid. "Ride me," he commanded softly. Watched as she rose up, as her body took him in, inch by inch, until her body was tight against his. God, she felt so good!

Full...filled completely with Daniel...heart, mind, body and soul. She could ask for nothing more wonderful. She began to massage him, gently at first, then with more pressure, until she was clamping her body around him, holding him tightly.

"Sweet Jesus!" he gasped, as she grabbed him once again. When she added the subtle movements of her hips, he moaned with satisfaction.

"Like that, don't you?"

"Hell, yes!" He grabbed her hips, began to thrust up into her as she moved.

Her legs curled beside his hips, she began to rise up, then impaled herself on him, again and again; felt his cock throb deep inside her each time she took him all the way. She closed her eyes, let her head fall back as she moved, the sensations warm and wonderful and it felt so good!

The soft tickle of her hair against his thighs as she moved sent yet another shiver up his spine. Her breasts were bouncing slightly, the sight enough to take his breath away. His hands left her hips, wrapped around them, caressed them, massaged them as she continued to move. As she always did, she began sending her love, and as always, he gently returned his. He adored the fact that she was never aware of sending it, feeling that slight 'jerk' of surprise when he sent his to her, letting her know that she had once again flooded his senses with her love.

Her hands covered his, something she hadn't done in a long time. When he slid his hands from beneath hers, she continued to squeeze her breasts. Watched his eyes darken with love and lust. She took one hand, held her fingers to his mouth. Let him suck them...when they were wet with his saliva, she slid her hand between them, began to stroke that swollen nub.

His breath caught in his throat as he watched her. Everything he liked, she was doing. Did she have any clue what a turn on it was to watch her touching herself like that? His cock was so damned hard it hurt as he continued to watch her, to thrust into the warmth of her body.

She wanted him on top of her, wanted to hold him as he took from her, gave to her, as they went spiraling once again among the stars. She settled onto his chest, her hips still moving back and forth against him as he continued to thrust.

He pressed a kiss against the side of her head, acknowledged her silent request. Rolled them over, put her beneath him. Immediately her arms and legs were wrapped around him, holding him, clinging to him, tugging him closer. He pressed his face against her neck as he moved in and out of her...her hips meeting him every time, pushing against him, begging for all he could give her.

The Fire always demanded more before sending them into waves of pure pleasure. And so it was that the soft movements intensified, until Daniel was pounding into the willing body beneath him, Casey's fingers digging into his shoulders as she held on for the wild, passionate, incredible ride. Her soft whimper turned into an aria of love, just seconds before his cry, and her name, filled the air.

He collapsed on top of her, panting, his body shaking and throbbing. Every time. So damned good, every time!

She held him, pressed kisses against his shoulder as they caught their breath. "I love you," she whispered.

"I love you," he whispered in reply. He rose up, kissed her, then gently moved away from her.

"Guess we'd better shower and get to the base."

He grinned. "Anxious to get back to those ruins?"

"Yep. Now that my itch has been scratched, I should be able to concentrate."

He laughed. "You're good for my ego, babe."

"Just stating the truth."

Daniel climbed off of the bed, held out his hand, helped her to her feet. They showered again, the desperate need that had fueled every movement, every touch earlier replaced with the languid caresses that they shared as they washed one another.

They took time to eat...there was a bit of the chicken enchilada casserole that had been dinner the night before. Casey made a quick fruit salad, and Daniel tossed a few greens together. All of their appetites satisfied for the time being, they cleaned the kitchen together, and were on their way to the base by one.


A  A  A  A  A  A


Duncan was waiting in the 'gate room with Marcus when SG-1 entered, dressed in BDUs and ready to return to the planet.

"Duncan?" Jack asked, one eyebrow going up. Obviously the Terran had given up the 'gate address for the planet...or moon...or whatever the hell it was, where that Egyptian settlement was sitting. Or he wouldn't be standing in the 'gate room, looking as if he had plans of going with them.

"Marcus has asked to return as well. Seems he left a few personal belongings there," Duncan replied.

Daniel groaned mentally. He had just spent the morning in bed making love with his wife. Had no doubt that she loved him. Knew from the conversation after nightmare he'd had that Casey honestly didn't see that the man was after her; hell, his tongue was nearly dragging the ground now...well, metaphorically speaking. The man's dark eyes hadn't left her since they'd entered the room.

"I see," Jack said noncommittally.

"If my skills can be of any use-" Marcus began.

"I doubt that we'll need any help," Daniel said tersely, cutting the man off.

"Another pair of hands is always useful," Casey said, frowning up at Daniel.

He barely managed to keep from rolling his eyes. Was she as oblivious to the Terran's charms as she claimed...or was there something else going on? "We'll see," he grunted.

Sam glanced at Casey. Was the slender blonde ignoring Daniel's glaring dislike of Marcus, or was she trying to goad him for some reason? Had they fought about the Terran? Or was Casey simply trying to assert her independence?

Teal'c watched as well. He knew that Casey Jackson would never see Marcus Tiberius as anything other than a friend. If she ever called him even that. But for some reason his young friend seemed not to notice that Daniel Jackson was not pleased at her reactions to the man.

Casey studied her boots. Marcus was up to something. He knew something about the ruins. Something that might be important. She suspected that he needed their help in translating...probably text in one of the temples...so that he could locate what he assumed would be treasure. She pulled her lip between her teeth. 'Daniel?'


He didn't sound happy. She refused to look up at him. Did glance at Marcus. Blushed when the man blatantly winked at her. 'Trust me. Please?'

She was asking a lot from him. He remembered her words when he had awakened from his nightmare. When her love gently washed over him, he let go of the fears that plagued him. 'It's not easy, you know.'

'I don't see what the problem is. You own me, fill me completely, Daniel. Heart, mind, body and soul.'

He barely managed to hide his smile. Struggled to keep his face arranged in a scowl. Somehow he knew his friends had just caught on, though; he noticed the exchanged glances and barely perceptible nods. Only someone who knew them as well as they knew one another would understand what had transpired.

Duncan frowned slightly. Something was going on. He had seen the looks passed between Jack, Sam, and Teal'c. Casey wouldn't look up. Daniel looked as if he were on the verge of exploding. Maybe sending this pirate back with them wasn't such a good idea. He could have the man's belongings sent through, and then push him through the 'gate to anywhere that wasn't Gamma or PX5 726.

Jack wasn't sure what was going on. Daniel had been about to grin, but held it back, continued to scowl. The fact that Casey wouldn't look at any of them told him something was going on that she couldn't speak out loud, at least, not in front of- Ah...okay. Let it play out. "Let's go, campers," he said, starting up the ramp, not bothering to see if the team was behind him. Knowing that they were. He turned just before he reached the event horizon, looked expectantly at the Highlander.

Frowning deeper, Duncan gave them the 'blessing', and watched the six people disappear. Why was it that SG-1 never seemed to find it relevant to explain what the hell was going on to their CO? With a sigh, he turned away from the glimmering circle, headed for his office. He'd find out soon enough, he supposed.


A  A  A  A  A  A


Marcus had managed to make his way to Casey's side. Walked down the steps beside her. Wasn't surprised when her husband roughly pushed between them. He stole another glance at her, and when he found her green eyes looking at him, he dared to wink again. He loved the blush that colored her cheeks.

It was early evening on the planet, and the Marines and scientists were just returning to camp from their day's work, either protecting, or running tests. Greetings were exchanged, and the members of SG-1 set about putting up tents and settling in. Marcus left the camp long enough to gather his gear, waiting where he had spent the night hiding, and was soon pitching a tent of own. Damned close to the tent of Dr. Jackson and his wife. Several eyebrows went up in disbelief that the man would be so brazen, especially when it had been quite evident that the tent had been placed farther away from the others.

Turk glanced at Daniel. Doc sure didn't look happy. He found a place on one of the fallen walls, sat down and planted his booted feet on the rock beside him. If Doc needed help, he'd ask for it. But that dark haired bastard had better just watch his step. The Marine would be more than willing to hold the slimy bastard for him.

Casey was unrolling the sleeping bags when Daniel crawled into the tent beside her.


She turned around, wreathed his face with her hands, and pulled him in for a kiss. When she finally moved her lips from his, she put her head on his shoulder. 'He's up to something.'

'Any idea what?'

'Not yet. I have the feeling he needs something translated. He knows we can do that.'

'You had me worried for a few minutes,' he admitted.

'Only you, always you forever, My Heart,' she replied.

'Only you, always you forever, Angel.'

'It won't be easy,' she warned.

'I already know that.'

'Just trust me. Know that I'll be sleeping in your arms every night.'

He nodded. Cleared his throat. Then backed out of the tent.

She took a deep breath. The last time she had done something like this, she had been raped. She damned sure didn't want that happening again! Daniel was with her. He wouldn't let anything happen to her. He always protected her. Always.

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