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"…I get the shivers up and down my spine
The only time I’m happy’s when I know she’s mine
So hold me, hold me tight…"
"Woman Tonight" by America


Chapter 1

Daniel had his elbows on the desk, his hands pressed together in front of his face. Casey was at home today, busy cooking to fill the freezer with the casseroles that were the mainstay of their meals when she was working. He didn't mind; as long as it was her cooking that he was eating, he didn't care if it had been frozen first.

His mind was still turning over the 'feeling' that she'd had on Saturday night. Just thinking about that night brought a smile to his face. His Little Slave had nearly done him in…again. God, what a woman! His smile faded. That flash of fear…he could still see it in her eyes. Absolute terror had filled those green depths for a few seconds. He had seen her frightenedterrifiedbefore, but nothing like what had filled those beautiful eyes for just a few seconds.

He looked up when Duncan and Jack appeared at the doorway. "You wanted to talk to us?" Duncan asked.

He nodded. He shuffled through the stack of notes and photographs, pushed four reference books to the side of the desk. Jack leaned against the worktable, Duncan sat down in the chair beside it and stretched his long legs out.

"Something tells me I'm not going to like this," Jack said, watching the expression on his young friend's face.

"Probably not," Daniel agreed. "It's about that recon mission we've been planning."

The two men exchanged nervous glances. "Okay, let's hear it," Duncan said.

"Casey had one of her 'feelings' Saturday night. For a few seconds she was absolutely terrified. It took awhile for me to get it out of her, but she said it was exactly like the one she had before we went to Arconia." He frowned. "We were…making love…she wouldn't let me move away from her for a few minutes, later she told me that she was afraid that she would never hold me again, that we'd never make love again."

Jack was wearing a frown of his own now. "She said it was the same as the feeling she had before we left here that night?"

Daniel nodded. "That one damned near came true, too." The three of them had ignored her fears that time. They would never ignore her 'feelings' again!

"Well, then we just put this off. No way am I sending SG-1 anywhere if she's getting feelings like that! Did she have any other details?" Duncan asked.

"No. But I have never seen that kind of fear in her eyes before. It was only for a few seconds, she said that's all the longer the feeling lasted. But it was long enough to shake her up pretty badly," Daniel said. "I remember how scared she was before we left for …that mission. It wasn't anywhere near what I saw in her eyes Saturday night."

Duncan nodded. "Okay. It's a no-go. Methos reported that most of Geb's holdings will probably fall to Nergal. That includes Pangeria. I'm sending Marine One and Two to help hold the gate. The Phoenix is going to orbit there, and the Prometheus is on standby. With luck, the Persephone will be ready for duty by the end of the month," he said, referring to the new sister ship of the Prometheus, being built on Langara. "We look for him to show up and 'take possession' any time. If he holds true to form, he's going to make some nasty demands. We need to make sure that this is one planet that he doesn't get. I'd like to keep more of them free, but we just don't have the manpower to do it."

Jack folded his arms over his chest. "Seems that Nergal has a hell of a lot of Jaffa working for him."

"Too bad none of them are Rebels," Daniel said quietly. "The more Rebels we could get into the ranks, the better."

"Well, Teal'c is talking to Master Bra'tac. With luck we just might be able to infiltrate the ranks," Jack replied.

Duncan studied the young archaeologist. "Is something else bothering you, Daniel?"

The young man looked up, frowned. "I just can't help but wonder exactly what Casey's feeling means…who winds up 'missing'…her, or me?"

The Highlander shook his head. "With luck, my friend, we'll never know. We'll put this off for a few days. Then I'll ask her about it. See if anything has changed. I know she's been a lot more spooked about Nergal than she has about any other Goa'uld. That alone worries me. This guy is one mean son of a bitch, and if we don’t take him out soon, we might not get the chance."

"Unless we can get the other System Lords around here to turn on him like they did Anubis," Jack said slowly.

Daniel nodded. "If Methos' can continue his charade as a System Lord awhile longer, maybe he can plant enough seeds of discontent to move them to unite against him."

"One thing is for sure, whether we like it or not, he knows about us, and sooner or later we're going to have to face him. I'd prefer to do it when he's not any stronger than he is now," Duncan said with a sigh. "I'll let Methos know what's going on, and make the suggestion to him about uniting the others. Seems that Ashnan is willing to meet with him."

"Could be interesting," Jack grinned. "I'll make sure to let Sabotti know we'll be heading that way."

The three men laughed. Duncan stood to his feet. "Thanks for the heads up, Daniel. Let Case know that the recon is off for now."

"I will. Thanks Duncan."

The older Immortal nodded, gave a small wave, and left the room.

Jack sat down in the abandoned chair. "Other than this little incident, how was your Saturday night?"

Daniel bit back a grin. "Great. Out of this world. Unbelievable."

"C'mon, Daniel, give me a break! Just a hint!"

"Okay, she tied me down."

"No shit? Hey, so did-" Jack broke off, glanced at the open door. He stood, checked to make sure the corridor was empty, then closed the door gently. He pulled the chair closer to the desk, and with a glance at the camera, sat down and leaned his arms on the top of it. "When Casey ties you down, does she give you a massage first, relax you until you fall asleep?"


"Handcuffs on the wrists, ties on the feet?"


"Your wife told mine how to do that, didn't she?"

"Probably. Um…Sam didn't use a feather on you, did she?"

"Huh? No. Damned near killed me though. She did the same thing that you said Casey did to you. Casey used a feather?"

"Yep. I used it on her…got the idea from one of her romance novels."


"Yep. Thought for sure she was going to kill me this time!"

"Does Casey…uh…like…being tied down?"

Daniel grinned. "Yep. As much as I do. I guess we sort of take turns."

Jack's grin rivaled that of his young friend. "Well, I think turn about is fair play. Do you give her a massage before you tie her down?"

"I tied her down, then massaged her when I used the feather. One thing about that, though, I had her…uh…so aroused, that…uh…well…when I turned on the…uh…vibrators…she screamed, nearly bucked me off the bed, and then passed out."

"Holy Hannah!"

"Yeah. It's erotic as hell, and you won't be able to stop grinning, but damn, it's worth it! I made copies of the pages from the book, so I could memorize the dialogue. She liked that, too. I'll make a set of copies for you."

Jack nodded. "You realize how damned kinky all of this is, don't you?"

Daniel grinned. "Yep. Makes for some great sex, though."

"Must be the friggin' Fire. I never needed more than just good old-fashioned sex before. I mean, I like different positions, and I'm sure not opposed to some oral foreplay, but I never thought about…toys…and being tied down. It's all Casey's fault, you know."

"I'm not complaining."

Jack grinned. "Neither am I." He stood up. "Wonder if Duncan and Teal'c have been tied down yet?"

Daniel couldn't help but laugh. "When it happens, we'll hear about it!"

"Probably," Jack chuckled. "Okay, Space Monkey, I'll let you get back to work." He shoved his hands into his pockets, and left the office, whistling happily.

Shaking his head, a wide grin still on his face, Daniel went back to the translations he had been working on.

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