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He Said, She Said

"...Let's give them something to talk about
A little mystery to figure out
Let's give them something to talk about
How about love, love, love, love?..."
"Something to Talk About" 
by Bonnie Riatt

Chapter 1

"Sweetheart, I have a question for you," Casey said, coming into the den.

He hastily put down the book he had been reading, trying to slip it under a stack of papers that sat beside a pile of reference books. "What?"

She frowned slightly at his actions, but didn’t pay too close attention to what it was he was trying to hide. She’d find out later. "What do you think about a trip to Langara to do some Christmas shopping? I know that it’s not even November yet, but when you start in on that new crate of artifacts, you’re not going to want to stop until you’re finished. That could be well after the first of the year. So…what do you think?"

He pushed away from the desk, turned his chair, and smiled up at her, his hand reaching for hers. He pulled her toward him. "I think it’s a good idea. We haven’t had a vacation in long time."

She settled onto his lap, running her fingers over his bare chest. "Good. I was just talking to Sam, and she and Jack are thinking about doing the same thing. She and I thought we could all go together. I know that Mom would watch Emmie, and Mrs. Peterson would watch Evvie for them, no problem," she said, referring to the middle-aged neighbor who lived two houses away, and right next door to Sam and Jack, and who watched the O’Neill baby when they were working.

"Teal'c and Carly, too?"

"Wouldn’t be a vacation without them," was the quiet reply.

He wrapped his arms around her, nuzzled his face against her breasts. "Sounds like a plan to me, babe," his voice muffled against her body.

She moved slightly, could feel his very prominent, very hard arousal against her hip. Just what had he been reading? She unbuttoned her blouse, and unhooked her bra. Just as she expected - and intended - his mouth went straight for her breast, his hands following. He suckled with abandon as she carefully moved aside the papers that half covered the book. "Secret Passions". One of her most vividand explicitromance novels. She bit back a giggle, wrapped her arms around his shoulders. She gently kissed the top of his head. He was up to something. She struggled to keep from laughing. With luck, she would receive the same treatment the hero…or anti-hero in this particular bookhad given the heroine. Soon, hopefully.

He was lost in the taste of her, the smell of her, the feel of her skin against his own. He didn’t know how she could read those books and not go crazy. He thought fleetingly of all the times she had read them while he sat here at his desk and worked, her feet up on his lap, seemingly unaffected by the content. He had been reading her books ever since the night she had tied him down to their bed and driven him slowly out of his mind. Her admission to where she found her…ideas…had sent him on the search of his own. No way was his Little Slave going to get away with tormenting her Master nearly to death! He didn’t want her to know what he was doing, however, and was careful that each book was put back on the shelf exactly as she had left it.

His attention was beginning to affect her, every gentle tug on her nipples resonating between her thighs. Her head dropped back, offering him the expanse of her throat, her hands filling themselves with his short, dark blonde hair, holding him close to her body as he made love to her.

He accepted the invitation, his mouth moving over the soft skin, marking her at will. His hand reached back to push the book farther under the stack of papers before she had a chance to see it. He pulled away from her. "Is Emmie asleep?"

She shook her head. "No. She’s in the playpen."

"Stand up, babe," he said softly, "take your jeans off."

She stood up and took off her faded jeans and bikini panties, watched as he lifted his hips and shoved his worn Levi’s and boxers to the floor, past his bare feet. She settled back on his lap, straddling his legs. She reached between them and guided his throbbing erection between her wet folds. Goddess, he always feels so good! she thought as she impaled herself on him.

He hissed a sigh as her body closed around him like a hot, wet fist. No matter how many times he made love to her, every time he entered her it was as good, as exciting, as the first. His hands went to her hips.

"So when do you want to go?" she asked, her voice a bit breathless. Her hands were on his shoulders now, holding on to him as she moved her body against his.

"Huh? Go?" Go where? What the hell is she talking about? Oh, hell, she was squeezing him with those muscles! Damn that feels good! She was moving her hips back and forth now…yeah, that was it…just like that!

"To Langara." He had moved his hand between them, found her aching, swollen clitty…was massaging it so gently…oh, yeah, that feels wonderful! Oh! Oh, yes, yes, yes

"Langara?" He pulled his hand from between them, took one of hers from his shoulder, and replaced his fingers with hers…pushed them until he felt them moving. Both of his hands were on her hips now, guiding her up and down on his rigid shaft, holding her to prevent her from moving too fast.

"To go Christmas shopping."

"Christmas shopping. Uh huh." His eyes were closed, his hips thrusting up into her body with each movement she made. He was so damned close! It felt so freakin’ good!

"Next week?" Oh, god, she was almost there! His hands were kneading her ass as he kept her moving. So good! It feels so good!

"Uh huh." Yeah, just like that…just a little more…he could feel her thighs starting to quiver. "That’s it…give it to me…come for me, Angel," he whispered.

She began to whimper as waves of sweet pleasure rolled over her, gently taking her over edge and down into that wonderful valley of release. "Oh…oh yes! Love me Daniel," she whispered.

Her soft cry made his cock throb harder…almost there…his hands kept her body in motion…almost there…"Oh, god," he whispered, burying his face against her breast. He emptied into her, the release sweet and good and everything he needed it to be.

"So, it’s okay?" she asked, holding his head gently against her body, her hands moving through his hair once again.

"Is what okay?"

She giggled. "I guess you weren’t paying attention to the conversation."

"I was a little preoccupied," he admitted with a grin.

"I should know better. Only one head at a time gets the blood supply," she teased. She let out a squeal of surprise when his teeth closed over her sensitive nipple. "Well, it’s the truth!"

He chuckled, kissed the nipple he had just bitten. "Yeah, I guess it is. Okay, just give me a recap of what I missed."

She giggled again. "We’re going to go to Langara next week to do some Christmas shopping with Jack and Sam and T and Carly."

"Works for me. We’d better get cleaned up. Sounds like Emmie is starting to get cranky about being in the playpen."

Casey moved slowly from him, reluctant to lose the intimacy of their connection. "I guess so. It won’t be too long until she’s going to be able to climb out of it." She grabbed her jeans and panties and headed for the bathroom.

"Yeah, I know," he replied, grabbing his own clothes and following her.

They cleaned up as well as they could without taking a shower, redressed, and went to placate their now agitated daughter.

"Hey, Princess, what’s wrong?" Daniel asked, bending over to pick her up.

"Owt! Pway owt, Daddee!"

"Okay, sweetie, you can play out of your playpen." He put her on the floor. "Do not go into that bathroom unless Mommy or I are with you, do you understand?" Casey had started potty training Emily, but she still loved to flush anything she could get to fit into the bowl. So the new house rule was that Emily was not allowed in the bathroom without one of them, or her Meemaw or Peepaw with her.

"‘Stand," she said, her little blonde head bobbing up and down. She went over to the coffee table where several of her toys were strewn, and happily began to play with them.

Daniel glanced around the living room. The playpen was in a corner against one of the single French doors…away from the bookshelves that still mesmerized the tot. It was filled with toys. Toys covered the coffee table, two dolls and an assortment of blocks occupied one of the overstuffed chairs, an armful of towels waiting to be folded filled the other, the sofa was cluttered with the discarded sections of the Hope bi-weekly newspaper and more toys. He grinned. That clutter meant happiness as far as he was concerned.

Casey looked at him, followed his glance around the room. "I’ll get it straightened up before we go to bed tonight," she promised, misinterpreting his reaction.

He shook his head. "No problem. I don’t mind. It looks like…home. Proves to me I have a family," he said softly.

She smiled, looked back at the room. "Yeah, it does scream ‘family man’, doesn’t it?"

He laughed. "I like it that way, thank you very much. So, do you need help with dinner?"


He followed her into the kitchen, both of them keeping a watchful eye on their daughter.

Casey had just started to rinse off vegetables for their salad when Emily came in and tugged at the leg of her jeans.

"Mommee, potty!"

"Sweetheart, can you take her?" she asked, holding up her wet hands.

Daniel nodded. "Come on, Princess." He held out his hand, his heart pounding when the little fingers wrapped around his middle finger. He had never known the kind of deep, all consuming love that filled him until Casey came into his life. When Emily had arrived, he found that he was capable of love he never suspected could even exist. He took her into the bathroom, helped her pull down her ‘big girl panties’, and lifted her onto the toilet and it’s potty-training seat. He squatted down in front of her, his forearms on his thighs. "You’re such a big girl, Emily, going potty all by yourself," he told her.

"Big ‘irl," she nodded. She frowned in concentration. 

He had to bite his lip to keep from laughing. 

"All done," she announced when the sound of the stream hitting the water ceased.

"You’re sure?"

"All done," she repeated, nodding her head.

He took a wad of toilet paper and lifted her from the seat, gently wiped her clean the way Casey had shown him. "Good girl, Princess. I’m proud of you." He tossed the toilet paper into the toilet and flushed it, something Emily wasn’t allowed to do, for now. He pulled her panties and denim pants back over her little bottom.

"Wuv you, Daddee," she said, throwing her arms around his leg as he stood up.

"Love you, too, Princess," he replied, his hand moving over her blonde head. He lifted her to the counter, turned on the water so they could wash their hands. He carefully dried her little fingers, dried his own hands, then put her back on the floor, watched as she ran through the door. He shook his head. He could remember when he had felt so alone, never really a part of any household where he lived…always temporarily…his days and nights bleak and empty. Now…now he had a family of his own. Imagine that! He followed her back into the kitchen.

"Oh, Emily, what a big girl you are," Casey was saying. "I’m so proud of you!"

"Me, too!" Emily said, beaming up at her mother.

Casey giggled. "Okay, Baby, would you like to help make the salad?"

The little head bobbed up and down. "Sauwed."

"No, Baby, salad," she said slowly, enunciating the word carefully.

"Saalllad," Emily repeated.

"Close enough," Casey smiled. She lifted her daughter and put her on the counter.

Daniel leaned a hip against the island, just watching. He couldn’t help but smile as the two blonde heads bent over the sink to finish washing the vegetables. He absently rubbed his hand over his chest, above his heart, where such wonderful pain was beginning to throb. It was impossible to be any happier than he was right now.

Casey glanced over her shoulder. "Hey, handsome. Don’t think you’re getting out of helping. You and Emily take care of the salad and I’ll get the chicken breasts started."

He grinned. "Whatever you want, gorgeous." He took her place at the sink, showing Emily how to tear the lettuce into small pieces, chuckling at the concentration on her little face, the precision with which she did the job. He couldn’t help but lean over and kiss the top of her head.

Casey watched her husband and daughter for a moment, her heart fluttering in her chest at the sight. It just wasn’t possible to get any happier, to be any more content than she was this very moment. Daniel looked over at her and winked. She winked back. Nope, just not possible.

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