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Have Faith in Love

Chapter 8

Duncan had given them the rest of the week off. Casey was spending it getting caught up on housework and laundry. Daniel was catching up on…watching her. He acted as if he couldn’t get enough of just looking at her. It was the day after returning that the bruises under her beautiful green eyes, the hollows under her cheekbones impacted upon him. Just looking at her he could see what she had suffered. The bruises were almost completely gone now, although she still needed to put on weight to fill out her cheeks. Her color had returned, and she was looking healthy and happy once again.

They had gone to the grocery store again earlier in morning, and now she was busy in the kitchen, cooking up the casseroles that they would use on nights she was too tired to cook. He sat at the counter, his chin in his hand, a smile on his face, watching her as she finished up two dishes of lasagna, two chicken pot pies and a roast beef casserole. She had the stereo on, and was singing and be-bopping her way around the kitchen, the blue jean cut-offs she was wearing driving him to distraction. They fit tight around her sweet ass, and exposed every inch of her luscious legs. Her hips were swaying, and he was absolutely hypnotized by them. He could feel his body responding to the view.

Things were good between them, she slept cuddled at his side, made love with all of the passion and emotion that she always had. She talked, smiled, laughed, joked, sang…she looked over at him and winked, just before she bent over to get a can of something from the bottom shelf of the pantry, giving him a perfect view of that incredible ass. She was close enough that he could touch her. So he did.

Startled, she jumped slightly, then turned to look at him. "Give a girl a little warning the next time you’re going to grope her!" she exclaimed. Her eyes were twinkling.

He grinned. "All I did was this," he replied, running his hand over her hip again.

"Uh huh. Your hand didn’t stop there, fella, it kept right on traveling."

He let his hand slip between her thighs again. "You mean like that?" He caressed her through the jeans.

She gave a little gasp. "Uh…yeah, just like that."

He slid his fingers up inside the cut-off leg and stroked the tender flesh. He watched her eyes begin to glaze over as he ignited the flames in her. "Let me worship you, babe. Right here, right now," he whispered, pulling her closer with his other hand.

"Daniel, I have to finish-" she protested.

"Shh…Emmie’s asleep. There isn’t anything that can’t wait for a little while." He had her cut-offs unsnapped, and worked to her knees. He leaned over and pushed them down her legs, her panties followed. He put his hands around her waist and lifted her onto the counter, pulling her shorts completely off and tossing them to the floor. "Let me taste you, babe," he said softly, stroking her, pushing her thighs apart. He settled back farther in the bar chair and put her feet against his thighs, pushed on her knees just a bit more. He slid her just a bit farther onto the granite countertop, then lowered his head. For the first time he didn’t look up at her. He closed his eyes, savoring the smell of her, the sweet taste of her honey. He could feel every response her body made against his tongue and lips.

She gasped, watched him as he made love to her. She leaned back on one hand, the other she ran through his hair. She could smell him, the aftershave he always used tickled her nose. He told her that she always smelled good. She had always thought the same of him. This was the first time she had ever been able to observe him while he worshipped her without him watching her as well. The look of love, of tenderness, of happiness on his face made her heart skip a beat. He had added his fingers to the assault he was making on her body, her hips were thrusting up against him now.

He was in paradise, right where he wanted to be, doing exactly what he wanted to do. Her body trembled around him as he licked, kissed and sucked at her delectable flesh. He could feel her hips moving up to meet his mouth with every flick of his tongue, hear her soft gasps as his tongue teased her. Her thighs were beginning to quiver, and soon…yes!…there it was, the most beautiful sound he had ever heard. Her hand was in his hair, her fingers holding tightly. He didn’t stop until the spasms were over, taking every bit of the sweet nectar that she gave. He looked up at her, her head was thrown back, her eyes were closed, and she had a slight smile on her lips. He stood up and kissed her, let her taste the honey that he was so addicted to. "Thank you, Angel," he whispered.

She opened her eyes and looked at him. "Thank me? I should be thanking you! That was…incredible! You’ve always pleased me like that…but…oh, Daniel, that was… wonderful!"

He smiled, but shook his head. "Thank you for loving me. For trusting me. For letting me love you…worship you."

She wrapped arms around his neck. "I do love you, Daniel," she said softly. "You know what I’d really like now?"

"What?" His lips were on her neck, moved to her throat.

"To worship you."

He shivered at her words. She slid off of the counter, pulled her clothes on, then led him to the sofa.

"Lay down, my heart," she said softly, kneeling beside him.

He obeyed, lifted his hips when she tugged at his jeans. He was hard, had been that way for some time now, just watching her. He sighed when she wrapped her fingers around him, lowered her mouth and took him in. She led him to the brink, then backed away, kissing his belly, licking his thighs. "Babe, I’m gonna explode here," he moaned.

She smiled shyly at him. "Can I…well…I’d like…" she blushed and dropped her eyes.

"Whatever you want, babe, just do it,’ he begged, his hips moving up towards her, his body screaming for release.

She pushed his tee shirt up, leaving his chest bare. She began to suck him again, leading him once more to the brink. This time when she pulled her mouth away from him, her hands began to stroke him, hard and fast. She watched as he came, a smile on her lips. She licked him clean, not missing a drop.

"Sweet Jesus," he muttered, dropping his head back onto the pillow after watching her give him a tongue bath. "Woman, you're gonna kill me yet," he said softly.

"Yeah, but you’ll come back and we’ll do it all again," she giggled.

He couldn’t help but laugh. "Love you, Angel."

"Love you too, Sweetheart. Sounds like Emily is awake, and I have to finish those casseroles."

"I’ll get her." He sat up, kissed her, then stood and pulled his jeans up.




Emily was standing in the crib, fussing, until she saw him walk into the room. Her face lit up and she reached one arm out toward him, the other hand holding tightly to the side of the crib. She began to bounce up and down on her little legs. She was looking more like Casey every day, he thought as he carefully cleaned her and put a fresh diaper on her little bottom. He found a clean "onesie" and put it on her, then carried her out to the kitchen.

He stood and watched Casey for just a minute, the look of complete happiness on her face taking his breath away. When she looked up at him, the love in her eyes was so bright it nearly knocked him off of his feet.

"Hey, handsome," she smiled. She leaned up to kiss his cheek, then kissed Emily. "Hi, Baby! Did you have a good nap?"

Emily grinned at her mother, then turned to look at her father. She pushed a finger into his cheek. "Dadadada," she jabbered.

"That’s right, Princess," he grinned, took her little finger and kissed it. "That’s me…Dada." He took the bottle that Casey had handed to him and sat back down at the counter. He grinned when he noticed she had wiped it off. He knew that some of her sweet honey had been there.

Emily could hold her own bottle, often preferred to do so; she was holding it now. She was sucking greedily, her little feet drumming against his thigh, watching her mother with as much intensity as her father was.

Casey looked over at them and smiled. Her eyes smiled as brightly as her lips did.

He felt as if his heart would explode. He couldn’t get any happier. He had been terrified that he had lost Casey forever as he watched her rant in the ‘gate room the night they had returned home together; her pain, her anger had been tangible. The look in her eyes when she had found out all of the details of that mission had cut him to the quick. But here he was, looking into green eyes full of love, and trust and devotion, holding his precious daughter in his arms. He silently thanked all of the gods for allowing him to keep his happy home, and the woman who meant everything to him. "Babe, let’s go out tonight. You and me. Dinner, maybe some slow dancing over at Esteban’s," he suggested.

"Oh, Daniel, that sounds like such fun! I'd love to go out!" Her eyes sparkled when she looked at him.

"I’ll go call your Mom and see if she’ll watch Emmie."

"I’m sure she’ll be thrilled. She hasn’t seen Emmie for nearly three days now," Casey smiled.

She was right. Erin was thrilled to see Emily, and even volunteered to take the baby for the night. Daniel thought it was a great idea.

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