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Have Faith in Love

"When you're down and feeling so confused
You're waiting, anticipating all the things you have to do
Just reach out take strength from your heart
In time it's just fine to be just who you are
Why don't you just stop for a moment
So let me take you back again
'Cause I want you to know
You gotta have faith in love
You gotta trust in your love
Yes, you gotta have faith in love
You gotta trust in your love…"
"Have Faith In Love" lyrics booklet for Dancemania 8

Chapter 1

He opened one eye and reached over to shut off the alarm. He pulled her closer, kissed the top of her head. He was going to make love to her this morning…he had to. She was stirring…the sounds of Emily starting to fuss in her room echoed over the baby monitor had filtered through to her brain. "Come back to bed when you’ve got Emmie fed, babe," he whispered softly, just before she moved away from him.

"Feeling a bit ‘uncomfortable’?" she smiled, her eyes teasing, the term one she used to describe his condition some mornings, when he woke up aroused and the need for her was too great to be ignored.

He tried to smile, then just nodded. "Yeah, babe. Feeling a lot uncomfortable." His cock wasn’t what was bothering him, though. 

She leaned over to kiss him, then went to tend to their daughter. 

He ran his hands over his face. He wondered again if he had the strength to do what he had to do. The strength to walk away. The strength to stay away. To protect her and Emily.

It was less than thirty minutes later when she crawled back into bed, her beautiful body naked, ready for him. He held her close, kissed her, tried to pour all the love, all the emotion that he felt into the action.

"Daniel, what’s wrong?" she asked when he finally let her pull away. He was kissing her as if it was the last time…as if he were saying - good-bye.

"Nothing’s wrong, babe," he said softly, hating himself for the lie. "Let me love you, Angel." He rolled her to her back, began to make love to her breasts; her beautiful, perfect breasts. He spent his time kissing, licking, sucking each dusky rose nipple; touched, held, massaged the soft, firm flesh…burning the taste of her, the feel of her into his memory. She was breathing hard as he slid down…tasting…licking…kissing her. When he settled between her thighs he breathed deeply, trying to imprint her sweet smell on his brain. He began to worship her, his eyes locked with hers, watching as every caress he made on her body with his tongue was reflected there. He had to remember everything, memorize every taste, every smell, every feeling.

"Please, Daniel, let me worship you," she whispered.

He moved up on the bed, filled his hands with her silky hair, watched as her mouth took him in, pleasured him. He hissed a breath when her tongue began to tease him, brought him too close to his release. "Now, babe, in you now," he said. He gently pushed her until she was once again on her back. She wrapped her legs around him, he sighed when he entered her soft, warm, willing body. "Love you, Angel. Don’t you ever forget that, ever. I will always love you, forever and ever," he whispered as he moved inside her.

She was puzzled by his words, by the guarded look in his blue eyes. "Love you, too, sweetheart," she whispered. His body was fanning the flames that burned in her, and soon he was taking her to that place where she found sweet release. "I’m gonna come…" she whispered, rocking her hips against his.

"Give it to me, babe, come for me, Angel," he whispered in return. That sweet, melodic, whimper filled her throat, and her body began to quiver.

She cried out, clung tightly to his shoulders. "Love me, Daniel, let me feel you throb," she whispered.

He began to move faster, deeper, harder. With a cry of his own he filled her, his body throbbing with ecstatic release, and aching with dread all at once. He rolled to his back, held her tightly against his chest. "Love you, Angel," he said once more.

"Love you, my heart," she replied. She relaxed against him for a few minutes. "Daniel, we have less than forty minutes to get to the base. We’re going on a mission today, remember?"

He squeezed his eyes closed, fought back tears…glad that she wasn’t looking at him. "I remember, babe."

They showered quickly, Erin already there and feeding Emily her breakfast by the time they were dressed. He nuzzled his daughter’s cheek, ran his fingers over her face, kissed her twice, then handed her to her grandmother. They grabbed a box of granola bars and headed for the base.


A  A  A  A  A  A


Jack and Teal'c were quiet, much quieter than normal, she thought, as they stood in the armory gearing up. Duncan was usually here, giving them last minute details and information, joking with them. She hadn’t seen him except for the few minutes he had taken for the mission briefing.

The mission was simple. Since Osiris’ death, at the hands of SG-1, Anubis had quickly taken a new and relatively unknown Goa’uld, Neferteri, as his ‘partner’. They were going to sneak into her palace and steal the plans to Anubis’ new ship. Intelligence was that he was allied with her because she could help him get what he needed, but was too strong for him to simply conquer. She had been entrusted with the plans, and was set to deliver them to him within the next few days. If they could get them, it would slow him down, and give them an idea of what he was up to.

They sent a concussion grenade through first, giving them the chance to get through the gate relatively undetected. Teal'c, as usual, took point, and Jack put Daniel on their six. He insisted that Casey remain with him. Something was wrong, she thought, looking at the faces of them men around her. They all looked angry…worried. Something was very wrong.  

They located the room that the Tok’ra spy had insisted was where the plans were kept. They searched for almost an hour before Casey heaved a sigh. "They’re not here. Either she moved them, or we’ve been set up," she said softly.

Jack exchanged a look with Daniel. "Okay, let’s see what’s in the room next door," he said. "Teal'c, Case, go see what you can find. Daniel, come with me. We’ll see what’s down the other way."

Casey frowned. Normally Jack let her work with Daniel. Today it was if he was bound and determined to keep them apart. She looked up at Teal'c, the scowl on his face making her nervous. That feeling that always came over her when something was about to go wrong was beginning to nag at her. "Teal'c, something’s wrong. Let’s catch up with Daniel and Jack," she said softly.

"We must search this room first, Casey Jackson," the Jaffa insisted. Never before had he, or any of the team, discounted her ‘feelings’. She felt a moment of panic.

"T, please," she begged, tugging at a large, muscular black arm.

The air around them was split with the sound of gunfire. Staff weapons exploded in the hallway beside them. When she would have run toward the battle, Teal'c pulled her in the other direction. Jack came running down the hallway.

"’Gate! Get to the ‘gate now!" He shouted as he ran towards them. Teal'c grabbed Casey by the arm and yanked her with him.

"DANIEL!" she screamed.

"He’s right behind me! Move!" Jack ordered, grabbing her other arm. He and Teal'c did not release her until they were standing by the ‘gate, ready to dial out.

Jaffa emerged from the woods near the ‘gate, completely surrounding the team.

"Shit!" Jack swore. This was not supposed to happen!

Casey was still looking for Daniel. He was nowhere to be seen.

The team was tossed into a cell, the door slammed shut behind them.

"Where is Daniel?" Casey demanded.

Jack refused to look at her. "I don’t know, Case. He might have gotten away. If so, he’ll head for the ‘gate and bring back help."

"Bullshit. If he hasn’t been captured, he’ll be trying to find us," she replied.

Jack glanced at her, then shook his head. When was he going to be spared from doing these damn distasteful things?

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