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Forever And Ever, Amen

Chapter 13

The tent was desert camouflage, borrowed from the weapons stores, and had white streamers woven throughout it. Underneath it a table groaned with food. Every element of a traditional luau, as well as fruit platters, vegetable platters, a seafood tray, and a three-tiered wedding cake were arranged on it. Another table held a champagne fountain, the brightly colored glasses sparkling in the sunshine. Five ice chests full of beer and soda sat beneath it.

Daniel rushed from the tent to the edge of the water, where several dozen chairs were set up, making sure that they were straight and that the "aisle" between them was wide enough. He looked over at the Stargate, which had bunches of orchids attached to it. The DHD was covered with them as well. Well, he thought, everything was ready. "Tiki torches!" he cried out.

"They are prepared and waiting for sundown to be lit. They are arranged as Casey Webster requested."

"You know, Teal'c, after today, she'll be Casey Jackson."


"Did Wilson get the stereo set up? The generator is here, right?"

"Daniel Jackson, I believe it is time for you to prepare yourself," Teal'c said calmly. He held out the suit bag that protected the white linen suit that Daniel would be wearing for the ceremony. Teal'c was wearing loose fitting white linen pants and a blue tropical-flowered shirt.

"Uh, yeah…okay." He ducked behind a stand of palm trees. A small tent was already set up…it would serve as their honeymoon accommodations…and enough supplies for three days waited inside. He pulled off his BDU and began changing into the suit he would wear to get married in. Married. He had never thought it would happen again. After Sha’re, he didn’t think he’d ever love again. Then Casey had stumbled into his arms, and her green eyes and her courage and her laughter and her love had sent his soul soaring again. He had nearly lost her in that Immortal ceremony, but she had been strong, and determined, and in less than an hour she would be Mrs. Daniel Jackson. His heart began pounding in his chest. It couldn’t happen soon enough for him.

The ‘gate activated, and the guests began arriving. Wilson was among the first, and after fiddling with extension cords and adapters, began playing music from the list Casey had written out.

Daniel greeted guests, watched as several SFs, clad in loose white pants and brightly colored Hawaiian shirts, escorted guests to the waiting seats.

"Well, Daniel, congratulations," Jacob Carter said, pumping the young man’s arm.

"Thank you, Jacob," Daniel replied.

"Yes, Doctor Jackson, we offer you congratulations on this very blessed day," Selmak said in her/his odd dual voice.

"I’m glad you agreed to come, all of you," Daniel said, nodding at the two other Tok’ra. "Casey really wanted you all to be here, to make up for what happened."

"Casey has no reason to apologize. She did not know of the Tok’ra, and she reacted in a way which she thought was appropriate. She was merely trying to protect the SGC and the people who work there," Selmak declared. "Her time with the Goa’uld offered more than enough reason to fear any symbiotes."

The two Tok’ra behind Jacob, particularly the young man Casey had shot, did not look nearly as forgiving. Daniel met Anise's eyes, then smiled at her. She lowered her eyes, sighed, and followed the others to be seated.

General Hammond approached, the sun block on his bald head making it shinier than usual. "Doctor Jackson, congratulations."

"General Hammond, I’m glad you could be here. It wouldn’t seem right if you weren’t, sir," Daniel said sincerely.

"Thank you, son. I’m glad that you've found a woman who can make you smile. After Sha’re’s death, I didn’t think we’d ever see you smile again."

"I didn’t think I’d ever have anything to smile about, General."

"Well, I’m glad that you and Casey have found each other. Both of you deserve all of the happiness in the world." He looked around, and then grinned. "Any world!"

Daniel smiled. "Thank you, sir."

The general moved off into the crowd. Daniel saw that Methos was here, but Duncan was conspicuous in his absence. He couldn’t blame the Immortal, he wouldn’t want to sit and watch Casey exchange wedding vows with another man. He wouldn’t feel sorry for him, though, because the Immortal would one day be with Casey. But not today. Not for many, many, many days.

Teal'c, who had not left his side since they had arrived on the planet, guided Daniel to the front of the grouping of chairs. The ‘gate opened again, and the soft strains of Yanni’s "To Take, To Hold" began to fill the air.

Sam, wearing a brightly colored sarong, a flower behind one ear, and carrying a bouquet of blue, pink and yellow orchids, began to walk down the 'aisle'. She was grinning broadly. She winked at Daniel, and then turned to watch the two people who had been waiting on the steps of the gate.

Jack was wearing the same thing as Teal'c, except he was sporting a broad, straw hat on his head. He adjusted the sunglasses on his nose, and then offered his arm to the woman beside him.

Daniel felt his breath catch in his throat. She was beautiful. She was radiant. She was breathtaking.

Casey walked towards him, a smile on her face, her long blonde hair caught up, exposing her lovely neck. Her hair was filled with pink orchids, and the colorful bouquet she held rested in the crook of her arm. She was wearing a calf-length white skirt that wrapped itself around her legs with every step. An embroidered, white petticoat peeked out from underneath it. Her top was white, with delicate embroidery all around the neckline, and left her shoulders bare. The scoop neckline exposed the creamy tops of her breasts. The sleeves were three-quarter length, and fluffed out around her slender arms. Her feet were bare, and around one ankle was a wreath of flowers.

The guests stood as she walked by, each of them lost in their own thoughts about the young woman and the scientist she was about to marry.

When they had reached Daniel, Jack turned to face the assembled group. "Folks, we’re all glad you could be here today, to witness Daniel and Casey exchange their vows. I have to admit, that when I first met Daniel Jackson, I thought he was a geeky, know-it-all, pain-in-the-butt scientist. And you all know how much I love scientists."

There was soft laughter around them.

"But time and again Daniel showed the stuff he was made of, and proved to me what a fine, brave man he is. I’m honored to call him my friend." He turned and punched Daniel playfully on the shoulder. "Some of you don’t know Casey very well, but she’ll be around for a long time, and I’m sure each and every one of you will find that she’s just about the sweetest, bravest woman you’ll ever meet. Why she’d want to marry the Space Monkey here, I don’t know. But she does. So ladies and gentleman, I now turn this…uh…service…thing…over to Danny."

"Uh…thanks, Jack…I think!" Daniel said, smiling. "Casey and I decided we wanted to write out our own vows. If you don’t mind, I’d like to get right to it, I kinda want to get her married to me before she can change her mind!"

More laughter enveloped them.

Daniel turned to Casey, taking both of her hands in his. "Casey, I never thought I could find happiness after Sha’re died. When she died, a part of me died with her. What was left didn’t have much of a will to continue. My friends, my family: Jack, Sam, Teal'c, General Hammond, all the others at the SGC, they all helped me to regain that will. But I was convinced that I would never have love in my life again. Then I went on a rescue mission. And a beautiful, brave woman fell into my arms. You captivated me then with your smile, and the more I learned about you, the more time I spent with you, the more I came to love you. You have brought so much joy, happiness, silliness, laughter, excitement, and so many other wonderful things into my life, that I could never imagine living without you. So today, here in front of family and friends, I vow myself to you. Everything I am; my heart, my mind, my body, my soul - as of today, they belong to you. I will protect you, love you, honor you, worship you, every day for the rest of my life." He smiled, then slid a platinum wedding band onto the third finger of her left hand.

Casey reached up and brushed a tear from her eye. "Oh, Daniel, when I think about the path that has led us here today, I’m glad that one dark night I made a turn into the twilight zone! I would go through everything again, willingly, as long as I knew it would lead me to you. I was afraid that love was not ever going to be a part of my life, that all I would ever know would be loneliness and pain. But you caught me when I fell, and you eased the loneliness, you pushed away the pain, and brought love and happiness into my heart. Whenever I’m frightened, you comfort me, whenever I’m excited, you share that excitement with me. When I doubt myself, you hold me up, become the wind beneath my wings and help me soar to heights I could never reach alone. In your arms I feel safe and warm, by your side I feel wanted and loved. I vow all that I am to you. I have only myself to offer you; my heart, my mind, my body and my soul. From this day forward, they belong to you, and to you alone. I will love you, protect you, honor you, and cherish you. No matter what life holds for us, I will be by your side, and I will love you every day for the rest of my life." She slid a wide, platinum band on Daniel’s finger.

Daniel’s eyes widened at her words. True, there were those among the guests who weren’t aware that she was Immortal. But she had given him the most precious gift of all, her love forever. No matter how long forever would turn out to be. "Wow," he said softly.

She smiled, and put a hand up to his cheek. "I love you, Daniel Jackson."

"I love you, Casey Jackson." Daniel caught her face between his hands, and began to drink from her lips, the delightful essence that was her filling him, intoxicating him with her love. He deepened the kiss, wanting to taste every inch of her sweet mouth.

"Hey, you two…come up for air!" A very familiar voice called out. The people around them laughed and began to clap their hands.

"Jack has got lousy timing," Daniel declared in a whisper, grinning against her lips.

"Nope, I think he just saved you again, Doctor Jackson," Casey whispered back. "If you had kept that kiss up, audience or no, I’d have ravaged you right here on the spot."

"You’re a wanton hussy."

"You love me anyway."

"I damn well do love you!"

"Does this mean we’re married now?"

Daniel laughed out loud. He turned to face the group of people that looked up at him expectantly. "Folks, there’s a lot of food, and lots of beer, Jack, and music. Please help us celebrate our marriage!"


A  A  A  A  A  A


The last of the tiki torches had burned out hours earlier. Daniel and Casey lay naked on the beach, side by side, staring at the stars. They had long since run out of words, having discussed every aspect of the wedding and their individual feelings again and again. Now they lay silently, comfortable together, basking in their love.

"You didn’t have to do it, you know," Daniel said quietly, breaking the stillness around them.

"Do what?"

"Promise to love me for the rest of your life. Under the circumstances, I mean…"

Casey rolled to her side and propped her head up with one hand. The other began to move in circles over his chest. "I’m not going to lie to you, Daniel. I realize that someday, some very far off day, you’ll leave me. I also know that once Duncan and I…finish the ceremony of fire, I’ll one day come to love him. But you will always be in my heart. I will always love you. So when you…ascend, or whatever it is that happens when you…die, you can look down on me, no matter where I am, and know that I still love you."

Daniel sat up, drawing his legs up and putting his arms around them. "If you ever need to talk about…then, it’s okay. I won’t mind."

Casey pulled herself to her feet. She pulled Daniel’s arms apart, moved his legs and sat down between them, then pulled his arms back around her. "Nope. For the next seventy-five or eighty years, all I want to talk about is us."

Daniel rested his chin on her shoulder. "Keep it up, woman, and you’ll have me believing I’m the next best thing to chocolate."

"Oh, Daniel, don’t you know that you’re better than chocolate?"

Daniel scooted around until he had Casey lying on the soft sand, her head on his arm. "I love you, Casey Jackson."

"I love you, Daniel Jackson."

Daniel kissed her lips, her neck, her throat. His mouth moved down to make love to her breasts, taking each nipple into his mouth in turn. He moved down between her thighs, planting tiny kisses along her most sensitive places. She sighed above him. As always, he watched her as his mouth worked on her body, loving her every reaction to his worship. When she was too close to her orgasm, Daniel stopped, and inched up beside her. He waited with anticipation as she lowered her head and began her own form of worship. He lay on his back, giving himself up to her gentle touch, and the feelings she evoked in his body.

Casey stood up, stepped over him until she was straddling him, then slowly lowered her body until she was impaled upon his shaft. She threw her head back, moaning as she moved her hips back and forth, Daniel’s hands high on her thighs, his thumb moving across her swollen nub. "Oh…" she gasped, "I’m gonna come!"

Daniel grabbed her hips and began thrusting wildly up into her body. "Give it to me, Babe. Let me see you come!"

With a hoarse moan Casey began to tremble, her orgasm rocking her from inside out. She continued to move around him, the sweet agony causing another gush of honey from her well.

"Ahhh…" Daniel cried, his own orgasm catching him and taking him on that blissful ride.

Casey collapsed onto his chest. It was several minutes before they could speak. "I never knew that making love could be so…intense."

Daniel kissed her shoulder, his hands skimming up and down her sides. "That’s because we’re making love. It’s not just sex, babe. We’re using our bodies to show our love to and for one another."

"Daniel, that is the most beautiful thing I’ve ever heard."

He shrugged. "Just calling it as I see it."

"You’ve got the soul of a poet," she smiled.

He shrugged again. "We’d better head for the tent. We don’t want to fall asleep out here. We’d wake up sunburned in places that are best left un-sunburned!"

With a giggle, Casey climbed off him. She offered her hand and helped him get to his feet. They brushed sand off of one another all the way to the tent.

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