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Deceptions and Illusions

Chapter 9

Casey looked up when she heard the sound of footsteps and whistling. She couldn't help but smile at the look of excitement on Rayner's face when he entered the room, even as she wondered just exactly why he was there.

"Is it always that…exhilarating?" Rayner offered her the cup of coffee, smiled when she took it and sipped gratefully.

"Usually it's pretty boring. It can be even more…exhilarating…when we're racing to the 'gate under fire. As one of the Center's archaeologists, you shouldn't be faced with many of those types of missions," she replied, smiling up at him.

"I think that's a good thing," he chuckled. He perched on the edge of the desk. "Surely you're not going to work all night?"

"No, I just brought the disks and Daniel's tracings here, when I saw that there was new email, I thought I'd just check it out." She took another drink of the coffee. She could feel the tension just floating away. She sat back in the chair, tucked one foot beneath her. "So, did you have a good time on your first off-world dig?"

"I found parts of it very…enjoyable. Others not so much," he said with a grin. He could see in her eyes that the drug was taking affect. She was looking very relaxed, sleepy even. That was good. She'd be ready in minutes.

She giggled. "You wouldn't believe the number of times we've been in trouble. We always get out of it. Somehow, someway, we always manage to walk away. It's our fabled SG-1 luck."

He watched her roll her eyes. He moved closer, caught her fingers with his. "So, tell me, do you enjoy the little 'meetings' you and Daniel have in the storage room?"

"I prefer the Conference room," she giggled. "It's fun to make love on the table."

"Sounds…interesting. Why don't you show me what you like to do in the Conference room?" He pulled her to her feet, and into his arms. Her soft curves brought his body to complete arousal in seconds.

Her Quickening was working on the drug that had been introduced into her system. She knew that something was wrong. She looked up at Rayner just as he lowered his head to kiss her. No, this is…wrong! She turned her face.

"Don't fight it, Beautiful, don't fight me. We're gonna have a great time, and you won't remember a thing in the morning," Rayner whispered. He began to kiss her neck, one arm holding her close, the other hand moving over her breast.

"Stop it!" She began to push against him, the GHB that he had put into her coffee nearly eradicated. Rayner was strong, and continued to hold her against his body. 'Daniel!'


'He won't let me go! Please hurry!'

'Where are you?'


Rayner twisted her arm behind back. "Let's go to the Conference room, shall we? You can show me all those wonderful little tricks you do for Danny," he whispered. He pushed her down the stairs in front of him, holding her body tightly against his with one arm, the sway of her hips against the front of his as she walked arousing him further. He carefully locked the door before closing it. He shoved her, watched as she fell against the table. "Now, sweet thing, let's have a little fun."

Casey took a defensive stance, her hands up, ready to fight. She blocked his first attempt to slap her, but his second swing connected with her jaw and sent her back onto the table.

He lunged for her, grabbed a handful of blonde hair, yanked her head back and began to kiss her. She continued to struggle. God, he loved it when they fought! He managed to pin her arms beneath her as he pushed her onto the table. He filled his hand with the tee shirt she was wearing. He ripped the material. Well, well, well! Mrs. Daniel Jackson likes to wear sexy underwear beneath her uniform! The emerald green satin and lace bra was enough to take his breath away. "Very sexy, Casey, very sexy," he whispered, just before his mouth began a journey from her neck to join his hand on her breast. His other hand still held her head back, forcing her to arch her neck.

She had been willing to die before letting a Goa'uld touch her. She sure as hell wasn't about to let this slimeball succeed where Nergal had failed. She brought her leg up, tried to kick him. His hand left her breast and struck her across the face. She cried out in pain. 'Daniel!'

"Don't fight it, Beautiful. Let it flow," Rayner whispered. He moaned out loud when he managed to get her bra unclasped, and got his first glimpse of those beautiful breasts. "You're ravishing, Casey," he whispered, just before his lips closed over a rosy nipple.

"Get away from me!" Casey screamed, continuing to struggle. "Daniel will kill you!"

"Daniel can't do anything, sweet thing. Even if he gets here, the door is locked. We'll be finished before he even knows we've played."

Casey was finally able to maneuver her arms out from behind her, put both hands on his chest and shoved with all of her strength. She scrambled onto the table, her fingers pulling at her bra and the scraps of her shirt, trying to cover her body, the way he stared at her frightening her all the more. "Walk away, Dr. Rayner, and I'll be able to keep Daniel from killing you."

"Not until I have a taste of all that sweetness," Rayner said, his eyes burning with lust. He grabbed her leg, jerked her back toward him.

Pounding on the door distracted Rayner long enough for Casey to kick his hand from her ankle.

"Daniel! Daniel!" she screamed, watching as the dark haired man walked calmly around the table toward her. She scooted to the other side.

"You little bitch!" he hissed. "You called to him, didn't you? Using that mind thing the two of you have!" He shook his head. "I don't understand. The GHB should have made you feel good - willing to…play…with me."

"Casey!" His voice was muffled, coming through the door as it was. More pounding on the door, and then the sound of wood splintering as the door exploded into pieces amid a flash of blue light. Daniel raced into the room, took one look at his half-naked, terrified wife, and then at Rayner. It was obvious that the man was high. He raised his hand.

"Daniel! No! You'll kill him!" Casey cried out. She slid off of the table and ran to where Daniel stood. "You can't," she said softly, her hands around his raised arm. "You know that."

Daniel ran his fingers over her face. Her Quickening was still healing the bruises that Rayner's fist had left there. "Are you all right?"

"I'm fine," she whispered.

"I can't let it go," he whispered, his forehead against hers. "Not this time. Get out of here."


"Casey…go." He pushed her toward the door.

Rayner watched, an amused smile on his face. "Danny! Hey, a little threesome sounds good to me. I just get to sample all of her before you join in. After all, you've already had all that sweetness. I can't wait to find out if she fucks as good as Sarah!" He began to laugh.

Two steps took Daniel to where Rayner stood. His fist impacted on the man's face. "You sorry son of a bitch! How dare you touch her? How…dare…you…put…your…hands…on…my…Wife!" He punctuated every word with a blow, until Rayner was standing with his back against the wall, his body slumped as Daniel held him with one hand, continued to pummel him with the other.


Soft hands wrapped around his arm once again, stopped the next blow he'd had every intention of delivering. He looked at Casey, saw the tears that glistened on her cheeks. He turned his head, looked at the battered face of Steven Rayner. He let go, watched the man fall to the floor.

She wrapped her arms around him, pulled him close. "You always save me," she whispered.

He pulled her tightly against his body, held her close, pressed his face against her neck. The anger, the fury that had filled him slipped away. "He didn't…"

"No. He tried, but no, he didn't," she replied. "We should get a med team here, get him to the infirmary," she said softly.

Daniel nodded. "I'll do it," he said, his voice quiet, calm. He walked to the cabinet behind the conference table, at the back of the room, and picked up the phone. "This is Doctor Jackson. I need a med team with a stretcher to the Center immediately…Thanks."

Casey had fastened her bra, but her tee shirt was in shreds. Daniel took off his BDU shirt and helped her put it on, buttoned the buttons. "What happened, Angel?"

"I brought the disks and tracings in here, took them up to the office…somebody left the computer on, and there were new messages, so I was just going to check them out. I hadn't been here more than a few minutes when he showed up. He…he brought me a cup of coffee. He's done that before, so I never thought anything of it," she admitted.

He bristled slightly to learn that Rayner had been bringing coffee to his Wife. "Go on," he said softly.

"I felt…giggly and sort of sleepy…for a few minutes. He started talking about what you and I do in the Conference room together…and then…he pulled me into his arms, and I started fighting him…he twisted my arm behind my back, and pushed me down the stairs in front of him. He locked the door, shoved me to the table…" she broke off, looked down at the floor. "I fought him, Daniel, every step of the way."

He smiled, brushed her hair over her shoulder with trembling fingers, lifted her chin, waited until her eyes met his. "I know you did, Tiger. I saw the red marks on him. Are you okay?"

She nodded. "I was okay the minute I heard your voice outside that door."

Daniel pulled her close once again, held her tightly. They were standing that way, locked in one another's embrace, when two medics came into the room, pushing a gurney between them. He watched as they loaded the now moaning man onto the bed and strapped him in. "Let's go, Angel. We have to tell Jack about this."

"I’m pressing charges against you," Rayner moaned from the bed.

"Go ahead. Casey will be pressing charges as well," Daniel replied.

The man turned his bloodied and battered face away from them, remained silent.

"I think he took something," Casey said softly as they followed the medics.


"He used GHB on me. He must not have used much, and he seemed surprised that the effects didn’t last long," she said.

"I'm betting that he didn't understand that your Quickening would make the drug ineffective in a very short amount of time. I'll also bet that he wanted you willing, but not out cold, so he didn't use much," he replied. If Rayner had used a drug, no doubt he had it on him. That would be evidence enough.


A  A  A  A  A  A


Jack walked into the infirmary, looked at the battered man on the bed, and at the two people at the far end of the room. Casey was sitting on a gurney, Dr. Montigue examining her. Daniel was standing beside her. Dr. Montigue had said only that he needed to get to the infirmary right away, when he had called the general in his office. "What's going on?"

Daniel looked over at his best friend, then at the man on the bed. "Steven put GHB in Casey's coffee."

The older man frowned. "GHB? I take it that it's not a new kind of sugar," he said.

Dr. Montigue shook his head, held up the small vial and tiny spoon that had been in Rayner's pants pocket. "It's a very popular 'date-rape' drug."

Jack looked over at Rayner Rayner and frowned. "He tried to dope her up, and then rape her?"

"Yes," Daniel replied.

The older man raised an eyebrow. "And yet he's still breathing."

He couldn't hold back the smile. "Casey stopped me. I was going to kill him," Daniel admitted.

"Glad she stopped you. We don't have time for you to go on trial for murder. Looks like you beat the crap out of him," Jack said.

Dr. Montigue snorted. "He's sedated right now, he was moaning nonstop when they brought him in. Daniel said he appeared to be high, so I drew blood, I'm waiting on the results right now. Cursory examination shows he has a broken nose, cracked jaw, four broken ribs. I'll do an MRI in a little while. I'm betting that there will be some internal damage. I'd say that Daniel damned near did kill him. "

"I'd do it again in a heartbeat," Daniel replied defensively.

"Nobody is saying you didn't have cause, Daniel," Jack said quietly. He looked at the young blonde sitting on the bed. "This is a new look," he said teasingly gently, pointing at the shirt that was obviously Daniel's.

"He ripped my tee shirt off me," she replied.

Jack nodded. He looked into her eyes. She seemed all right, although he could see that her hands were trembling slightly. "You okay?"

"I'm fine."

"You're sure?"

"Daniel saved me. Just like he always does," she replied, wrapping her hands around Daniel's arm, tugging him closer. Daniel smiled at her, put his arm around her shoulders when she leaned against him.

"I want you to press charges. I'll send Bateman in for your statement," Jack said.

Casey nodded. "He's going to file charges against Daniel," she said softly.

Jack shook his head. "No doubt. It happened on base, so the DA is just going to bunt it right back into Duncan's lap. And if I don't miss my guess, Duncan isn't going to do much more than tell the bastard he had it coming."

Sam and Teal'c entered the room. "We were waiting in the cafeteria when one of the SF's said that Daniel had been in a fight," Sam said, looking around.

"I think it was more a beating than a fight," Jack replied. "Seems Doctor Rayner there tried to dope Casey up, then tried to rape her."

Sam hurried to Casey's side, took her hand. "Are you all right, sweetie?"

"I'm fine. Daniel got there before he could-" she broke off, shivered violently. The thought of how close she had just come to being raped filled her mind, made her heart pound against her ribs. "Oh, god," she whispered.

Daniel sat down on the bed beside her, pulled her onto his lap and wrapped his arms around her, held her tightly. "It's okay, Angel," he whispered. "It's all over."

"It appears that Daniel Jackson exacted revenge for Doctor Rayner's actions," Teal'c said. He had noted the man's condition upon entering the infirmary. Dark brown eyes flashed with approval.

"Beat the shit out of him," Jack said proudly. "When the slimy little bastard heals, I'm gonna beat the shit out of him."

"Think you could eat something, babe?" Daniel asked. As far as he knew, lunch on the planet they had just escaped from had been the last time she had eaten. She needed something to her strength up. He hoped it would help calm her as well.

"Maybe a little bit of soup," she replied.

"That's my girl," he said softly, pressing a kiss against her forehead.

"Let's all go get something to eat. We'll debrief Duncan as soon as he gets here," Jack said. He led SG-1 out of the infirmary and down the corridor to the elevator. "I guess this means you'll be looking for another archaeologist?"

Daniel couldn't help but grin. "Already have one in mind. She's good. Better than Steven."

"And you didn't hire her because…?" Jack asked, one eyebrow raised.

"She didn't apply. I’m going to call her," Daniel replied.

"Find out if she's crazy before you bring her here," Jack growled.

"Steven isn't crazy," Daniel said quietly. "He's arrogant, stubborn, and stupid. But not crazy."

"He has to be crazy," Jack insisted. "He saw first hand what you're capable of, the power you possess. But he tried to rape your wife anyway. That's not just stupid, that's crazy."

Casey shook her head. "He knew that Daniel would never use…abuse…his power. I just don't think he figured that Daniel would fight him like that. Of course, whatever it was that he had taken probably made him feel invincible."

Sam nodded. "Any type of drug that would alter his perception of reality, in conjunction with that ego of his, would have him believing that Daniel was incapable of stopping him."

Daniel frowned. "Especially since I never stood up to him in the past."

"Well, I still say he's crazy. Let's eat kids. I’m starving." Jack held the door of the commissary open, and herded SG-1 inside. They would eat, and then they would decide what to do with Dr. Steven Rayner.

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