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Dance of the Heart

Chapter 13

It was late, he’d been working on these translations almost nonstop for three days. He took his glasses off and rubbed the bridge of his nose. So far there had been three references to the Lost City. Although Anubis was no longer a threat, any of the other System Lords could be, and probably were looking for the same thing…that Ancient weapon that would turn the tide forever in the war between humans and Goa’uld. Casey had been more than understanding, she had brought dinner to him every night, waited up for him, she’d even rubbed his back two nights in a row. He put his glasses back on. When he was finished with this last batch of photos, he was taking some time off. Maybe they’d go to Langara for a couple of days. He stretched, turned his chair and looked at the photos of Casey and Emily. There was a new one, taken by the lake last month. They had spent the day there after returning from Alteria. Casey had been quiet, but happy. Within a week she was his Casey again, like she had been before that mission. He looked up when an SF walked into the office.

"Doctor Jackson, I was instructed to give this to you," the SF said, laying a micro tape player and a sealed envelope on his desk. The young man saluted, then turned and left.

Daniel picked up the note and looked at it. Recognized Casey's neat handwriting on the front.

‘Listen to the tape first.' 

He grinned, turned on the machine.

"Doctor Jackson," her voice said, accompanied by the theme music of 'Mission: Impossible', "It has come to my attention that you have been working very hard. You’ve been a very good boy and have done exactly what is expected of you. As such, there is a mission that only you are qualified to go on. If you should choose to accept, you’ll have the time of your life. Detailed instructions have been left with you. Follow them to the letter. This tape will self-destruct in thirty seconds." There was a pause. "Okay, so it won’t self-destruct. Turn this freaking thing off and read your instructions."

He couldn’t help but laugh. He opened the envelope. 'Proceed to 2022 Birchwood Drive. You will find further instructions there.'

He grinned. Okay, so this game started at home. He picked up the phone. "Jack, I’m going home."

"What? I thought you still had some stuff you wanted to get translated."

"Nothing that can’t wait until day after tomorrow. I’ve been working ‘til midnight every night this week. I have a wife and daughter who need some of my attention."

"’Bout time you realized that. I was on my way up to toss your butt out. Take the rest of the week. See you on Monday."

"Thanks, Jack. See you Monday." He took the time to carefully organize the notes and photos. He put them in a folder, and shoved it in the drawer. Time of his life, huh? Knowing Casey, that was exactly what it would be. He was grinning when he pulled into the driveway.

He opened the door, expecting to find her there. Instead, there was a note laying on top of the bed.

'Put on a pair of jeans and a tee shirt. Boxers are optional. Do not shave! When you're ready, meet the agent at Curly’s. Follow all instructions carefully.'

Hmmm…boxers optional. That sounded promising. Okay, no boxers it was. He grinned as he re-read the part about shaving. He'd actually thought about shaving…he had a feeling that making love was going to be a part of this night. Apparently Case wanted a little whisker burn. She often commented about his "scruffy" look, and called it sexy. Who was he to argue? He pulled on jeans and a tee shirt, shoved his feet into sneakers, and headed out the door.

He stopped at the hosts’ desk just inside Curly’s. "Hi. I think you have a message for me?"

"Oh, Doctor Jackson, there’s a party waiting for you in the bar," the young lady manning the desk said, smiling up at him.

"Thanks." He couldn’t stop grinning. He walked in, looked around for her. He saw Carly; she waved him over.

"Hello, Daniel," the sultry gypsy woman said, smiling at him. "I have instructions for you."


"You’re to order appetizers and a bottle of wine, to go. Your choice on both. Then, you’re to go to 1212 Second Avenue."

Daniel nodded. The address sounded familiar, but he couldn’t remember exactly what it was. He shrugged. He’d find out soon enough. He sat down at the bar, looked at the menu, decided on the sampler tray and a bottle of Merlot. She loved Merlot. He placed the order, made sure it was to go, then ordered a beer while he waited. He turned to talk to Carly, only to find she had disappeared. There was a note on the napkin where she had been sitting.

'Daniel, you are a very lucky man. Enjoy. Carly.'

His heart was starting to pound with excitement. Full of nervous energy, he bounced his knee while he waited for his order.

"Hello," a feminine voice said beside him.

He turned and looked at the speaker. She was tall, taller than Casey, and she had long dark hair and deep brown eyes. Uh uh. No way in hell was he even talking to this woman. He nodded, took a sip of his beer.

"So, are you here waiting for someone, or looking for someone?" she asked, smiling at him.


"Oh, just here to hang out, watch the world go by?"


"Here you go, Doctor Jackson. Enjoy," the waiter said.

"Thanks, Mike." Daniel took the bag, signed the charge slip, adding a nice tip, finished his beer, and stood to leave.

A hand on his arm stopped him. "That’s an awful lot to eat alone…and a bottle of good wine should be shared." The dark eyes were begging for an invitation.

"Yes, it should be," he replied. He turned and walked out the door.

The woman grinned from ear to ear, and dialed her cell phone.




He drove to Second Avenue…his heart almost stopped beating. 1212 was Carly’s dance studio. It was completely dark. He sat for a moment, just looking at the building. The entrance was to the side, perhaps there was a note there. He got out to see. There was. He was instructed to take the food and wine and go inside, making sure to lock the door behind him.

He grinned. Okay, this was getting interesting.

Once inside, he could see that there were two lights on in the back, private studio. One was focused on a folding chair. The other cast a large circle on the floor. He could see the note taped to the chair. He carried the bag over and grabbed the note. There was a blindfold with it.

Put the food over by the wall. Take your tee shirt off, and sit down in the chair. You’ll find two sets of handcuffs already attached to the chair. You should be able to put one set on yourself. Then put the blindfold on. Failure to obey will result in mission abort. Don’t disappoint me, Dr. Jackson.'

He shivered. Now it was getting damned interesting. He put the food by the wall, noticed a basket there, but ignored it. He took off his tee shirt, dropped it onto the floor by the bag. He put the blindfold around his head, so all he would have to do was pull it over his eyes. He sat down in the chair, locked one wrist in one of the sets of handcuffs, then pulled the blindfold down into place. He heard a click…it felt as if the light that had been on the chair had been turned off. He could smell her…she had on that perfume she got from Victoria’s Secrets. Damn, just smelling her could make him hard! His free hand was gently pulled to his side, locked into the other set of handcuffs. When the blind fold was removed, a single light was shining at him, making it difficult to see.

The light went off, and the stereo began to thump. AC/DC’s 'Hard As A Rock' began to echo off the walls.

She was there, standing on the floor in the middle of the pool of light, her body moving to the beat. As the beat intensified, so did the movement of her hips. Her hands were unbuttoning the shirt she was wearing, pulling it down over her shoulders. She was turned away from him now, that sweet ass gyrating to the music. The shirt came flying towards him, landed on the floor in front of him. Now she was working the jeans off, every movement perfectly timed to the music. She lowered them, leaned over and touched the floor, giving him a look at that firm body. She was free of the jeans now. She was wearing a lacy demi bra and a thong…and those five inch heeled shoes. Apparently she’d been practicing in them, because she was doing a fine job of dancing in them. The bra was next, but her hands continued to cover those beautiful, perfect breasts.

He was breathing hard, his heart pounding with the music, his cock straining against his jeans. When the singer screamed that he was ‘bustin’ out’, she was in front of him, unbuttoning his pants, freeing his erection. She was dancing almost against him now, on her knees, moving her body up and down, her face coming closer to his swollen flesh with each movement, until she was licking him on each pass that she made. "Oh, god," he muttered, praying that he wouldn’t come before she was finished.

She was still wearing the thong, and the music had changed now…still AC/DC, this time it was "Cover You In Oil". She continued to dance, each movement provocative, arousing. When the words ‘cover you in oil’ reverberated around him, he watched her rub body oil on her sweet body. She wasn’t just putting oil on, she was practically making love to herself. Now she was dancing close to him again, squeezing the bottle, sending a stream of oil onto his chest. She straddled him, although her hips never touched his, and she began to rub the oil into his skin with her breasts. She kissed him as she did so.

His was pulling at the cuffs that held his hands captive, desperate to touch her. She smiled at him, seductive and sweet and loving all at once; it was enough to melt his brain.

As the music continued to build, her body came in contact with his more often. She would slide her breasts over his face, he tried to catch her nipples as they moved over his lips, down his chest, until they rested against his throbbing cock…then she would slide down even farther and take him into her mouth, sucking him, licking him, for just a moment or two.

The thong was off now, her hands moving between her thighs as she danced. Sweet Jesus he was going to go insane! He was squirming now, his body in dire need of her. She was right in front of him again, and as the last chorus began to play she lowered her body onto his, took him deep into her warm, wet well. He nearly came as she pushed down against him, still rubbing her breasts against his chest. She wrapped her arms around him, kissed him deeply, her body massaging him, her nipples hard and hot against his skin as she pulled him closer. Just as he was about to come, she pulled away from him.

"Oh, god, Case, I can’t take it…finish it babe," he begged, gasping.

She smiled that mind-blowing smile again. "I hear you've been very, very good," she whispered, leaning over him, her breasts near his face…him mouth. "What do you want, Daniel? What exactly do you want me to do? Suck you off? Do you want me to sit on your lap again? Or do you want me to uncuff you so you can take me on my hands and knees?"

"Uncuff me," he whispered hoarsely. His body was shaking as she unlocked each metal bracelet. When his hands were free, he grabbed her, pulled her to him, burying his face against her breasts, sucking, licking, nipping at the soft, firm skin, tugging at her nipples. His fingers toyed with that tiny platinum ring, rubbed her sensitive belly button. She gave a gasp, her hands in his hair, holding him close. He stood up, picked her up and carried her to the center of the spotlight. He knelt down, gently laid her on the floor, then entered her with one hard thrust. She wrapped around him, her hips meeting his with each beat. He wanted to wait for her, but he couldn’t, he was beyond the point of no return. He threw back his head and cried out as his orgasm exploded around him…in him…through him, sweet waves of pleasure that blinded him. "Sweet Jesus!" he whispered as he collapsed on top of her. He couldn’t move, he felt weak as a newborn kitten. He finally caught his breath, it took effort and all the strength he had left to get them rolled over. "I swear to god woman, you're trying to kill me."

He could feel her smile against his shoulder. "You seem perfectly healthy to me," she said.

He grinned. "I almost died wanting…needing…to touch you. You have a sadistic streak in you."

"You didn’t like it?" she teased.

"Like it? I loved it! Even if I did almost have a heart attack!"

She giggled. "Are you hungry?" she asked after a few minutes of peaceful silence, spent just holding each other.

"Yeah, I am.

"Me too. Let’s eat." She started to get up.

"Babe, what about you? I couldn’t wait…couldn’t hold back…you didn’t get to come," he said softly.

She smiled, leaned up to kiss him. "Who says we’re done? I need to eat…I was too nervous to eat lunch today, and all that dancing…and romancing…took a lot out of me."

"You are the most amazing woman I have ever known. God, I love you!"

"Love you too, sweetheart."

She got up, spread out the blanket she had brought along, and they ate, shared the wine with kisses and licked it off of one another’s bodies. They made love twice more before they finally dressed, gathered their belongings and went home.

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