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Broken Chains

Chapter 5

She opened the envelope. Well, it was about time. They were being granted permission to travel to Gamma, via the Stargate. They were being allowed three days. Three days? She’d stay as long as she pleased! She was visiting her daughter! They couldn’t tell her when to leave!

The letter stated that they were to report to the front gate at the Cheyenne Mountain Military Complex on the 2nd of May, no later than 10 a.m. It didn’t say a word about how she was supposed to get there. Well, she’d put the plane tickets on her Visa. The little whore could give her the money for the bill when she got there. Sheryl was going with her, but had decided to leave Tucker and Lulubelle at home. She really wanted those kids with her, to show that little slut just how well her sister had done for herself. Carl wasn’t a doctor of any sort, didn’t have a college degree at all. But he was a mechanic for the local Ford dealership, and they had a new three-bedroom doublewide and a new SUV. She looked at the now wrinkled pages of that Time Magazine article. Sheryl had a good man, beautiful children, a nice home, and she hadn’t slept with every man within a hundred miles to do it. Hmmm…military complex. How many of those men had that little slut spread her legs for? Little whore.

Sheryl couldn’t help but grin as she told her neighbor that she wouldn’t be home for the next week, that she was traveling to Gamma, via the Stargate to visit her sister. Within hours everyone in the park knew. She smiled as she walked to the mailbox to get her mail. She hated the idea of leaving the kids, but they would stay with her mother-in-law. Louise was okay, and she knew that the kids would be all right with her. And now Marilyn Getterman was looking at her with envy in her eyes.


A  A  A  A  A  A


The plane flight was difficult, made more so by the fact that the two women were forced to pay for an extra seat. It was embarrassing to have the stewardess bring out a special extension for the seat belt. By the time they landed in Denver both needed the bathroom badly, using that tiny thing on the plan had never been an option. The flight from Denver to Colorado Springs was worse, because it was such a small plane.

The guards at the gate weren’t the least bit impressed, or interested, in the fact that they were on their way to Gamma. They were escorted through two more checkpoints, then taken down an elevator.

It was the most amazing thing either of the women had ever seen. When the gate began moving, and those…things…around the edge began to light up, Sheryl was nearly overcome with excitement. The sound and the visual effects of the…what had that man called it? Event something …were a bit frightening, though.

She listened to the warnings, then walked up the ramp with their two armed escorts. They were told that their visa was for three days, and that the folks on Gamma would make sure they were back on time. From the way the man spoke, it was the people on Gamma who had set the time limit. Hmmph. They’d just see about that!

Suddenly it was time. They stepped through…after a few seconds of icy cold and a flash of light, they immediately walked down another ramp. What kind of a lame trick was this?

She was standing there, surrounded by people. Who were they? That woman next to her looked enough like her to be a sister. Hmmm…maybe the little tramp had found a relative or two. "Well, don’t just stand there staring at me. Take this suitcase!"

Casey shook her head. "You’ve managed to carry it this far. I think you can carry it the rest of the way."

Helen Webster sucked in a breath. So it's like that, is it? The little whore had another think coming if she thought that she would tolerate that sort of behavior! "Who are all of these people?"

Casey smiled, shifted the baby on her hip. "My family."

Sheryl cringed. She was as beautiful as ever. Still so doggone skinny! Except now…now she had some curves. She recognized some of the people from that picture. Certainly recognized the man who stood beside her, his arm around her…protectively.

"This is my husband, Doctor Daniel Jackson," Casey said softly. "Next to him is my mother, Erin Desala, and my father, Aaron Desala."

"Hmmph," Helen said, staring at them. She could certainly see that Casey did resemble both of them.

"This is my best friend Samantha Carter O’Neill, and her husband and my CO and pal, Jack O’Neill. Next to Jack is my good buddy Teal'c. He’s also a member of SG-1. Next to Teal'c is Carlotta Sanchez, another good friend of mine. On the other side of my Dad is my dear friend Duncan MacLeod, the elected President of Gamma, and the CIC of SGC Gamma, and his wife and my other best friend, Tessa."

Well, the President, eh? Not bad for a little whore. "So, how many of these men have you had between your legs?"

Casey felt a blush rise to her cheeks, but she refused to drop her eyes.

Daniel’s face tightened. "Let’s get one thing straight right here, right now. You will never speak to my Wife in that manner again. You make any more comments like that and I will personally see to it that you're tossed right back through that ‘gate."

For the second time in as many minutes, Helen sucked in a breath. No one ever spoke to her that way! Who did this little piss-ant think he was? She looked at the other faces in the room. They were looking at her as if she were some vile thing the dog had dragged in. Even the soldiers standing there with those guns aimed at them were looking at her…as if she were…nothing!

Sheryl stepped forward, moved to put her arms around Casey. "Hi, sis!"

Casey stepped back, let Sam and Daniel shift slightly in front of her. "Hello, Sheryl," she said quietly. "This way. We’ll show you to the room you’ll be sleeping in."

"I was under the impression that we’d be staying with you," Helen said.

"No. You’ll have a room in the barracks."

"You think you’re too good for us, is that it? I’m not good enough to stay in your house, hmm?"

"I’m the one who said you couldn’t stay in our house," Daniel said, his voice tight. He wanted nothing more than to slam his fist into that foul mouth. His feelings were reflected in his eyes, and in the eyes of the people who stood watching them.

Sheryl had quickly figured out the score. These people knew. They knew every detail of Casey’s childhood. And that put her mother…and her…in a very bad light. "I guess you’ve told your friends and…uh…family…all about us," she said, trying to keep her voice light. Why were all of these women so slender and beautiful? She had never felt so fat and unattractive in her life!

"Yes," Casey replied, "I have. Daniel knows everything."

The younger woman blanched. Sheryl looked over at her mother. Helen wasn’t stupid. She was stubborn and defensive, but she wasn’t stupid. She could tell that the older woman was also putting things together. The two Earth women remained silent as they went up in the elevator with Casey and Daniel. The others would come up later.

Daniel watched the two women. Both were dangerously overweight, Helen’s face was beet red, whether from exertion, excitement, or both he wasn’t sure. There was so much anger and bitterness in her face! Emily was reaching for him, he took her, nuzzled her cheek, smiled when she hugged him. Neither woman had bothered to ask about her.

Casey led them into the women’s barracks, showed them which room would be theirs, got them signed in. "We’ll be having dinner at our place tonight. Would you like to come to the house now, or would you prefer to rest for awhile?"

Helen was looking around. For the first time in many, many years she was not in control of the situation. She was at the mercy of the slender young woman who stood so calmly, so confidently in front of her. The same young woman she had…disciplined …so strictly. It was a terrifying feeling. "We’ll go to your house now. If I want to lay down, I can, and will."

Casey shook her head. "If you’re tired, you’d better stay here and rest."

The older woman stared into green eyes that no longer flinched, no longer dropped. There was strength there now…a power …that had never been there before. "Fine. Come get us in an hour."

She didn’t reply, she simply nodded and walked out the door. Daniel was waiting in the lounge for her.

"Are you okay, babe?" he asked softly.

She smiled. "I’m fine. I thought…I thought I’d be afraid of her. I feel…I feel sorry…for her. She’s so angry, so bitter. She’s a miserable woman."

"Yes, she is," he replied. "So, what’s the plan?"

"They’re going to rest, she wants me to pick them up in an hour. I’ll get here sooner or later," she said with a wicked grin. Daniel grinned back at her.

The rest of the group was waiting in the parking lot. It had been decided that the Desala’s would spend the evening with their daughter and her…guests. The rest of the family would spend the next day at the Jacksons house. Daniel didn’t want to leave Helen alone with Casey - he knew that given the chance, the woman would try to hurt her. Casey was still too vulnerable, too emotionally fragile, and he wasn’t about to put her at risk.

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