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Blast from the Past

Chapter 9

"I'll be right back," Daniel said, as soon as they had closed the door behind them. He headed for the tiny bathroom off of one side of the small room.

She heard the shower running. Smiled as she turned back the sheets on the bed. She stripped, making sure that her clothes were carefully folded. She applied lotion to her skin, she hadn't taken time to do so after her bath. Then she stretched out on the bed, waiting for Daniel to finish. It didn't take him long.

He dried quickly. He wanted as much time for making love as they could take. He smiled when he saw that she was waiting for him, her beautiful body naked, her skin glistening in the light of the small lamp above the desk.

"I love you," she whispered.

He stretched out beside her. "I love you, Angel," he whispered in reply. "I need to hold you, Case."

"I’m here, Daniel. Take what you need."

He shook his head. "No taking. Only giving." He wrapped his fingers around her throat, caressed her jaw with his thumb as he lowered his head to kiss her lips. His tongue moved over them lightly, then with more pressure, then just the tip against that full bottom lip. Open Sesame! He pushed into the warmth of her mouth, tasting her, touching her. Her tongue moved against his, slipped into his mouth, then back again. He stroked her, his hand moving slowly, gently over her body.

His kisses could both stir the Fire in her body, in her soul, and quench the aching need for him. She wrapped her hands around his face, held him as she took from him, gave back to him. She wondered briefly if there was a way for Dr. Montigue to synthesize what she received…what she needed from Daniel's kisses. The rush of Fire up and down her spine. The tingle that moved from the top of her head to the tips of her toes. The taste of him. The feel of his lips, his mouth against hers, the warmth of his body as he held her close. Nope, no way to get all of that into a tiny little serum bottle!

He smiled to himself when he felt her body arch toward him, felt her push against his hand when he filled it with her firm, soft breast, the nipple hard against his palm. He rolled on top of her, freeing his other hand, wrapping both around her breasts. She gasped slightly, then pushed her tongue deeper into his mouth as his hands began to massage her. Her hands were still on his face, holding him as if she were afraid he was going to move away from her. Which he had absolutely no intention of doing!

She sighed. His handshis warm, strong hands with those long, slender fingerswere moving over her breasts, squeezing them…massaging them…tugging on her nipples. The soft moan that filled her throat was one of pure delight. Like a virtuoso playing a fine instrument, Daniel stroked her body, made every nerve-ending hum with pleasure. She sighed again when his lips left hers and began to move over her jaw, down to her throat. He marked her again and again; every nip of his teeth causing a shiver that ran the length of her body.

His heart pounded against his ribs, his ego soared as every touch, every caress, every kiss resulted in sighs and tremors in the sweet, sexy body beneath him. Soft hands had moved from his face to his shoulders, her fingers moving gently, digging into the muscles when he stroked her in just the right way, setting his skin on Fire. He ran his tongue over her collarbones, nipped at them, on his way to make love to the breasts he so adored. He greeted each rosy nipple with a kiss, then settled down to suckle, felt each bud harden even more against his tongue.

She pushed one hand through his hair, clenched her fingers as the Fire raced from her breasts to that hot, aching place between her thighs. Her back was off the bed, offering more of her flesh to his hungry mouth, his eager hands. No other man, her mind told her. No man could touch her body, her heart, her soul, like Daniel could. Her body, her heart, her soul would respond to no other man. Love you, love you, love you, she thought, her senses overwhelmed by the pleasure he was giving her.

'Love you, too, Angel.'

She jerked slightly. She had been totally unaware that she had 'sent' the message to him. She smiled as his love filled her mind, surrounded her in a blanket of safety and warmth. She sent her love…gently, slowly, wanting him to feel the depth, the scope of the love that filled her heart for him.

He closed his eyes as her love wrapped him, even as her body did the same. Her arms were around his shoulders, her hands in his hair as he made love to her breasts, her legs were wrapped around his hips, holding him against her soft, warm body. Her skin tasted so sweet; made him want more, need more. He kissed, licked and tasted every inch of her tantalizing breasts before he slid down. He teased her bellybutton, tugged gently on the platinum ring that reflected the soft light from the small lamp. His tongue followed the muscles of her belly as they undulated from his attention. He smiled against her skin with satisfaction as her breath came in small gasps.

Every time…he did this to her every time! Drove her out of her mind, fanned the flames until she was completely enveloped in them, in the heat. She ran her foot over the back of his leg, felt the answering shiver in his calf. Her fingers were clenched in his hair, one hand slid down to his shoulder, gripped tightly, she could barely suppress the urge to push him down further, her need to feel his caresses as great as his need for that which she so lovingly provided him. The overture that he was orchestrating was sure to send her soul singing to the heavens, to the gods who dared to listen to her song of love.

She was beginning to wiggle beneath him, her body shivering and trembling, her back arched until it was no longer touching the bed, her hips pressed up against him as hard as she could push. Every kiss, every caress brought a tiny sound from the back of her throat. She was ready. His body was begging him to move on, to take his fill of the sweet honey that offered such incredible feelings of contentment, of happiness. She was his drug, his narcotic. And he gloried in, reveled in the knowledge that what she gave him, was his alone.

The sigh that escaped when he settled between her thighs was one of sheer relief. She was burning so hot, her need so intense that she wasn't sure she could take much more. She closed her eyes, felt his tongue move over her aching flesh. Felt the rush of heat when he pushed into her well, seeking the honey to which he was so addicted. Her body was practically vibrating with need, waiting for the caress that would send her body flying into the clouds and beyond.

"Ready, Angel?" he asked softly, his fingers already moving in and out of her body.


He watched her as he lowered his mouth back to her sweet body, took that hard, swollen nub into his mouth. He teased her, flicking his tongue back and forth over it with the same rhythm his fingers were moving. Her breasts were heaving, her flat belly rolling, she tossed her head from side to side. Her tongue moved over her lips, making that already throbbing flesh between his legs pulse all the harder. God, she's so beautiful when she's on the cusp of orgasm! Her thighs were quivering against his shoulders, and that beautiful whimper filled the air. He sucked hard, pushed his fingers deep inside her, and listened to the song of love that she sang for him. He drank his fill of her nectar, licked his fingers clean, unwilling to waste any of that precious honey, then kissed his way up to her breasts…her lips.

"And you say I'm out to kill you," she whispered, a smile on her face, her eyes heavy-lidded with satisfaction.

"Just trying to get my fix," he said softly, brushing a strand of blonde silk over her shoulder.

"My turn," she said, scooting toward the edge of the bed. "Need to get my fix too."

He grinned, stretched out on his back. "Whatever you need, Angel," he whispered. He raised his chin as she began to nibble on his jaw and neck. Each tender bite sent flames down his spine and straight into his aching cock.

She loved the feel of his day-and-a-half old beard against her tongue, her fingertips. She moved her lips to his, wanting…needing his kisses. She hungered for his kisses, was absolutely certain that she was as addicted to them as he was to her honey. She ran her tongue over his lips, accepted the invitation to know his mouth again, let his tongue move into her mouth before capturing that full lower lip and suckling gently on it. She could feel the quiver in the muscles of his chest beneath her fingers when she did so.

He couldn't help but grin at the ceiling when she began to lick and kiss his shoulders, down his arms and up his sides. The sensations were unbelievable, and just when he thought he couldn't get any harder, she took his hands and suckled each finger, ran her tongue gently over each palm. It was something she had only started doing recently. Probably an idea from her romance novels. God bless romance novelists, he thought, shivering as she kissed her way back up his arms.

The need to touch, taste, caress the arms and hands that held her, kept her safe and warm, that took her to such heights was new to her, a demand that her mind, her heart made, one that she willingly obeyed. Somewhere, in the back of her mind she was sure she had probably read about a heroine doing it. But whether it was an original idea or not didn't matter, just as long as she paid homage to those strong arms, those amazing hands. She slid down, noted that he was breathing hard and fast. And she had just started, she thought, grinning inwardly.

He hissed a sigh when she kissed his chest, tugged at his nipples with her teeth, licked her way to his belly. His body tensed… waiting for the most incredible of all of her kisses…caresses; the need so great now that the moan that left his throat when she wrapped her lips and hands around his swollen shaft would not be held back. His hands were full of her hair, one moving slowly over her slender shoulder as she began to work his throbbing flesh with enthusiasm. She always made love to him this way…with such love, with such fervor!

She licked him as if he were her favorite all-day sucker. Which, when she thought about it…he was. The thought almost made her giggle out loud. She loved doing this to him…for him. Just as he loved to take her to the edge, let hang her toes off the cliff, she took him to the same spot. His body was hanging on the precipice, ready to take flight, as soon as she let him. She set up a steady rhythm, his hips meeting her each time she moved down. He had thrown one long leg over the side of the bed, allowing her more access to his body as she caressed him. She let him fall from her mouth, licked him again, licked her way down to his heavy balls. She made sure to get her fingers nice and wet, then slid them down, pushed one into that small opening. He gasped, his hips jerked.

Sweet Jesus, the woman's trying to kill me! Her finger was moving in and out of him as her mouth moved up and down on his aching cock. He could feel that hot, incredible feeling building up…moving from his belly to his balls. He shoved the pillows behind his head and shoulders so he could watch her making love to him with that hot sweet mouth. God, what a sight! She looked up at him, her eyes full of love…full of glee as she began to tease him again. "Please, babe," he moaned, his body beginning to shake with the need for sweet, sweet release. She shifted her body until she was directly over him, took him deep into her throat and began to swallow. Her finger was moving faster now…pushing deeperand the stimulation was more than he could take. With a deep groan, his chest began to heave, his belly rolled and he erupted, throbbing hard and fast, giving her exactly what she had demanded from him.

She licked him clean, then began to kiss her way back to his lips. Every time they made love, the 'routine' was more or less the same. But the sensations were always so incredible, the climaxes so intense, so wonderful, that each time felt as if it were the first. She wrapped her hand around him, he wasn't has hard as he had been, it wouldn't take but a minute or two for him to be there again. She straddled his hips, used the fingers of one hand to open her body for him, held him with the other, and slowly, oh, so very slowly, slid down onto that magnificent shaft. "Oh, Daniel," she sighed.

"I feel it too, Angel," he said softly. His hands moved to her breasts as her hips began to move gently back and forth against his.

"Only you," she whispered.

"I know, Angel. Only you," he whispered in return.

She looked down at him, gave him a wicked smile, clamped down with those muscles deep inside, making him gasp. "Mine," she whispered.

"All yours," he replied, grinning up at her. He grabbed her hips, thrust up into her. "Mine," he said.

"Always yours, only yours," she sighed. She reached for his hands, laced her fingers with his, began to ride him…slowly, gently. She watched his face, his eyes, as she used her body to show her love. Could see his love reflected in those incredible blue depths, could see his happiness there as well. Was certain that he saw the same thing in hers.

The love that radiated from her body, those amazing green eyes, the gentle smile that lit her face was enough to make him shake. Every bit of love he saw there, he felt in his own heart. He watched her body move, the sight as sensual as it was sexual, as beautiful as it was arousing. She leaned forward to kiss him, her hair a curtain that surrounded them. He loved it when that happened.

Her body was beginning to demand more, the Fire was demanding more. She sped up the rhythm, moving with a bit more urgency, a bit more force. So full, so completely full! Oh, how she loved that feeling!

"C'mere, Angel," he whispered, tugging her down until she was laying on him. He rolled them over, helped her get comfortable without leaving the warmth of her body. He began moving, her hips meeting his thrust for thrust. Her arms were around his shoulders, her legs around his waist, and he was going to lose his mind from the sensations that raced over and around and through his body.

His chest was hot and strong against her breasts and belly; his forearms rested on either side of her, supporting the majority of his weight. She held tightly to him as he led her through the dance of love, taking her higher and higher with each step. With each downward thrust of his hips he ground against her, sending the flames up and down her spine. She could feel her body reaching for the next pinnacle, reaching for that wondrous explosion of pleasure.

She was making those soft noises again, the ones that sent his heart and soul soaring. Her body shivered beneath him every time he pushed his hips against hers, offering the stimulation he knew she needed. He was moving faster now, pushing deeper and harder into her with each thrust. He hit the point of no return, began to pound into her, felt her thighs begin to quiver against his sides. "Give it to me, Angel," he panted softly.

That whimper filled her throat, she arched her back and cried out as her climax rocked her, sending her soaring towards the heavens, the composition complete, the final notes echoing all around her. Her body shook as each wave of pleasure washed over her. "Fill me, Daniel, give me your love," she begged - she demanded - in a whisper that threatened to melt his brain.

With a grunt he rose up on outstretched arms, thrusting harder and faster, shoving himself into her as far as he could. Felt her come again, the honey pouring out of her, soaking them both, the heat only intensifying the incredible feelings that were racing up and down his spine. He could feel it…there it was…Sweet Jesus! He cried out, his body jerked with each spasm that sent his love deep into her sweet, warm well. He dropped down on top of her, breathing hard, his body satiated, his heart full of love, his soul rejoicing. She wrapped around him, held tightly to him. "Love you, Angel," he whispered in her ear.

"Love you, too, Stud Muffin," she replied.

"We'd better take a shower. We'll be there soon, if we aren't already," Daniel said, nuzzling her neck. As much as he wanted to just roll over and hold her, he knew that there was work to be done. Camulus wasn't going to be happy. The sooner he could talk to the Goa'uld, convince him that Casey's safety depended on his cooperation, the better.

"Think that will hold you?"

He chuckled. "At least until tomorrow," he replied. He slowly pulled away from her, his body protesting the deprivation of her touch, her warmth. Once in the shower, they washed each other gently. Clean BDUs were waiting in the locker. When they were dressed, they headed for the bridge.


A  A  A  A  A  A


Casey looked around, then giggled. Teal'c was there, but Sam and Jack hadn't come up yet. She knew that they were taking the time to make love as well. There was no telling what might happen between now and getting Camulus, or when they tried to take him back to Gamma. With luck, they would be home and in bed by three a.m. or so. If things went badly…

"ETA five minutes," Colonel Bailey said. She smiled at the couple who had entered the bridge. She had heard rumors, that Casey Jackson had the 'Hathor gene'; that she naturally produced the pheromones that enticed men, enchanted them. And that Dr. Jackson was literally, physically addicted to her. Guess that's one way to keep him home, Kerry thought. She watched them from the corner of her eye. She had also heard rumors that Casey Jackson was just as addicted to her husband. Must be something to do with the Fire that she had read about - and he being The Chosen, and she being His Chosen probably had something to do with it as well.

Sam and Jack walked onto the bridge, both looking very happily relaxed. "Any word from Methos?" Jack asked.

"No, sir, " Colonel Bailey responded.

Jack frowned. "Okay, maintain radio silence for now. He'll let us know when he's ready."

Every one of the SG-1 team members glanced at Casey, watching carefully for any of the telltale signs of trouble that might cross her face. So far there were none. The hardest part of any mission was the waiting. And right now, that's all that they could do.

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