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Between Two Evils

Chapter 9

Casey turned the water on, let it flow over her skin. She closed her eyes, let the steam erase the strain of the past fifty-six hours. She was exhausted. Except for the fifteen minutes of sleep she had gotten when the rest of the team planted C-4 in the mountain laboratory, and however long she had been unconscious after being killed, she hadn't rested. Familiar hands moved over her, caressing her gently.

"You have to hurry, Angel, I'm about to lose my mind," Daniel whispered. He was starting to fight the shakes again. The only thing that would stop them was a healthy dose of his wife's sweet honey.

She nodded, grabbed her scrunchy and lathered it up. He had his washcloth, was cleaning himself as well. She couldn't help but smile. He needed her. And if she were honest with herself, she needed him as well, needed him to reclaim what belonged to him.

Daniel could barely wait for her to get her hair dried and brushed out. "I'm sorry, Angel," he whispered as picked her up and carried her to the bed. Before she could move, he had settled between her thighs. He would make love to her, slowly, as soon as the craving was satisfied. He could smell her, that sweet musky scent, and his body began to shake with need and anticipation. His tongue moved over those soft, moist folds. He moaned as the adrenaline rushed through him, could almost feel the narcotic affect of her sweet honey wash over him. He pushed his tongue deep into her, seeking more of her exotic nectar. Not enough, his body screamed at him. He began to kiss and lick his way up her body.

Never had he been as needy as he was now. His mouth moved with urgency, desperation as he licked her. She tried to concentrate, to make her body respond to his caresses in order to give him more of what he needed. When he began to move up her body, she relaxed, understanding that they were going to make love, that he would get what he needed when she was ready. Her arms went around his shoulders as his lips found hers. She opened to him, let him taste her, touch her, before taking control of the kiss. She needed to taste him, feel him, she moved her tongue over his, into his mouth. Oh, goddess, yes! If he was addicted to her, to the pheromones she produced, could get relief from the honey that flowed from her body, she was as addicted to him, and could find succor in his kiss. She ran her tongue lightly inside his mouth, felt him take control once again, allowed him to take all that he needed. Their mouths opened wider as they gave to and took from one other.

Her kiss told him how much she needed him. How much she loved him. He pulled away slowly, even though he was eager to taste her skin. He trailed kisses over her jaw, down her throat. He was supporting himself on one arm, the other hand was moving slowly, gently, reassuringly up and down her slender body. When his fingers began to caress her breast, he felt her tense slightly. Well, it seemed that Dagon had managed to cop a feel. He remembered reclaiming her after she had been raped by Ba'al. He would do that tonight, let her know that she belonged to him, and him alone. It was the only way that she would let go of the guilt she felt, even though she had no reason to feel guilty over what had been done to her. He closed his mouth over that sensitive spot behind her ear. "Mine," he whispered. Felt her shiver beneath him. He kissed his way back to her lips. "Mine," he whispered again, before claiming her mouth with his own. The passion she returned let him know that he was giving her exactly what she needed…wanted. He nipped at her collarbones. "Mine."

She sighed softly. She was his, and his alone. She shivered when he claimed her breasts, just before taking an aching nipple into his mouth. Her back was already beginning to arch as he fed the flames that continued to burn higher and higher, dancing up and down her spine. The touch of his fingers against her skin scorched her, set her very soul on fire. She filled her hands with his short, dark blonde locks as he moved his mouth from one breast to the other, making love to every inch of the delicate skin. Every gentle tug he made on her nipples resulted in a rush of Fire to that aching place between her thighs. She was beginning to writhe slightly beneath him, her body demanding more from him, hungering for more from him. Her fingers were clenched in his hair, her back off the bed as she arched toward him. She whimpered softly when he began to tease her bellybutton, his tongue pushing into it, dancing over the tiny navel ring, making the muscles of her abdomen jerk and undulate.

Every pass of his tongue over her body resulted in an immediate and exhilarating response. She was breathing hard, the tiny sounds of desire that filled the back of her throat were music to his ears. When he gently rubbed his unshaven face against her hips, she whispered his name. His cock throbbed in reply. She opened her legs, ready for his attention this time. Again his body shook when he breathed deeply of her sweet scent. He ran his tongue over those swollen nether lips, felt her hips jerk against him. When he pushed into that sweet, warm well, the flood of honey that greeted him made him moan with appreciation…with love…with need. He lapped at her, taking down every drop she gave him, quenching the thirst that had driven him mad.

She moaned softly when he began to tease the hard, swollen nub at the top of her folds. She was standing on the edge of the cliff, ready to fly as his mouth moved over her. Her hips left the bed when he slid two fingers inside her and began to stroke gently, deeply, as his tongue teased her clit. Colors began to swirl behind her closed eyelids; she could feel the fire burning in her belly, moving down to that special place deep inside. Her thighs began to quiver, and the whimper that signaled each orgasm filled her throat. She was ready to take off, waiting only for his touch to send her sailing above the clouds.

"That's it, Angel, come for me, give me what belongs to me," Daniel said softly. He clamped his mouth back over her swollen nub, sucked deeply, and thrust his fingers deep into warm well, felt the convulsions as the walls grabbed and pulled them deeper. The cry of fulfillment that echoed around them brought a smile to his face. He pulled his fingers from her well, drank his fill of the honey that flowed from her, then licked those digits clean as well. He moved back up her body, stopping to make love to her breasts for just a few minutes. "Mine - your body, your heart, your soul belong to me. Always and only," he whispered. Her smile nearly blinded him.

"I belong to you, always and only," she whispered. Her hands moved over his chest. "My turn, I want to taste you."

He shivered with anticipation as he rolled to his back. "Do it," he whispered. Just before her mouth covered his. She teased him, nibbled on that full lower lip, sending electric bolts of pleasure straight to his aching cock. She kissed him gently, then with more passion, then as shyly as if it were the first time their lips had met. All of which was driving him out of his mind. He sighed when she moved her lips over his jaw to his throat. He raised his chin, let her taste as much of him as she wanted to, needed to. Shivered again when she began to suckle on the muscle behind his ear.

He smelled so good! Tasted good, too. She ran her hands up and down his arms as she moved her mouth over his throat. She giggled when she suckled on his Adam's apple, making him swallow. She glanced up to see him grinning as well. She licked her way to his collarbones, nipping them gently. Her tongue traced the Mayan symbol that decorated his chest; just before she moved down to say a friendly hello to his flat, brown nipples. He gasped when she suckled gently, her fingers tugging at the hardened nubs. She could feel his arousal pushing against her, making her mouth water to taste him. She moved down, teasing his navel, his erection grazing her cheek as she did so. She turned her head, licked just the tip, felt him jerk even as his shaft danced from the gentle touch.

If she didn't give him some relief soon, he was going to lose his mind. Every soft kiss, every gentle caress, every movement of her lips and tongue across his skin was making him so hot he was afraid of bursting into flames. Her soft skin was burning him everywhere it touched him. He wrapped his fist in long blonde silk, toying with the strands as she kissed her way from one hip to the other. He sighed when he felt her hand wrap around the base of his erection. His body tensed, waiting for the sweetest of all her caresses. "Oh yeah," he moaned when at last her lips wrapped around his aching, throbbing flesh.

Velvet and steel. Magnificent. Stallion. All words that perfectly described that which made him a man. Just as he worshipped her - making love to that part of her body that made her a woman, that thrilled him, that offered the honey to which he was so addicted - so she began to worship him, making love to him with all the passion that filled her soul. She moved her mouth up and down that throbbing flesh; deep, strong strokes that had him gasping for breath. She let him fall from her mouth, began to lick at him, her tongue tasting, touching every inch of that awesome symbol of manhood. It had been three days since they had last made love. Three days since he had had any pleasure. Now, her mind told her. Don't hold back on him, give him what he needs…what he wants, now. She moved up to her knees, took him into her mouth and began to bob up and down once again. She relaxed her throat, took him as far as she could, and swallowed.

"Sweet Jesus!" he moaned, his body giving up that cache of precious white love. He held her head with both hands as he pushed deeper into her throat, his cock throbbing hard and fast, the pleasure almost more than he could stand. He dropped back down onto the bed, watched her with love filled eyes as she licked him completely clean before moving up to lay on his chest.


"Oh, yeah," he whispered. His arms went around her, held her tightly.

She settled against him, her hands moving up and down his upper arms, his hands moving in slow, lazy circles from her shoulders to her hips. "So what was Jack's idea, the one you said we'd talk about?"

"Doctor Montigue was able to synthesize an antidote to the Hathor drug," he said slowly.

"Yes, he was."

"Jack figured he should be able to synthesize a serum like the sweet pheromones that you put out. Something that I can carry on missions in case I need it," he explained.

"That really is a good idea," she said.

"I mentioned it to the doctor. He thought so, too. He said he thought he had enough of your blood stored away that he could start working on something right away."

"I hope so. I can't stand the fact that you suffer because of me," she said softly.

"Casey Renee, don't you dare start that!" he said, his voice holding a warning. "I love you, Angel. I don't mind being addicted to you. In fact, I kind of like it."

"Because I never turn you down?" she smiled.

"That, and the fact that your sweet body is for me, and me alone. That you give me what no other man has, or ever will get from you," he replied softly.

"I thought that the pheromones were what made men so attracted to me," she said.

"They are. But only attracted. To become addicted, they'd have to taste you…have you…on a regular basis. I'm the only one with that honor. I'm the only one who has ever tasted you."

She fought back the thought that Duncan had tasted her. The time that they had lived together didn’t count, not when it had never really happened, at least, not since Oma had sent them back in time. When they had been held captive by Framone, the only thing that would stop the Fire that burned in him was to make love, and he had taken from her that day. Counting the day in the warehouse where they had practiced sword work, that day on the ship had been the second time he had tasted her. She wasn't sure if it was enough to addict him or not. If so, it explained why he had had such a hard time letting her go, and rekindling his love for Tessa. Daniel was aware that she and Duncan had…made love. He didn't know the particulars. She wasn't going to tell him. As far as she was concerned, Daniel was the only man to have ever tasted her! "As long as you're the only man addicted to me," she whispered. "I kind of like knowing that you're addicted to me, too."

"Keeps me home and faithful?" he asked. He forced away the images of the women who had caused her pain, women he had bedded for whatever reason, never willingly, yet all of them without a fight.

She giggled. "Keeps me satisfied. I like that I have to come to give you what you need."

Daniel laughed. "Guess that's true. I hadn't thought about that."

"Just like I need what you give me. I may not be physically addicted to you, but I am in every other way," she said softly. "I suffer just as much emotionally if I'm denied your love, your body, for very long."

"You realize that this means we can never be apart," he grinned.

"Yep. Together always."

"Together, always," he agreed.

She looked up at him, her green eyes flashing with desire, just before she wiggled her hips. "So, ready for the next round?"

"Oh yeah," he said softly. "Let me love you, Angel." He rolled them over, putting her beneath him.

She slipped her arms around his shoulders, pulled him close. The feeling of his skin against hers made her pulse race, her heart pound with joy…with love. "I love you," she whispered in his ear, kissing his neck tenderly. She locked her legs around his waist, her hips pointed up, felt the tip of his rigid shaft poised just above her.

"I love you," he whispered in return. He pushed slowly against her, slid into the sweet, comforting warmth of her body. He closed his eyes and savored the feeling. She felt so damned good! Home. Heaven. Her body wrapped around him, her sweet scent filling his senses, her skin warm and soft against his, the sound of her soft sighs filling his ears. Yep. Heaven.

Safe. Warm. Loved. Protected. In his arms she was free from all of the fears that haunted her. She was free to love him, be loved by him. Unconditionally. She breathed deep of the masculine scent of his body, the musky scent of their love drifting up to her as well as he started to move…slow, gentle thrusts that were filled with as much love as the soft kisses he was trailing over her jaw, down her throat.

He opened his eyes and watched hers as he moved in and out of her body, felt her hips meet his with every downward thrust he made. The green had darkened, just as it always did when they made love, when she was feeling the pleasure that only he could give her. His heart rejoiced in knowing that he was the only man she loved, the only man she wanted. The only man her body would accept. So beautiful. So sensual. A woman that men watched, wanted, dreamed about. That she was his brought such a rush of happiness that he thought he would burst.

Those incredible blue eyes watched her with such love that it took her breath away. Every caress, every touch of his body demonstrated his love. His eyes declared that love. She shivered slightly. To be loved by a man like Daniel was what every woman dreamed of - yearned for. Her love burned, the flames danced in her heart, in her body, in her soul. They belonged to one another, until the end of time, and beyond. Theirs was a love that was beyond measure, beyond understanding. She slid one hand from his shoulder to his jaw, cupped his cheek; the need to touch his face, to assure herself that he was real, too great to fight.

He turned his face and kissed her palm. Lowered his head and kissed her lips, murmuring his love into her mouth. Her body held him, massaged his aching shaft, gripped him firmly as if she would never let go. The sensations that washed over him as their bodies moved together made him want to cry out with pleasure…with joy.

She closed her eyes when his lips met hers, the chorus of feelings that flooded her made her body shiver with delight. She could feel the passion building…soon the Fire would demand more than the gentle movements of their love dance. So good…he always made her feel so good! Soon, she thought. Soon they would be dancing among the stars together. She opened her mind, reached out and touched him, smiled when his warm, gentle touch filled her. The warmth of his love, the weight of his love wrapped around her like a blanket.

That incredible feeling was beginning to build. His body was clamoring for more, reaching for the climax that sparkled just in front of his eyes. He began to thrust deeper, harder, felt her hips grind against his. Faster…more…the Fire demanded ever more. He raised up on outstretched arms, pressed his feet against the spindles of the footboard, and began to pound into the willing body beneath him.

Her hands held to his shoulders as he began drive into her, every thrust filling her completely, leaving her empty each time he pulled away. Her body reached for his, her hips moving ever higher to remain in contact with him. That tingling sensation filled her belly, moved down between her thighs. The lights and colors were beginning to spin. Her thighs were beginning to quiver with pleasure. "I'm gonna come," she whispered.

"Give it to me, Angel," he said softly, panting slightly. When the whimper filled her throat, he began to move faster, pushing deeper. She cried out, her song of love sending his own body racing for the edge of the cliff.

"Love me, Daniel, fill me," she begged softly, her hips still meeting his step for step.

With a groan he obeyed, his swollen cock throbbing against the still pulsing walls of her warm well. He continued to move slowly as he reached for the stars, her second cry echoing around him, bringing a smile of satisfaction to his lips. Her body shivered beneath his, they danced arm in arm among the stars as their bodies trembled together. He dropped down on top of her, his breath coming in gasps. Her arms and legs locked around him, holding him tightly. When he could breathe again, he rolled them over, held her close to his chest.

She snuggled close. This was one of her favorite things about making love, being held so tightly after the passion left them spent. A yawn took her by surprise. "I'm sorry," she whispered, her cheeks pink.

"Shh…sleep, Angel. I know you're tired."

"If you want…"

"We'll make love again when we wake up," he promised.

Her head nestled on his shoulder, she closed her eyes. Sleep claimed her within seconds.

He smiled as he gently brushed her hair from her face. Her body was totally relaxed against his, yet her well seemed to grip his shaft, as if even in sleep she didn’t want to let go of him. His own body was relaxed, none of the discomfort of withdrawal left. His smile turned to a grin. The serum that Dr. Montigue was working on might keep him from suffering when he couldn't get a fix of his sweet Angel. It sure as hell wouldn't be as fulfilling, or nearly as much fun! His eyelids drooped, and he went to sleep as quickly as she had.

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