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Between Two Evils

Chapter 7

She opened her eyes. Closed them quickly as intense pain overwhelmed her, and for a few brief seconds she was certain that she was going to be ill. Her hands moved around her, trying to determine where she was. She was lying on a bed. With silk sheets. She opened her eyes again, slowly this time. Goa'uld ship. She could see the blackness of space through the window at her side. She bit back a scream of absolute rage. Dagon! That rat bastard!

Sitting up slowly, she cast a careful glance around her. The room was large. Opulent. Just a tad over the top, but that was typical, for a Goa'uld. 'Daniel?'


He wasn't conscious yet. She could feel him, that was enough to quiet the frantic pounding of her heart. Caressed him gently before she moved away from him. Okay, her gear was gone. That was certainly expected. Weapon. She needed something she could use as a weapon. She slid from the bed, moved around the room, her boots making no sound on the thick carpet. Nothing. Damn it! Good newsthat damned laboratory was history. Toren was dead. Bad newsshe was on a ship with Dagon. She had no idea if the rest of the team was as well.


A  A  A  A  A  A


Daniel groaned, rolled to his side, opened his eyes. Grass. No, hay. Definitely hay. The strong stench of barnyard animals assailed his nose as he sat up. "Casey?"

"She's not here," Jack said from the corner of the stall. "Neither is Sam."

"Oh, hell," Daniel muttered.

Teal'c was keeping watch from his place beside the stall door. "No doubt Dagon believes Samantha Carter capable of rebuilding that which we destroyed."

"No doubt," Jack agreed.

"And Casey is the consolation prize," Daniel said, gritting his teeth. He tried to stand, found that his hands were tied to the wall. "Goddamn it!"

"Easy, Danny," Jack said.

"Fuck you! That son of a bitch has my Wife! I am not going to just sit here and contemplate why the motherfucker took her!" Daniel raged. His eyes went wide. He lowered his head, shook it slightly. "Uh…sorry, Jack."

"No problem, Danny," Jack said gently. "How long until the shakes start?"

"Day, maybe less."

"Ya know, I've been sitting here thinking about something. If Doc can synthesize an antidote for the Hathor drug, don'tcha think he could come up with something that would resemble what Casey…puts out…her pheromones? I mean, Hathor did it, right?" Jack asked.

Daniel nodded slowly. "I could carry it when we're on a mission. We need to talk to Doctor Montigue as soon as we get back."

Teal'c strained to look past the wall of the stall. "O'Neill, there seems to be no one in attendance near this barn. I believe that to escape now would be a wise move."

"I agree, T-man. Let's do it."

The men began to move around, trying to get to the small, Swiss Army knives that each of them carried in a low pocket of their BDU pants. For some reason, one that the men didn't care about, but were certainly glad for, all of their equipment, including their weapons, were visible in the stall across from them.

"He wants us to escape," Daniel said flatly.

"Say what?" Jack asked, his knife nearly through the ropes that held him bound to the wall.

"They didn't pat us down. They always do that. All of our stuff is right over there. We're tied up in a way that is easy to get out of. He wants us to escape," the young man explained.


"I have no idea," Daniel admitted.

"Perhaps Steven Raynor was able to influence Dagon," Teal'c mused.

Daniel shook his head. "Steven is a coward. Casey said that when she did a search of his…Dagon's mind, she saw him. Tried to comfort him. He's paralyzed with fear. Casey said he appeared blind, possibly deaf as well."

"From the shock of having a Goa'uld take over his head," Jack said.

"Wade didn’t have that problem," Daniel said proudly. "He was fighting that bastard Geb from the first minute the snake crawled into him."

"Wade's a hell of a man," Jack agreed. He was secretly glad that the brothers had seen fit to make peace. Both men were decent, brave men. Obviously genetics played a role in that. Melburn and Claire Jackson must have been damned good people to have turned out two sons of such high caliber.

"Shit!" Daniel mumbled as his hands began to shake. His knife slipped from his fingers. The tremors made searching for it almost impossible.

"Easy, Danny, I'll be there in a second. Can you run?"

The younger man nodded. "Damned straight I can!"

Jack grinned. He managed to cut through the ropes that held him, pulled them away from his wrists, then scooted over to help his young friend. "Good. Let's get out of here. We'll get to the 'gate, then head straight for the Persephone. Case will let you know where she's at."

"Casey!" Daniel groaned out loud. 'Case? Angel?'


'Are you all right? He hasn't…he hasn't hurt you, has he?'

'I'm fine, Daniel. Haven't even seen him. Are you okay? Where are you? Are you on the ship?'

'No, Angel. Jack, Teal'c, and I are still on the planet. In a barn right now. We're going to head to the 'gate as soon as we can. Do you have any idea where you're going?'

'Not a clue. Yet. So is Sam here too?'

'That's what we're assuming. Angel, I have to go. But as soon as you find out anything, let me know.'

'I understand. How…how are you feeling?'

'It's starting. But I can deal with it.'

'I'm so sorry!'

'Don't worry about it. Jack had a good idea, we'll talk about it when we're home. Be careful, Angel.'

'I will be. You too. Love you.'

'Love you, too.'

Jack grinned at the smile on Daniel's face. "She's okay?"

The young archaeologist nodded. "For now. She hasn't seen Sam. Has no idea where they're headed."

"She'll figure it out. Let's go, boys, before the owner of this barn decides to come home," the older man said.

They grabbed their backpacks and weapons, and those of their missing women. Checked their compasses, got their bearings, and then headed at a dead run toward the Stargate.


A  A  A  A  A  A


Casey sighed when she felt Daniel move away. Once again thanked whatever gods, or Beings, had granted them the ability to communicate in such a way. She'd go crazy if she couldn't 'talk' to him, gather strength from him. Then 'called' him right back. 'Daniel?'


He sounded…pissy. Withdrawal. Damn it to hell! 'Stud Muffin, if I can do a search of that asshole's head, maybe I can find something.'

'Good idea.'

She closed her eyes. 


Daniel was striding towards her. He grabbed her, kissed her thoroughly. She pulled away slightly. 'I'm sorry,' she whispered.

'What for?'

'Your addiction.'

'Didn't we have this conversation already?' he sighed.

She managed a smile. 'Hold me. I'll see what I can find.'

'Be careful. No stupid stunts. Just look, then get the hell out.'

Definitely getting pissy. She didn't answer. Instead, she closed her eyes, reached out. There…on the pel'tak. She moved carefully, glancing around to make sure that none of his priestess' were nearby. Cold. Cruel. Yep, batshit crazy. Once again she caught a glimpse of Steven Raynor. Nothing had changed about his appearance. She could almost feel sorry for him. Okay, where are we going, Snakeface? Dialing coordinates…I need dialing coordinates. Please tell me we're going somewhere with a freaking 'gate! What do you have against Stargates, anyway? Yes! She pulled away slowly, carefully, then raced back to the meadow. 'Daniel?'

'Right here, Angel.'

'I have them.' She guided him to the information.

'Got it. Be careful, Casey.'

'You, too.'

'Love you.'

'Love you, too.'

He pulled away quickly, stopping long enough to turn and blow a kiss to her. She 'caught' it, blew one back.


Her eyes flew open when the door to the room activated. Sam was literally tossed into the room. She ran over to where her friend landed on the floor. "Sam! Are you all right?"

"I think so," the tall woman replied, sitting up slowly. "Nice room."

Casey looked around. "Too damned over the top for me," she said.

"I woke up in a cell. Some jerk came in and started asking me questions about the satellites we have up around Gamma."

"Oh hell," Casey hissed. "That can't be good!"

"The weird thing is, when I refused to answer, he just got up and left," Sam said, a frown on her lovely face.

Casey was frowning as well. "That's not the usual reaction."

"I know."

The door opened again, and Dagon, in Steven Raynor's body, stepped into the room. His smile brought shivers to the two women who were sitting on the floor. "You will please me. Or you will die."

It was obvious that the Goa'uld knew English thanks to Steven. It was impossible to keep from rolling her eyes. "You would not believe how many times I've heard that tired old line," Casey mumbled.

In three steps Dagon was across the room, her chin held firmly in his hand. "Do not think that I am unaware of what you are, or how to kill you," he hissed.

She swallowed, lowered her eyes. Oh, this was not good!

Dagon released her, then looked down at Sam. "You will rebuild what you have destroyed."

Sam stared at him, her sapphire blue eyes full of anger and hatred.

The Goa'uld smiled. "Now, you will be made ready for me. Then you will entertain me." He turned to walk back out the door.

"Only in your dreams, asshole," Casey muttered.

His hand wrapped around the front of her shirt, jerking her to her feet before she was aware he had turned to face her again. He slapped her, letting her go as he did so. She flew backwards, fell to the floor and hit her head on the metal leg of the table near the bed. Slumped unconscious, blood staining the carpet beneath her.

"Asshole!" Sam hissed, crawling toward her best friend, checking her carefully. Casey was breathing. Her pulse was a bit weak, though.

Dagon looked on, no emotion whatsoever in his face. "She will heal soon enough. The two of you will do as I command. Or you will die." Without another word he left the room.


A  A  A  A  A  A


Daniel grabbed the extra magazines for his P90, and two more bricks of C-4. The shaking had subsided, mostly because Dr. Montigue had given him a Methadone shot almost as soon as he had walked through the 'gate and Jack had explained the situation. The doctor had agreed that a possible 'substitute' could indeed be synthesized. He was certain that he had enough of Casey's blood in the freezer from other various tests that he would begin the work immediately. With luck, Daniel would have at least a synthetic version of his Wife's incredible pheromones that could be taken on missions.

His attitude, however, was still surly. He was certain that had more to do with the fact that Dagon had his Wife than any withdrawal symptoms he might be suffering. Steven Raynor had tried to rape her. He hadn't succeeded. He had no doubts that Dagon might possibly be more successful. Especially after she had cried out to him, frantically explaining that Dagon knew that she and Sam were Immortal, and that he had threatened them with death…the permanent kind. He had done his best to reassure her. Made her promise to do whatever it took to keep her head on her shoulders. But his stomach burned to think of that bastard touching her, hurting her, wounding her very heart and soul as he took her body.

"Let's go," Jack said grimly. He had been just as upset to learn that Sam was in danger as well.

All three Marine teams stood waiting in the 'gate room. This was an all out rescue mission, straight into the heart of enemy territory. The UAV was launched. Surprise kept the vehicle from being shot down long enough to get an aerial view of the area. The 'gate was heavily guarded. What appeared to be a sizable palace lay some distance from the Stargate. The terrain, from what they had been able to see, was mountainous, lots of forest. Which was great for staying hidden, lousy for trying to move through quickly. Taking the road, of course, was totally out of the question. A few grenades, and they would be able to make it through the 'gate mostly undetected. The search for intruders wouldn't begin until the downed guards were discovered.

Turk, Teal'c, and Haberman stood near the event horizon, grenades in hand. "Three…two… one," Turk counted. The three men tossed the six grenades at the same time.

"Okay, campers, this is it," Jack said. He flipped off the safety on his P90, and ran up the ramp. Daniel was on his heels.

The grenades had done their job. None of the guards had survived the sudden attack from the shrapnel that exploded in their midst. Two of the grenades had actually exploded mid-air, raining down the burning bits of metal, forcing several of the Jaffa to the ground, closer to the explosions of the remaining grenades.

Teal'c took point, running down the road until he was certain that they dared take it no farther. He led the group of men into the woods. Trained in stealth, the men moved as quickly and quietly as possible, paralleling the road so that they would be able to hear any Jaffa that might be heading toward the 'gate to investigate the multiple explosions. When his large fist went up, every man dropped to his knees, remained silent and still. The clinking sound of Jaffa armor filled the air. Hidden from sight, the Tau'ri watched as two squads ran up the road toward the Stargate.

Jack cursed mentally. The sound of the explosions must have carried much farther than they realized. Either that, or there was some sort of monitoring device near the 'gate. That thought worried him. "Teal'c, is it possible that the 'gate is monitored as well as guarded?" he whispered.

"It is possible," the black man whispered in reply. "Although I have not heard of any Goa'uld who have felt it necessary to do so."

"Well, Dagon seems to have more than his fair share of paranoia. Probably because he's such a back-stabbing bastard," Jack said softly. "Okay, we'll assume that they know we're here, and coming. Which means we're going to have to wait until dark to move into that palace. Let's get there, and scout out a good place to breach their defenses."

Daniel bit back his caustic remark of disagreement. He wanted to march straight in and tear the place down. He was struggling to keep his frustration in check.

"Uh, general, do we know for sure that they're here? I mean, we know they're heading this way, but are they here yet?" Turk asked quietly.

Jack looked at the man, then at Daniel. "Find out," he said bluntly.

Daniel gave a nod. 'Angel?'

The silence that he met scared the hell out of him. He searched, reached out as much as his gift allowed him to. Unconscious. She was only unconscious. He sagged with relief. "Don't know. She's out cold," he replied. Anger flared in his veins. He would kill Dagon. With his bare hands. Slowly.


A  A  A  A  A  A


Not more than five minutes later three female slaves entered the room. They sat down on the floor beside Sam, waiting for the other woman to awaken. Dagon had given them specific orders. They would not disobey their god.

Casey uttered a low moan, then swore softly. 

Sam couldn't help but grin. "Take it easy, Casey. You've got a bad head injury."

"That would explain the guy with the jack-hammer in there," the young Immortal replied. She sat up slowly, moaned again and pressed a hand to her head. Her Quickening was dealing with the pain as well as the wound; both were already beginning to fade away.

The slaves stood up. Two of the women took Casey and Sam each by the arm, pulled them to their feet. The other woman hurried ahead of them, opening a door that neither Tau'ri had noticed. She ran to a closet and gathered what appeared to be cleaning supplies, then went back into the bedroom.

The slaves began to fill a huge marble tub with water, adding a generous amount of sweet smelling bath oil. Sam and Casey began to fight the two women when dark hands reached for their tattered, bloody clothes in an attempt to undress them.

"Do not fight what will be," Dagon's voice said softly from the door. He was wearing a robe, and held a long sword in his hand.

Casey swallowed hard, dropped her hands and allowed the slave to strip her. She closed her eyes, fought back the tears that threatened to fall. 'Daniel!'

'I'm right here, Angel.'

'He's…oh, god, he has a sword!'

'Don't fight him, Casey, please! I need you too much! I love you! Nothing he does can hurt you…or us. Nothing he does can change the fact that you belong to me, only to me!' He was frantic to make her understand that resisting the Goa'uld was no longer an option.

'I don’t want him touching me!'

'I know, Angel. But you…we…don't have a choice. We'll be okay. I'll help you, Casey, I swear I will. Whatever you need to get through this.'

The tears spilled onto her cheeks. She jerked slightly, opened her eyes when Dagon's hand cupped her cheek. "Tell him that you are mine now," he said softly, his eyes glowing. "Then tell him goodbye. I forbid you to ever contact him with your mind again."

Casey relayed the message, word for word. Could feel Daniel's wrath. Clung to his reassurances, and promised to give Dagon his message. "He says to tell you that he'll take great pleasure in killing you," she said, her voice cold, angry.

Dagon laughed. The robe fell to the floor, and he stepped into the warm water. When he was settled he held out both hands. Sam and Casey exchanged worried, frightened glances. Casey was the first to move, taking the outstretched hand and slowly getting into the tub. Sam followed suit. Both women had tears of anger, of embarrassment, of fear flowing down their cheeks.


A  A  A  A  A  A


He watched as the slaves carefully bathed the women, the blood washed from Casey's long blonde hair. When they were finished, they backed away, sat on the floor, their eyes on their knees, although both women dared to glance up every few minutes, as if checking to see if their god needed anything from them.

The Goa'uld turned first to Casey. He let his fingers move over her face, the down her throat, until his hand was gently massaging her breast. "You will please me, and I will give you such pleasure," he whispered.

She turned her head when he tried to kiss her, cried out when his hand cruelly twisted her breast.

"Do not fight me!" he hissed.

Sam had noticed a small statue sitting on the side of the tub. Now that was a handy little item. Stupid of him to leave such a thing nearby, considering who she and Casey were. A smile flickered over her face. Thanked her lucky star that Dagon was incredibly stupid…and arrogant. He was certain that she and Casey were too terrified, too…helpless. He wouldn't be expecting an attack. The Goa'uld wasn't paying attention to what she was doing. Her hands wrapped around it, and before the slaves could cry out a warning, she brought the stone figure down on his head with all of the force she could muster.

There was a sickening 'thud' when the stone impacted on the back of his head. With a grunt he slid down into the water. Which was quickly turning red from the blood that flowed from the wound on his skull. Casey was moving just as quickly as her friend. The slaves were knocked out with a fist to the jaw, and the women pulled their BDUs back on with shaking fingers.


'Angel? Are you all right?'

'Dagon is out, with luck he'll die. Sam hit him with a statue.'

'Good work.'

She could hear his chuckle, and the relief in his voice. 'We've got to find a place to hide.'

'Be careful.'


'Love you, Angel.'

'Love you, too, Stud Muffin.'

The third slave huddled in the corner when the two women ran into the room. Casey raised her finger to her lips. The slave nodded, then smiled shyly. The young blonde looked over at Sam, received a nod of approval, then held her hand out to the slave. The fingers that wrapped around it held tightly.

The slave opened the door, glanced into the corridor, then tugged Casey to follow her. The three women stayed close to the wall, and began to run. It wasn't until they stepped off of the elevator that the slave had led them to that Casey realized where they were going.

"Slave's quarters!" she whispered. She remembered well the rooms that had been her entire world when Wepwawet had taken her aboard his ship. The young woman pushed Casey, then Sam, into a tiny room. There were two beds. She held her finger to her lips, smiled, then backed away and closed the door.

"Well, we're either hidden, or about to be turned over to the Jaffa," Casey said quietly.

"Let's hope it's the former," Sam replied.

"Yeah, let's." Casey stretched out on one of the narrow cots. "Guess all we can do now is wait."

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