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Apostate Angel

Chapter 3

Geb paced the floor. This new body was…pleasing. He had already made love to several of his slaves today. The host of this body had very interesting memories, had skills that warranted attention. It seemed to please the women of his harem as well. They looked at him…giggled, flirted; never before had they done that. Yes, this body was very pleasing. The man, Wade, had remained quiet. Geb could tell that he wasn't a weak man, but even strong men capitulated quickly when inhabited by a Goa'uld. But this was not Daniel Jackson. He would have that body…and the knowledge the Tau'ri possessed…and he would use both to destroy those who dared to raise up against their gods!

Wade watched…listened…learned. He had already discovered that the…creature…inside him didn't like pain, and if it were inflicted upon the body, even accidentally, would retreat and force him to the front to deal with the discomfort. It hadn't been easy, but he had found that when the Goa'uld was making love he could slip in 'behind' him, and gain control of the hands. He had been sorry to hurt that girl, but he had needed her to jump in pain, respond instinctively. She had bitten him as she sucked on him. It had hurt like hell, but he was able to take total control for just a few seconds. He had felt the monster…Geb…looking for him, but he had already become proficient in hiding in his own mind. He wondered briefly if anyone else was looking for him, if they would rescue him. He hoped so! He wasn't sure how much longer he could hold out.


A  A  A  A  A  A


"Okay, campers, we're going in hard and hot, one team will need to stay at the 'gate to keep it under our control," Jack said. Six of the SG teams and all three of the Marine teams were going to 'gate to the place where SG-1 had gotten trapped in the tunnels of Geb's palace on his home planet. Casey had sensed that there was discord in his household. Several of his Jaffa were listening to the words of the rebels. Teal'c had contacted Master Bra'tac, and three squads of Free Jaffa were joining the attack. The goal was to grab the Goa'uld and get to the Phoenix, which would be waiting nearby. They would rendezvous with a Tok'ra ship, and hopefully get the Goa'uld out of Wade before it could kill both of them. "We find him, grab him, and get out. SG-1 and 6, and Marine One will ring to the Phoenix. The rest of you get through that 'gate and back here." He looked at Casey. "Anything you need to add?"

She shook her head. "Just that we need to do this quickly. There's…someone…I'm not sure who, waiting to meet with Geb…I think. We have to do it before his…guest…arrives."

"That's it then. Let's go. I want this done in under an hour," Jack said.

Casey held tightly to Daniel's hand as they made their way to the 'gate room. She dreaded seeing him again. Facing the man who was her husband's brother…the man who had held her…the man who had brought such pain into her life. She noticed Daniel's worried glance. 'I have never been this scared before a mission.'

'Any bad feelings?'

She shook her head again. 'No. I'm just…scared.'

He looked at her. Her eyes were wide, her cheeks pale. He suspected the cause of her fear. Cursed the day she had been forced to enter that pleasure house to rescue him. 'It's okay, babe. If you say the word, we'll call it off and wait.'

She couldn't tell him that it wasn't the mission itself…not even the battle that they would be fighting…that had her frightened. 'No, we have to go now, that's the only thing I know for sure…well, that and the fact that he's expecting company.'




The 'gate opened with the customary splendor. Several concussion grenades were tossed through, a count of ten was made, and the Marines charged through the gate.

Her P90 ready, she smiled bravely up at Daniel, and followed him through the event horizon. The battle was raging when they arrived. Several fragmentation grenades took out more Jaffa, and the teams made their way toward the palace. Five SG members went down, but luckily there were no fatal wounds. SG-1 and SG-6 were running up the steps of the imposing structure, firing continually at the Jaffa that seemed to pour through the open doors. 

Suddenly, there was an eerie lack of enemy. They began to move quickly from room to room, looking for the Goa'uld. More concussion grenades were tossed into the large rooms, as well as half a dozen smoke bombs. The teams donned their masks and ran forward. Servants and slaves fell to the floors, out cold for the duration of the battle.

Daniel ran into the room. He pulled his mask off. Wade…Geb, rather…was standing there. The Goa'uld smiled wickedly. "How convenient that you should come to me! I have been looking for you, Daniel Jackson."

"So I've heard. I hear you want to take out SG-1."

Geb looked at him in surprise.

"We have our ways of learning things," Daniel said smugly. "Won't happen. I'm here to take my brother home with me. And get rid of you."

Wade had been listening. In his surprise he nearly gave himself away. Brother? Surely this was just a ploy to use against this Goa'uld! Whatever it was, it was making this Geb character angry. And when he was angry, it was easier to 'move around'.

Several Jaffa rushed into the room. Daniel ran out the way he had come in, turned long enough to raise his hand and throw three of them against the wall. He ran toward the stairs, relieved to find SG-6 holding position there. The Jaffa who had followed him were quickly dealt with. Sam was already on her way up when he waved to her.

Geb looked out the window. His forces were being easily defeated. Where was his personal guard? He would have the cowards disemboweled! He grabbed his ribbon device and his personal shield. He moved his hand to activate it. Found that his hand would not obey his command. With a roar of anger, he dove into the mind of the host, searching for the man who was somehow able to thwart him. He was still looking for the meddlesome pest when the body was hit with a tranquilizer dart.

"Have him in sight," Sam called out. The Goa'uld stood staring into space. She raised the rifle and fired, sending the dart into the body. She fired again, Dr. Montigue had insisted that the Goa'uld would be able to fight off just one, and the dosage of two darts would be needed to render him completely unconscious. "Got 'im!"

In the dark corner where he had been hiding, Wade smiled. Something was happening. Maybe, just maybe, it was the rescue he'd been praying for. Brother? Did he say…brother? That was his last conscious thought for several hours.

Daniel and Teal'c ran into the room, grabbed the now downed Goa'uld, and signaled the Phoenix. Jack sent the fall back signal, and within five minutes the palace and the surrounding grounds were empty of the Tau'ri intruders. Bodies lay scattered everywhere. About two dozen or so Jaffa came out of hiding. They had learned the 'gate address to a planet where Jaffa lived free. They were quickly on their way to add to that number.


A  A  A  A  A  A


Geb opened his eyes. When he tried to sit up, he found that he was restrained. "I am your god!" he raged. "I will kill you for this!"

Casey stood up from the chair she had been sitting on, so that he could see her. "You would not believe the number of times we've heard that. So far, nobody has made good on that threat. You won't either. You took the wrong body this time, Geb. I know that you want Daniel Jackson, who just happens to be my Husband. News flash, snake boy…it's not going to happen. Daniel is The Chosen. There is no way that you can even get near him!"

The Goa'uld smiled. "You are a foolish woman. Beautiful, but foolish. I will see you in the camp of whores!"

"Yeah, I've heard that a time or two, as well. As you can see, I'm still here." She 'heard' Daniel's whispered instruction, and moved to the side of the bed opposite of the door. Geb turned his head so that he could continue to look at her. "Now, what I want to know, is how many ships you have, how many Jaffa, and where they're located. Then you're going to give me the 'gate addresses for every planet you're oppressing, and we're going to go free those people. Then, I think I'm going to kill you. Slowly. Just for daring to think about harming my Beloved!"



In the monitoring room, the rest of SG-1 were watching and listening with amusement. Anise and Selmak were already slipping into the room where the Goa'uld continued to be tormented by the slender seer. After Wade was injected, the symbiote would be killed. They only had a matter of minutes to inject him again to keep the human host from dying. To give the antidote too soon would give the Goa'uld a chance to fight, and perhaps kill the host. It was a delicate procedure. But it had been done successfully before. Selmak was certain that there would be success on this day. Especially with Casey Jackson baiting, taunting the Goa'uld, holding his attention so firmly.



"You know, I was pretty impressed to find out that you've been keeping score for us. I didn't even know we'd knocked out that many. Made me want to do an SG-1 happy dance! Oh, just have to tell you…Osiris? Your son…or was it daughter? Anyway, you remember the name, right? That was me! I had help from my friends, but the first shot was from my weapon. She thought she was all that and a bag of chips too. Well, we took that bitch out like a cheap date. Can you believe she actually had the hots for my Husband? That's because the body that she stole belonged to an old girlfriend of his. I'll bet Sarah loved tormenting that snake bitch with all those memories. It must have driven her crazy knowing she'd never know what it was like to make love to him first hand. Yeah, that's probably why she was crazy as a loon." Casey walked toward the head of the bed, leaned close to him, saw his eyes flash with absolute fury. "You're no god, you snake, you' re nothing more than a parasite. We have a way of dealing with parasites. We kill them. Don't worry, Daniel knows all about Egyptian hieroglyphs. We'll be sure to add your name to the wall."



In the room just across the corridor, where the remainder of the team was gathered, Jack was chuckling. "Got hand it to her, even if she's standing there quaking inside, she's cool as ice on the outside!"

Daniel grinned. "That's my Tiger!"



Geb screamed when a needle sank into his neck. He looked around, saw the two he knew to be Tok'ra standing beside the bed. He looked back at Casey. She had distracted him well. She was quite an impressive woman. Perhaps he would keep her for his harem. She was beautiful. She hated him…she would fight him, and he liked it when they fought against his advances. Yes…he would keep her. Suddenly the drug took hold. He withdrew, pushed the host forward to deal with the excruciating pain.

Was he hallucinating? Was he already dead? Or was that really beautiful Casey smiling at him? "Casey?" Wade whispered, his body wracked with pain.

"Hang on, Wade, it will be over soon. Don't give in to him, keep fighting him," she said softly. "I know it hurts, but it won't last long. Tell me if you can feel any difference, if he feels… weaker."

He nodded, tried to smile, but grimaced as another wave of pain washed over him. It felt as if his brain was on fire.

The blue eyes flashed. "I will kill this human! Let me go now, or he dies!"

"Um…no. Not going to happen. I don't think you'll be killing Wade, either. He'll whip your butt with one hand tied behind his back," Casey said. "I'm surprised you're here! Goa'uld are such wussies when it comes to pain. You love to cause pain, but you can't even deal with a little hangnail! Pathetic! Disgusting, really! My two and a half-year-old daughter can handle pain better than you can!"

Blue eyes fluttered slightly. "Casey?"

"I'm right here, Wade," she said softly.

"It feels…different."

"That's good, it means it's almost over. Hang in there, you're doing great," she said, smiling at him.

He nodded, then closed his eyes.

Geb looked up at her. "This is your final warning, H'as! Let me go now, or this pathetic human dies."

"Hey, as long as you're dead, who cares? Wade would rather be dead than living with you inside his head," she replied. She crossed her arms over her chest. "Feeling a little out of control, there, Geb? Must be a real bummer to know that the same Tau'ri who killed Ra, are killing you. Okay, maybe not exactly the same. There have been a few personnel changes. Me, for one. I wasn't there to help kill Ra, or Apophis. But I was there to help Daniel kill Anubis. That was sweet, let me tell you! You snakes messed with the wrong planet when you came to Earth. Now we're spread all over the galaxy…several of them actually, thanks to you. And we're stronger than ever. So I figure that in a year, two at the most, this universe will be Goa'uld free. A Goa'uld free zone. No more snake parasites alive anywhere. Man, we'll party on for weeks!"

Selmak was chuckling, Jacob was smiling.

"I will kill this body!"

Casey heaved a pained sigh. "Yeah, yeah, yeah. How about those ships, Gebby-baby. Where are they? How many? How many Jaffa?"

"I will tell you nothing!"

"That's okay. My brilliant handsome hunk of an archaeologist has already found all of the information we need. He reads sixty-five languages, did I mention that? Babylonian just happens to be one of them."

"Uh…" Wade licked his lips, winced as another wave of pain shot through him. "It's really starting to feel…strange. My neck hurts and my throat is starting to get sore."

Selmak stepped forward. "The symbiote may be trying to escape the body."

"Oh, special," Casey groused. "Wade this might get really painful, but I promise we can get you fixed right up, okay?"

He nodded weakly.

Not more than thirty seconds later the symbiote came crawling out of Wade's mouth. He was screaming in agony. Anise injected him with the antidote, and Casey was calling for Dr. Montigue.

Jacob grabbed the creature and tore it in half, then tossed it to the floor. A marine standing guard shot it twice.

Casey looked at the young man and grinned. "Nice placement!"

He blushed and shrugged. "Reflex, ma'am. Happens every time I see one of those damned things!"

She giggled. "I know exactly what you mean!" She turned back to Wade. He was unconscious, and was bleeding heavily from the mouth. She stepped back when Dr. Montigue and a trauma team entered the room.

Selmak stepped next to the bed, a healing device on his/her hand. Dr. Montigue nodded, and let the Tok'ra begin to repair the damage the fleeing Goa'uld had caused.

She watched for a few moments, then left the room to join the rest of the team. She reached out, felt him, caressed him. Smiled when she felt his caress in return.

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