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Another One Bites the Dust

Chapter 6

The sound of the rings activating brought Trenton to his feet. "Heads up," he called out. "We're getting company!" He dove behind one of the tents.

In just a matter of seconds Jaffa were standing almost in the middle of their camp. The sound of staff weapons charging filled the air. Darkness hid the gun muzzles that slid out from under the bottoms of tents, or through the closed flaps. The Jaffa looked around carefully.

Teal'c stepped out of the shadows and into the light provided by the fires in the low barrels. "Jaffa kree! Listen to me. Hear me well. You do not need to remain in service to a false god. You may know freedom! Join me now, or die!"

"Dal jaffa mel!" One of the Jaffa hissed. He fired at Teal'c, barely missing the large man as he dove for cover. Weapons fire filled the air. It didn't take long to knock the Jaffa down. The team members crawled out of the tents. They waited impatiently for Nergal to ring down.

"One of those Jaffa must have signaled somehow," Major Parked mused.

"Damn it!" Jack hissed. "Let's get these bodies out of here. Case, tell me something."

She closed her eyes, reached out. "He's still on his ship. He's really ticked off, too. He can't afford to lose to many more Jaffa, and he knows it."

"Trenton, go through the gate. Tell Bradshaw we need him here. Get the Phoenix or-" before Jack could finish, the Stargate activated. "Oh, hell, what now?"

The teams prepared for more Jaffa to come through the event horizon. They waited as each chevron locked, and the 'gate 'opened'. Instead of Jaffa, one crewman from the Persephone walked through.

"General O'Neill, sir," the young man called out.

"Right here," Jack answered, stepping into the light from the fires.

"Colonel Bradshaw told me to get a message to you. We just took out Ashnan, sir."

The general grinned from ear to ear. "Best news I've heard in days. Go back through, son, and tell Jim to get the Persephone here yesterday. Nergal is upstairs, just sitting there for right now."

Daniel was already dialing the coordinates to get the young man back to where he had come from.

"Yes, sir, Persephone here yesterday." The young man saluted, and as soon as the gate was open he ran back through.

"Case, tell me we're going to get this guy," Jack said.

"We're going to get this guy," she said, grinning at him.

"Smartass. You know what I mean." He tried to hide his own grin.

She closed her eyes again. "I think he's going to try and come down here again. But I'm not sure when."

Jack nodded. "Okay. We're all awake, let's just stay that way for an hour or so."

Casey pulled out her always handy deck of cards, and a poker game began.


A  A  A  A  A  A


Nergal brooded in his quarters. Two young women, and the young Jaffa he had taken, waited fearfully on his bed. He motioned toward the Jaffa, and then one of the girls. The young man sighed in relief, grabbed the girl and began to make love to her. He had found that Nergal enjoyed watching him make a young girl ready. He never got to fuck them, only make them ready. But the god always made one of the girls suck him off. If he were very lucky, his god wouldn't ram his cock up his ass while she was doing so. It didn't hurt as much now, but he still didn't like it.

The Goa'uld watched, his attention only half on the now groaning couple on the bed. He needed more Jaffa. More ships. More wine. More women for his harem. He stood to his feet, grabbed the young woman who watched the couple on the bed, shoved her to her knees. By now she understood what this meant, and opened her mouth and took him in. He let her work her mouth over him for a few minutes, then he pulled the Jaffa from the girl on the bed. He shoved himself into her, disappointed when she didn’t scream. He looked down at her. She had green eyes. When she began to moan beneath him, he smiled. Yes, she was learning quickly how to please him.

Once his body had been satiated, he made his way into the next room, where his sarcophagus was kept. He was just lying down in it when one of the Jaffa hurried in.

"My Lord, we have reports that Ashnan's ship has been destroyed," the man said, standing at attention.

"Good. I will take what is hers. She has more ships. When I awaken we will leave here."

"Yes, My Lord." The Jaffa bowed, then left the room.

Well, well. It seemed that he wasn't as…needy…as he thought. With that thought in his mind, a smile on his face, the sarcophagus closed over him.


A  A  A  A  A  A


Two hours later the Persephone was in orbit above P3X 441. There was no sign of Nergal. Duncan had been contacted, and two teams from Alpha walked through the 'gate. A pass down was given, and SG-1 and SG-6 'gated home. Methos had sent Sam home as well, telling her that she had two little girls to take care of. The Hak'tyl would return to orbit near the Phoenix, with Master Bra'tac in command. He had assumed the role of Hathor's First Prime, and it wasn't unusual in such circumstances for the Goa'uld to leave such…boring…surveillance to the Jaffa.

Casey was thrilled to learn that Ashnan's name could be added to the wall. She decided to enlist the help of one of the new grad students who were working for the Center. She thought Stephanie would enjoy the job.

They all realized that Nergal was probably aware of Ashnan's death. Methos was alerting the other System Lords in an attempt to get them to move in on what was left of her territory. He had little problem convincing Laurel that she should declare the territory hers, and take over the two surviving ships. This would free up the Phoenix and the Hak'tyl to fight with the Persephone against Nergal, if he were to find other ships. No one believed that he would remain as weak as he was for long.

The two teams were tired, and happy to be home, even if it were only for a day or so. They all walked wearily to the infirmary for their post-mission check-up. Medically cleared, Daniel led her to the elevator, and the jeep. It was late, almost ten p.m. The kids were already asleep at her parent's house. They would pick them up tomorrow. He grinned at her when he led her into the dark, quiet house. He had some plans for the next few hours. There was plenty of time to sleep later.

"How about a nice fire?" he asked, not letting her turn on more than just the light above the kitchen sink. When he had the fire going, and a few candles lit, it was going back off.

"A fire, huh? That would call for a bottle of wine, don't you think?" she asked in return, a knowing smile on her face.


She smiled at him, and found a bottle of Arbor Mist Blackberry Merlot. Her absolute favorite. A quick search in the refrigerator supplied cheese, and olives, she was still fond of the little green vegetable. There were three kinds of crackers, she loved peanut butter on soda crackers, so she put the jar of peanut butter on the tray as well. She didn't bother with a spoon, fingers worked just fine. She put two glasses on the tray, opened the wine and filled them, and took the tray in and put it on the coffee table, which Daniel had already pushed against the sofa. He had put a blanket and pillows from the couch on the floor as well.

The fire was crackling cheerily, and a dozen or so candles added their warm light and soft aroma to the room.

"C'mere, you," he said softly, reaching for her. She settled beside him. He handed her one of the glasses, they both sipped contentedly, watching the flames dance jump.

"So what has you in such a romantic mood?"

"I have to have a reason? It can't be just because I want to make love to my Wife in front of a fire?"

She smiled. "I'm glad you want to do that. It…turns me on, makes me feel…special…when you do things like this."

He grinned. "Do tell."

She shook her head, tried to hide her grin. "You're very well aware of that fact!"

He nuzzled her cheek. "I do believe it's rattled around in my head a time or two."

She had tipped her head to the side, letting him nuzzle her neck, felt him kiss her, lick the sensitive skin, nip at that spot behind her ear that always made her shiver. No matter what was going on in their lives, what they were facing as a part of SG-1, his touch could push it all away, make it all better. One simple touch of his hands made her burn, one simple kiss made her body shiver with rapture. "Your touch always sets me on fire, makes me feel so good," she whispered.

"I'm glad," he whispered in return. He reached around her, sat his glass on the coffee table; took her glass and sat it beside his. He took her chin in his hand, turned her face towards his and kissed her…slowly, deeply…letting his tongue taste and feel her mouth, allowing her to do the same. With gentle pressure he pushed her to her back. Everything he needed, she gave himwithout hesitationwithout reservation. Her kisses filled him…his mind with pure lust for her beautiful body…his heart with so much love that he wasn't even sure of it's depth…his body with such raging fire that he wondered how he could survive it…his soul with such happiness that it frightened him at times.

Her hands went automatically to where she wanted, needed them to be - her fingers moving through his short dark blonde hair, the other hand moving over the back of his neck, his shoulder, his shoulder blade. God how she loved his kisses! Her body responded eagerly to his caresses, the fire beginning to rage out of control with every touch of his tongue against hers. He was supporting himself beside her on one arm, the other hand moved over her body. His fingers tugged at her shirt until it was free of her jeans, then slid up against her bare skin. The feeling of his skin against hers sent shivers down her spine. She smiled against his lips as a thought, spontaneous and just a bit wicked, filled her head.

He pulled away and looked down at her, his own mouth curving up into a smile. "What?"

"Wanna have a contest?" Her eyes were dancing.

The fire in her eyes, the laughter in those green depths made his smile wider. "What kind of a contest?"

"A stripping contest."

Would she ever run out of ideas that could blow his mind, make him so damned happy? "Sounds intriguing."

She pulled away from him, got to her feet and walked over to the stereo. "On your feet Doctor Jackson. Let's find out how good you really are."

He chuckled, and stood up. "Okay, but I have to warn you, the last babe I stripped for went nuts."

She almost dropped the CD she was putting into the player, her shoulders shook with laughter. "Oh, I have to hear about this!"

"It's true," he grinned. "Made her come just watching me!" That he had managed to do that still awed him; he remembered just how hard…and fast…her hips were moving against the chair she was sitting on. Her beautiful green eyes had been full of love and fire…and more lust than he could ever remember seeing in themas she watched him dancing and stripping for her.

"Well, I've done a bit of dancing myself…and I've never had any complaints. The hunk I dance for gets so hard he could pound nails with the anaconda of his!"

He chuckled, grinning from ear to ear. "You think so, huh?"

She turned around and faced him. "Yep."

Duh-duh-duh duh-duh-duh. The first riffs of George Thorogood's 'Bad to the Bone' filled the air. Duh-duh-duh duh-duh-duh.

Daniel barely bit back his gasp. She was already moving her shoulders, her fingers on those buttons. One… yep, you could almost hear it slide out of that buttonhole. Two…that's right, babe, keep it up…three…now she was just teasing him, running her fingers over her skin. Four…there it was, a glimpse of that pretty yellow bra. Hmmm…he hadn't noticed this morning, was it the yellow thong, or those sexy little lacy yellow panties? Five…the candlelight caught on that tiny platinum ring. Six…she had her hands on the bottom of the shirt, pulling it back and forth against her hips, the edges moving farther apart, revealing more of her beautiful torso. The movement of her shoulders had the shirt sliding down her arms. It hit the floor at her feet. Her eyes were bright with love and laughter and fire as she watched him watch her. He began to unbutton his own shirt, doing exactly as she had done. 

Oh, momma, could that man make just undoing buttons seem like the sexiest thing in the world! Mmmhmm…there was two…come on baby, let me see more of that chest. Three… oh, god, love those pecs! Four ...don't worry about that silly collar! Get on with the buttons! Yeah, let me see you flex those incredible muscles…Five…oh yeah! Abs to die for! Six…that's it…take it off! He was having as much fun as she was, it was in his eyes, in the smile on his face. He had the edges of the shirt in his hands, and as he moved his shoulders, he let it slide down. Damn that was sexy! His shirt was on the floor now, too.

"Bad to the bone…Bad to the bone…B-b-b-bad…B-b-b-b-bad…B-b-b-b-bad…Bad to the bone…"

Casey moved closer, moving her fingers over the front of her hips, slipping them between her thighs, then up to the snap on her jeans, her hips swaying to the music, gyrating to the beat. He watched her, his breath already coming faster, waiting for that first glimpse. Damn, she's taking her sweet time with that zipper! It was all he could do to keep from grabbing her jeans and yanking them from her body. Her hips were moving in circles now…oh yeah!…those sweet little lacy yellow panties! Her body was following the motion of her hips, she was turning slowly, those jeans inching down over her hips. When she had her back to him, she leaned over, looked at him upside down, between her knees, her hands moving up and down her legs. Sweet Jesus it was almost enough to have him coming! When she stood back up, she continued to turn, by the time she was facing him, the jeans were at her knees. She turned once more, bent over again, giving him another view of that incredible ass, and the jeans were at her ankles. She stepped out of them, her eyes flashing, waiting for him to take his off.

He was grinning at her, his thumbs hooked at the top of his jeans. His hips were moving to the beat of the music. One hand unsnapped them, then slowly…oh god so very slowly…unzipped them. He put his hands in front pockets, letting the pressure move them to expose his boxers, move them down slightly on his hips. She could feel her heart hammering against her ribs, so eager to see those jeans come off. His hands went behind his head, and he started flexing those wonderful, magnificent muscles. Was it just her, or had that fire made the room too warm? Suddenly his thumbs were on the waistband of his jeans, and they were at his knees. Yeah, baby! That's what I'm talking about! He turned around, his hips and shoulders moving in time to the music, he bent over…oh, lordy did Dr. Daniel Jackson have a fine ass! The jeans were at his ankles, and just as she had done, he stepped out of them, kicked them aside.

"I make a rich woman beg, I'll make a good woman steal, make an old woman blusssshh, make a young girl squeal…"

Her hands were on her breasts, keeping them covered as her body continued to move to the music. Her skin glowed in the warm candlelight. He saw her fingers twist the clasp, knew that the bra was about to come off. She gave him a glimpse of those beautiful breasts as she pushed the cups aside, one at a time, those perfect orbs covered by her hands. The straps were down at her elbows now. She let him see one breast, allowed the bra strap slide off of her arm, covered it again, then let him peek at the other as she tossed her bra to the floor. Once again her hands covered her firm mounds. She spread her fingers slightly, let him see those hard, rosy nipples stick out between them. She was driving him absolutely crazy. Now she slid her hands down her body, giving him a full view of those firm breasts, and how they bounced slightly as she danced. She worked her fingers under the lace of her panties, slid one hand between her thighs. God, it was almost too much! Her hips were in motion again, and those lacy panties were coming off her hips. One hand on her mons kept him from seeing what he really wanted…needed to see…then she had her back to him, and bent over, and Sweet Jesus what a beautiful sight! She kicked the panties away.

He was breathing hard, she could see that he was totally aroused. His hips were moving to the music, and he slid his thumbs under the waistband of his boxers. He danced for just a minute, then slowly…very, very slowly…lowered them so that just the head of his magnificent, very hard cock was visible. Oh, don't stop…don't stop! She had to force herself to remain where she stood, wanting to do nothing more than drop to her knees, pull his boxers away from his body and worship him. He turned his back to her, flexed those muscles again…gods was the man built or what? The boxers moved down more…what an amazing ass! Finally! They were off. He kept his back to her for another minute, then turned around, his hands hiding his erection from her view. With a soft cry she gave in to her desire. She took two steps, sank to her knees, pushed his hands away and took him into her mouth.

He hissed a sigh when her sweet mouth took him in. He closed his eyes as she moved back and forth, one hand stroking him in sync with the motion of her mouth, the other cupping, massaging his aching balls, her tongue teasing him, tormenting him. Watching her strip had made him so needy, so ready for her that he was afraid he was going to come as soon as her lips closed around him. "Oh, yeah, babe, just like that," he sighed. His hips were moving towards her, each time her head dipped closer to his body. She wound one arm around him, her hand caressing his ass, then she positioned herself to take him all the way, tightened her arm around his hips when he would have moved away from her. The flat of her tongue was moving over the length of him again and again and again, each time she sucked at him. He was almost there…he could feel it moving up…yep …here it is…he was erupting like Mt. Vesuvius…"Oh god! Casey!"

Every time she made love to him this way, she reveled in the taste of him, the smell of him, the way he felt in her mouth, in her hand. He was so hard, already throbbing fast. She had turned him on, made him crazy with desire, just as he had done to her. She wanted to take him all way to his climax, she would not be denied. She wrapped her arm around his hips, held him close, then shifted so that she could take him into her throat. She began sucking him, using the pressure of her tongue against him to add to the pleasure she was giving him. He was breathing harder, his hands were on the sides of her head now, his hips pushing his throbbing flesh deeper into her mouth, he was so close…he cried out her name, and she took down every drop that he gave her. She continued to softly lick him until all of the spasms had ended, made sure he was clean, then kissed her way up his thighs to his belly, his chest…his throat…his chin…his lips. She kissed him, her lips telling him just how much she had enjoyed what he had done for her.

"Got a bit worked up, didn't you?" he asked, grinning down at her.

"As much as you did," she replied, her eyes dancing. He could see the fire burning in their depths.

He led her to the to the blanket, stretched out beside her. "Yep, I do think my Angel is a bit out of control," he teased.

"You're amazing, you know that don't you?" she asked softly. "My very own Chippendale," she sighed, letting her fingers run up and down his chest.

He trailed his fingers over her cheek, her throat, down to that valley between her breasts. Her breath caught in her throat when he toyed with her navel ring, her belly rippled under his fingers as he caressed the sensitive skin around her piercing. He let his fingers play among those soft, tight curls before finally slipping them between her thighs. She was wet and hot and needy. Her rosy nipples begged for his attention, and he leaned over to kiss them. He began to make love to her breasts, taking his time to fully appreciate each firm mound. She was arching beneath him, her hips rising up to meet his hand as he slowly, softly stroked her. He knew that it wouldn't take much to send her into oblivion. The need to taste her was overwhelming, and he slid down to situate himself between her legs. He wrapped his hands around her slender thighs, spread them farther apart. For just a minute he looked at her, the pink flesh moist and swollen. He took a deep breath, her scent familiar and sweet and right, and sending messages to his brain that had his cock screaming at him once again. He moved his tongue from the top of her folds to the bottom and back again, then licked her sweet honey straight from the well. She was moaning softly, he could feel her thighs begin to quiver beneath his hands. That special whimper was starting to fill her throat. He tickled her clit with his tongue, her hips rising up off of the blanket as a result. He slid two fingers into her, stroked her slowly, then pushed deep as he sucked her clit into his mouth. She cried out, her body shaking, her well convulsing around his fingers.

Her hands were clenched in his hair, her body was trembling from the climax that had left her feeling weak and totally drained. He was kissing the tops of her thighs as she moved her legs back together; he licked up to her belly, kissed and suckled her breasts…she could taste herself on his lips and tongue as he kissed her. He spread her legs farther apart with his knee, and slid into her. She sighed when he pushed, filling her completely. She wrapped her legs around his waist, moved her hips up and down, meeting his thrust for thrust. His mouth was on her neck, marking her again and again and again as his body moved on top of her, taking them racing to the top of the mountain once more. He was orchestrating another orgasm in her, she could feel it building…hot and sweet. He planted his hands beside her shoulders, and began to drive into her, sending waves of pleasure coursing through her body. "Oh, god," she whispered, just before that whimper filled her throat.

"That's it, Angel…come for me," he whispered.

Her toes curled, her fingers dug into his shoulders, her body arched beneath him…"Daniel!" She was shaking as she flew off the side of the mountain into the clouds, her soul sailing ever higher, her body drifting on whitecaps of pleasure. "Fill me, Daniel, give me your love," she begged softly, her hips pushing against his.

The sweet whisper sent him flying, his body shuddering as he plunged into sweet release. He groaned as his cock pulsed hard and fast inside her, those muscles deep inside her holding him, massaging him, milking him for every drop. Completely spent, he dropped down on top of her, felt her arms go around his shoulders to hold him close. When he could breath, he rolled them over. "What you do to me, woman," he said softly, his hand moving up and down the satiny skin of her back.

She smiled against his shoulder. "I think it's a mutual thing," she replied.

"You realize I won the stripping contest," he said, grinning up at the ceiling.

"How do you figure that?"

"You couldn't wait to get your hands on me," he teased.

"Nah, it's only because I'm younger and I can move faster," she teased back. She jerked and laughed when he dug his fingers into her side.

He kissed her forehead. "Love you, Angel."

"Love you, too, sweetheart."

Warm, satiated, and comfortable, they fell asleep where they were…safe in one another's arms.

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