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A Change Will Do You Good

Chapter 7

He had taken the day off. He'd worked on his birthday, though his in-laws had insisted on taking him to dinner. Casey had baked him a cake, of course, but with showing the housesigning papers for the new housesigning papers to sell the 'old' housepacking, moving, unpacking, and then closing on the little house, they hadn't done anything 'special'. He had yet to celebrate alone with her. Here it was, the end of August. Today was the day. He knew exactly what he wanted. It was exactly what she wanted. Which made it all perfect.

He had told her to sleep in, that he would take care of the kids. And he had. He had taken them straight to their grandmother as soon as they were awake and dressed. He walked back into the house, humming "Happy Birthday" under his breath. He had stopped at Murphy's to get a can of whipped cream. And strawberries. The cleaned, ready to eat kind. One peek in the bedroom told him that Casey was already up. He could hear the shower running. He grinned, dropped his clothes on the floor, and grabbed the blindfold from the nightstand drawer. He hid it under his towel before he opened the shower door.

She gave a squeal of surprise when he stepped in behind her. "So where did you and the kids take off to?" she asked.

"Your mom's," he replied.

One beautifully arched eyebrow went up. "Mom has the kids?"

"Yep. 'Happy Birthday to me, Happy Birthday to me, Happy Birthday dear Danny, Happy Birthday to me'," he sang softly, his hands moving over her slick body.

She smiled. "And just what does Danny want for his birthday?"

He looked her up and down. "Oh, I think a naked goddess for starters."

"Uh huh. Then what?" She was trying not to laugh out loud.

"A naked goddess who does exactly what her Master asks, no questions," he replied.

She shivered when she saw the Fire in his eyes. "I think I can do that."

He kissed her lightly on the nose. "Good." He turned away and grabbed his soap.

She watched him for a minute, shivered again, and finished her own shower. She stepped out and started drying before he was done. "Just don't shave," she said softly.

He grinned. He hadn't planned on it. This might be his 'special' birthday 'gift', but her enjoyment was as important to him as his own. He waited until he heard her blow dryer before he stepped out of the shower. She was bent over, drying the underside of her hair. As soon as she flipped her hair over and was standing upright, he was behind her,  putting the blindfold on her. "Don't fight it, Angel. Just relax and let me have my Birthday surprise."

"How can it be a surprise if you know what it is?" she asked, standing calmly against him.

He chuckled. "You'll be surprised, and as long as one of us is, it counts as a Birthday surprise."

She giggled. "That is the most twisted logic I've ever heard."

"Yeah, but twisted or not, it's logical. Now, no arguing, my Little Slave."

"Yes, Master," she replied softly.

He picked her up and carried her to the bed. He laid her down, placing her on her stomach. One hand reached for the body oil, the other was already moving slowly up and down her back. He moved her hair out of the way, poured the oil on her back, then began to work it into her soft skin.

She closed her eyes as his warm, strong hands worked on her back. If this was his birthday surprise, she should be massaging him. Not that she was complaining, not at all. "Are you sure you don't want me to give you a massage…Master?" she asked softly.

"I’m sure, my Little Slave," he replied. His hands moved over her back, around her sides, and then back up to her neck. Slowly, oh so very slowly, those long, slender fingers moved down to her hips, her buttocks, then her legs. He gently massaged her thighs, her calves, then each foot. He worked his way back up to her shoulders before he had her roll over.

Her body was so relaxed that Daniel had to help her move. She had her suspicions about what was going to happen; if it was what he wanted, then who was she to argue? After all, it was his 'special' birthday gift. And she knew that she would get as much pleasure from the…activity…as he would. His weight shifted slightly, he was getting something from the drawer. His hands worked on her arms, then he brought them together, and tied her wrists. She couldn't hold back the smile when he tied her hands to the headboard. He seemed to spend an extra long time just massaging her breasts, her breath was coming harder and faster, her nipples hard points by the time he moved down to her abdomen and hips. Her thighs received his loving attention, and when he started massaging her feet again, he kissed and sucked each toe until she was squirming on the bed. She wasn't surprised when he spread her legs and cuffed her ankles to the footboard. Her body was on fire, his touch burning her, scorching her. Her need was a delicious ache between her thighs. If he did what he had done before, that ache would only get worse before he sent her to oblivion, and the sweet release therein.

She was so damned beautiful, he thought, just looking at her. So receptive to whatever he wanted to do. So willing to please him. He grabbed the package of strawberries. He opened it, took one of the large berries and held it to her lips. She licked it, then took a bite. He held it, not letting her finish it. He leaned down and took the other half from between her lips, into his mouth. And grinned. What a turn on! He gave her another berry. She held it, waiting for him to kiss her, and take his half again.

"You learn quickly, my sweet Little Slave," he whispered. They shared a third strawberry, then he grabbed the whipped cream. He covered her with it, put the can back on the nightstand. He would need more, when he had licked her clean. "My sweet Casey Sundae," he said softly. His tongue began to move over her, the whipped cream and body oil and her sweet skin totally intoxicating. Her back was arching as he licked her breasts clean, her breath coming in sharp, quick gasps. When there was no whipped cream left on her body, he took the can and put it between her thighs. He filled her, then set about licking up the rest of his 'dessert'. Her hips were pushing against him as he teased her, cleaned her. She tasted so damned good, and the cold whipped topping only added to the pleasure, for both of them. She was so close, and rather than have her pass out like she had before, he opted to give her a bit of relief. He settled himself between her legs, and began to worship her, taking his time, taking her to the edge of the cliff, but not letting her fall. She was tugging at the restraints, panting, her body writhing under his mouth.

"Please, Master…god please let me come," she begged breathlessly.

That soft entreaty made his already aching cock harder. He pulled his mouth away from her, the quiet moan she gave made him smile. He pushed his thumb against her swollen clit, eased two fingers into her wet, hot well, and stroked her gently. "Give it to me, Angel. Don't hold back," he said softly.

Her hips pushed against him, moved up and down against his hand. Her thighs began to quiver, and she whimpered quietly just before she took flight into sweet release. "Thank you, Master," she whispered, her body still quivering from her orgasm.

"You're welcome, Little Slave. Now, it's time for me to get a little relief," he said. He straddled her, and laid his throbbing shaft in that soft valley between her breasts. He pushed those perfect soft, firm orbs against his hot flesh and began to slowly move.

"Please Daniel…Master…please let me watch you come," she begged in a whisper.

With a smile, he reached up and moved the blindfold from her eyes. He would pull it back down, before he got that feather out of the drawer. Her smile nearly blinded him, and she watched with delight and fascination as he moved between her breasts. "Get ready, babe," he moaned, just before he began to shoot hot come onto her neck and shoulders. Once again she tried to catch the first spurt in her mouth. Once again he ran his fingers through it, and let her lick them clean. He grabbed a tissue, and gently wiped her off. God, what a woman! Before he'd met her, he never would have believed he would have a woman as beautiful as her in his bed, never would have believed that he would have such a wild, wicked, wonderful love life. His heart was pounding in his chest, and not just from the orgasm that still made him tremble. But from the love that filled it, love for the beautiful, amazing woman who lay beneath him, and loved him in return.

She loved to watch him pleasure himself in this way. Loved to watch as that magnificent cock gave up its load of precious white, creamy love. Loved to watch his face as he watched her. She was sure that their…behavior…was totally decadent, downright wicked, but as long as they were both willing, it was nobody else's business. If Daniel was happy, and being pleased, then she was happy. "That is so incredible," she said softly.

He smiled again, cupped her cheek with his palm. His smile widened when she turned her head and gently kissed, then licked his hand. He reached up and pulled the blindfold back over her beautiful green eyes. It's playtime! "Now, my Little Slave, we'll see if you can remain still today," he whispered.

She could feel her body tense with anticipation. She had known the first time he did this what would happen, although she had had no idea of the intensity of the sensations she would derive from the activity. She knew now, and even so, relished the idea of going through it all again. Her heart was already hammering with excitement. The first touch of the feather against her wrist was a surprise, she jerked from nothing more than that. When it touched her elbow she was able to remain still.

"Very good, my Little Slave," Daniel said softly. He was grinning, as much as he had the first time he used this feather to tease and torment her. This time he knew from personal experience just how intense the touch could be. He was determined to work her up every bit as much as he had before. He let the feather dip down and touch the hollow of her throat. She flinched slightly. "Ah, ah, ah, mustn't move, Little Slave," he said softly.

"I'll try, Master," she whispered. She fought to hide her smile. She enjoyed this every bit as much as he did! She had also enjoyed having him lick the whipped topping from her body. She was thankful that he had been willing to let her come at least once before starting this…game. She had no doubt that she would have gone completely insane, and probably passed out, had he not. There was still the chance that he would tease her to the point that when she did finally get to reach orgasm, it would knock her out. And he said she was trying to kill him in bed!

The feather moved from her throat to the top of her pubic hair. Her back arched instinctively from the touch. "What a disobedient Little Slave you are today," he t'sked.

"Forgive me, Master. I try to obey, but it's so difficult," she replied contritely.

His grin widened. She was having as much fun as he was. "I know, my Little Slave." The feather moved down one thigh and up the other, her legs jerked in response.

"I beg your forgiveness, Master," she said immediately.

He couldn't help it, he reached down and cupped her cheek. Again she turned her head and kissed his palm. "What an impudent little slave." The feather moved up and down that sweet pink flesh.

She gasped, her hips bucking upward at the touch. "Oh, god," she murmured. Her body was already on fire, her need growing stronger by the second, every touch of the feather adding fuel to the raging inferno that was burning in her.

The feather moved from her thigh to her ankle. "Very good, Little Slave," he murmured, watching her face as he teased her. Her body was taut, her nipples hard pebbles against her skin, that enticing flesh between her thighs wet and glistening. She's so damned beautiful. Once again the feather moved from thigh to ankle.

"Do I please you, Master?" she asked, breathlessly. She knew that soon he would be tormenting her, driving her to the very brink of insanity with need and desire.

"Very much, my Little Slave." He leaned down to kiss her, unable to resist those sweet lips any longer. As he did so, he moved the feather over her hard nipples.

Her back arched, she gasped against his lips, allowing his tongue full access to her mouth. His kisses always left her needy, wanting, this kiss was no exception. He took his time kissing her, moving his mouth over hers, taking all that she gave, giving all his love in return.

Every kiss from her set him on fire, she gave everything to him with each caress of her lips against his own. His own body was throbbing with need again. He moved the feather around her sensitive belly, watching as the muscles rolled and contracted. He sighed loudly. "My Little Slave, you are not to move."

"I know, Master, but it's impossible not to move when you touch me like that," she replied.

"Such an impertinent Little Slave. What will I do with you?"

"Love me?"

He kissed her again. "Always."

The tip of the feather moved around the carefully trimmed pubic hair that covered her mons. Again her hips came off of the bed. She tossed her head to the side. Her need was an ache, a roaring fire between her thighs. When the tip of the feather brushed over her swollen clit, she moaned softly, unable to hold back the sound of delightful desperation that filled her. She could feel the throb of her clit deep within her well. Soon, she thought. Soon she would be completely full, and he would take her to the highest heights of pleasure.

"What's the matter, my sweet, beloved Little Slave?"

"I need your touch, Master, I need you," she whispered in reply.

He grinned. He was certain that she did. But he wasn't certain that she was as completely worked up as she could be. The feather dipped down against her nipples again, teasing one, then the other, her back arching, her breasts heaving with each gasp of breath she took. When he teased her navel, she moaned again. His cock was aching, and he knew just the thing to make it worse…for both of them. He straddled her shoulders, fed his throbbing hard-on to her eager mouth. She worked her tongue and mouth around him as he slowly moved his hand up and down the swollen shaft. God, what a turn on!

She could feel his hand around his cock, licked his fingers as she worked her tongue around the head of his erection. To know that he was stroking himself was such a turn on it was painful. She could feel herself become even hotter, wetter. When the feather moved over her thighs again, she almost cried out from the stimulation. It was so intense…so wonderfully intense!

He heard the tiny sound she made when the feather touched her again. He gently pulled away from her, his own body screaming for release. He stretched out beside her. She was just so damned beautiful! He couldn't resist any longer, and leaned over and took a hard nipple into his mouth. Her loud gasp, the way her back arched toward him let him know that his touch was welcome, needed.

When his lips closed around her aching nipple she barely held back the cry of delight. As it was, she gasped loudly from the sudden, unexpected touch. His hand was caressing her breasts now, first one, then the other, his mouth moving back and forth. Every gentle tug his teeth made on her nipples resounded in that oh so aching place between her legs, making her hips move upward. She did cry out when his fingers slid between her thighs to gently caress her, tease her, torment her even more.

She was so wet, so hot, her hips pushing against his hand, trying desperately to find the sweet release that her body needed, craved. He was nearly mad with desire himself. "Are you ready, Angel?"

"Oh, yes," she whispered, her hips still moving against his hand.

He pulled away from her, reached into the drawer and pulled out Barney and 'his little friend'. He took the blindfold off her, he loved it when she anointed him for this stage of their lovemaking, and he wanted her to do so now. He slid down and uncuffed her ankles, grinned when her legs remained where he had put them. When he untied her hands, again, she remained in place. "What a wonderful Little Slave you are," he whispered, trailing kisses over her throat. He grinned when he felt her hands move to his head, fingers pushing through his hair. "Roll over, babe, I can't wait any longer," he whispered in her ear.

When he had moved away from her, she rolled to her stomach, rose up to her hands and knees. She sat back on her heels when he handed her the bottle of oil, then knelt in front of her. She leaned over to suck him just a little bit before her fingers gently covered him with oil. He was breathing as hard as she was when he moved to position himself behind her.

Her back arched when he slid the vibrator between her wet folds, pushed until it filled her completely. He moved it in and out of her, watched with satisfaction as her hips moved against it. "Take it, babe," he whispered, waiting until he felt her fingers holding it firmly before putting his hands on her hips. He settled against her, just enough that she could feel his presence. He waited, watched as she pushed back slowly, taking him fully into her hot, sweet back door. He hissed a sigh as her hips moved against his.

"I’m ready," she whispered.

"Do it," he replied in kind. And nearly cried out when the vibrations began to move around his aching cock.

"Oh, god," she moaned, her climax just seconds away. "I'm gonna come!"

"That's it, Angel, give it to me," he said, already moving in and out of her sweet ass. "Do it, Case."

Her thighs were quivering so hard she was afraid she was going to fall, and that whimper filled her throat, building up until she cried out, tossing her head back as her body began to convulse. She closed her eyes, could see the fireworks as well as feel them as her body plummeted into that beautiful valley of absolute release. Her body was trembling as wave after wave of pleasure engulfed her.

Daniel grabbed her hips and began to drive into her, his own orgasm within his grasp. Her hips were still moving, she was pushing back against him, and her sweet whispers filled his ears. Like thunder rolling through the heavens, sensations so powerful that he cried out rolled over him, shaking him to the core.

She could barely find the strength to turn off the vibrators before she collapsed onto the bed, thankful that Daniel still had a firm grip on her hips. "Oh, god," she moaned.

"Oh, yeah," he replied, still breathing hard. When he knew he wouldn't hurt her, he gently pulled away from her. "Ready for a bath?"

"I think you'll have to carry me. I don't think I can walk," she replied.

He chuckled. "I'll do my best. I’m feeling a bit weak myself."

"Maybe we should both just crawl," she said, her voice still muffled by the pillow.

He laughed. "Might not be a bad idea."


"What, Angel?"

"Happy birthday."

He chuckled again, leaned down and kissed her shoulder. "Thanks, babe."

After a few minutes, they made their way to the bathroom, and settled down and let the jets of water ease away any tension that might possibly be left in their bodies. Casey leaned her head back against his shoulder. "I do so love this tub," she said.

"Me, too."

"So, now what?"

"Now we go get the kids and go to the park."

She turned her head to look at him. "Sounds like a wonderful idea. Want me to pack a picnic lunch?"

"We'll stop at Murphy's and grab sandwiches and fruit," he said.

"I love the way you think." She snuggled back against him. "In fact, now that I think about it, I love you."

He grinned. "Love you, too."

They spent the afternoon playing with their children, enjoying the sunshine and the peace of life in Hope.

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